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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16026529 Nov 2018StaffordshireA449The red warning surface has badly broken up causing vehicles to run very wide to try and avoid.Reported
16026429 Nov 2018StaffordshireHemlock Way (adjacent to entrance to McDonalds)Pot Hole. See below. 1 pothole and 2 developing potholes at southern end of Hemlock Way.Reported
16026329 Nov 2018StaffordshireA460 Junction with Market Place and Church HillSee below.Reported
16026229 Nov 2018DorsetVery deep pothole on left hand side of the road as you descend towards B3073. \nReported
16026129 Nov 2018CornwallPrior pot hole repairs along line of nearside tyre path is degrading and has become a hazard again. Potholes and ruts. Reported
16026029 Nov 2018BrentKenton RoadTwo massive holes. On the pedestrian crossing, therefore a hazard to walkers, cyclists and motorists. Listing the bigger one. Common sense would suggest the council fixes both.Reported
16025929 Nov 2018EdinburghAntigua Street2 Sunken manholesReported
16025829 Nov 2018EdinburghLeith StreetRoad covered in mud from adjacent building siteReported
16025729 Nov 2018EdinburghHaddington PlaceNumerous potholes at traffic lights between Haddington Place and Annandale Street (north bound on Haddington Place)Reported
16025629 Nov 2018WiltshireDebris in road from poorly maintained hedges on roundabout Reported
16025529 Nov 2018Devonbloomed drain water a cross whole roadReported
16025428 Nov 2018Hertfordshirethere is a sunken drain/manhole cover on the roundabout which is unavoidable. its severe enough for cars to jolt or skid at low speed which triggers traction controll to activate on modern cars. Reported
16025328 Nov 2018HillingdonHigh Road in IckenhamSeveral potholes near to island on Ickenham High Road opposite Parkfield Road. Heading from Ruislip to Hillingdon. Didn't see the potholes and came off my motorbike - potholes covered by deep puddle…Reported
16025228 Nov 2018WrexhamThis traffic crossing lights have been out of order for some time now my wife needsto Cross regularly to get to school and it’s becoming more and more dangerous in the dark winter nights . There i…Reported
16025128 Nov 2018Lambethseries of potholes, were repaired last year but holes have come backReported
16025028 Nov 2018CamdenGordon House Road, London, England, NW5\nUnder the bridge on the left side of the road going in the direction of Highgate road there is a pothole just beside the drawing of a bike on the road. There …Reported
16024928 Nov 2018Cumbriablocked drain, needs cleared before more rain comesReported
16024828 Nov 2018OxfordshireWoolstone RoadThe road has subsided towards the ditch and there are potholes (marked for repair).Reported
16024728 Nov 2018HampshireDrain cover edge is crumbling. Resulting hole growing quickly causing traffic to swerve or hit hole.Reported
16024628 Nov 2018HampshireRoad edge erosion, two long deep potholes.\n\nMuch of the roadsides of this road are now suffering with the increasing traffic density eroding the road edges more frequently in many places and winter…Reported
16024528 Nov 2018GlasgowMaxwell RoadPotholeReported
16024428 Nov 2018GlasgowLangside RoadTarmac around manhole cover has gone, leaving a deep moatReported
16024328 Nov 2018HampshirePothole on side of road. Entrance to garages. Cycling hazard.Reported
16024227 Nov 2018GloucestershirePotholeReported
16024127 Nov 2018HounslowOsterley LaneOsterley Lane. From going over the M4 South East to the bottom where I've marked the flag the surface gets increasingly broken leading to a total mess of multiple large pot holes at the gate at the …Reported
16024027 Nov 2018South LanarkshireMassive potholes will damage cars Reported
16023927 Nov 2018HampshireBennetts Lanedeep pot hole which is rapidly increasing in sizeReported
16023827 Nov 2018SurreyHermitage Roaddeep pot hole has formed near the kerbReported
16023727 Nov 2018NewhamDeep pothole by traffic lights Reported
16023627 Nov 2018Devonall other drainage on this section of road, but where the water pools it has not been doneReported
16023527 Nov 2018HampshireRoad edge erosion due to rain and trafficReported
16023427 Nov 2018Rhondda Cynon TaffTaff TrailTaff Trail urgently needs leaf clearing. Long stretches between Taffs Well and Nantgarw are so thickly carpeted with leaves there is only a single narrow path to cycle on where you can be sure you're…Reported
16023327 Nov 2018CumbriaPotholeReported
16023227 Nov 2018North YorkshirePothole around sunken drainFixed
16023127 Nov 2018DorsetPothole in centre of carriageway Reported
16023026 Nov 2018Transport ScotlandA77Pothole on the Fast lane of the Southbound A77Reported
16022926 Nov 2018Southwarksouthward bridge roadthere has been a lot of work around this area, and some of the sections that were filled in for cabling are coming apart and becoming a hazard. the whole stretch needs resurfacingReported
16022826 Nov 2018HampshireElm AvePothole in middle of roadReported
16022726 Nov 2018Surreypothole in driving line nearside of carriageway heading towards ewhurst from rowhookReported
16022626 Nov 2018GlasgowBroken manhole cover located on pavement. Due to pavement parking this hazard should be prioritised Reported
16022526 Nov 2018GlasgowShields RoadFallen leaves turned to a wet mulch on segregated cycle route are creating hazardous conditions for people cycling.Reported
16022426 Nov 2018LancashireA59exit from bae at samlesbury is very uneven and worsening every dayReported
16022326 Nov 2018North YorkshirePotholes that have been filled numerous times leading to an uneven rough surface extreme hazard to cyclists needs patching / resurfacingReported
16022225 Nov 2018Isle of WightDANGEROUS UNFINISHED ROAD REPAIRS: MILITARY ROAD FROM BROOK TO CHALE, ISLE OF WIGHT Dangerous road edges with vertical drops of often 6 to 12 inches, created by new road resurfacing with verges made…Reported
16022125 Nov 2018North TynesideKillingworth Way (an adjascent Bridleway) A1056Access denied due to the presence of metal barriersRejected
16022025 Nov 2018NewcastleGreat Lime RoadRiding N on the cycle path, it's not clear who has the right of way at the Park entrance. This is particularly pertinent when vehicles enter or leave the Park and complicated by the presence of nume…Reported
16021925 Nov 2018SeftonGreen Lane, AughtonSeries of 4 pot holes, 3 on corner and one just before corner.Reported
16021825 Nov 2018DevonPothole Reported
16021725 Nov 2018DevonPothole Reported
16021625 Nov 2018DevonPothole Reported

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