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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1412111 Jun 2017Bracknell ForestEllis Road/ Old Wokingham Road junctionpotholeReported
1412101 Jun 2017Bracknell ForestOld Wokingham RoadPotholeReported
1412091 Jun 2017BarnetTretawn gardens3 large potholes within a few yards at the bottom of Tretawn Gardens NW7Reported
1412081 Jun 2017YorkTarmac from previous road repair broken up and loose debris plus gully in road\nReported
1412071 Jun 2017DurhamPot hole from poor repair. Numerous pot holes on roundabout that previously was reported and supposedly repaired!Reported
1412061 Jun 2017LeedsStair Foot LaneThe Western (Adel) end of this road descending to Adel Beck is terrible, in fact it's hard to work out where the road starts & the potholes end. There are numerous potholes / previous poor repairs p…Reported
1412051 Jun 2017GreenwichDeep hole producing coarse chippings across road\nReported
1412041 Jun 2017LeedsEccup Moor RoadPotholed area, extending approximately 2 metres across road & similar distance along road. Hazardous to cyclists who are forced onto opposite side of road. Would damage a car.Reported
1412031 Jun 2017SomersetReally uneven bumpy road which significantly hampers its use. Reported
1412021 Jun 2017SomersetDeeply sunken drain has caused me 2 pinch flats on my bike over the past year. Especially annoying at night as it's right in the main path a bike takes. Reported
1412011 Jun 2017Cheshire West and ChesterDepression in road but empty space beneathFixed
1412001 Jun 2017EdinburghCurrievale DrHedge overgrowing across pavement. Forcing pedestrians towards road. On a route to primary school so lots of kids on scooters and bikes use this pavement.Reported
1411991 Jun 2017LiverpoolAlderwood AvenueSmall diameter but deep, nearby tarmac fragmenting.Reported
1411981 Jun 2017SwindonB4006Sunken area causing significant hazard due to inadequate pothole repair.Reported
1411971 Jun 2017FlintshireB5129Edge of the roadway has fallen away leaving a sharp drop off. This drop caught my front tyre and sent me over the handlebars a couple of weeks back, it needs filling in.Reported
1411961 Jun 2017ReadingBexley CourtSeveral pot holes and poor road surfaceReported
1411951 Jun 2017Cheshire EastBadly rutted and potholes at dangerous position just over brow of hill in direction towards Walker Barn on left hand side for about 10 yards . Could easily contribute to accident due to poor surfaceReported
1411941 Jun 2017HampshireTwyford RoadSharp edged potholeReported
1411931 Jun 2017RenfrewshireBlackhall StreetBlackhall Street, Paisley is in urgent need of a full resurface. The road surface has not been adequately maintained and due to multiple roadworks over the years the road currently has multiple haza…Reported
1411921 Jun 2017Northamptonshirevarious holsReported
1411911 Jun 2017RenfrewshireGlasgow RoadRoad in poor state of repair with multiple potholesReported
1411901 Jun 2017GlasgowPaisley Road WestDeep hole opened up to the side of metal drain coverReported
1411891 Jun 2017HerefordshireTwo deep potholes alongside drain in cycling line on busy main roadReported
1411881 Jun 2017HerefordshireMultiple deep and wide potholes on laneReported
1411871 Jun 2017WakefieldPotholeReported
1411861 Jun 2017WakefieldPotholeReported
1411851 Jun 2017EssexRunning Waters and Pondfield LaneTwo potholes within 50 feet of one anotherReported
1411841 Jun 2017EssexIngatestone Bypass (a12 both sides)A line of tarmac on each side of the a12 that across both lanes which really bangs and knocks your car close to the barrier, which was poorly restored from a pothole.Reported
1411831 Jun 2017East Riding of YorkshirePreviously reported, and repaired, deteriorated Reported
1411821 Jun 2017SurreyPothole, not repaired on last visit, getting deeper on a daily basis, not visible in the wet, on a cycling line and dangerous.Reported
1411811 Jun 2017Cheshire EastPotholeReported
1411801 Jun 2017Cheshire EastRoad breaking up. Dangerous Reported
1411791 Jun 2017Winslow roadThere is a long uneven gully on the road going down to the wingrave crossroads which is causing difficulties and danger for both vehicle and cyclists. I have seen cars wheels seemingly becoming locke…New
1411781 Jun 2017Cheshire EastPothole on the junction next to the lightsReported
1411771 Jun 2017WirralThe tarmac has worn away on this entire section of road exposing the substrate below, leading to uneven road go surface and numerous potholes. Suggest a survey is done for 300 metres either side of t…Reported
1411761 Jun 2017Dudleyivyhouse laneManhole which has sunken and a hole has appeared to the side of itReported
1411751 Jun 2017West SussexStation Approach WestIt lurks nestled by the westbound kerb of the road that serves the car park to the west of Hassocks Station. It threatens the wheel of any traffic squeezing through the gap left by vehicles leaving t…Fixed
14117431 May 2017OxfordshireOn way into Ambrosden from Oxford - oposite the new homes - the side of the road is a nightmare, holes, ruts, bad repairReported
14117331 May 2017Stockporta34 kingwayAll of the above if honest covering both sides of the dual carriageway from cheadle royal roundabout to the gatley lights, I counted 40 holes / ruts going to gatley lights and 20 from the lights. T…Reported
14117231 May 2017Station Road, A5016 Barton under Needwood or classed as Barton Turn at Barton under Needwood flyoverMultiple potholes that have been in situ for a while, causing me to fall off my roadbike resulting in injury to myself and minor damage to my bikeNew
14117131 May 2017North YorkshireHigh Hill LaneSeveral potholes that have been there for months on the left side of the road. The road is steep and narrows at the point where the potholes are and it is becoming dangerous for vehicles particularly…Reported
14117031 May 2017SurreyMost grids on hazel avenuehave cracks and holes around them and there are many nasty cracks and bumps all down the roadReported
14116931 May 2017SurreyPotholes and cracks around speed pillows, nasty bumps dips and cracks down the side of N speed cushion makes for scary cyclingReported
14116831 May 2017SurreyOld trench cracking up along its length with pothole at middle of roadReported
14116731 May 2017SurreyHole forming at edge of old trench Reported
14116631 May 2017SurreyPothole at side of manholeReported
14116531 May 2017SurreyDeep potholeReported
14116431 May 2017LeicesterGuthlaxton StreetDeep Pot HoleReported
14116331 May 2017StaffordshireEtruria Road A53Pothole on the round-a-bout of the A53 / A500. The pothole is on the left hand side of the round-a-bout when travelling from Newcastle-Under-Lyme towards Hanley.Reported
14116231 May 2017GloucestershireB4234Sunken manhole cover, where the nearside wheel of a vehicle would go.Reported

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