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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1604658 Dec 2018WarwickshireOffchurch Road CubbingtonPothole near rain gullyReported
1604648 Dec 2018North SomersetAlmost underneath the speed camera sign as you head towards the hospital roundabout.Reported
1604638 Dec 2018N/ABackfill of a trench is rapidly breaking up, scattering loose gravel s everywhere.New
1604628 Dec 2018WarwickshireLeamington Road near Long Itchingtonreported before but still not sprayed for fixed dangerous road surfaceReported
1604618 Dec 2018WarwickshireShuckburgh RoadDangerous cracks along section of road, sprayed weeks ago still not fixed. Very dangerous to road cyclists has wheels could jam in huge cracksReported
1604608 Dec 2018Transport for LondonVauxhall BridgeDeep, sharp sided potholeReported
1604598 Dec 2018Pothole in top wearing coat getting worse. New
1604588 Dec 2018West SussexHuge hole very dangerousReported
1604578 Dec 2018West SussexCrumbling road\nReported
1604568 Dec 2018PooleRoad floods from gulley drain making it hazardous. In progress
1604558 Dec 2018WarwickshireDeep hole hazardous to cyclists Reported
1604548 Dec 2018PooleTwo uneven manholesReported
1604538 Dec 2018PooleHole in centre of roadReported
1604528 Dec 2018West SussexPothole developed in badly repair gully trenchReported
1604518 Dec 2018 potholeFixed
1604508 Dec 2018Cheshire West and ChesterOn roundabout heading towards a41 at Dale Barracks, half of drain cover on left hand side of road is missing. V dangerous for cyclists. Reported
1604497 Dec 2018StaffordshireCorporation StreetPothole(s) + uneven surface + debris on road & path. Massive pothole(s) on Corporation Street in Stafford. ST163AG/ST163LT. Danger to drivers. Highly hazardous to cyclists. Makes walking on adjacen…Reported
1604487 Dec 2018East Riding of YorkshireSeavy RoadDeep and wide pothole outside Goole Council Depot. Next to bollards. Hard to avoid as it's close to them and big cars may struggle.Reported
1604477 Dec 2018Devonlarge hole in previous repairReported
1604467 Dec 2018Devonjust after the bridleway signReported
1604457 Dec 2018WarwickshireA426 driving from A5 towards RugbyLarge hole in A426 - big enough to trap a carReported
1604447 Dec 2018GloucestershireBath RoadCollapsing substructure (probably mains drainage), yielding in breaking up of the surface tarmac and previous repair. It has been deteriorating for a number of weeks. It looks as if it will actu…Reported
1604437 Dec 2018EssexLarge pothole deteriorating rapidly as you can't avoid it due to parked cars next to it.Reported
1604427 Dec 2018BarnetDeep Pothole beat Zebra crossingReported
1604417 Dec 2018Bath and North East Somersetmultiple pot holes broken surfacrReported
1604407 Dec 2018BarnetGrowing ramp/dip in road - I swerve every time I hit it on my bikeReported
1604397 Dec 2018Bath and North East Somersetlarge round deep pothole. Reported
1604387 Dec 2018IslingtonRepair around drain hole coming away, lots of loose gravel and gulley forming. Reported
1604377 Dec 2018Hackney1 deep pothole and several smaller holes on road underneath bridge so not easily visible. Reported
1604367 Dec 2018HackneySeveral small potholes now merging together to form a larger hole, right in the middle of the junction. Reported
1604357 Dec 2018CumbriaPothole getting progressively bigger, previously reported a couple of weeks agoReported
1604347 Dec 2018StaffordshireCorporation StreetA number of very deep potholes that are unavoidable/dangerous to avoid (four are very close to speed bumps)Reported
1604337 Dec 2018SomersetUrgent. The road surface, probably a patch, is breaking up on the corner at the bottyof the hill below the windmill. There are large pieces of tarmac in the road. This is dangerous as may be thrown u…Reported
1604327 Dec 2018Severe damage will be caused to a car wheel if an unsuspecting driver hits this which could easily happen at night or in poor light. Please repair as soon as possible.New
1604317 Dec 2018Transport for LondonA100 Minories junctionMultiple potholes, unevenness etc. after surface poorly restored after roadworksReported
1604307 Dec 2018BirminghamBroad StreetThere is a steep sided pothole in the outside lane on the inbound carriageway.Reported
1604297 Dec 2018CarmarthenshireHuge pothole likely to damage vehicles especially now as water filled and not visible. Whole section of road is damaged. Reported
1604287 Dec 2018CarmarthenshireHuge pothole likely to damage vehicles especially now as water filled and not visible. Whole section of road is damaged. Reported
1604277 Dec 2018LincolnshireVery dangerous step in pathway.\nI reported this in Nov 2016 now two years later! I’ve heard of at least 3 people trip and or falling on this, last night a man tripped on it and was very badly hurt…Reported
1604267 Dec 2018ReadingTactile paving on south side of Fobney Street junction has erupted. Potential trip hazard for somebody. Reported
1604256 Dec 2018SunderlandBlind Lane,Houghton le Spring,Tyne and WearNear side of highway tarmac has eroded leaving a section sunkenReported
1604246 Dec 2018SunderlandBlind Lane,Houghton le Spring,Tyne and WearWhole roadway is littered with very deep pot holesReported
1604236 Dec 2018Very DANGEROUS cavity/holes road surface is completely breaking up. REQUIRES URGENT REPAIRS New
1604226 Dec 2018Highways EnglandA3Series of repeatedly repaired potholes on northbound A3 inside lane that have degraded once againReported
1604216 Dec 2018Hertfordshirea deep pothole has reopened which is unavoidable. Reported
1604206 Dec 2018LancashirePrescot RoadSeveral holes near each other due to surface crumbling around old roadworksReported
1604196 Dec 2018LancashirePrescot RoadSunken drainReported
1604186 Dec 2018LancashireBold LaneMultiple potholes all along Bold Lane between Sandy Lane and the shops, on both sides of the roadReported
1604176 Dec 2018LancashireRosehill DriveTwo potholes next to each other requiring cyclists and cars to move 2-3 foot away from the kerb to avoidReported
1604166 Dec 2018SurreyB376Long linear section of broken up tarmac from previous repairs. Very rutted and dangerous to ride onReported

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