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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16240814 Feb 2019RenfrewshireA8 Greenock RoadConsiderable number of potholes and numerous defects on road over the whole lane width. It is particularity bad heading out of Bishopton.Reported
16240714 Feb 2019RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadLarge deep DANGEROUS pothole right on leading edge to previous repair. Road has failed where it meets a previous repair, leaving a very dangerous deep pothole This will damage cars and their occupan…Reported
16240614 Feb 2019LancashireOld underground service repair breaking up.Reported
16240514 Feb 2019LancashirePothole opened up and pavement breaking up.Reported
16240414 Feb 2019LancashireOld underground service repair breaking up. Including pavement.Reported
16240314 Feb 2019LancashireOld underground service repair breaking up.Reported
16240214 Feb 2019LancashireOld underground services repair breaking up.Reported
16240114 Feb 2019GlasgowNitshill RoadEast bound on A726,inside lane, where left wheel would naturally be on road.Reported
16240014 Feb 2019BuckinghamshireDeep dangerous \nReported
16239914 Feb 2019BuckinghamshireDeep dangerous Reported
16239814 Feb 2019SurreyHuge hole, very dangerous Fixed
16239714 Feb 2019TorbayA3022 Torquay RoadThere is a manhole cover outside of McColls supermarket, on Torquay road, Preston, Torbay. part of the surrounding infill of tarmac has come away, making a vicious pothole. I have reported it bef…Reported
16239613 Feb 2019CumbriaDeep sharp edge pot hole. Road used daily for school parking. Increasing in size rapidly from farm machinery using road. Flooding hides hole. Dangerous as lane unlit.Reported
16239513 Feb 2019Barnsleymortimer roadseveral minor potholes resulting in trying to slalom past them at the risk of approaching a blind hill and oncoming cars / bikes (heaven forbid it's a 60 mph road they would be splattered on the wind…Reported
16239413 Feb 2019Barnsleysalter hill laneI nearly broke my spine when I hit this crater in the road and with the low winter sun it is impossible to see and avoid.Reported
16239313 Feb 2019KirkleesMud on highway from adjacent building site\nReported
16239213 Feb 2019BirminghamOn the drain a repair has been made many times but is now a huge hole next to the drain and needs urgent repairReported
16239113 Feb 2019HampshireLarge deep pothole precisely the distance from the kerb that cyclists use.Reported
16239013 Feb 2019CumbriaBad potholed road that is well used by cyclists and desperately needs fixing.\nReported
16238913 Feb 2019CumbriaPotholes and a terrible road surface, had multiple punctures whilst on my bike on this road. Reported
16238813 Feb 2019WarwickshireStation Road outside Wilkoleaking water all over the roadReported
16238713 Feb 2019NewportA48 from Newport to Cardiffvery big and very deep pothole next to a drain/manhole cover on old A48 between Cardiff and Newport.Reported
16238613 Feb 2019Shropshirepothole near side of road when heading towards the A5Reported
16238513 Feb 2019SuffolkLine of potholes about 10m long very hazardous for cyclists.Reported
16238413 Feb 2019SuffolkLine of potholes about 10m long very hazardous for cyclists.Reported
16238313 Feb 2019CardiffNewport RoadQuite deep pothole in centre lane of Newport Road, Cardiff, on east bound approach to junction with Fitzalan PlaceReported
16238213 Feb 2019SuffolkPotholes where repairs are crumbling.Reported
16238113 Feb 2019SuffolkLarge pothole.Reported
16238013 Feb 2019SurreyPreviously repaired pothole has disintegrated resulting in a large and dangerous hazard for all road users. Also on a part of road where cars park forcing road users to side of road Fixed
16237913 Feb 2019LincolnshireB1191Large pot holeReported
16237813 Feb 2019Warringtoncommon lane passed lodge dr before sainsburys entranceroad in poor state around gullyReported
16237713 Feb 2019Warringtonbroseley ln warrington nr broseley closepothole over bridge and narrow rd broseley ln going towards cultheth wa3 4 very dangerous if a cyclist hits this he is in hospitalReported
16237613 Feb 2019Barking and DagenhamMultiple potholes along old repair running across roadReported
16237513 Feb 2019Barking and DagenhamPothole in old removed islandReported
16237413 Feb 2019Traffordsurface degraded, danger to vulnerable road usersReported
16237313 Feb 2019LincolnshireSeries of potholes outside the Old Gate House where the old railway line crosses the road. Potholes have been there some time and are now getting deep.Reported
16237213 Feb 2019DorsetVery bad pothole three quarters of a metre or so out from the left hand side of the road as you descend past cottages on left hand side towards Wimborne. Bad for cyclists which is how I noticed it. \nReported
16237113 Feb 2019CumbriaSalt house rd. Millom.A5093Multiple potholes appearing.Reported
16237013 Feb 2019CumbriaSunken roadworks forcing cars into the middle of the road to avoid the drop Reported
16236913 Feb 2019KentpotholeReported
16236813 Feb 2019Transport for LondonWestern AvenueA series of deep crevices running along a poorly-constructed section of path. The tarmac has split apart. The cracks are just the right size to trap a bike wheel.Reported
16236713 Feb 2019WestminsterPorchester TerraceA row of potholes where the old surface has deteriorated next to a new strip.Reported
16236613 Feb 2019BuckinghamshireSchool Roadthre are a series a holes along school roadReported
16236513 Feb 2019LancashirePot hole, around manhole, very dangerous.Reported
16236413 Feb 2019CumbriaPothole Reported
16236313 Feb 2019CumbriaPothole Reported
16236213 Feb 2019CumbriaPothole Reported
16236113 Feb 2019CumbriaPothole Reported
16236013 Feb 2019CumbriaPothole Reported
16235913 Feb 2019CumbriaTut from previous repairReported

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