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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16230712 Feb 2019GloucestershireTRyes Road CheltenhamThere are three potholes in Tryes Road. Two at the Chip shop end and one in the middle of the Road, outside number 18.Reported
16230612 Feb 2019OxfordshireB478Big pothole, dangerous for cycles and for tyres!Reported
16230512 Feb 2019Cheshire EastMacclesfield Road - B5087Series of deep potholesReported
16230412 Feb 2019Lancashireabout 50 metres of potholesReported
16230312 Feb 2019Cheshire West and ChesterChapel LanePoor road surfaceReported
16230212 Feb 2019Cheshire West and ChesterChapel LaneVery poor road surface.Reported
16230112 Feb 2019OxfordshireBrick Kiln LaneDeep pothole, at the bottom of the hill, hard to see in the darkReported
16230012 Feb 2019Cheshire West and ChesterB5130Pothole next to grid.Reported
16229912 Feb 2019Shropshireseries of potholes that are lethal in the dark Reported
16229812 Feb 2019Shropshiremanhole with grand canyon round edgeReported
16229712 Feb 2019HertfordshireWhole section of road has a load of gulleys and depressions with a few potholes\nVehicles can loose control as they bump over these hazardsReported
16229612 Feb 2019BuckinghamshireLarge pothole to the side of the road going towards Bellingham way just after the bridge. Very dangerous to drivers and cyclistsReported
16229512 Feb 2019KentStockland green rd2 x potholesReported
16229412 Feb 2019PeterboroughThe bridge over the A1 has multiple pot holes in it. Some are very wide and deep.Reported
16229312 Feb 2019Shropshirehazard to cyclists and carsReported
16229212 Feb 2019DenbighshireSmithfield road DenbighA series of very large potholes across the road very dangerous to cyclists.Reported
16229112 Feb 2019GlasgowDisintegrated kerb compromising stability of manhole cover. Also potential damage to carsReported
16229012 Feb 2019CumbriaSunken Road repairs Reported
16228912 Feb 2019Highways EnglandLarge diesel spill going up ramsay browReported
16228812 Feb 2019RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadLarge deep DANGEROUS pothole right on leading edge to previous repair. Road has failed where it meets a previous repair, leaving a very dangerous deep pothole This will damage cars and their occupan…Reported
16228712 Feb 2019RenfrewshireStation Road in Bishopton.Many many potholes in Station Road when turning left off Greenock Road. First report 12/02/19Reported
16228612 Feb 2019RenfrewshireStation Road, BishoptonPotholes in centre of Station road at entrance to station car park. Reported before and a half @r$ed attempt was made to fix it but this had failed again and potholes are back. Will you please repair…Reported
16228512 Feb 2019RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadUnevenness due to poor surface reinstatement and usual poor maintenance of the road surface. Potholes galore. First reported 13/12/18. No action taken Seventh report 12/02/19Reported
16228412 Feb 2019HighlandPothole and poor drainage opposite “Forest Hill”Reported
16228312 Feb 2019BromleyMain road st mary crayTwo big pot holes at the side of the road.Reported
16228212 Feb 2019WrexhamMold Road, GwersylltHuge potholes in the road. Have been here for several years, reported by myself and other but have not been repaired.Reported
16228112 Feb 2019BuckinghamshireVery recent pothole 0.5 m square and at least 4 inches deep. Will cause deflation of car tyre or cyclist to fall. Fixed
16228012 Feb 2019Highways EnglandA590A group of potholesReported
16227912 Feb 2019BournemouthWoodbury Avenue BH8 0HHLarge pothole filled with water in Woodbury Avenue. Cycle wheel falls and stops at this site. Difficult to avoid due to narrow road that takes busesReported
16227812 Feb 2019SurreyBad pothole Reported
16227711 Feb 2019LiverpoolWoodlands rdWoodlands Rd has been resurfaced leaving gaps on the side roads between the old and new surfaces.Reported
16227611 Feb 2019WiltshireChurch LaneLarge pothole in road opposite junction. Dangerous, hit pothole at night and nearly came off my bike.Reported
16227511 Feb 2019Transport Scotlanda96two massive potholes on main a96 roundabout elgin high street alexandra road at postofficeReported
16227411 Feb 2019Transport for LondonTollington Roadpothole in the exact place cyclists would be turning left at the junctionReported
16227311 Feb 2019Highways EnglandRoad sinking at manhole cover in lane 1 of London bound carriageway.Reported
16227211 Feb 2019Transport for LondonRoad surface breaking up.Reported
16227111 Feb 2019BuryJubilee wayPothole on dual carriage wayReported
16227011 Feb 2019ManchesterA576Several large areas of road surface loss, impossible to avoidReported
16226911 Feb 2019BuryA56large pothole on approach to slip road to get onto M66 southboundReported
16226811 Feb 2019SomersetUnnamed roadHoles in the road around previous repair. It caused a puncture to my bike and could easily break a wheel or worse.Reported
16226711 Feb 2019NorfolkCostessey LaneIncomplete repair - new tarmac makes you think the road is repaired/ safe and it ends in a cyclist killer pothole - if you see it and try and avoid it - the car driving right behind you will get you.…Reported
16226611 Feb 2019Highways EnglandMorthen Road, ThurcroftLarge pothole stretching from kerb edge towards centre of carriageway. Almost a rut or small trench. Hazardous to cyclists swerving into middle of carriageway to avoid it. Other potholes also on sam…Reported
16226511 Feb 2019DoncasterWilsic LanePotholeReported
16226411 Feb 2019South GloucestershireA420 westboundHole along edge of ironwork on main westbound carriageway extremely dangerous to cyclists as wheel/s could be caught resulting in dismount. Also felt when driving.Reported
16226311 Feb 2019DoncasterWilsic RoadPothole in the center of the roadReported
16226211 Feb 2019GloucestershireA section of about 14 potholes \n2 repaired about 4 weeks ago but already need repairing again.Reported
16226111 Feb 2019GlasgowScotland StDamaged pedestrian crossing pole, appears to have been struck by a motor vehicle and is now leaning severely into path of pedestrians.Reported
16226011 Feb 2019WiltshireA345, northboundVery poor road surface with numerous car tyre sized potholesReported
16225911 Feb 2019Highways EnglandA40Large defect in main carriageway - has been previously filled but now appeared again. Hazardous as fast dual carriageway location and not necessarily easily visible.Reported
16225811 Feb 2019Highways EnglandA49Middle of the carrageway, right next to water hydrant cover - road surface has come away leaving sharp edge.Reported

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