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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
40629 Jan 2007BromleySevenoaks Road/roundaboutSeveral large potholes.Fixed
40529 Jan 2007GlasgowSeaward StreetMultiple potholes on road under motorway.Fixed
40429 Jan 2007WiltshireLaverstock RoadNumerous small potholes and road surface cracking.Fixed
40329 Jan 2007North TynesidePier RoadPotholeFixed
40229 Jan 2007WiltshireStonehenge RoadRelatively new road surface (Tarmac) breaking upFixed
40129 Jan 2007Bath and North East SomersetLondon RdThe cycle track has been modified to allow temporary parking for deliveries in a couple of shops. This facility is misused and the cycle track is now regularly parked on requiring cyclists to use th…Fixed
40029 Jan 2007SurreyThe Avenue, between Binscombe and ComptonDeep pothole - caused pannier bags to fall off bicycle when unwittingly steer into it when dazzled by oncoming full beam lights.Reported
39929 Jan 2007BromleyHigh StreetManhole cover dropped and tarmac disintegrating around edges. Gravel and other debris being spread along roadFixed
39829 Jan 2007HounslowChiswick High Road2 x Potholes, which have now become one large one.Fixed
39429 Jan 2007EalingHorn LaneThis is the daddy of all potholes, huge deep pothole. If you didn't see it and cycled into it, you'd be picking yourself off of the road!Reported
39329 Jan 2007Bath and North East SomersetBroad QuayTarmac on join from bridge to road has eroded, leaving exposed metal which is slippery when wet. Other tarmac in vicinity of join is also eroded / pittedFixed
39229 Jan 2007KentSPINNEY LANEDeep PotholesFixed
39029 Jan 2007HertfordshireGreat North roadBad hole caused by subsidence after trench has been filled, hole is nearest the junction but poor road surface cintinues south for some way. Has been there for some time.Reported
38929 Jan 2007BlackburnByrom Streettarmac worn away exposing cobbles underneathReported
38829 Jan 2007LeedsStanningley RoadEvery couple of month the inadequate work to fill 2 potholes created when work took place to raise the Curb Height means that 2 huge potholes reappear. These remain for a couple of weeks when they ar…Reported
38729 Jan 2007Clackmannanshiresaline to forest milldeep, steep edges potholeFixed
38629 Jan 2007West BerkshireHangman's Stone LaneMultiple pot holes and poor road surfaceFixed
38529 Jan 2007CalderdaleMoselden LaneLarge pothole across whole road width.Reported
38429 Jan 2007WarwickshirePackwood LanePotholeFixed
38329 Jan 2007WiltshireCastle StreetThere are several potholes as you go into town, they are directly in the riding line for the corner and to avoid them you have to pull out wider into the path of following traffic. As you continue al…Reported
38229 Jan 2007SurreyA31 Farnham roadVery dangerous to cyclists coming off the roundabout as it is easy to fall off into oncoming trafficFixed
38129 Jan 2007LeedsVesper RaodSeveral large pot holesReported
38029 Jan 2007Milton KeynesMarsh End RoadPothole directly where cyclist are turning into Marsh End drive off the Mini-roundaboutFixed
37929 Jan 2007CambridgeshirePemberton TerraceFollowing roadworks the hole that has been filled in has been done so incredibly badly. The "repair" is about an inch lower than the rest of the road surface.Reported
37829 Jan 2007CambridgeshireWestlands4 - 5 shallow potholes. These are growing by the day.Reported
37729 Jan 2007CambridgeshireSidney StSubsidence at intervals (drainage lines?) across road.Reported
37629 Jan 2007EssexChurch RoadRoad sinking into dipFixed
37529 Jan 2007CambridgeshireIncomplete trench works. Path partially blocked by barricade.Reported
37429 Jan 2007CambridgeshireShort StSubsidence and damage to paving stones.Reported
37329 Jan 2007CambridgeshireThree deep potholes - very hazardous for cyclists. The repairs to previously identified potholes are beginning to deteriorate.Fixed
37129 Jan 2007Richmond upon ThamesHampton court roadDeep hole with sharp far edge - caused three in our group of cyclists almost to crash - two rotated their handlebars down due to the harshness of the impactReported
37029 Jan 2007SouthwarkMaltby Streetvery uneven and holey tarmac on the junction entrance to Maltby Street from Abbey StreetFixed
36829 Jan 2007CambridgeshireElizabeth WayPaving slabs are broken resulting in bumpy surface for cyclists & pedestrians. Particuarly dangerous at night due to poor lighting.Reported
36729 Jan 2007WorcestershireDroitwich RoadJust out from the kirb carcked tarmac has erroded into a wide pothole. It has really sharp sides and is too brutal to dire over.Fixed
36629 Jan 2007Surreymanor Roadpothole close to the kerbFixed
36529 Jan 2007CoventrySir Henry Parkes RoadPothole hard to avoid for motorists due to busy roadFixed
36429 Jan 2007SuffolkBarrells RoadRoad is a mass of pot holesFixed
36329 Jan 2007Suttonlondon RoadGash in road where the tar has not taken in the holeFixed
36229 Jan 2007SurreyThere is an awful lot of tree litter e.g. broken branches etc. in the cycle lane along this stretch of road.Fixed
36029 Jan 2007CambridgeshireShort St / Emmanuel RdPost segregating cycle bypass has been knocked over at an angle so that it points into cycle lane at an angleFixed
35929 Jan 2007SurreyWalnut Tree Closedangerous pothole, close to kerbFixed
35829 Jan 2007ManchesterLower Mosley StreetRaised tarmac either side of each of the tram lines.Reported
35729 Jan 2007BradfordPrimrose Lane, Bingley, West YorkshireThere is a pothole right in front of the manhole cover this means the front edge of the manhole cover is exposed.Fixed
35629 Jan 2007LambethStreatham High RoadNear each drain on the southbound side there is considerable subsidence, from uncomfortably uneven to extremely dangerous potholes - the worst being right at the Greyhound Lane lights, where a pothol…Fixed
35529 Jan 2007SuffolkA1152 Wilford Bridge RoadPothole has formed around two sides of manholeFixed
35429 Jan 2007WirralBirkenhead RoadDeep pothole near kerbFixed
35329 Jan 2007Cheshire EastA523Deep (and growing) pothole which is now large enough to cause significant damage to a bike hitting it and possibly unseat the rider.Fixed
35229 Jan 2007CambridgeshireShort StreetDangerous trough left by missing inset kerb & uneven surface due to damage to paved brick area across the road. Potentially damaging to cycle wheel rims.Reported
35129 Jan 2007EssexCedar Hall GardensSurface tarmac breaking up leaving large holes that are dangerous to cyclists and motorcyclists, particularly when turning right from Cedar Park Close into Cedar Hall GardensFixed

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