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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
657621 May 2007Oxfordshire"Tramline" slots down centre of junction present a significant hazard to cyclists turning right.Fixed
661722 May 2007HertfordshirePotholes as you leave the roundabout are extremely dangerous as they alter the direction of the bike as you enter the A414. In view of heavy commuter traffic travelling at speed this is a very dange…Reported
662623 May 2007DerbyshirePotholes, uneven surface, raised/sunk drains, road surface generally broken up. The road here is dangerous and uncomfortable in a car, it is very dangerous and almost unusable for 2 wheeled vehiclesFixed
664624 May 2007EssexManhole cover missingFixed
665324 May 2007NorthamptonshirePOTHOLEFixed
665424 May 2007NorthamptonshirePOTHOLE DANGEROUS FOR CYCLISTSFixed
671928 May 2007North YorkshireA long stretch of dangerous road surface with some very serious potholes - most especially dangerous on the westbound side of the carriageway.Fixed
672529 May 2007Norfolksunken cover between Pelican crossing and CoOp Supermarket in vicinity of exit from coop carparkFixed
675930 May 2007Oxfordshirelong narrow "hole" ,has been white line around ,much of this road has been improved well recently ,but this one seems to have been missedFixed
676830 May 2007Lambethvery deep potholeReported
678231 May 2007Bristolfairly deep hole on a down hill section that gives nasty jar to wristFixed
68192 Jun 2007HampshireLarge hole on inside of bend - hazardous to southbound cyclistsReported
68202 Jun 2007HampshireLarge holeReported
68293 Jun 2007KentPothole around valve cover caused an impact puncture and movement into the traffic flow to maintain control.Fixed
68554 Jun 2007Leedsas aboveFixed
68816 Jun 2007DevonLOTS of pothots. They have been there for over a year, and are getting worse.Fixed
68826 Jun 2007DevonSmall pothot on south side of road.Fixed
68836 Jun 2007DevonSmall pothot on south side of road.Fixed
68846 Jun 2007DevonLOTS of pothots. They have been there for over a year, and are getting worse.Fixed
68926 Jun 2007Ealingthis large hole has eroded quickly. It is in the middle of the road, but cars park on both sides, leaving this central area a single lane. It is where cyclists would ride, and is not clearly visible …Fixed
69016 Jun 2007CumbriaLarge potholeFixed
69026 Jun 2007Hampshiredeep rut on the exit from the from the ford in both directionsReported
69036 Jun 2007HampshireSeveral deep holes, probably as a result of inadequate repairs previously, westbound after cattle gridReported
69046 Jun 2007HampshireDeep pothole on the same side of hte road as the stables. Dangerous because partly hidden by gravelReported
69056 Jun 2007HampshireLast years resurfacing has been worn away resulting in several holes and ruts, plus uneven surface and gravel and debris covering the junction.Reported
69066 Jun 2007HampshireSeveral potholes and a manhole with holes around it on both sides of the carriageway for several meters from the junction. Makes the junction even more of a hazard than it already isReported
69076 Jun 2007HampshireRoad surface worn and broken away for several feet on the eastbound side of the carriagewayReported
69086 Jun 2007HampshireThe 'usual pothole' which has resisted all of the weedy, totally inadequate temporary repairs; no woner my council tax is so high.....Reported
69288 Jun 2007TraffordThere is a large, quite deep pothole in the left hand exit lane which is difficult to avoid. My car makes a really loud bang when I have to go over it.Reported
69388 Jun 2007IslingtonSunken/eroded repairs in center of junction. Buses,vans and bkes crash over the indentation. Been like it for weeks-like most poor repairs around the SquareFixed
69478 Jun 2007CambridgeshireholeReported
697210 Jun 2007BuckinghamshirePotholeReported
697510 Jun 2007PowysI belive this is where the new oil pipleline is being laid. On steep fast descent the tarmac suddenly stops and is replaced by sand/gravel. Highly dangerous as cyclist likely to hit this at speed. On…Reported
704514 Jun 2007DevonThere are several deep potholes and recent road damage caused by a lorry during an accident/breakdownFixed
706315 Jun 2007Southwarkcracked and very poor surfaceReported
707916 Jun 2007HertfordshireTwo deep potholes that recur often, They are never properly repaired and the road deforms into a pothole very soon afterwards. It is a standing joke except it is not funny as it is very deepReported
709217 Jun 2007WorcestershireRoad breaking up on northbound sideReported
710718 Jun 2007BedfordshireAbout 200 yrds. where surface has been redressed, and no attempt has been made to fill the existing holes and uneveness before the operation. No wonder Beds C.C. boast that this firm does it so cheap.Reported
714420 Jun 2007Enfieldvery deep (approx 10 inches) hole surrounding drain at this location - very easy to miss and forces cyclists to move out into traffic (potenitially at last minute). In addition, if someone were to hi…Fixed
716321 Jun 2007WiltshireAll Pickwick Road is a mass of potholes/bad repairs/surface breakdown from the A4 to the mini roundaboutReported
716621 Jun 2007WorcestershireDeep pothole - gave a very severe jolt to the car so quit likely to do damage to cycles if hitReported
717622 Jun 2007YorkThere are two holes close to and either side of the hoops making lining up for the passage through the pinchpoint dangerous. Bushes are also beginning to overgrow the approach.Fixed
719022 Jun 2007BedfordshireholeReported
720424 Jun 2007DevonDangerous,sharp edged deep and unexpected.Fixed
723126 Jun 2007Northumberlandbreaking up of road surfaceFixed
723226 Jun 2007HertfordshireVery uneven surface, deeply rutted and worn out from the Cross Keys to the cross road. Dangerous to cycle on so have to cycle in the middle of the road.Reported
723526 Jun 2007SalfordRoad and footpaths in a disgraceful state. There are more holes than there is actual road surface, the same goes for the footpaths. This is an area where it is only a matter of time before a pedest…Reported
724826 Jun 2007HampshirePothole 's'Fixed
726827 Jun 2007Oxfordshirepot holeFixed
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