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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
95981 Jan 2008SouthamptonThreefield laneNumerous potholes throughout junction regionReported
361399 May 2010MidlothianWallace Crescentnumerous potholes throughout stretch of roadReported
6445824 Feb 2012RenfrewshireB790 Houston Roadnumerous potholes under both wheel tracks of both sides of the road at this locationReported
183818 Mar 2009WiltshireFord LaneNumerous potholes up to 18ins in diameter.Fixed
415413 Mar 2007DevonDenbury Road just prior to Metley CrossNumerous potholes up to 6 inches deep on hill ascending to Metley CrossFixed
338151 Apr 2010HounslowFlyover across Hogarth roundaboutNumerous potholes varying in size and depthReported
318137 Mar 2010KentSterling Ave and Ash GroveNumerous potholes varying in size from 15cm to 35cm in diameter and up to 5cm deep in Sterling Ave and Ash Grove, Allington.Reported
2586821 Jan 2010SurreyMoorfield RoadNumerous potholes varying in size/depth from the mearly bone-jarring to the potentially wheel damaging.Fixed
8592130 Apr 2013DundeeNumerous potholes very bad from lights right down Reported
4381920 Jan 2011RenfrewshireA726Numerous potholes very close together turning my bike ride into a slalom course. Having looked at the faults map I realise these have been reported many months ago, either nothing was done about them…Reported
1812027 Feb 2009KentCastle DriveNumerous potholes were tarmac is breaking up on onderlying concrete slab jointsReported
1812127 Feb 2009KentNightingale Road.Numerous potholes were tarmac is breaking up on onderlying concrete slab jointsReported
10097717 Mar 2014LincolnshireNumerous potholes west side of Kelstern Crossroads, on both lanesReported
843098 Apr 2013CardiffHeathwood RdNumerous potholes when turning right into Maes-Y-Coed Rd from Heathwood Rd Railway bridgesReported
8048624 Feb 2013OxfordshireB4477Numerous potholes where road is crumbling at junction.Rejected
5685323 May 2011OxfordshireBradstocks WayNumerous potholes where the road surface has broken up. Cycling along here is a slalom course. Road is on a bus route which is exacerbating the problem as the holes get bigger and deeper.Reported
1291474 May 2016BuryNumerous potholes which are getting worse and worse due to re routing of traffic, this has caused an increase in passing vehicles.Reported
3568826 Apr 2010StaffordshireChurch laneNumerous potholes which cause a slalom effect. The whole road surface is breaking up. It has always been rough but since the winter is deteriorating further.Reported
785037 Feb 2013HertfordshireArlesey RoadNumerous potholes which fill with water. There was a problem with an overflowing manhole late last year.Reported
13310127 Oct 2016GlasgowCrow RoadNumerous potholes which present a hazard particularly to cyclists turning left from Crow Road into Victoria Park gardens. This is a busy commuter route and so presents a genuine danger at this junct…Reported
1190018 Mar 2008SalfordLangley Road SouthNumerous potholes which require treatment on Langley Road South as they are causes road hazards which causes cyclists to swere into the road to avoid. They are mainly towards the Cemetary End of Lan…Reported
9486517 Jan 2014North Somersetclapton lanenumerous potholes with not much tarmac between them meaning they are unavoidable!Reported
9031227 Sep 2013TorbayKingskerswell RoadNumerous potholes with various sizes widths, and depths up to 6 inches spread over an area of 20 feet inline with motor vehicle wheelsReported
4695610 Feb 2011OldhamAlders court ol8 2ubNumerous potholes within 50ydsReported
1359336 Feb 2017East DunbartonshireDrymen roadNumerous potholes within a 6 foot area, previously repaired and now an uneven potholed surfaceReported
1374804 Mar 2017StaffordshireNumerous potholes! Reported
13821314 Mar 2017EssexNumerous potholes!Reported
342427 Apr 2010Kentrear of Kent Avenue, Plains Ave and Sussex RdNumerous potholes, all extremely large and deep.Reported
4869122 Feb 2011Cheshire EastHulley RoadNumerous potholes, all getting largers and more dangerousReported
9116623 Oct 2013FifeB916,Clockluine Rd,HillendNumerous Potholes, and bad road surfaceReported
1671325 Jan 2009SurreyA25Numerous potholes, and one probably big enough for ducks.Reported
1963415 Apr 2009West SussexA272 - A285Numerous potholes, and poor surface breaking upFixed
5148414 Mar 2011WiltshireThere is no nameNumerous potholes, averaging six inches diameter and 1-2 inches depth, along the road behind Kivel Court leading to the central car park.Reported
705538 Aug 2012RenfrewshireB790 Houston/Georgetown RoadNumerous potholes, badly made repairs and general unevenness over entire road width. Been reported before, nothing has been done......Fixed
12826516 Apr 2016Cheshire West and ChesterHadlow Rd Willastonnumerous potholes, blocked drains, sunken drain cover , missing white lines etcRejected
3031724 Feb 2010NorthamptonshireBooth Lane NorthNumerous potholes, broken road surface and road debris as a result of the deterioration of the road surfaceReported
5182916 Mar 2011SurreyB311 Chobhan RoadNumerous potholes, broken rod surface and deteriorating speed humps. Both sides of the road.Reported
5238721 Mar 2011SurreyFrimley High StreetNumerous potholes, broken surface and failed repairs from last year, along the length of Frimley High Street. Individual areas of broken surface extending to several square feet. Shame the repairs a…Reported
4912925 Feb 2011StaffordshireFisherwick RoadNumerous potholes, broken surface, ruts - for 1/4 mile; its like Beirut!!Reported
1136299 Mar 2015HertfordshireHorseblock Lane, HawridgeNumerous potholes, broken uneven road and gravel debris across the whole road for a distance of approx 50 metres.Reported
3298422 Mar 2010SeftonB5193Numerous potholes, broken up surface and cracks due to recent cold weatherReported
2770129 Jan 2010TraffordMoss Road/Davyhulme Road junctionNumerous potholes, bumps and gaps, and a manhole cover in very poor condition, make this junction very unpleasant to ride across. Thankfully, I go straight here, turning over these osbatcles must be…Fixed
202817 Feb 2007ShropshireWem Industrial Estate, Soultan Road, WemNumerous potholes, but two very large & very deep ones.Rejected
12976719 May 2016Lincolnshirepartridge drive, rothwell lincsnumerous potholes, cracks, ruts, too many to individually log all of varying sizes and depths and most are large & deepFixed
8165310 Mar 2013KentGrams Road, Walmer, Deal, KentNumerous potholes, crumbling surface from previous repairs and generally in very poor condition and getting worse. Holes are increasing in size and new holes are appearing.Reported
6430620 Feb 2012DerbyshireA626 Marple Rd, ChisworthNumerous potholes, dangerous poor surface, debris from road verge/adjacent fields.Reported
7616411 Jan 2013CambridgeshireNumerous potholes, debris and cracking. Road almost impassible.Reported
564729 May 2011WorcestershirePrimrose HillNumerous potholes, debris on road. Ditches inadequatly maintained, leading to flooding.Reported
746872 Jan 2013CumbriaA5086Numerous potholes, deteriorating repairs and other defects. These are reaching a level such that the risk of a cyclist either falling off or colliding with another vehicle, as a result of last second…Reported
9490918 Jan 2014CumbriaNumerous potholes, disintegrating repairs and road damage all along road from fell road to haileFixed

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