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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
7949514 Feb 2013West LothianThe whole surface of the road is very uneaven. Big holes. Reported
7949414 Feb 2013SouthamptonWeston ParadeA large hole on a well used coastal road.Reported
7949314 Feb 2013EdinburghDalry Roadfailed temporary patch forming potholeReported
7949214 Feb 2013HackneyWoodberry grove x seven sisters roadthere is a pothole right in the middle of a traffic lightReported
7949114 Feb 2013EdinburghDalry RoadFailed temporary patch forming potholeReported
7949014 Feb 2013NewcastleTankerville TerraceDeep gulley or pothole that has been missed whilst others have been filled. This was no less deeper than the other potholes on this section I reported. Hit this in the dark this evening and almost lo…Rejected
7948914 Feb 2013NewcastleWansfell AveRoad surface broken up across width of road with potholes, so they are unavoidableFixed
7948814 Feb 2013East SussexLunches HillPotholes and very poor quality road service - rutted and very sharp edgesReported
7948714 Feb 2013Swanseafabian way SWANSEA A483tarmac worn away an enlarging pothole the resultReported
7948614 Feb 2013Transport for LondonAlbert EmbankmentRecently filled pothole is rapidly opening up again.Reported
7948514 Feb 2013West SussexDeep hole - right on turning and braking point. Reported
7948414 Feb 2013West SussexDeep hole - right on turning and braking point. Reported
7948314 Feb 2013BuckinghamshireDadbrookDeep pothole obscured by standing water.Reported
7948214 Feb 2013WarringtonOrford Road (A50)Pothole located to left of centre line which causes drivers to swerve in order to avoid damaging vehicle.Reported
7948114 Feb 2013Transport ScotlandM8lots of large potholes on the inside lane causing dangerous conditions on a busy motorway. Damage to cars and swerving to avoid at high speedIn progress
7948014 Feb 2013LincolnshireBurton RoadSeries of potholes, one of which is particularly deep, likely to affect cyclists (particularly when moving out into the centre of the road around parked cars).Reported
7947914 Feb 2013BuckinghamshireDaws Hill LaneThe whole road is a nightmare. I spend more time trying to avoid potholes than looking further ahead. V dangerous.Reported
7947814 Feb 2013Cheshire EastBirtles RoadSeveral deep pot holes on LH turn from Priory Lane to Birtles Road - combined with adverse camber make this treacherous on two wheels - especially when wet. I have even been pushed sideways at low s…Reported
7947714 Feb 2013Dorsetchurch laneThe whole road surface is breaking up, tarmac disintegrated and stones poking through. A serious hazard to cyclists especially after darkReported
7947614 Feb 2013DorsetBridge st christchurchPothole/ rut/ gully with metal poking through on road bridge in town centre, debris all over the road so even if you avoid the hole you are ib gritty tarmac. This rut appears with frequent regularity…Reported
7947514 Feb 2013West SussexPotholeReported
7947414 Feb 2013Cheshire EastHaymoor Green RdMultiple potholes at the junctionReported
7947314 Feb 2013North AyrshireHighfield to LongbarVery large and deep pothole on part of the No7 ncn.Reported
7947214 Feb 2013Cheshire West and ChesterBradford Roadroad surface giving up completely for a 3m section. currently at the 'broken into little pieces but still attached to road' stageFixed
7947114 Feb 2013Cheshire West and ChesterBradford RoadSuface of old repair has completely given up and is missing in its entirity, so basically have a rectangular hole in road.Fixed
7947014 Feb 2013SunderlandPothole badly repairedFixed
7946914 Feb 2013ManchesterNarrow gully which could trap a bike wheelReported
7946814 Feb 2013Highways EnglandExtensive broken up road surface with deep potholes along nearside wheel trackReported
7946714 Feb 2013West SussexB2114 Cuckfield Road, Staplefield, West SussexThe pothole I hit in my van last night in the dark, which really made the steering etc bang. If this was a cyclist it could have done some serious damage.Reported
7946614 Feb 2013Cheshire West and ChesterMill Lane (Whitegate)pothole in road roughly where a cyclist would be.Fixed
7946514 Feb 2013Cheshire West and ChesterSeries of widening potholes along road repair joinFixed
7946314 Feb 2013North SomersetWinterstoke RoadPothole / Gully across road which is getting deeper.Reported
7946214 Feb 2013Stoke-on-TrentBagnall road , miltonpotholes opposite each other at the bottom of Bagnall by water seepage puddle outside old cobblers shopFixed
7946114 Feb 2013North SomersetPurn WayOne of a number of potholes that have recently appeared and are growing in size.Reported
7946014 Feb 2013OxfordshireB4508Pothole forcing cyclists into the path of overtaking vehicles. NOTE: Was marked for repair ages ago. Presume it's been forgotten about.Reported
7945914 Feb 2013North SomersetA370 Weston RoadVarious PotholesReported
7945814 Feb 2013North SomersetDrove RoadPothole in middle of road on top of bridge over railwayReported
7945714 Feb 2013North SomersetBroadwayVarious sunken drains with associated potholes adjacent. Section of road approx 400 metres with sunken drains both sides of the carriageway. .Reported
7945614 Feb 2013HerefordshireDormington to MordifordVery deep waterfilled pothole which severely jolted a large 4 wheel drive vehicle travelling slowly down the hill. Size of hole not obvious because of water.Reported
7945514 Feb 2013Telford and Wrekinfurnace lane,trench,telfordlarge piece of tarmac missing at side of roadFixed
7945314 Feb 2013BromleyHayes St B265potholeReported
7945214 Feb 2013BromleyHayes Lane B265several potholesReported
7945114 Feb 2013BromleyRidgewaypotholeReported
7945014 Feb 2013BuckinghamshireSunken drain coverFixed
7944914 Feb 2013BuckinghamshireRough & broken surfaceFixed
7944814 Feb 2013BuckinghamshirePotholesFixed
7944714 Feb 2013BuckinghamshireRuts & potholesFixed
7944614 Feb 2013OxfordshireM40 Northboundpothole over bridge expansionReported

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