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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
9517421 Jan 2014Bath and North East SomersetBath RoadOne or two potholes at edge of carriagewayFixed
165313 Feb 2007Dorsetone particularly large and deep pothole and 2 more nearby - very much a hazard to all road usersReported
11218816 Feb 2015NorthamptonshireMain Road DustonOne particularly large pothole and many areas of uneven surface, ruts and potholes as well as raised/sunken drains. Be particular wary at night or cycle well away from the kerb.Reported
11575427 Apr 2015North YorkshireRossett DriveONe particularly large pothole and some smaller ones on Rossett DriveReported
4424222 Jan 2011Tower HamletsSturry StreetOne piece of rubber speed cushion has broken away, leaving bare metal fixing projecting upwards. At the time of repoting, the rubber piece is still in the road, so it could be fixed back in place, r…Fixed
13523524 Jan 2017DerbyshireOne pot hole centre of road outside number 2 one. One side of road outside number 4 pothole/ sunken road.Reported
3947319 Sep 2010HertfordshireSt. Albans RoadOne pot hole forming on a drain and another in middle of road right by this pot hole making it almost impossible to avoid hitting one of the pot holes. You cannot see the one in the middle of road. N…Reported
11053022 Jan 2015Cheshire EastA54One pot hole just before railway bridge travelling from Congleton to Holmes ChapelReported
4292514 Jan 2011BirminghamHighbridge RoadOne pothold after another for 100 metres plusReported
2995121 Feb 2010North Tynesidemonkseaton roadone potholeFixed
10621416 Jul 2014LincolnshireB1399One potholeReported
9265217 Dec 2013AberdeenshireKirkton Park, Chapel of Garioch, Inverurie, AberdeenshireOne pothole - with mutliple sites of general top dressing degredationFixed
1274554 Apr 2016CornwallTredarvah Road, PenzanceOne pothole and a second one starting to formReported
11029118 Jan 2015Essexone pothole and another forming on cycling line on popular routeFixed
10100417 Mar 2014HampshireOne pothole and road condition breaking away 3 meters awayReported
13199017 Aug 2016BuckinghamshireEgypt LaneOne pothole and two sunken manholes/stopcock covers.Reported
1022385 Apr 2014NorthumberlandDarras RoadOne pothole around man hole cover and one pothole around drain cover.Fixed
757398 Jan 2013HampshireGordon Road and Highfield RoadOne pothole at T junction and one nearbyReported
12662423 Mar 2016IslingtonOne pothole by junction and one 10 metres backFixed
842710 Sep 2007LeicestershireAylestone LaneOne pothole follwoed immediately by one sunken drain causing me to swerve on a very busy roadReported
9530822 Jan 2014WokinghamWoodland avenueOne pothole has already been fixed but this is coming out. Another 2 holes are appearing in the road around the original hole which was reported last time tooIn progress
9434012 Jan 2014HampshireOne pothole has become 2 Reported
340775 Apr 2010WokinghamBloomfield Hatch LaneOne pothole in carriageway and part of edge of road has broken away by about 2 feet into road causing a major hazard to cyclists. this second one has had a half-hearted attenpt to dump some tarmac i…Fixed
342897 Apr 2010HaringeyNapier Road, Tottenham N17One pothole in northbound carriageway, another about 10 metres south of it in centre of he road junctionFixed
4096516 Nov 2010BirminghamWestbourne RdOne pothole is next to a drain and more potholes are present by themselvesReported
1234178 Feb 2016HighlandOne pothole is now several Reported
4887523 Feb 2011HertfordshireWalkern RoadOne pothole next to speed bump and two on top of the next speed bump. Potholes neat to or on speed bumps are a real hazard to cyclists. Also cause car drivers to swerve.Reported
9101218 Oct 2013WiltshireA350One pothole on north bound carriageway, 1m from edge and a series of holes on the edge of road a little further northReported
10082014 Mar 2014WandsworthQueenstown RoadOne pothole on the road.Fixed
89901 Nov 2007BedfordshireCornlandone pothole opposite no. 58. Several more between no's 1 and 33. Road poorly restored after gas main laying from no. 58 to Queens Drive.Reported
2989521 Feb 2010Kenthartlake roadone pothole previously reported is now 3 very deep dangerous potholesReported
8317024 Mar 2013GloucestershireButter row hillOne pothole southboundIn progress
2725326 Jan 2010NorthumberlandNot knownOne pothole, sharp-edgedFixed
12615215 Mar 2016Central BedfordshireOne pretty deep pot hole and a few not as bad ones along that road.Fixed
1060198 Jul 2014ManchesterLongford RoadOne proper pothole and a long stretch of apallingly broken, rutted and cracked tarmac. To cycle safely, you are forced out to the middle of the lane. A lot of children cycle to school along this road.Reported
314984 Mar 2010NorthumberlandA197One rectangular pothole, very sharp-edged and deepFixed
11568125 Apr 2015Hampshireone round hole in road, and a long patch where the road surface has disappeared next to the vergeReported
11999711 Nov 2015SuffolkA1152/B1083/Orford Road roundaboutOne roundabout just before exiting to go in the Melton directionFixed
11105828 Jan 2015OxfordshireOne sharp frost and the rest of the Tarmac will fade away like your Dad's best jeans... \n\nAnd this is a \"good\" bit of the lane...Reported
3042725 Feb 2010NorthumberlandB6343One sharp-edged pothole, approx circular.Fixed
35487 Mar 2007GreenwichTrafalgar RoadOne side of a square area left after roadworks has sunk, with a paricularly sharp edge parallel with the kerbFixed
52713 Apr 2007East Sussexfalmer roadOne side of drain has very deep pot hole. Especially nasty on this narrow road where cyclists are often forced to use the gutter. Many drains on this road are uneven.Reported
8176212 Mar 2013CornwallOne side of road to the other, crack in road causing water to come up through the crack, water is freezing over to I've causing traffic accidents on a hairpin bend. Reported
2311411 Oct 2009Bridgendone side of road unuesable due to broken concrete surface and botched repairFixed
7037231 Jul 2012NorthumberlandOne side of the bridge has fallen into the river. Rejected
2648122 Jan 2010BarnetFirs AveOne side of the man hole is collapsed and has made the road surface very uneven - as this is a side road and there are normally room only for one vehicle (other side is usually taken with parked cars…Reported
4933926 Feb 2011Camdenwoburn streetone side of the manhole cover has sunk and it is very dangerous!!Fixed
11249321 Feb 2015OxfordshireOne side of the path has subsided, leaving a crevice approximately 2-3 inches wide, and about 6 inches deep (with one side significantly raised above the other) running along the middle of the cycle …Reported
7094929 Aug 2012Cheshire EastAdlington Roadone side of the road completely submerged in water - blocked grid ?Reported
11074526 Jan 2015LeicesterKingsway RoadOne small deep pothole towards. The centr of the road and a group of smaller to the left nearer the gutterReported

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