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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1603152 Dec 2018HarrowpotholeReported
1603142 Dec 2018BrentpotholeReported
1603132 Dec 2018BrentpotholeReported
1603122 Dec 2018HarrowpotholeReported
1603112 Dec 2018BrentpotholeReported
1603102 Dec 2018HarrowpotholeReported
1603092 Dec 2018Deep long gulley in narrow road and steep hill. New
1603082 Dec 2018BrentKenton Road outside no 75Reported
1603072 Dec 2018GlasgowPothole at side of drain cover\nReported
1603062 Dec 2018Boltondeep pot hole Fixed
1603052 Dec 2018Cumbria3 drains blocked on the Workington direction side of the roadReported
1603042 Dec 2018BradfordPothole opened up next to inspection grate\nReported
1603032 Dec 2018HounslowPothole from broken up road surface. Broken gravel dangerous to cyclists and chipping paint on parked cars. Needs IMPROVEMENT immediately!Reported
1603022 Dec 2018SheffieldPothole arising for a poorly resurfaced road. It looks like the contractors have resurfaced over a sheet of yellow plastic, so now all the road is lifting. As the plastic in now exposed it is very sl…In progress
1603011 Dec 2018DevonNasty pothole, possibly caused damage to my car. In middle of the carriageway. Reported
1603001 Dec 2018WrexhamSeries of large potholes and clefts in Tarmac along approximately 30-50m stretch of road.\nVery dangerous as they lie right in the path of cyclists, forcing them to ride further out into the traffic …Reported
1602991 Dec 2018IslingtonOld StreetWater not draining on a stretch adjacent a bus stop - people being soaked by inconsiderate drivers. Water appears not to be draining even many hours after rain.Reported
1602981 Dec 2018MoraySt Peters Road, DuffusPothole on south side of road and broken area of riad surface on north sideReported
1602971 Dec 2018Argyll and ButeA814large pothole developing / developed in centre of roadReported
1602961 Dec 2018West DunbartonshireHelenslee Crescentlarge hole developing on road/pavementReported
1602951 Dec 2018YorkFirst speed bump after grosvenor rd heading towards bootham. Hit this tonight as couldn’t avoid it as a car was coming on the opposite side of the road! My car is now damaged! Reported
1602941 Dec 2018ShropshireB4386 in CrucktonHole recently appeared at the edge of the road.Reported
1602931 Dec 2018ShropshireB4386 east of CrucktonTwo sizeable holes where the top layer of the road surface has broken up.Reported
1602921 Dec 2018SouthamptonDrain surround with surrounding tarmac subsided Reported
1602911 Dec 2018Dumfries and GallowayNeeds properly repaired not just dressed. Was dressed not many years ago to cover this underlying repair that should have been done.Reported
1602901 Dec 2018Dumfries and GallowayWhole section needs cut out and repairedReported
1602891 Dec 2018Dumfries and GallowayPothole formed next to repairReported
1602881 Dec 2018Dumfries and GallowayNeeds revisited and re-repaired Reported
1602871 Dec 2018BuckinghamshireChurch StreetPothole in Church StreetReported
1602861 Dec 2018BuckinghamshireChurch StreetPothole close to two others just reportedReported
1602851 Dec 2018BuckinghamshireChurch StreetTwo co-located potholes, one very deep, jarring suspension of vehicles each time they drive over it. i) 50cm * 50cm * 10cm deep ii) 30cm * 45cm * 5 cm deepReported
1602841 Dec 2018CardiffLose paving slabs trip hazard Reported
1602831 Dec 2018Northern Ireland Roads ServiceLarge pothole on near side edge of Ballywalter bound laneReported
1602821 Dec 2018BuckinghamshireChurch Street where it becomes Lower EndLarge potholeReported
1602811 Dec 2018Brentpothole outside 99 Kenton RoadReported
1602801 Dec 2018East DunbartonshireVery deep pothole. Blew my tyre and at least one other person. Reported to council.Reported
1602791 Dec 2018EssexVery deep pothole caused a cycling accident as cannot he seen when full of rainwaterReported
1602781 Dec 2018SouthamptonThe entire road surface on this roundabout is in need of repair. It is covered in so many holes. This is a main route to Southampton General Hospital and used by many cyclists. Please make this a pri…Reported
1602771 Dec 2018Brenttwo potholes oitside mleczko supermarketReported
16027630 Nov 2018OxfordshireGirdlestone Road, Oxfordcontinuous broken road surface and potholes, whole surface on south side of road from 43 Girdlestone Rd to with Massey CloseReported
16027530 Nov 2018EdinburghLong pothole Reported
16027430 Nov 2018EdinburghLong pothole Reported
16027330 Nov 2018HampshireB3354Pothole at one end of where a trench had been dug across the road. Just in the right place to catch cyclists as happened to me, as it was wet ut was full of water. Luckily is was on a mountain bike. …Reported
16027230 Nov 2018East LothianLimeylands RoadLarge pothole has opened up again after being repaired a few months ago.Reported
16027130 Nov 2018KentVauxhall LanePothole - Dangerous to cyclists.Reported
16027030 Nov 2018Cardiffhighfield rdbuilding blocks in roadReported
16026930 Nov 2018HampshireRoad sign covered in green algae needs cleaning. Reported
16026830 Nov 2018LincolnshireThis pathway is used by the working people of Gainsborough to get to and from work either by bike or foot, the path has seen better days it’s had it, cracks run up it that makes it difficult and da…Reported
16026730 Nov 2018BristolEdge of expansion joint causing concern. Reported
16026629 Nov 2018ManchesterDeep potholeReported

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