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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
7700426 Jan 2013CambridgeshirePot hole arising from drain coverReported
7700326 Jan 2013NorthamptonshireBoughton Green RoadLarge pothole at the edge of the road often causing traffic to swerve to avoid.In progress
7700226 Jan 2013NorthamptonshireBoughton Green Road / Harborough RoadLarge pothole in the centre of the carriageway on Boughton Green Road / Harborough Road junctionIn progress
7700126 Jan 2013BristolLots of potholes and general surface deterioration Fixed
7700026 Jan 2013BristolPot hole that has recently been repaired appearing again. Fixed
7699926 Jan 2013West SussexA cluster of 3 or 4 potholes almost impossible to see in the dark. Reported
7699826 Jan 2013North TynesideVery deep sunken manhole cover over 4 inches in depth which feels like driving over a kerb at speed. People are swerving badly to avoid this now as its so deep, the road speed limit is 60mph with ped…Fixed
7699726 Jan 2013BristolPotholes next to recent repair (lasts week). Why were these not repaired at the same time?Rejected
7699626 Jan 2013BristolPothole increasing in size Fixed
7699526 Jan 2013BristolUneven surface up around speed hump. Fixed
7699426 Jan 2013BristolSurface breaking up around speed hump. Fixed
7699326 Jan 2013BristolSurface breaking up around speed hump. Fixed
7699226 Jan 2013North AyrshireThreepwood RoadLarge potholeReported
7699126 Jan 2013BristolPotholes Fixed
7699026 Jan 2013GlasgowTop surface of road worn away for at least 10 m and 1/2 m wide on west bound inside laneReported
7698926 Jan 2013GlasgowPothole on south bound side Bigger than large soup bowl About 4 inches deepReported
7698826 Jan 2013Perth and KinrossUnnamed road leading to Church Road, KinfaunsPothole on the road leading up to Kinfauns in Perthshire Post Code:PH2 7LDFixed
7698726 Jan 2013North SomersetThe road is all like this Reported
7698626 Jan 2013WorcestershireClassic pothole 18" dia Fixed
7698526 Jan 2013WorcestershireClassic pothole 1ft dia 4" deep Fixed
7698426 Jan 2013LincolnshireBarrowby Gate, GranthamPothole suddenly appeared about a week ago. It about a foot wide but deep posing a hazard to cars and to motorcyclists especially as it is nearer the middle of the road. The road has a number of poth…Reported
7698326 Jan 2013OxfordshireTestFixed
7698226 Jan 2013EssexBerechurch Hall RoadPot holesReported
7698126 Jan 2013North SomersetBrookfield Walkthere are several large sections of the road surface missing down the centre of the road.Reported
7698026 Jan 2013NorfolkGolf Links RoadOval pothole.Fixed
7697926 Jan 2013ReadingPothole on junctionFixed
7697826 Jan 2013Kingston-upon-HullHedon RoadTHere are a number of potholes in the main runk road Hedon Road, Hull (A1033) between Marflee Lane and Staithes Road at Salt End.Reported
7697726 Jan 2013North YorkshireTunstall LanePotholeReported
7697625 Jan 2013InverclydeBlacksholm roadThe side of the road has collapsed into the adjacent ditch and it has been getting bigger over the past few weeks. People are now driving off the road on the other side I order not to fall down the h…Reported
7697525 Jan 2013GloucestershirePot holeReported
7697425 Jan 2013CornwallSeries of pot holes and “lumps” in poorly filled pot holes over a large area in a dangerous position. Please fix this properly, you just patch and it stays DANGEROUS.Reported
7697325 Jan 2013KentEggpie lanemultiple large potholes from our house to the North end of the roadReported
7697225 Jan 2013LambethWandsworth Road, SW8 3JDSunken manhole, cracked tarmac where the previous repair has not lasted.Reported
7697125 Jan 2013DorsetA351road surface surrounding inspection cover/drain missingReported
7697025 Jan 2013DorsetA352road surface surrounding inspection cover missing - serious cycling hazard on busy and difficult section of road. Damaged area not apparent when approaching.Reported
7696925 Jan 2013Cheshire West and ChesterRoad surface where bridge meets road now very lipped, serious suspension jolt and in danger of damaging wheels if it gets much worseRejected
7696825 Jan 2013ManchesterSeriously deep potholeReported
7696725 Jan 2013Cheshire EastSeriously big/deep potholeReported
7696625 Jan 2013LancashirePrescot RoadMany holes on either side of the road along a stretch of road approx 200-300m long. Also the are sections of ruts and in many cases previous attempts to fill in some of the holes were poorly undertak…Reported
7696525 Jan 2013North YorkshirenoneRoad beween Patrick Brompton and junction with the Hackforth to Crakehall road is completely worn out; condition UNACCEPTABLE; has received scant maintainance last 20 years and recent attempt by patc…Reported
7696425 Jan 2013Middlesbroughstokesley roadThe pothole is close to a drainage cover and also on a very congested road, close to a junction, cyclists are forced to pull out into the line of traffic or slow down to go through safely, as this la…Fixed
7696325 Jan 2013LeedsSpeed bump is falling apart at the edges causing a gully either side, most of the speed bumps are doing the same on Magpie Lane.Reported
7696225 Jan 2013NorthamptonshireWestfield RoadA series of potholes at the junction between Broad Green turning into Westfield Road in Wellingborough. The placement of the potholes requires drivers to either drive into/over them, risking damage …In progress
7696125 Jan 2013SwanseaFabian way SWANSEA A483fairly large pothole on outside lane westboundReported
7696025 Jan 2013HertfordshireWatford Road B4630Cluster of deep potholes (around old patch?) Cyclists are squeezed into using defective road surface by traffic and pedestrian refuge.Reported
7695925 Jan 2013Cheshire West and ChesterCapenhurst LaneAll drains along Capenhurst Lanr have dangerously sank.Rejected
7695825 Jan 2013SheffieldTarmac ruinedReported
7695725 Jan 2013EssexDunmow RoadIn the same area there are two holes approx 18 inches long with the worst one approx 6" deep and just where cyclists ride forcing riders to swerve out towards the middle of the road to avoid damaging…Reported
7695625 Jan 2013NottinghamshireThe Woodlandstwo potholes near centre of road close to junctionReported
7695525 Jan 2013BuckinghamshireSeymour Court RoadSeries of collapsing drain surroundings on road approaching Marlow town centre from Lane End ( Bucks) on LHS Between turn for Seymoir Park Road and zebra crossing. Difficult to avoid without dcrossin…Reported

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