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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16225811 Feb 2019Highways EnglandA49Middle of the carrageway, right next to water hydrant cover - road surface has come away leaving sharp edge.Reported
16225711 Feb 2019HampshireReading Road Southlarge if not too deep yet pothole on busy roadReported
16225611 Feb 2019LeedsArea around grate adjacent to bus stop badly broken up.Reported
16225511 Feb 2019BuckinghamshireA421Huge potholeReported
16225411 Feb 2019BuckinghamshirebuckinghamRoad breaking down immediately off the roundabout going towards Buckingham causing hazard to drivers and cyclists. Patched badly before, still dangerous.Reported
16225311 Feb 2019Surrey1 foot square 10” deepReported
16225211 Feb 2019CumbriaHollins lanePotholeReported
16225111 Feb 2019North AyrshireBoth sides of the road at these corners are in serious need of urgent repair. Damaging potholes that are too dangerous to avoid. Need cut square and properly resurfaced not just lukewarm tar stones t…Reported
16225011 Feb 2019SurreyM3 Slip road onto Sunbury roundaboutDeep pothole formed around drainReported
16224911 Feb 2019SurreyA322Two or three medium sized potholesReported
16224811 Feb 2019BournemouthPothole repair opened upReported
16224711 Feb 2019BournemouthPothole repair opened upReported
16224611 Feb 2019BournemouthPothole opening upReported
16224511 Feb 2019SurreyA322Two or three medium sized potholesReported
16224411 Feb 2019LincolnshireBattlefields Lane southDeep pothole in road.Reported
16224311 Feb 2019North AyrshirePotholeReported
16224211 Feb 2019Warren RoadTwo deep pot holes with sharp edges.New
16224111 Feb 2019Shropshiresmall but deep potholeReported
16224011 Feb 2019Shropshirepothole driver's side, on bendReported
16223911 Feb 2019BromleyJail LanePotholeReported
16223811 Feb 2019South GloucestershireWoodlands LaneA maze of crumbling, degraded, potholed rutted nasty dangerous mishmash of marcescent residual bits of tarmac and stone generally masquerading as a road surface which makes it impossible to pick a li…Reported
16223711 Feb 2019West SussexCuckfield Rd.Pot hole. very near bridge, left hand side of road when travelling south. In direct line of near side wheels. Can't be missed.Reported
16223611 Feb 2019RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadUnevenness due to poor surface reinstatement and usual poor maintenance of the road surface. Potholes also now appearing. First reported 13/12/18. No action taken Sixth report 11/02/19Reported
16223511 Feb 2019RenfrewshireStation Road, BishoptonPotholes in centre of Station road at entrance to station car park. Reported before and a half @r$ed attempt was made to fix it but this had failed again and potholes are back. Will you please repair…Reported
16223411 Feb 2019RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadLarge deep pothole right on leading edge to previous repair. Road has failed where it meets a previous repair, leaving a very dangerous deep pothole Dangerous. This will damage cars and their occupa…Reported
16223311 Feb 2019LancashirePothole Reported
16223111 Feb 2019Cheshire West and ChesterWhitchurch RoadManhole sunken / pothole on nearsideReported
16223011 Feb 2019StaffordshireLarge potholeReported
16222911 Feb 2019SuffolkTrench not been filled properlyReported
16222811 Feb 2019GloucestershireBroken surface around drain. About 5” deep. Big hazard for cyclists Reported
16222711 Feb 2019GloucestershirePothole Reported
16222611 Feb 2019Manchestermultiple large potholesReported
16222511 Feb 2019YorkHull RdMultiple potholes in the road, very uneven road surface full of ruts and holes.Reported
16222411 Feb 2019West BerkshirePothole. \nOn opposite side of road to last weeks fixed one.Reported
16222310 Feb 2019Northern Ireland Roads ServiceDangerous potholeReported
16222210 Feb 2019Northern Ireland Roads ServiceDangerous pothole Reported
16222110 Feb 2019YorkCromwell RoadPothole is near to the junction of Cromwell Road an Skeldergate. The pothole is on the incline as you cycle down Cromwell Road (a hill) and meet with Skeldergate. The pothole is particularly danger…Reported
16222010 Feb 2019GloucestershireLeckhampton HillMultiple potholes - all old deteriorated repairs - very deep and hazardousFixed
16221910 Feb 2019LancashirePothole from worn out roadReported
16221810 Feb 2019West SussexHawthorn Roaddeep potholeReported
16221710 Feb 2019HertfordshirePothole arising from failed repair \nReported
16221610 Feb 2019GloucestershireSmall growing pothole Reported
16221510 Feb 2019GloucestershireSeries of 3 small growing pothole along fault in roadReported
16221410 Feb 2019GloucestershireSmall pothole Reported
16221310 Feb 2019GloucestershirePothole Reported
16221210 Feb 2019North SomersetDeep pothole on side of road Reported
16221110 Feb 2019Shropshiremultiple potholes, road surface very degraded.Reported
16221010 Feb 2019DevonPothole Reported
16220910 Feb 2019Shropshiresunken grid/coverReported

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