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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16221010 Feb 2019DevonPothole Reported
16220910 Feb 2019Shropshiresunken grid/coverReported
16220810 Feb 2019KentRut/multiple potholes on junction Reported
16220710 Feb 2019KentWidening potholeReported
16220610 Feb 2019KentpotholeReported
16220510 Feb 2019KentI have already reported these holes. they were filled. now they have opened up again. multiple holes all down the middle of the road. this section needs to be resurfaced not just patched. it is dange…Reported
16220410 Feb 2019Kentpothole opening up Enbrook RoadReported
16220310 Feb 2019Cheshire EastChester RoadPothole chainReported
16220210 Feb 2019NottinghamshirePotholeReported
16220110 Feb 2019NottinghamshirePothole around edges of a drain cover.Reported
16220010 Feb 2019North SomersetLong deep pothole on busy turning. Extreme risk to cyclist and motorcyclist alike.URGENTReported
16219910 Feb 2019Cheshire EastChester RoadPotholeReported
16219810 Feb 2019DevonPothole looks wide and deep. Needs to be filled as it is in line of wheels when going round the bend in the road, closest to the hedge.Reported
16219710 Feb 2019Lutonnew pothole flooded so could not tell how deep it is.Reported
16219610 Feb 2019Cheshire EastSpinners LaneMultiple potholes dangerous to trip hazard to pedestrians crossing the road and all form of wheeled transportReported
16219510 Feb 2019SurreyLarge potholeReported
16219410 Feb 2019Bath and North East Somersetweston parkpothole on likely path of cyclistsReported
16219310 Feb 2019DevonExeter Road Topshampothole which produces stones across the road every time a car wheel enters itReported
16219210 Feb 2019East SussexSinkhole hole developing\nReported
16219110 Feb 2019Shropshirepothole near kerbReported
16219010 Feb 2019Cheshire EastSpinners LaneMultiple potholes dangerous to trip hazard to pedestrians crossing the road and all form of wheeled transportReported
16218910 Feb 2019Shropshireroad surface breaking up, getting worse by the day due to cars doing 3 point ternsReported
16218810 Feb 2019NorthumberlandB6395Dangerous section of road of approximately 100m. Various pot hole and ruts and the surface is unridable on a bicycle forcing you to ride in the middle of the road.Reported
16218710 Feb 2019BuckinghamshireKimblewick RoadRoad has formed a series of trenches down the centreline but also subsided either side. Absolutely lethal to any 2 wheeled transport and not much better for cars. Only a matter of time before there i…Reported
16218610 Feb 2019BridgendRogers Lanefrom the top of cefn cross down Rogers lane as far as the humped bridge, then starting again at the bottom, just before the corner into the housed area, there are countless potholes, uneven surfaces,…Reported
16218510 Feb 2019HampshireOliver's Battery Road South, WinchesterLarge pothole with debris near kerbReported
1621849 Feb 2019Cheshire EastThe road surface on Dig Lane is poor and covered in a large amount of mud and debris as a result of farm traffic. This is on top of the potholes particularly in the area of Dig Lane Farm. The debris …Reported
1621839 Feb 2019BradfordShay driveUneven road surface, which is hazardous and high risk! Sick of repeat reporting this and nothing being done. I have a small child who can easily trip up when walking in this particular area. Its rais…Reported
1621829 Feb 2019SurreyVery largeReported
1621819 Feb 2019SurreyCamphill RoadLarge potholeIn progress
1621809 Feb 2019East LothianCowpits RoadPotholeReported
1621799 Feb 2019MidlothianAbbey RoadRoad very uneven due to poor repair which is not subsidingReported
1621789 Feb 2019MidlothianAbbey RoadPothole in centre of carriagewayReported
1621779 Feb 2019HampshireLarge dip in the road which is at a busy junction and makes cars dip down and up dangerously. Close to three schools and sees a lot of traffic near lots of children walking. I have witnessed some ca…Reported
1621769 Feb 2019East LothianOlive bank roadRut at join in roadReported
1621759 Feb 2019East LothianRiver Esk pathPath has become extremely rutted due to root growth from trees at either side. Extremely hazardous for walkers (particularly partially sighted) and cyclists.Reported
1621749 Feb 2019EdinburghEastfieldA series of potholes and sunken areas that are severely ruttedReported
1621739 Feb 2019EdinburghEastfieldPotholeReported
1621729 Feb 2019CambridgeshireWater erosion - potholes keep coming back on this stretchReported
1621719 Feb 2019EssexPatch repair has failed again and prior repair has caved in leaving long rutReported
1621709 Feb 2019South TynesideBig hole in roadworks section. Been there all week at least. In progress
1621699 Feb 2019LancashireSparth roadExtreamly large and long potholeReported
1621689 Feb 2019SurreySucken man hole cover in middle of road driving out of Chobham towards KnaphillReported
1621679 Feb 2019North Tynesideprevious poor repair worn away leaving potholes. Not first time this has happened. please make decent job of it. Reported
1621669 Feb 2019West SussexLarge deep pot hole and a series of smaller with sub base now lose on the road. A danger to cyclists and risk of significant damage to carsReported
1621659 Feb 2019North YorkshirePothole at the edge of the road. Quite deep now and throwing up lots of chippings onto the pavement. Reported
1621649 Feb 2019GloucestershireMultiple pot holes. The first is by a drain in the dip before Tara Hotel and is followed by a broken up road surface by the hotel. On the steeper part of the descent thee are further holes the last o…Reported
1621639 Feb 2019KentVery deep dangerous potholeReported
1621629 Feb 2019GloucestershireFirst of a string of holes eastbound just before the M5 bridgeReported
1621619 Feb 2019Canal and Rivers Trust / Scottish Canalskilnhouses lanewhere the crossing point is to cross over to tesco there is a potholeReported

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