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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
6230929 Dec 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadlarge amount of mud and debris on the surface and trees overhanging - all of which narrow the roadReported
6231129 Dec 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadroad sign has been knocked overFixed
627238 Jan 2012Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadpothole surrounding a grid - has previously been reported on this site and repaired but has now re-appearedFixed
6464028 Feb 2012ManchesterWilmslow RoadPotholes in bus lane where surface of road breaking upFixed
6467929 Feb 2012ManchesterWilmslow RoadSeries of potholes along road leading up to traffic lights at Parsonage Road, very dangrous for cyclists.Reported
6548119 Mar 2012Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadpotholeReported
6641613 Apr 2012Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadpotholeReported
6662019 Apr 2012ManchesterWilmslow Roadlarge pothole surrounding grid next to the kerbFixed
6713030 Apr 2012ManchesterWilmslow RoadRoad surface breaking upFixed
6831624 May 2012Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadlarge amount of gravel deposited on the road surfaceFixed
6841827 May 2012Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadpotholeFixed
717066 Oct 2012Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadlarge potholeFixed
7370618 Dec 2012ManchesterWilmslow RoadRe-appearence of a set of potholes at bus stop on Wilmslow Road outside Co-op in DidsburyReported
756587 Jan 2013ManchesterWilmslow RoadPothole on the site of a previous holeFixed
756597 Jan 2013ManchesterWilmslow RoadDisintegration of patched road surface, leaving several potholes and loose gravelFixed
758859 Jan 2013ManchesterWilmslow RoadPotholes have devloped on the cycle lane heading north through Rusholme, leading to tramac debris sitting across the road. This is extremely dangerous for all cycle users requiring them to use the ma…Reported
7597410 Jan 2013ManchesterWilmslow Roadtwo holes in main roadReported
7723728 Jan 2013ManchesterWilmslow roadThere are a number of potholes, debris on the road surface from potholes and uneven surfaces due to ruts and gullies along Wilmslow Road between Norman Road and Whitworth park.Reported
7991818 Feb 2013ManchesterWilmslow RoadThe B5167 Palentine Road, Didsbury and continuing on to the B5093 pot hole valley. I was out cycling on Saturday and this stretch of road was awful, I was so close to been hit as i had to swerve an h…Reported
8196514 Mar 2013Manchesterwilmslow roadrut has now formed into potholes over cycle path and road right by a pedestrian crossing making it very dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians alikeReported
8376130 Mar 2013Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadpotholeFixed
8378331 Mar 2013Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadpotholeReported
875363 Jun 2013ManchesterWilmslow RoadExtremely dangerous deep pothole in middle of road amongst a long stretch of uneven road surfaces! Needs urgent attentionReported
8897523 Jul 2013Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadVery poor section of road surface which is a risk for cyclists who are pushed out into busy traffic to avoidReported
8959124 Aug 2013Cheshire EastWilmslow roadLots of potholes within short proximity on Both sides of pedestrian crossingReported
8963027 Aug 2013ManchesterWilmslow RoadVery poor surface forcing cyclists into the middle of the road. "Cycle City" and all that, come on chaps - sort it out.Reported
968225 Feb 2014ManchesterWilmslow RoadRoad surface coming apart leaving broken surface and potholes. Section of road was top-dressed two years ago, and there is now gravel and debris in cycle lane as well as the holes. Dangerous as cycli…Fixed
1000176 Mar 2014Manchesterwilmslow roadThis is a real nasty wheel trap its about four inches deep adjacent to a grid slap bang in secondary riding position this would guarantee to send you over the bars if you went into it on a busy two l…Reported
1003359 Mar 2014ManchesterWilmslow RoadSeveral large potholes - down to the cobblestones - all clustered together. This particular patch of road seems to be very prone to large potholes - I wonder if there's an underlying cause that needs…Reported
10710730 Aug 2014ManchesterWilmslow RoadAs you approach Didsbury on the Wilmslow Rd where it crosses Lapwing Lane. Just before the traffic lights stop bay.Reported
10953023 Dec 2014Manchesterwilmslow roadMassive pot hole has appeared almost 2 feet wide and 6 inches deep causing cars to swerve and posing a serious risk for cyclists as it is about a foot from the curb.Reported
10965131 Dec 2014ManchesterWilmslow RoadPothole on Wilmslow road - Appeared over ChristmasReported
1098989 Jan 2015ManchesterWilmslow RoadLarge hole on Wilmslow road between Withington and Fallowfield going in the direction of town. Not sure on size at it was full of rain water. It is deep though as caused puncture.Reported
11186410 Feb 2015ManchesterWilmslow RoadOn the section of cyclepath which allows cyclists to turn right out of Oxford Place onto Wilmslow Road, there is an awful lot of debris, of the type that will often cause tyre punctures.Fixed
11281226 Feb 2015ManchesterWilmslow RoadMultiple deep potholes which push cyclists out into middle of busy carriageway to avoidFixed
11410318 Mar 2015ManchesterWilmslow RoadRoad markings are nearly invisible - cyclists in danger from cars frequently driving over cycle lanes (and often at speed). Poses a serious collision risk to cyclists and other motoristsReported
12953514 May 2016StockportWilmslow RoadDrain has sunk to make a very deep potholeReported
1338829 Dec 2016StockportWilmslow RoadPot hole at the edge of the cycle path markings. Already reported to Stockport council several weeks ago, but not repaired. Its location means it is hazardous to cyclists.Reported
13517423 Jan 2017ManchesterWilmslow RoadPothole (down to cobbles) with associated gravel spread along cycle lane creating dangerous cycling conditions especially given business of bus route and that pothole (and gravel!) floods in wet weat…Reported
14062816 May 2017ManchesterWilmslow RoadLarge puddle forms causing hazard to pedestrians. Previous problem with gully/drain has simply been dealt with by placing tarmac over the area. Now this creates a huge puddle, pedestrians regularly g…Reported
14449413 Dec 2017Cheshire EastWilmslow roadPotholeReported
14851420 Feb 2018ManchesterWilmslow RoadTerrible road surface putting cyclists in danger. Needs resurfacing as it forces bicycles out into the path of buses. Extremely dangerous, should be resurfaxced as a matter of urgency!Reported
1604015 Dec 2018ManchesterWilmslow RoadLarge potholes by kerbstones in bus stop. Could be very dangerous if hit by a cyclist. Note there is no segregation on the road here due to the bus-stop, so conflicts are more likely. The potholes ar…Reported
785967 Feb 2013ManchesterWilmslow Road (A5145)200m section of road with rapidly deteriorating surface. Cyclists are forced out into middle of busy section of road to avoid a succession of holes and section of very rough surface.Rejected
10582129 Jun 2014ManchesterWilmslow Road (A538)Large pothole in roadReported
785937 Feb 2013ManchesterWilmslow Road (B5095)Top layer of road surface come away from road, leaving a drop down that could injure a cyclistFixed
17155613 Jan 2020ManchesterWilmslow Road (south-bound)road surface disintegrating around ironworks at bus stopReported
4552931 Jan 2011ManchesterWilmslow Road A5145Pothole on cycle lane on Wilsmlow RoadFixed
462726 Feb 2011ManchesterWilmslow Road A5145Large hole where top surface of road has come awayFixed
4971328 Feb 2011ManchesterWilmslow Road A5145Deep hole in path of cyclists difficult to see on bend. DangerousFixed
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