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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
1332297 Nov 2016CalderdaleMoselden LaneNumerous potholes, some very deep, uneven road surface, with areas of missing tarmac, poor previous reinstatementsReported
1148013 Apr 2015LiverpoolEdge Lane Drivenumerous potholes, some which have only just been repaired have obviously not been done very well - one particularly large oneReported
2576021 Jan 2010EssexMount RoadNumerous potholes, spreading across mount road making avoidance difficultReported
339733 Apr 2010HampshireThe AvenueNumerous potholes, stopped counting at 5Reported
11272824 Feb 2015East DunbartonshireDrymen road A809Numerous potholes, sunken area of roadReported
544168 Apr 2011SurreyA30 London Road. Egham HillNumerous potholes, sunken drain cover, sunken inspection covers. Many of which are in recently laid surface following utility works. Both carriageways.Reported
10097417 Mar 2014BuryBolton Road WestNumerous potholes, sunken drain covers and ruts and gullies.Reported
4491927 Jan 2011HertfordshireWhitehill roadNumerous potholes, sunken drains, uneven road covered in debrisReported
6454426 Feb 2012SurreyA3100 Portsmouth Rd.Numerous potholes, sunken inspection covers and drains, missing cats eyes.Reported
2254531 Aug 2009OxfordshireB4044Numerous potholes, sunken manhole covers with holes along side them, unevenness due to (?) poor restorationFixed
1000877 Mar 2014Transport for LondonA3036Numerous potholes, sunken manholes and drains and patches of serious uneveness of varying size (from small to large enough to puncture both wheels of my bike yesterday and leave a sizable dent in the…Reported
635514 May 2007Kentwormdale hillNumerous potholes, the largest one on the brow but there are many.Fixed
1356762 Feb 2017ShropshireUnnamed road off to Neen Sollars from maind Tenbury to Cleobury road.Numerous potholes, too many to list.Reported
1251553 Mar 2016SurreyA244 Oxshott RoadNumerous potholes, uneven surface ruts and gulleys as well as surface break up. This forces cyclists to ride in primary position (i.e. Middle of the lane) on a 40mph stretch of road.Reported
8643510 May 2013Cheshire EastWestage Lane, Aston by Budworth, CheshireNumerous potholes, uneven surface ruts due to previous poor repairs and gullies at edge of road surfaceReported
11460629 Mar 2015North LincolnshireEast Hann LaneNumerous potholes, uneven surface! DangerousReported
13664816 Feb 2017East AyrshireAyr RoadNumerous potholes, uneven surface, raised manholes, poorly restored after roadworks - it's all here!Reported
12880725 Apr 2016WorcestershireGrafton LaneNumerous potholes, uneven surface, subsidence making road unfit for purposeReported
14082622 May 2017CumbriaNumerous potholes, uneven surfaces and loose gravel on a tight junction that many cyclists useReported
5658212 May 2011KirkleesBradley Road.numerous potholes, uneveness due to bad repairs, lots of loose chippings along this road in the cycle lane on both sides of trhe road. However, the top bit of this road (between the business park an…In progress
573249 Jun 2011WiltshireFossewayNumerous potholes, uneveness, surface breaking upReported
2621921 Jan 2010YorkLongwood RoadNumerous potholes, unevenness and debris on the road surface as a result of the surface itself breaking up. Patching carried out last year is now surrounded by new holes and surface damage. This road…Fixed
287458 Feb 2010HarrowPinner ViewNumerous potholes, unevenness due to rut or gully, surface poorly restored after roadworks and debris on road surface.Reported
461415 Feb 2011GlasgowAlbert driveNumerous potholes, unneven-ness, ruts and poor surface, road has been dreadful for years, is now even worse. Hard to avoid in a car without wild swerving. Other roads in area are also bad.Reported
4531929 Jan 2011LeedsBatter LaneNumerous potholes, very degraded road surface for a stretch of approximately 100mReported
2962318 Feb 2010Leedsmeanwood roadnumerous potholes, very poor road surface, ridges in road, sunken manhole covers, dangerous for cyclistsReported
860525 Sep 2007IslingtonHighbury New ParkNumerous potholes, whole length of Highbury New ParkFixed
315725 Mar 2010HertfordshireHawkshead RoadNumerous potholes, worn out road, and unevenness on a downhill section of road that poses a serious danger to the many cyclists using the road on the way to the vet college.Reported
4410221 Jan 2011Brighton and HoveDavey Drive, Brighton, East SussexNumerous potholes, worn road surface and general unevenness. Very dangerous to cyclists. Motorists swerve to avoid potholes.Reported
4938027 Feb 2011KentNew Rdnumerous potholes,rutsReported
511329 Mar 2007LiverpoolHorrocks Avenue.Numerous potholes,ruts and badly patched surface.Fixed
4938227 Feb 2011Kentunamed rdnumerous potholes,ruts,gulliesReported
4938427 Feb 2011KentBayley's Hillnumerous potholes,ruts,gulliesReported
4938527 Feb 2011KentRycroft Lane/unnamed rd to wheatsheaf hillnumerous potholes,ruts,gulliesRejected
211974 Jun 2009Tamesidependle road denton manchesternumerous potholes,sunken grid. missing curbstone.Fixed
624893 Jan 2012SheffieldHighcliffe Drive, SheffieldNumerous potholes.In progress
8278820 Mar 2013DurhamNumerous potholes. Rejected
1051577 Jun 2014CumbriaRoad unamedNumerous potholes.Rejected
11382712 Mar 2015OxfordshireChapel LaneNumerous potholes.Reported
1391932 Apr 2017Earl streetNumerous potholes.New
315134 Mar 2010EssexMount Road, WickfordNumerous potholes. Plus, the two halves of the road have 'shrunk' creating a dangerous rut down the centre of the road, some 100 yards longReported
8700421 May 2013OxfordshireLittle Faringdon LaneNumerous potholes. Some marked in orange, others in yellow and green while yet others are unmarked. Not sure if the pothole markings are 'real' given the odd colours used to mark the holes.Fixed
9581728 Jan 2014HertfordshireHawkshead laneNumerous potholes. Huge danger to road users. Came off motorbike coming down the hill costing over £500 in repairs to rear shock and tire.Reported
648465 Mar 2012Argyll and ButeA82Numerous potholes. Like driving a mountain track it really is ridiculousReported
360767 May 2010CoventryPostbridge RdNumerous potholes. More potholes than road! Debris from craters everywhere on street pose serious danger to traffic and public. Scandalous.Fixed
360777 May 2010CoventryPostbridge RdNumerous potholes. More potholes than road! Debris from craters everywhere on street pose serious danger to traffic and public. Scandalous.Fixed
360787 May 2010CoventryPostbridge RdNumerous potholes. More potholes than road! Debris from craters everywhere on street pose serious danger to traffic and public. Scandalous.Fixed
360807 May 2010CoventryBaginton RoadNumerous potholes. More potholes than road! Debris from craters everywhere on street pose serious danger to traffic and public. Scandalous.Reported
673904 May 2012Telford and WrekinMafeking RoadNumerous potholes. One in particular well over 60mm depth.Rejected
6428120 Feb 2012SurreyB2126 Ockley Rd/Lake RdNumerous potholes. over 20ft in length and in excess of 50mm deep. Very unsafe on a corner. Cars moving into on coming traffic to avoid this. Top of road surface has completely gone and is growing.Reported

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