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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatussort icon
15415217 Apr 2018OxfordshireTerrible ruts and potholes\nFixed
15416617 Apr 2018Kingston-upon-ThamesLarge extended pothole. Dangerous to cyclists as have to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid.Fixed
15417417 Apr 2018Kentlarge long strip of missing tarmac with deeper hole in the middle of missing tarmac. dangerous tyre burst on impact Fixed
15418717 Apr 2018Cumbria2 potholes. danger to cyclists near the edge of road. Fixed
15418817 Apr 2018Cumbrialarge hole taking up half of cycle way. Fixed
15419017 Apr 2018South Tynesideabout 30 + pot holes Fixed
15419117 Apr 2018South Tyneside3 big pot holes Fixed
15421018 Apr 2018StaffordshireDeep pothole (>6 cm deep) plus others in near vicinityFixed
15421218 Apr 2018StaffordshireThere are a series of potholes along line of previous repair. These are >4 cm deep. Together they present a serious hazard to road usersFixed
15424218 Apr 2018Bath and North East SomersetCombe ParkSizeable hole around existing drain cover.Fixed
15425518 Apr 2018DorsetPothole, broken through surface to gravel below. Outside Highcliffe St Marks primary schoolFixed
15428118 Apr 2018BarnetPotholeFixed
15429418 Apr 2018EdinburghpotholeFixed
15429718 Apr 2018ManchesterDeep pothole around the circumference of a dinner plate - deep enough to cause severe jarring of vehicle when driven over - will cause damage to wheels / suspension Fixed
15431719 Apr 2018BoltonA very poor repair of pot holes has been done. Also, when fixing pot holes, why not fix others in the immediate vicinity??Fixed
15431819 Apr 2018Northumberland2 very large deep holesFixed
15431919 Apr 2018Northumberlandlots of potholes in line creates rutFixed
15432019 Apr 2018Northumberlandlots potholes on sharp bendFixed
15432519 Apr 2018Cheshire West and ChesterLong LaneA deep pothole which was only filled about 6 weeks ago but has reformed. It is opposite another deep pothole on the other side of the road. The road is narrow at this point and near to a bend and I h…Fixed
15434519 Apr 2018Central BedfordshirePothole approx 40x30cmFixed
15434619 Apr 2018Central BedfordshirePothole approx 50x30xmFixed
15434719 Apr 2018Central BedfordshireDeep pothole approx 1m x 50cmFixed
15434919 Apr 2018Central BedfordshireMultiple potholes previously repaired but breaking up significantly Fixed
15437619 Apr 2018East LothianThis trench is deep cats swerve across road to avoid it\nFixed
15438519 Apr 2018NorthamptonshireDamaged road with flooding hiding serious hazard for Cyclists Fixed
15438619 Apr 2018NorthamptonshireFailed road surface dangerous for cyclists forcing avoidance into path of overtaking motors. Yellow marking is not acceptable without prompt repair.Fixed
15441820 Apr 2018East LothianThis hole has developed from a previous repair it is quite deep and on the line a cyclist would take down the hillFixed
15441920 Apr 2018East LothianHole from previous repair Fixed
15442020 Apr 2018East LothianPot hole getting largerFixed
15442120 Apr 2018East LothianThis section is r really badly broken up for about 10 metresFixed
15442420 Apr 2018BuckinghamshireHeading south, just before the houses, the edge of the road has collapsed leaving HUGE holes, ruts, debris and a narrower road. Please fix it urgently before it causes an accident Fixed
15442520 Apr 2018BuckinghamshireComing off the roundabout, heading towards the M40, there are several potholes that need fixing Fixed
15443820 Apr 2018LewishamBaring RoadA series of potholes and associated debris running for perhaps 200m along a busy road, some of them in the gutter and forcing cyclists into the middle of the lane. The council has dumped some tar int…Fixed
15444620 Apr 2018RotherhamB6060 - Morthen RoadPotholeFixed
15445020 Apr 2018SurreyWide section of absent top layer, requires slowing to a near stop from 60mphFixed
15445120 Apr 2018SurreyMultiple sections of missing road edgesFixed
15445220 Apr 2018SurreyWide section of missing top layer tarmac, causes sudden braking/swerving on NSL roadFixed
15445320 Apr 2018SurreyCombination of high manhole cover and nearside dip makes road surface unevenFixed
15445620 Apr 2018EssexEPPING NEW ROADold repair surface has broken away. with debris on the narrow strip by kerbFixed
15446920 Apr 2018SurreyGuildford Road, A323A pot hole fixed a few weeks ago has opened up again. The exposed pot hole is now large enough to damage cars, bikes, etc again.Fixed
15451220 Apr 2018LancashireSeveral potholes in middle of road. Fixed
15452120 Apr 2018HampshireDeep pothole. Significant hazard to all road users.Fixed
15452220 Apr 2018HampshireFissure in road.Fixed
15455121 Apr 2018LambethPothole arising from cars wearing poorly repaired road away\nFixed
15455221 Apr 2018LambethPothole arising from poor road repairFixed
15456021 Apr 2018East LothianQuite a deep trench breaking upFixed
15458921 Apr 2018SloughVery large pothole along with debris all over this road Fixed
15459021 Apr 2018NorthumberlandVery deep holeFixed
15459121 Apr 2018DurhamOn the roundabout. About 80 cm wide & 10 cm deepFixed
15459421 Apr 2018North SomersetKerbside, can’t miss it, poor repair, now worse than prior to repair.Fixed
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