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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16051510 Dec 2018LeicestershireEdge of road is collapsing due to heavy goods vehicles using the junction and the road not being wide enough.Reported
16051410 Dec 2018SolihullDeep pothole in location used by cyclists Reported
16051310 Dec 2018SolihullDeep pothole at edge of previous repair patch.Reported
16051210 Dec 2018GloucestershirePothole in middle of road.Reported
16051110 Dec 2018HampshireDeep pothole Reported
16051010 Dec 2018Luton2 pot holes at junctionReported
16050910 Dec 2018footpathmany significant potholes, exposed wire & raised ironwork. footpath dug up by new housingNew
16050810 Dec 2018NorthamptonshirePothole and breaking road surface. Dangerous for cyclists. Reported
16050710 Dec 2018Richmond upon ThamesMassive hazardReported
16050610 Dec 2018GloucestershireLong pothole by kerbReported
16050510 Dec 2018GloucestershireLots of small holes in road for this section.Reported
16050410 Dec 2018GloucestershirePothole outside number 81.Reported
16050310 Dec 2018GloucestershirePothole by kerb outside number 79Reported
16050210 Dec 2018GloucestershirePothole in middle of roadReported
16050110 Dec 2018GloucestershirePotholeReported
16050010 Dec 2018GloucestershireBetween number 73 and 75 Whaddon Ave.Reported
16049910 Dec 2018North YorkshireB6265Large potholeReported
16049810 Dec 2018HampshireReopening of previously filled pothole. 2-3 inches deep and 18 inches across Reported
16049710 Dec 2018South GloucestershirePothole 18\" x 12\" x 5\" in cycling line Reported
16049610 Dec 2018ManchesterLarge hole in middle of road Reported
1604959 Dec 2018WiltshirePorton Road, AmesburyPotholeReported
1604949 Dec 2018BuckinghamshireParsonage LaneA large and deep pothole about 1m from the kerb opposite the entrance to the property 'The Lodge' , size approximately 40x30cm by 15cm deepReported
1604939 Dec 2018Lancashirehuge pot hole washed out by rain ***DANGEROUS***Reported
1604929 Dec 2018Windsor and MaidenheadBolton RoadA irregular section of road that has gradually got worse over the last few months. Last week on a rainy and dark evening I was nearly thrown off my bike into the path of an oncoming car.Reported
1604919 Dec 2018Windsor and MaidenheadCorner of Winkfield and Imperial RoadsSeveral deep potholes as the road turns into Imperial RoadReported
1604909 Dec 2018Holmisdale RoadLarge potholes both sides of the road, now impossible to avoidNew
1604899 Dec 2018Cardross roadDeep potholeNew
1604889 Dec 2018Cardross roadDeep potholeNew
1604879 Dec 2018HampshireTop surface of road has worn off over large surface area in 2 holesReported
1604869 Dec 2018SurreyVery big pothole!! Danger to cyclists and motorcyclists.Reported
1604859 Dec 2018DevonA386deep, sharp sided pothole right in the line a cyclist would take. Good possibility to cause a fall for a cyclist or damage to a car wheelReported
1604849 Dec 2018Kent\nRoad breaking up due to weather Reported
1604839 Dec 2018KentLarge deep pothole extremely dangerous to bikes and carsReported
1604829 Dec 2018SuffolkPotholes both sides of the road. Reported
1604819 Dec 2018Hampshirecollapsed drain Reported
1604809 Dec 2018Cheshire EastPothole and ruts about the middle of the road at junction with Grimshaw lane bollingtonReported
1604799 Dec 2018WiganA580, East lancs,Possibly a pothole, possibly subsidence by a drainFixed
1604789 Dec 2018CardiffPothole arising from badly repaired pothole. There are 3 within 2squ meters all have been repaired badly at least 3 times this year. Very dangerous!!Reported
1604779 Dec 2018WestminsterCarey Street into Portugal StreetMassive, man made square hole at least 4 inches deep on the corner of Carey street behind Fleet Street london. Just blew out 2x car tyres of mine.Reported
1604769 Dec 2018NewhamSeveral potholes at this locations,Have been reported previously but not fixed.Reported
1604759 Dec 2018WestminsterVery deep pothole at this location.Reported
1604749 Dec 2018Cheshire EastA34Seriously pot holed and degraded road surface. Hazard extends over many metres and needs urgent attention. Not acceptable for an A-class trunk road.Reported
1604739 Dec 2018Cheshire EastA537 Chelford RoadFlooding on A-class major road. This is a repetitive problem after periods of heavy rain. Please fix the drainage properly. This causes a serious hazardReported
1604729 Dec 2018Cheshire EastA537 Chelford RoadFlooding - dangerous deep puddling on an A-class major roadReported
1604719 Dec 2018CumbriaPothole from previous repairs failing and heavy traffic eg farm vehicles and motor coachesReported
1604709 Dec 2018CambridgeshirePothole Reported
1604699 Dec 2018CambridgeshirePothole Reported
1604689 Dec 2018CambridgeshirePotholeReported
1604678 Dec 2018GloucestershireMany potholes ruts and road surface broken up, been like this for an unacceptable amount of time.Reported
1604668 Dec 2018YorkDangerously large pothole, requires urgent remedyReported

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