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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
148974 Sep 2008Kingston-upon-ThamesYork RoadDeep pothole on a bend in middle of roadFixed
1609719 Dec 2008NorthamptonshireYork RoadThe entire bottom half of York Road is full of sunken holes, where the repairs have been shoddy.Reported
183848 Mar 2009OxfordshireYork Roaddangerous pothole for pedestrians and cyclists caused by lack of maintenanceFixed
183868 Mar 2009OxfordshireYork Roadseries of potholes and fractures to road surfaceFixed
183878 Mar 2009OxfordshireYork Roadroad surface is subsiding around east side of central manholeFixed
2181314 Jul 2009Kirkleesyork roadall along york road from Batley field Hill to Grosvenor Road. The whole of the road surface is rough and pitted making cycling along it very difficult. It is also very uncomfortable driving a car o…Reported
2325822 Oct 2009Transport for LondonYork Roadlarge and dangerous pothole in bus laneReported
2474712 Jan 2010Hartlepoolyork roadpotholeFixed
2534619 Jan 2010North YorkshireYork Roadhuge pothole ( one of many on this stretch of road !!!!!)Fixed
309771 Mar 2010Transport for LondonYork Roadsunken manholeFixed
3249615 Mar 2010CamdenYork RoadWhere York Way and meets King's Cross there is a massive pothole and uneven road surface that is extremely dangerous.Reported
3479014 Apr 2010IslingtonYork RoadMassive, dangerous potholes in the area around King's Cross station on York Road. In multiple places the road is pitted with potholes, and is exceptionally hazardous to cycle on.Fixed
3939214 Sep 2010Leedsyork roadvery uneven surface over a large areaReported
3939514 Sep 2010Leedsyork roadthe road surface is very uneven and erodedReported
4042728 Oct 2010Leedsyork roadvery uneven and eroded road and pavement surface with unclear road markingsReported
4250211 Jan 2011YorkYork RoadSeries of potholes along the length previous roadworks that ran across the road.Fixed
4346018 Jan 2011Transport for LondonYork RoadThere are a large number of potholes along York Road between Waterloo & Westminster Bridges. Both sides of the road are bad, but the south side of the road (from Waterloo Bridge to Westminster Bridg…Reported
4448324 Jan 2011KentYork RoadTwo deep portholesReported
462316 Feb 2011EnfieldYork RoadExtensive pothole at Natal Road intersection with York Road in Enfield.Fixed
508869 Mar 2011BirminghamYork RoadMissing paver stones makes for an uneven surface here.Reported
5518717 Apr 2011LeedsYork RoadpotholesReported
5658512 May 2011Transport for Londonyork roadLarge pothole in the middle of the road. very dangerous, as you are indicating at that point.Reported
6144120 Nov 2011Leedsyork roadsunken and eroded drain cover and eroded road surface and cycle pathReported
675227 May 2012YorkYork RoadTwo pot holes which aren't easy to spot on 60 mile an hour road.Fixed
6782913 May 2012North YorkshireYork RoadLack of drainage on road - grips need to be recut: road floods when it rainsReported
6822021 May 2012Kingston-upon-Hullyork roadthe whole of York road neeneeds resurfacingReported
6888713 Jun 2012BarnetYork roadVery deep pothole developed alongside a drain. A cycle wheel would get stuck right down in it.Reported
7256213 Nov 2012EnfieldYork RoadRoad potholesReported
747312 Jan 2013YorkYork ROADPotholes on apex of sharp bend with junctionFixed
7754130 Jan 2013YorkYork RoadLarge pothole on York Road going out of DunningtonFixed
875764 Jun 2013SurreyYork RoadLarge pothole approx 1 foot from kerb approaching Foxenden RoadReported
9081712 Oct 2013Transport for LondonYork roadPoor repair to leakage ? water mains cover on York Road at junction with Plough Road and York Place. This has been leaking for many weeks I reported it and it was "repaired" a couple of weeks ago. No…Fixed
9086014 Oct 2013Transport for LondonYork RoadLarge pothole as tarmac around water mains covers has disintegrated, leaving a deep, clumbling hole with two protruding metal shafts. Located in the middle of the cycle superhighway 8.Reported
10545116 Jun 2014PooleYork RoadTriangular inspection cover. Raised sharp edges with degrading surrounding tarmac. This inspection cover is wearing smooth (slippery/dangerous when wet) and is sunken. Embossed on the cover is writte…Fixed
10545416 Jun 2014PooleYork RoadTriangular raised inspection cover. Very proud of degraded road surface. It has become smoothed from the years so is dangerous when wet. It does damage vehicle suspension, tyres and shock absorbers w…Fixed
10954923 Dec 2014LeedsYork RoadBig cover has sunk into the road - cars will damage the suspension after a while.Fixed
10956224 Dec 2014YorkYork roadPothole in road which is unlit and the hole is just where bikes ride making it very dangerous. It has been like this for over two weeksReported
11798329 Jul 2015East Riding of YorkshireYork RoadPothole - Drivers side wheels hit the pothole.Reported
12960815 May 2016LincolnshireYork roadHas been there for over 2 monthsReported
13304523 Oct 2016Yorkyork roadFollowing the installation of a new water main to two new houses around 4 months ago, a large pothole has opened up in the tarmac that was re-laid to cover the trench across the road. This is now cau…Reported
1376096 Mar 2017BridgendYork roadsizeable pothole in road, at bridgend ind. est.Reported
14445510 Dec 2017PooleYork RoadRaised and rocking kerbstone. Very dangerous.Fixed
1493767 Mar 2018YorkYork RoadDeep potholeFixed
15030515 Mar 2018SuttonYork RoadThere is a large pothole on the junction of York Road and Worcester Road. It is approximately 30cm square and about an inch deep.Reported
15176128 Mar 2018LancashireYork roadAll along this road the potholes are deep and dangerous, and almost impossible to avoidReported
15182629 Mar 2018YorkYork RoadDisintegrating potholes on apex of exit from roundaboutFixed
16463828 Mar 2019YorkYork roadYork road from the half moon pub down to the six bells pub is rutted, multiple potholes, uneven and a real hazard. The road is dangerous and very difficult to negotiate on a bike. I have had three pu…Reported
1132734 Mar 2015Transport for LondonYork Rd, WandsworthSeveral potholes and flooding on York Rd towards Wandsworth Town roundabout. Quite deep and in the CS8 cycle superhighway cycle lane. Flooding means cyclists are unable to see them and they are causi…Reported
502474 Mar 2011Redcar and Clevelandyork rd nunthorpe ts70euvarious potholes between Byland and Selby roadsFixed
5468111 Apr 2011LeedsYork Rd B1224Significant pothole on East side of B1224, around 1/4 mile from the Wetherby roundabout before Spring Lane. This pothole is significant and I have witnessed people swerving violently to avoid, this …Reported
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