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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
16723313 Jul 2019CambridgeshireWater LaneRecent repair inadequate (partial repair) and left numerous areas of broken surface adjacent to speed bump - leaving no clear path/route for cyclists.Reported
17063824 Dec 2019HertfordshireWater laneDeep sharp edged pot holeReported
17957318 Oct 2020WiltshireWater LaneWater all across the road. This has been going on for weeks. Then this freezes it will be very hazardous.Reported
18881428 Sep 2021CambridgeshireWater LaneIt’s just a mess of different surfaces.Reported
18881528 Sep 2021CambridgeshireWater LaneIt’s just a mess of different surfaces.Reported
8280820 Mar 2013CambridgeshireWater Lane (B1049)Badly breaking up ashphalt in cycle lane which is becoming impassable and forcing bicycles to swerve out into the middle of the car laneReported
2634521 Jan 2010CambridgeshireWater Lane / Greenend RoadMultiple severe sharp-edged potholes in middle of junction.Reported
2054111 May 2009Devonwater lane and cotfield streetAll of the above the road is a complete mess I have had to have suspension bushes replaced and a suspension arm replaced on my car as have to use this road every day and its like off road driving be…Reported
1039659 May 2014KentWater Lane Hawkhurst Kent TN18-5DJThere are lots of potholes and three very big and deep holes in Water lane Hawkhurst Kent TN18-5DJ.Reported
24027 Jan 2007DerbyshireWater Lane, CromfordA drain run across the road has partially sunk causing a slot shaped pothole which is quite deep and caused me to have a rear wheel punctureFixed
6676322 Apr 2012West SussexWater Lane, StorringtonCollapsed drain cover and potholeReported
12464824 Feb 2016HertfordshireWater Lane, Watford, HertsA pothole under the bridge in Water Lane, WatfordReported
885836 Jul 2013HampshireWater Lane, WinchesterPothole in roadReported
17652916 Apr 2020West Sussexwater lane, wistonVarious potholes / broken surfaceReported
8250618 Mar 2013West Sussexwater lane/thakeham roadmultiple holes, ruts and ridgesReported
5591127 Apr 2011YorkWater LnpotholeFixed
5591227 Apr 2011YorkWater LnpotholeFixed
9182913 Nov 2013CambridgeshireWater LnPot hole opening up on carriage way causing cyclist to move towards centre of road.Fixed
4905724 Feb 2011BirminghamWater Orton LaneVERY poor surface close to Sewage treatment works Potholes at various positions along the length of the roadReported
814799 Mar 2013BirminghamWater Orton Lanea selection of various depth & various size areas of the top surface of carriageway now missingReported
1091533 Dec 2014BirminghamWater Orton LaneMultiple potholes, poor road surface restoration, surface breaking up over a long length of the road.Reported
13954411 Apr 2017BirminghamWater Orton LaneNumerous potholes, ruts, crazing and depressions due to poor reinstatement following roadworks. This is especially hazardous for cyclists as this is useful route to / from Birmingham avoiding busier…Reported
16685523 Jun 2019BirminghamWater Orton LaneRoad is deeply rutted with multiple potholes over a stretch of about 1km. Surface appears to be disintegrating in several areas presenting traffic avoidance issues and dangerous hazard at night.Reported
7923813 Feb 2013BirminghamWater Orton Road BirminghamPothole in the road, which seems to be geting bigger and deeper, hard sometimes to avoid if traffic is coming from the other direction, my car hit it this morning, I am hoping no damage has been done…Fixed
18291027 Feb 2021ReadingWater Road, Reading. Berkshire.Pot hole poor road surface, damaged surface.Reported
1730311 Feb 2009LancashireWater Sttarmac breaking up around manhole coverFixed
1386918 Jun 2008West BerkshireWater Street25 yard stretch, both sides of carriageway.Fixed
1432023 Jul 2008West BerkshireWater StreetTarmac not restored on west side of road,resulting in loose stones. Temporary repair carried out on east side. This has been previously reported, but is still unsatisfactory to cyclists and motorcyc…Fixed
498241 Mar 2011Neath Port TalbotWater StreetPothole.Reported
5222719 Mar 2011SeftonWater StreetpotholesReported
5803730 Jun 2011BridgendWater StreetLarge are of potholing at hill crest. Right in cycle width.Reported
1253987 Mar 2016LancashireWater Streeton the exit of the roundabout going north bound on the A6 there is a pothole that is a wheel braker. this pot hole can do damage if hit.Fixed
1598423 Nov 2018Neath Port TalbotWater StreetPotholes under a bridge (dark area). On the bottom of a small hill. Hit full speed on my road bike. Damaged 2 tyres and had a puncture. Lucky not to hit oncoming traffic.Reported
17614030 Mar 2020BridgendWater StreetPothole, generally covered by water run-off from poorly maintained drainage, that extends at right angles to direction of travel, under a railway bridge and in poor light. Always invisible.Reported
9081912 Oct 2013LancashireWater Street, BrindleUneven groove in direction of travel about 3 feet from kerb.Reported
1903775 Feb 2022Water well Lane, SleafordMassive potholesNew
1149177 Apr 2015Waltham ForestWater works roundaboutmissing part of manhole coverReported
17260231 Jan 2020BristolWater's LanePothole in middle of road, outside Mouse pub. There's also a really horrendous section of road very close to here on Eastfield Road, near the top of Chock LaneRejected
18221411 Feb 2021BristolWater's Lanepothole near middle of road outside Mouse pub, on Water's LaneReported
19124115 Mar 2022BristolWater's LanePothole in the middle of the roadReported
1432267 Sep 2017WestminsterWater;loo bridge/lancaster placebig hole opened upReported
4406721 Jan 2011CambridgeshireWaterbeach rdSequence of 3-4 large potholes at junctionReported
11638519 May 2015CambridgeshireWaterbeach RoadPothole, surface break up, and debris across road surface.Fixed
83686 Sep 2007West SussexWaterbury Hill2 very deep potholes, at least 6" deep, near side of road.Fixed
90125 Nov 2007West SussexWaterbury HillPotholes reported on 6th Sept. appeared to have been filled, but tarmac has sunken and holes almost as deep as berfoe.Rejected
131061 May 2008West SussexWaterbury HillVery deep erosion of road surface.Fixed
1742213 Feb 2009West SussexWaterbury HillPotholeFixed
3269218 Mar 2010West SussexWaterbury HillVery deep, very nasty pothole in line with nearside wheels of moving traffic.Fixed
418544 Jan 2011West SussexWaterbury Hill4 deep potholes close together in a line in line with normal car wheel tracking, plus a further 2 holes which may be associated with water leakage. Certainly excessive water running from this area.Fixed
14656730 Jan 2018West SussexWaterbury HillLarge series of potholes, wearing and base course missing. Occupies large section of centre of the roadReported
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