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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
884371 Jul 2013Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham RoadWhere cycleway crosses road the kerb has not been lowered the bike bangs down on the road and then up again. My wrists are suffereing because of it.Rejected
10814723 Oct 2014Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham RoadArea around a drain cover has came away leaving a large deep holeRejected
10938315 Dec 2014Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham roadPotholes near centre of road. Road markings were recently erased and a new mini roundabout painted (a reasonably big job) yet the potholes were not filled in at the same time while the road was bl…Fixed
11402217 Mar 2015Cheshire EastWrexham Roadroad is falling apart in many places, holes & rutsReported
1711785 Jan 2020FlintshireWrexham roadPotholes and rough road surfaces need addressingReported
18842320 Aug 2021WrexhamWrexham RoadPatch near drain has deteriorated. Now hole.Reported
14434130 Nov 2017Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham Road (A483)Pothole in the roatRejected
14434230 Nov 2017Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham Road (A483)A previous pothole at a gully has been repaired, however the grid cover and reinstatement is not level with the adjacent road.Rejected
7314630 Nov 2012FlintshireWrexham Road (A541), Cefn y BeddTrench across road has sunk. Have only noticed it this week so I think it's recent work.Reported
421979 Jan 2011WrexhamWrexham Road (B5605)Sunken manhole cover in the road. The road was recently resurfaced but the cover has sunk since then (cracking in the tarmac). The road is a cycle route - there are cycle lanes along the side o…Reported
10882419 Nov 2014Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham Road / A483Leaves, sticks and other debris making the cycle path extremely slippy and dangerous. I have had a accident on this cycle path while braking at slow speed which resulted in a broken rib. I have seen …Rejected
7682823 Jan 2013Cheshire EastWrexham Road A534The surface of Wrexham Road A534 between the junction with Woodhey Hall Lane and Kidderton Lane, on both sides of the carriageway has continual potholes. The potholes range from 5cm in depth to appr…Reported
11562624 Apr 2015Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham Road B5445Line of three consecutive pot holesRejected
12887527 Apr 2016Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham Road, BelgravePotholes, large cracks and rutting of the road over large area of the road on the approach to the junction with Rake Lane. Worse on the northbound side (approaching A483). One of the large potholes…In progress
1303778 Jun 2016WrexhamWrexham Road, JohnstownSunken manhole in cycle lane. Only way to avoid is to go around on the main carriageway. Also reported directly to the highway authority.Reported
1713048 Jan 2020FlintshireWrexham Road, MoldPothole in roadwayReported
1373152 Mar 2017Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham Road, PulfordSunken manhole cover just after the entrance to the Grosvenor Hotel. Hazard cannot be seen by approaching cyclists when it is dark due to the way floodlights and streetlights work here.Reported
1493877 Mar 2018Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham Road, PulfordPothole in road. Looks like a chunk of the road surface has just broken off. Photo attached.Fixed
1929068 Aug 2022Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham Road, PulfordSunken manhole coverReported
9513720 Jan 2014Cheshire West and ChesterWrexham road/A483 Poulton roundaboutLarge area of the roundabout surface has now worn away and has left a large area which is much lower than the rest of the surface. This is a danger to cyclists and cars. Also a night time for some …Rejected
16153118 Jan 2019FlintshireWrexham StreetPothole next to surface water drain.Reported
15456921 Apr 2018DevonWreylandPathMultiple large potholes over whole extent of roadwayReported
1924229 Jun 2022GreenwichWricklemarsh RoadNumerous potholesReported
9923226 Feb 2014HerefordshireWrigglebrook Lane4 holes close togetherReported
3940715 Sep 2010SuffolkWright Road, IpswichJoint between concrete sections has eroded to leave hole about 6" deep and 5 foot long. Has been like this since March 2010.Reported
4518328 Jan 2011NorthumberlandWright Street, Blyth.Sunken utility trench parallel to speed cushion.Rejected
573088 Jun 2011SouthamptonWright's HillThe tarmac on this road is very worn with lots of ruts and gaps. This means that the only way to maintain traction is to ride close to centre of the road increasing the risk of collision with cars an…Reported
1303027 Apr 2008BuckinghamshireWright's LaneClusters of 10+ potholesReported
132218 May 2008BuckinghamshireWright's LanePothole. Due to recent weather this, along with a lot of potholes in this area of Prestwood have become a lot more dangerous since when reported. I am worried that unless the council go around Pres…Reported
1867417 Mar 2009BuckinghamshireWright's Lane20+ dangerous potholes scattered all over the roadReported
3747317 Jun 2010SouthamptonWrights HillSKID HAZARD! Loose grave in the road on the junction of Weston Lane and Wrights hill. After turning down Wrights hill from Weston lane the front wheel of my motorcycle hit gravel in the middle of …Reported
676499 May 2012BuckinghamshireWrights LaneMultiple potholes of all shapes and sizes making road dangerous and undriveable, particularly in the area of numbers 1 to about 75 Wrights Lane, along with other very poor road surfaces in Prestwood,…Reported
3043225 Feb 2010SuffolkWrights WaySmall pot holeFixed
7630513 Jan 2013SuffolkWrights WaySmall pot hole.Fixed
1031025 Jan 2008Cheshire EastWrigley laneNew hole alongside an inspection cover on Wrigley lane Macclesfield. Ideally placed to catch and trap a front wheelFixed
1559739 May 2018Cheshire EastWrigley LanePothole, usually filled with water, where road edge meets a private drive.Reported
1559749 May 2018Cheshire EastWrigley LanePotholeReported
1559769 May 2018Cheshire EastWrigley LanePotholeReported
1559779 May 2018Cheshire EastWrigley LanePotholeReported
16935313 Nov 2019Cheshire EastWrigley Lane MacclesfieldLarge pothole and broken down road surface, right in the path of cyclists and carsReported
1699617 Dec 2019Cheshire EastWrigley Lane, MacclesfieldPothole, cracks, broken road surface, water-filled holesReported
1699647 Dec 2019Cheshire EastWrigley Lane, MacclesfieldPothole, linear cracks, broken up road surfaceReported
17022516 Dec 2019Cheshire EastWrigley Lane, MacclesfieldFlooding - repeat problem after rain -need to clear a drainage channel through overgrown road verge/hedge. A 5 minute job for a man with a large spade.Reported
17022616 Dec 2019Cheshire EastWrigley Lane, MacclesfieldPotholes, ruts, cracks, broken tarmac over an extended length of road. VERY dangerous for any cyclist being closely followed by cars. Road is extremely rough in the area where car drivers will …Reported
17022716 Dec 2019Cheshire EastWrigley Lane, MacclesfieldBig pothole - so big that someone has a stuck a traffic cone next to it.Reported
17022816 Dec 2019Cheshire EastWrigley Lane, MacclesfieldVery dangerous to cyclists concealed big holeReported
17022916 Dec 2019Cheshire EastWrigley Lane, MacclesfieldArea of persistent flooding. Can be cured by a man with a spade digging a channel through the over grown verge/hedge so that water can drain away. Wrigley Lane is currently a well used lane by …Reported
17023116 Dec 2019Cheshire EastWrigley Lane, MacclesfieldPotholes - exactly on the cyclist's riding line.Reported
18166130 Jan 2021Cheshire EastWrigley lane, MacclesfieldFlooding, mud, potholesReported
15964622 Oct 2018North SomersetWrington HillLarge & deep pothole.Reported
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