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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1604156 Dec 2018CeredigionPothole, large and deep appeared quits suddenly Reported
1604146 Dec 2018HampshireThe section of road that is closed to motor traffic is covered in leaves and mud making it slippery Reported
1604136 Dec 2018Highways EnglandA35Pot hole on south bound carriageway.Reported
1604125 Dec 2018Bath and North East SomersetPothole and drain cover edge.Reported
1604115 Dec 2018ReadingWokingham roadMany pothole and dangerous for cyclist on the left hand sideReported
1604105 Dec 2018LincolnshireFen Road, RuskingtonLarge pot hole in carriage wayReported
1604095 Dec 2018CumbriaRoad before the Bridge has had potholes filled recently but have eroded rapidly, holes have reappeared causing hazardous conditions when driving over the bridge...Reported
1604085 Dec 2018BuckinghamshireThere are several areas or subsidence, 3 large potholes and several small ones.\nIt extremely dangerous for has been for several month the worst rd I travel on.Reported
1604075 Dec 2018Manchesterbury old rdpotholeReported
1604065 Dec 2018Manchestermiddleton rdSeries of potholes all over road surface, unavoidable, causing damage to tyresReported
1604055 Dec 2018Manchesterrochdale rdsevere pothole just before entrance to Middleton Old Rd travelling northReported
1604045 Dec 2018Transport ScotlandA75lots of potholes travelling towards stranraer from a75/b733 kirkcowan junction for the next mileReported
1604035 Dec 2018A747travelling towards port william pothole near to edge of road full of waterNew
1604025 Dec 2018A747potholes near to middle of road in both directionsNew
1604015 Dec 2018ManchesterWilmslow RoadLarge potholes by kerbstones in bus stop. Could be very dangerous if hit by a cyclist. Note there is no segregation on the road here due to the bus-stop, so conflicts are more likely. The potholes ar…Reported
1604005 Dec 2018SolihullWaste LaneLarge potholeReported
1603995 Dec 2018LancashireParliament Street Lancaster Greyhound Bridge FilterParliament Street Lancaster Greyhound Bridge Filter Lane Drop Kerb Pedestrian & Cycle Crossing Point to the Splitter Island. Dangerous obstruction of sight line. When waiting to cross from the share…Reported
1603985 Dec 2018Cheshire EastB5090 Henshall Road BollingtonDeep potholeReported
1603975 Dec 2018Cheshire EastA523 Silk RoadFlooding on high-speed dual carriagewayReported
1603965 Dec 2018Cheshire EastA523 Silk RoadFlooding due to blocked drains on high-speed dual carriagewayReported
1603955 Dec 2018Cheshire EastA523 Silk RoadFlooding due to blocked drains on high-speed dual carriagewayReported
1603945 Dec 2018Rapidly enlarging set of potholes on north side of Church streetNew
1603935 Dec 2018NottinghamshireA60 Mansfield RoadPothole in road repairReported
1603925 Dec 2018Large number of potholes and bad road surface all down Balmoral Road from site marked on map to just past cornerNew
1603915 Dec 2018Large pothole at junctionNew
1603905 Dec 2018ShropshireDeep potholeReported
1603895 Dec 2018KentConstitutional Hill, SouthboroughPotholeReported
1603885 Dec 2018EssexBad state of pavement, country side of footbridge, twisted my ankle. Reported
1603875 Dec 2018SurreyDeep and wide gap around manhole. \nReported
1603865 Dec 2018Pothole about 500mm long 250mm wide and 50-75mm deep\nNew
1603855 Dec 2018StaffordshireMany holes and cracks in a 7ft x 6ft square. Dangerous to 2 wheeled users. Reported
1603844 Dec 2018BirminghamPrincess Alice DrivePotholes/uneven Road surface found at Princess Alice Drive leading to the Tesco extra /petrol stationReported
1603834 Dec 2018Gorbals St/Cleland St cycle pathSheet ice on cycle path this morning, ungritted. Fell from bike on my commute, slid 20-30 feet along path it was so smooth. Also the South City Way on Gorbals St, already closed due to multiple fall…New
1603824 Dec 2018CumbriaMultiple pot holes on this stretch of road.Reported
1603814 Dec 2018West SussexMultiple deep potholes. Debris on road. Reported
1603804 Dec 2018Highways EnglandLeft hand lane subsiding. Reported
1603794 Dec 2018SurreyFly tipping again \nMore rubbish being dumped because people will not take to tip as they believe they are charged for it.Reported
1603784 Dec 2018SurreyFly tipping...\nNot a pothole, but still to do with roads I guess?\nAppears to be bags of plaster board and other house renovation materials.\nIf not please forward to appropriate team \nMany thanks Reported
1603774 Dec 2018Devonvery deep and right on the line of wheelFixed
1603754 Dec 2018Albert DriveVery uneven road surface. Very hazerdous for cyclists, particularly during winter monthsNew
1603744 Dec 2018A714travelling towards newton stewart pothole in dip by farm accessNew
1603734 Dec 2018A746travelling towards lirkinner pothole near to middle of roadNew
1603724 Dec 2018A746travelling towards kirkinner large pothole just past left hand bendNew
1603714 Dec 2018StaffordshireA449The red warning/high grip surface has mostly broken up. Motorcyclist and pedal bikes should be very cautious but cars etc tend to drive along the centre white line to avoid the deeply rutted r…Reported
1603704 Dec 2018Transport ScotlandCycle path on Shields RoadSouthWest Cycle Way needs to receive grit on days of low temperature with icing. This morning on my way to work I skidded twice before I eventually fell and hit my hips, elbow and wrist on the sectio…Reported
1603694 Dec 2018Highways EnglandSwanwick LaneA dip in the road that has developed into a pothole. A danger to cyclists, as most of the roads seem to be.Reported
1603684 Dec 2018Deep pothole possibly 150mm+ deep.\n\nMain entrance for Sainsbury’s trucks and industrial estateNew
1603674 Dec 2018Pothole which is dangerous to cyclists (dismount in to oncoming traffic) as well as damaging to vehicles New
1603664 Dec 2018Manchesterraod condition is very narrow big pot hole please repair the road and fill that hole Reported

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