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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16021525 Nov 2018DevonPothole Reported
16021425 Nov 2018DevonPothole Reported
16021325 Nov 2018DevonPothole Reported
16021225 Nov 2018DevonPothole Reported
16021125 Nov 2018NewcastleGreat Lime RoadThere are numerous holes in the road. They make it particularly difficult, and potentially unsafe, to negotiate them when travelling into and from, Gosforth Park, and in the presence of traffic.Reported
16021025 Nov 2018BarnetI keep hitting this hole in the dark on evening commute so I can't see what it is exactly.Reported
16020925 Nov 2018North YorkshireFresh pothole with tarmac debris approximately 2 inches deep. Dangerous for cyclists Reported
16020825 Nov 2018East LothianReLly deep and long hole very dangerous Fixed
16020725 Nov 2018MedwayTwydall LaneThere is a pot hole right on the corner of the middle speed bump, when driven over the raised speed bump amplifies the effect when driven over. It looks like a previous repair that may not have been…Reported
16020624 Nov 2018NorfolkSunken drain at bus stop when heading to Mill Road Reported
16020524 Nov 2018Cheshire Easthermitage laneroad covered with pothole . reported twice before , but nothing done .Reported
16020424 Nov 2018WiltshireCommon HillCommon Hill Cricklade holes on side and middle of the roadReported
16020324 Nov 2018WiltshireB4040B4040 Cricklade holes on side and middle of the roadReported
16020224 Nov 2018WiltshireHigh Streethole by manhole on high street in CrickladeReported
16020124 Nov 2018GatesheadA1231several potholes on the A1231 on the bridge section above the A1 heading north on the A1231 to join the A1 northReported
16020024 Nov 2018SurreyShophouse LaneVery Large Pothole where a previous road repair was not carried out correctly and the road has dropped and now debris is being thrown out. At the end of driveway - threatening to damage property and …Reported
16019924 Nov 2018PlymouthDerry’s Cross Car parkLarge collection of potholesReported
16019823 Nov 2018LancashireThis is a slowly sinking trench with a sunken manhole. Reported
16019723 Nov 2018CardiffSeveral patches on the road between the station and the roundabout that make the surface hazardous to cyclists especially on the uphill side. Reported
16019623 Nov 2018HampshireSil Hester roadPothole at side of the road just next to a repaired sectionReported
16019523 Nov 2018SomersetOld Roaddeepening pothole with sub-surface stones breaking free.Reported
16019423 Nov 2018CambridgeshireSPURGEONS AVENUEWhole road surface is covered with potholes of varying size. Twice in the last few months the council have visited the site, painted around the damage and promptly left never to be seen again!Reported
16019323 Nov 2018Essexlarge pothole at the bottom of a long rut caused by the road surface being insufficiency engineered for the weight and power of the vehicles using the roadReported
16019223 Nov 2018Devonlarge section lifted offReported
16019123 Nov 2018Cheshire EastChester roadPotholeReported
16019023 Nov 2018Cheshire EastChester roadPotholeReported
16018923 Nov 2018Cheshire EastChester RoadPotholed rutted road surfaceReported
16018823 Nov 2018Cheshire EastChester RoadAwful pot marked, disintegrating potholed surfaceReported
16018723 Nov 2018Kingston-upon-HullHuge potholes. Really bad and damaging for cars. Can easily see claims arising due to depth of the potholes and scattered across the road\nReported
16018623 Nov 2018Kingston-upon-HullDeep pothole on Right lane on the east bound carriageway. Drivers often swerve to avoid due to size\nReported
16018523 Nov 2018West SussexLoss of roadway at side of carriageway. It encroaches on the white line. It caused my bike to “fall off “ the road sending me crashing onto the carriageway. Fortunately the van behind me had time…Reported
16018423 Nov 2018HackneyKenninghall RoadVery uneven road with the top layer peeling off here and there. unsafe for cyclists as to avoid, means going onto other side of road/ongoing traffic or slowing down dramatically which causes frustrat…Reported
16018323 Nov 2018Highland2 potholes Reported
16018223 Nov 2018BrentUnswept cycle lane eastbound on Carlton Vale. Will soon be unsafe to use. Reported
16018123 Nov 2018Transport ScotlandM8pot hols various due to bad replaceymentReported
16018023 Nov 2018GlasgowDanes Drpot holeReported
16017922 Nov 2018Cornwall"D" shaped pothole with straight edge facing traffic so danger to cyclists as on obscured bend.Reported
16017822 Nov 2018RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadPothole in brand new road surface! How is this possible? Poor installation that's how!Reported
16017722 Nov 2018RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadRuts present and general unevenness in new road surface. Now that its dark driving with headlights on, you can see the ruts in the new surface. The car vibrates over these ruts on a brand new road …Reported
16017622 Nov 2018LewishamMornington RoadGlass on pavement and roadFixed
16017522 Nov 2018Suffolkgulley has opened up due to collapsed kerb on unlit junction, single track lane so a hazard.Reported
16017422 Nov 2018Bath and North East SomersetPitt Lane, WrithlingtonSubsidence of part of the road surface has created 2 sunken depression in the road - large enough to cause damage and an accident to an unsuspecting cyclist using this road during twilight hoursReported
16017322 Nov 2018CumbriaPothole 6-7” deep within first Yellow rumble strip whilst heading North out of Moor Row.Reported
16017222 Nov 2018SurreyA248Shocking road surface and numerous potholes and exposed ironworks.Reported
16017122 Nov 2018SurreyHalfpenny LaneAbsolutely shocking road, highly dangerous to PTW and cycle traffic, and damaging to cars.Reported
16017022 Nov 2018LewishamBaring roadLarge metal plates at entrance and exit to slip road in Grove Park near Sanisburys local and Coral betting shop and caused me to fall off my bicycle as they were so slipperyReported
16016922 Nov 2018DevonBlocked gully: road floods. Reported
16016822 Nov 2018DevonPotholes Reported
16016722 Nov 2018North AyrshireRough patch of road surface potholes, cracked and previously repaired. Needs complete resurfacing.Reported
16016622 Nov 2018Transport for LondonNew Cross RoadDeep, long pothole situated in the gutter where a cyclist might be forced (by traffic) to rideReported

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