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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
647632 Mar 2012HertfordshireFarm AvenuePotholeReported
647642 Mar 2012Transport ScotlandA87Large pothole close to the vergeReported
647652 Mar 2012FifeA92pothole in line with wheel line as heading up road, causes drivers to swerve slightly left or right to avoid it.Reported
647662 Mar 2012NorthumberlandFerry RoadVery large potholes that force cyclists out into the middle of the road in front of heavy goods vehicles.Fixed
647672 Mar 2012Bath and North East SomersetChurch LaneExtensive potholes/broken road surface along all of Church Lane.Reported
647682 Mar 2012StirlingA84Longitudinal pothole hit tonight on bike going west bound. This is just 200metres east of lay by which is approximately 4 miles west of Buchany on the A84 Stirling to Callander main road. Almost caus…Reported
647692 Mar 2012StockportThornfield RdDeterioration of road surface adjacent to kerbFixed
647702 Mar 2012Lewishamevelyn StreetSunken manhole cover which was badly repaired.Reported
647712 Mar 2012LincolnshirePothole in roadReported
647722 Mar 2012GlasgowMansewood RoadThe reflective chevrons were never replaced after repair to a chicane barrier. This barrier extends halfway across the carriageway and is very difficult to see in the dark. Reflective chevrons are es…Reported
647733 Mar 2012South AyrshirePothole 3' long x 2' wide approx 6" deepReported
647743 Mar 2012South Ayrshirea719lots of potholesReported
647753 Mar 2012South Ayrshireb7023lots of potholesReported
647763 Mar 2012OxfordshirePrevious repair failing, opening up as a resultFixed
647773 Mar 2012OxfordshirePrevious repair failing on the stripes in raid as cross the streamReported
647783 Mar 2012NorthamptonshireWalkers AcreA large vehicle has caused the road surface to bulge severely.Reported
647793 Mar 2012East DunbartonshireComplete road area outside home as it goes onto back road in very poor condition Fixed
647803 Mar 2012FifeForth Avedrain sinking into roadReported
647813 Mar 2012Tower HamletsDeep pothole on left hand side of lane on A12 southbound underneath train bridge. Reported
647823 Mar 2012LiverpoolHarbord StreetPaint on the 'no right turn' sign has worn offFixed
647833 Mar 2012LiverpoolUxbridge Streetroad flooded - blocked gridReported
647843 Mar 2012WarringtonBurtonwood Roadseveral large potholesReported
647853 Mar 2012KnowsleyCRONTON ROADpotholeFixed
647863 Mar 2012KnowsleyTarbock Roadstop line at the traffic lights has completely worn offReported
647873 Mar 2012Highways EnglandFast Lane of A20 has large pot hole with loose Tarmac to one side. Very dangerous. Reported
647883 Mar 2012WiltshireSubsidence in pavement, which has created a muddy rut.Reported
647893 Mar 2012Sheffieldgreen lanepoor road surface due to badly filled potholes and worn out surface, needs full section for cyclists re-surfacing for safetyIn progress
647903 Mar 2012EdinburghA914Due to making a turning zone to access the south side of the new forth road bridge works the a904 east boad now goes through an old parking bay. The road has a long area of cracks which makes it dif…Reported
647913 Mar 2012West SussexRusper RoadRoad surface has completely warn away in an area of previous work. Extends from about a foot away from the curb almost to the centre of the lane. Extremely dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists.Reported
647924 Mar 2012Somerset2 Main Rd West Lyng, Taunton, Somerset TA3 5ANMassive pothole in main road forcing cyclist into middle of road to avoid.Reported
647934 Mar 2012ManchesterHolyhedge road, on corner of styal roadA number of large pot holes on the corner of a major junction (where Styal Rd meets Hollyhedge road - Manchester). They are so severe that you are thrown about in the car and they are unavoidable as …Reported
647944 Mar 2012StockportGrove LaneDeep hole developing around drain cover. Since photo was taken, the cracked concrete sub-layer has come loose. The hole has straight edges aligned with the direction of travel, that pose significan…Fixed
647954 Mar 2012HampshireB3011En route last night from Reading to Fleet I drove along B3011 at Heckfield Heath. At a narrow point in the road, just after the roundabout with B3349 driving East my car hit a large pothole. The ty…Reported
647964 Mar 2012BlackburnA666Broken surface around a drain cover, taking up a large area on a busy road (A666) where cyclists ride, forcing them out into the traffic.Reported
647974 Mar 2012DevonRidgewayVery large and deep pothole.Reported
647984 Mar 2012Cheshire West and ChesterDobers LanePothole near to the centre of the road.Fixed
647994 Mar 2012West Sussexthe streetold badly repaired hole which forces cars into middle of road on a dangerous bandReported
648004 Mar 2012Cheshire West and ChesterWarrington RoadOvergrown hedge that needs to be trimmed.Fixed
648014 Mar 2012SurreyTilburstow Hill Roadpothole near edge of road - hard to avoid as just over brow of small rise in road, also on a slight bend.Fixed
648024 Mar 2012SurreyGreville Park Road, AshteadPothole gradually getting largerFixed
648034 Mar 2012DevonStoke Road (A396)Series of deep potholes and broken road surface which cause serious danger to cyclists who have to come into centre of carriageway on a blind corner which cars tend to overtake on. I counted 5 separ…Reported
648044 Mar 2012HertfordshireA 507 Gt North Road.An Accident waiting to Happen for any unfortunate Motorcyclist who finds it during the dark evening.Fixed
648054 Mar 2012HertfordshireA 507 Great North RoadRemoved steering wheel from my hand almost.Thought i had hit a brick.Reported
648064 Mar 2012Argyll and ButeMultiple Brick sized potholes. Reported
648074 Mar 2012Argyll and ButePothole presenting a hazard to pedestrians and road users.Reported
648084 Mar 2012LiverpoolBinns Roadlarge potholeFixed
648094 Mar 2012LiverpoolSpeke Boulevardlarge potholeReported
648104 Mar 2012KentWoods Hill WalthamPothole at edge of road now extending inwards requiring avoiding actionReported
648114 Mar 2012East DunbartonshireDrymen Road, Bearsdensmall but deep hole near road junctionFixed
648124 Mar 2012East DunbartonshireNorth Grange Road, Bearsden, Glasgowmultiple potholesFixed

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