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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
1579816 Jul 2018ManchesterWilmslow RdDangerous road surface (ruts, gullies, potholes) on long stretch of Wilmslow Rd from Copson St to Withington Library. Road is narrow so no room for cyclists to avoid potholes if cars overtaking.Reported
15838531 Jul 2018ManchesterWilmslow Rd / Moseley Rd junctionMany defectsReported
5947718 Aug 2011StockportWilmslow Rd B5358Sunken manhole cover. In a car, it's either an irritating jolt as you bump through it, or can cause a last-minute swerve to avoid it : I've nearly been hit by another car swerving last minute to avo…Reported
244523 Feb 2007Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadSunken grid on corner of 2 roadsFixed
875110 Oct 2007Manchesterwilmslow roadpothole was filled in but is now backReported
1036226 Jan 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadSeveral sunken manhole covers along this stretch in the cycle lane, make this part of Wilmslow Road especially dangerous. Bicycles have to swerve into the main lane to avoid the sunken parts of road,…Reported
125677 Apr 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadBadly sunken manhole cover and surrounding surfaceFixed
125687 Apr 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadPrevious repair damaged leaving deep holes in carriageway in tw0 placesFixed
126339 Apr 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadDeep hole around small access cover in cyclists advanced stop lineFixed
1282616 Apr 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadPotholes have developed where restoration of trench across the highway has settled excessively. The whole surface has settled but where vehicle wheels regularly pass, potholes have developed. Prese…Reported
1399130 Jun 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadBus-caused rut in the road, the high part starting at the kerb and the depression extends to about 1m away from the kerb. In the north-bound direction, left hand lane.Reported
141457 Jul 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadSunken access cover in carriagewayFixed
1515926 Sep 2008ManchesterWilmslow roadAwful stretch of cyclepath and bus lane with enormous tarmac bulges and sunken manholes created by the bus traffic which caused instability for cyclists at this busy junction area. This has already…Reported
1516026 Sep 2008ManchesterWilmslow roadSunklen manhole in centre of cyclelane.Fixed
1521530 Sep 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadRuts and holes in road at bus stopFixed
1521730 Sep 2008ManchesterWilmslow Road3 potholes in carriageway at Bus Stop on Wilmslow Road (near the Coop).Fixed
153169 Oct 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadHole in carriageway in location of previous repairFixed
1543720 Oct 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadAn horrendous stretch of road that has been reported numerous times. Road is on split levels, looks like a failure to resurface the road, causing a serious hazard for two wheeled vehicles. ACTION MUS…In progress
1618024 Dec 2008ManchesterWilmslow RoadHeavily rutted and dangerously uneven road southbound after the Egerton road junction (let alone the comedy in the middle of 2 lanes cycle lane), forcing cyclists into the middle of the lane (which i…Fixed
2140917 Jun 2009ManchesterWilmslow RoadLarge sunken manhole/drain in the cycling lane just before the cycle lane hops up onto the pavement outside Owen's Park. As this is a really busy road, as well as a really busy bus lane, this is quit…Reported
2193421 Jul 2009Manchesterwilmslow roadVery badly rutted length of busy road where cycle lane re-enters road and is joined by busy bus lane. The state is lethal, and this has been reported before, if an accident occurs it will be only to…Reported
2529418 Jan 2010ManchesterWilmslow RoadPothole and broken road surfaceFixed
2973219 Feb 2010ManchesterWilmslow RoadLarge hole in old trench on approach to traffic lightsFixed
2980519 Feb 2010ManchesterWilmslow Roadlarge area covering over 3 metres containing various potholes/uneveness. This is near impossible to cycle over and thus hazardous as cyclists are forced to swerve into the road, which also just happe…Reported
341946 Apr 2010ManchesterWilmslow Roadroad is breaking up into large potholeReported
4364219 Jan 2011ManchesterWilmslow RoadThe road surface is disintegratingFixed
462015 Feb 2011ManchesterWILMSLOW ROADlarge rut in the road surfaceFixed
463437 Feb 2011Cheshire EastWILMSLOW ROADLARGE POTHOLEReported
465528 Feb 2011ManchesterWilmslow roadLarge pot hole on inside laneFixed
4702111 Feb 2011Cheshire EastWILMSLOW ROADPOTHOLEFixed
4845621 Feb 2011ManchesterWILMSLOW ROADPOTHOLEReported
498591 Mar 2011Cheshire EastWILMSLOW ROAD2 POTHOLES ON THE BENDFixed
498601 Mar 2011Cheshire EastWILMSLOW ROADSEVERAL POTHOLESFixed
499552 Mar 2011ManchesterWilmslow roadLarge pothole 15 feet from the one filled 2 weeks agoReported
506787 Mar 2011StockportWilmslow RoadVery large, deep hole around gridReported
5259022 Mar 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadpothole and crumbling road surface around three of the grids at the roadside causing a particular danger for cyclists as you have to go around them into conflict with traffic on this 60 mph stretch o…Reported
5350431 Mar 2011ManchesterWilmslow Roadseveral potholesReported
538562 Apr 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadpothole surrounding a sunken manholeReported
538582 Apr 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadpothole and debris (gravel)Reported
5493114 Apr 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadlarge pothole surrounding a grid, right on the cycling laneFixed
5532019 Apr 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadpothole surrounding a gridFixed
571423 Jun 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadPothole surrounding gridReported
571884 Jun 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadlarge pothole on the cycling lineFixed
572356 Jun 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadOvergrown hedgerow causes major difficulty and danger when turning out of Mill Lane onto Wilmslow Road. It can only be a matter of time (unless one has already occured) before a crash happens.Fixed
6012215 Sep 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadlarge quantity of gravel and stones has been left at the junction, right on the right hand bendFixed
617876 Dec 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadflooding on both sides of the road - blocked grids ?Reported
6193213 Dec 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow Roadboth sides of the road flooded - blocked grid ?Reported
6208018 Dec 2011Cheshire EastWilmslow RoadpotholeReported
6222625 Dec 2011Cheshire EastWILMSLOW ROADwater pouring onto the road surface - seems to be coming from a grid - dangerous in the cold/icy weatherRejected
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