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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
6314720 Jan 2012GlasgowWinchester DriveTwo deep potholes which are now spewing debris across the road surface.Reported
9484417 Jan 2014HampshireWinchester Hill, RomseyPotholeReported
1278114 Apr 2008HounslowWinchester RdPotholeFixed
4832119 Feb 2011HampshireWinchester RdHole around drain coverReported
4952228 Feb 2011Lincolnshirewinchester rdlarge pot hole, near the centre white line, very deep, goes down as deep as the old road surface.Reported
1378338 Mar 2017HampshireWinchester RdPothole on inside corner of rbt. Tarmac broken away round drainReported
9781315 Feb 2014HampshireWinchester Rd (A3090), Crampmoorpotholes & splits in surface, which seems to be breaking upReported
12163510 Jan 2016HampshireWinchester Rd., Ch/FordSunken drain/surround.Reported
12359210 Feb 2016HampshireWinchester Rd., Ch/FordPotholeReported
13712825 Feb 2017HampshireWinchester Rd., Chandlers-FordSeries of small potholes & surface break-ups on edge of previous surface repair.VariousReported
1376116 Mar 2017HampshireWinchester Rd., Chandlers-FordKerb stone at lowered kerb, has broken loose, is raised about 2 inches above the pavement/road level. It poses a severe threat to both wheeled road users accessing the church and nursing home, acros…Reported
1392834 Apr 2017HampshireWinchester Rd., chandlers-fordSunken drain & sunken surroundReported
14974311 Mar 2018HampshireWinchester RD., Chandlers-FordPotholes in road (2 holes)Reported
971558 Feb 2014HampshireWinchester Rd., Fryern Hill, Chandlers-FordDeep potholeReported
9805517 Feb 2014HampshireWinchester Rd., Romsey2 potholes closely adjaicent to each otherReported
277828 Feb 2007HampshireWinchester RoadPart of repair that has deterioratedFixed
413913 Mar 2007Traffordwinchester roadseveral deep potholes in the braking area to the roundabout, makes it extremely difficult for a cyclist to navigate this hazardReported
433416 Mar 2007HampshireWinchester RoadLarge area of top surface tarmac has gone. Numerous holes near curb.Reported
433516 Mar 2007HampshireWinchester RoadLarge area of top surface tarmac has gone. Numerous holes near curb.Reported
755111 Jul 2007HampshireWinchester RoadA number of potholes have appeared exactley on the line cyclists have to take on this very narrow section of road. Also they occur after a slight bend, making it very difficult to see themFixed
755211 Jul 2007HampshireWinchester RoadA number of potholes have appeared exactley on the line cyclists have to take on this very narrow section of road. Also they occur after a slight bend, making it very difficult to see themFixed
808410 Aug 2007HampshireWinchester RoadLarge hole in centre of carriageway. Large enough to cause cyclist to crash. Other ruts and holes all around this roundabout that can catch two-wheeled vehicles.Reported
93508 Dec 2007HampshireWinchester RoadThere are 2 or 3 holes, all quite deep on the left as you go away from the main road, including one rut that is about a foot long, 2 inches wide and 2 inches deep. Perfect for swallowing bike tyres a…Reported
1430121 Jul 2008HampshireWinchester RoadRectangular pothole in a relatively featureless, flat, straight section of road. The road has just been resurfaced with chippings and the pothole is quite easy to miss. Hitting it at 15+mph can cause…Fixed
1687129 Jan 2009SouthamptonWinchester RoadPothole that feels like it could damage a cars wheel, let alone that of a bike!Reported
1687529 Jan 2009SouthamptonWinchester RoadRough/badly surfaced, could almost be classed as pothole. Fine on a mountain bike, but not so sure how a road bike would take it.Reported
2685124 Jan 2010Kentwinchester roadvery large pot holeReported
283754 Feb 2010HampshireWinchester RoadLoose drain cover on road outside 12 Winchester Rd, GU32 3BL. Bodged repairs around the perimeter last a week or two and the perimeter is again in a state of disrepair, as is much of Winchester Road.Reported
4909424 Feb 2011HampshireWinchester RoadPreviouis repair has sunkFixed
544698 Apr 2011HampshireWinchester RoadPothole on previous repairReported
5676419 May 2011HampshireWinchester roaddangerously depressed drain with pothole nearbyReported
5676519 May 2011HampshireWinchester Roaddangerous depression and uneven surface after recent poor repairsReported
8213115 Mar 2013HampshireWinchester RoadPothole, roughly 30x30cm square 10cm+ deep to right of roadReported
842787 Apr 2013LincolnshireWinchester RoadA circular pothole steadily increasing and causing distraction at a road junction.Reported
8568326 Apr 2013HampshireWinchester RoadSunken drainReported
9484517 Jan 2014HampshireWinchester RoadLong pothole, opening up of seam/joinReported
996333 Mar 2014SouthamptonWinchester RoadFrom map reference point SU 40567 14828 to SU 40257 14555 (Winchester Rd, Southampton, southbound) the road is so uneven with repaired tarmac lifting and cracking away from the main road surface that…Reported
1038437 May 2014HampshireWinchester RoadLarge pothole appeared this weekend, middle of the carriageway, appears to be the site of a previous patch. Filled with water this morning so almost invisibleFixed
1038557 May 2014HampshireWinchester RoadPot hole at by bus stop / pedestrian crossing going down hill.Reported
1038567 May 2014HampshireWinchester RoadSee laterReported
1059585 Jul 2014SouthamptonWinchester RoadBroken road surface around manhole cover exposing sharp corner of square manhole. Road surface around sharp corner broken leaving uneven surface and large pothole. Damage is on cycle line around co…Reported
1116757 Feb 2015HampshireWinchester RoadPothole that cannot be avoided as it is on a sharp bend. By the time you get to it, it is too late.Reported
13475016 Jan 2017HampshireWinchester RoadDropped patch across the width of the northbound carriagewayReported
1375735 Mar 2017HampshireWinchester RoadVery deep pothole middle of the roadReported
14166220 Jun 2017HampshireWinchester RoadPothole in side of road/layby.Reported
1745273 Mar 2020HampshireWinchester roadBig hole in on the side of the road. Entrance to offices is a problemReported
17956918 Oct 2020HampshireWinchester RoadDeep pothole caused by trucks & heavy tractor harvestReported
1809657 Jan 2021HampshireWinchester roadPot holeReported
1820336 Feb 2021HampshireWinchester roadRather large pothole which is not easily spotted at nightime. Ie: I got it on my bicycle and went over my handlebars and have hurt my shoulder. A&e once I was let in had to X ray me and I'm off work …Reported
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