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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1437026 Oct 2017LincolnshireCliff RoadAt least 2 large areas of deeply rutted road surface towards the top of the hill approaching Woolsthorpe by Belvoir. Dangerous as cars try to move to the opposite side of the road to miss.Reported
1437016 Oct 2017BuckinghamshireRoad surface breaking up, just on entry to St Johns Ave. Difficult to avoid when entering the road on a bicycle and bid enough to cause someone hitting it to fall off and injure themselves Reported
1437006 Oct 2017BuckinghamshireSt Johns RoadRoad surface just breaking away, right on centre line of road opposite a junctionReported
1436996 Oct 2017Transport for LondonHighbridge Road Barking IG11 7BSHole on cycle path where drain cover is not there any moreReported
1436986 Oct 2017CambridgeshireTrumpington RoadA series of potholes and broken road surface in the bus/cycle/taxi lane on Trumpington Road.Reported
1436976 Oct 2017HampshireAnstey roadSunken drain coverReported
1436966 Oct 2017DenbighshireCorwen Rd outside Castle Park Farmevery year a particular farm who have hundreds of acres of farm land under "maize" harvest in October. They never sweep the road. The main road out of Ruthin towards Corwen is covered in deep thick …Reported
1436956 Oct 2017Cheshire EastPothole several inches deep, 2ft by 1ft in middle of carriageway Reported
1436946 Oct 2017SurreyCleeve Road, LeatherheadRaised & uneven manhole following work carried out by Property Developers Bugler at the entrance to their new development off Cleeve RoadReported
1436935 Oct 2017West SussexLarge pothole on southbound side of road, been worsening for some time and is now rather deep. \nReported
1436925 Oct 2017Hertfordshireexisting road crossing for pedestrians is now dangerous and difficult to cross due to the increased traffic going into the newly developed industrial estate housing wickes and Travis Perkins. This p…Reported
1436915 Oct 2017Northern Ireland Roads Serviceskerriff road200 yards of very poor road surface, with several potholes and unevenness on the road towards the bridge.Reported
1436905 Oct 2017HighlandJust east of wiggly bridge , road is collapsing. This bridge is close to Wester Lealty Farm. And further up the road , edges have collapsed and holes are filling with water. Reported
1436895 Oct 2017HighlandSee in prior section. Explained there. Reported
1436885 Oct 2017Highways EnglandA595Piece of patched road has been eroded and a 10inch diameter hole has appeared. Unsafe for cyclists in low light conditions as it is difficult to see within the already dark tarmac patchIn progress
1436875 Oct 2017HighlandRoad decaying. Side of road collapsing Stones gravel on road. Reported
1436865 Oct 2017Barking and DagenhamRenwick RoadHuge pot holes all along Renwick Road, causing damage to vehicles and may cause a bad accident soon - urgent attention required, worse road I have seen for pot holes.Reported
1436855 Oct 2017Barking and DagenhamRiver RoadHuge pot holes all round River Road, causing damage to vehicles and may cause a bad accident soon - urgent attention required, worse road I have seen for pot holes.Reported
1436845 Oct 2017Cheshire Eaststanneylands rddeep potholesReported
1436835 Oct 2017East Riding of YorkshirePriory RoadPothole on cycle path, very hard to spot.Fixed
1436825 Oct 2017SurreyA323Possible sewage (or waste water) leak on the road. If it freezes this will cause a hazard on the road. And it's quite unpleasant!Fixed
1436815 Oct 2017Cheshire EastHobson StreetTwo large potholes in middle of road - down to cobbles beneathReported
1436804 Oct 2017North Somersetgrowing pot homeReported
1436794 Oct 2017AberdeenBeaconhill RoadDeep pothole, unavoidable to cars, extremely dangerous to cyclists or walkersReported
1436784 Oct 2017FlintshireBretton Lane, BrettonPotholes in reinstated area of the road, which includes a manhole cover. Section of road needs resurfacing and rolling smooth (unlike all the other areas of resurfacing in the area which are uneven …Reported
1436774 Oct 2017Cheshire West and ChesterRiver Dee Cycle PathLarge pile of cut grass left on cycle path. Not sure who was responsible for cutting the grass but the debris is blocking a significant amount of the path and is slippery.Rejected
1436764 Oct 2017Cheshire West and ChesterNew Crane StreetSunken manhole adjacent to roadworks. Has been like this for years but is now a problem since the road was narrowed due to building works. Photo included.Rejected
1436754 Oct 2017Edinburghsign pole at risk of collapse Reported
1436744 Oct 2017Transport for LondonA12 Eastern Avenuereally nasty pothole opened up in westbound carriageway, nearside lane, adjacent start of layby. needs emergency fill please to avert a serious accidentReported
1436734 Oct 2017Edinburghsign pole in danger of collapse Reported
1436723 Oct 2017NottinghamCorby RoadLarge hole in centre of minor road approx 600mm in diameter and growing. Water seeping from hole so maybe burst pipe.Reported
1436713 Oct 2017Greenwichrunning water from f h cover in road.Reported
1436703 Oct 2017Hammersmith and FulhamAbbandonded lorry. \nThis lorry has been dumped here in this cycle lane for over a year now. Debris is accumulating around its wheels. Some tyres are punctured. \nCyclists are forced to ride into the…Reported
1436693 Oct 2017DenbighshireB5429deep potholeReported
1436683 Oct 2017StaffordshireFrith Street leek staffordshireSeveral deep potholes and debris on roadReported
1436673 Oct 2017RenfrewshireB790 Houston Road9th report of Numerous potholes at Netherfield Farm, road surface generally life expired and in need of urgent repair before it causes damage to property. First reported on 23/04/17Reported
1436663 Oct 2017RenfrewshireB790 Houston Road13th report of the B790 in Houston of many many potholes and complete failure of the road surface over a large area. First reported on 06/04/17.Reported
1436653 Oct 2017RenfrewshireA8 Greenock Road76th report Large regular flood that blocks Paisley bound side of the A8 carriageway on leaving Bishopton. Flood is up to 250mm deep right across that side of the road. There is either no drainage he…Reported
1436643 Oct 2017Milton KeynesA421Very large pothole near centre of road.Reported
1436633 Oct 2017NorthamptonshireHoldenby Road, near junction with Eastern AvenueMultiple potholes, very dangerous to a cyclist, and suspension damaging to a car. Have to go across road into other traffic to avoid. Need fixing immediately before a cyclist is injured.Reported
1436623 Oct 2017StockportBlossom Lanedeep potholeRejected
1436613 Oct 2017PowysContinued potholes on junction, with gravel and other debris causes danger to cycling turning into the Llandrinio direction Reported
1436602 Oct 2017Waltham ForestHigh Road LeytonstonepotholeFixed
1436592 Oct 2017NewhamA118PotholeReported
1436582 Oct 2017Barneta1000poorly maintained road leading to injuries to a cyclistReported
1436572 Oct 2017North SomersetAccommodation Rda very large deep potholeReported
1436562 Oct 2017LincolnshireBrinke Springs Lane Heighington LincolnMultiple potholesReported
1436552 Oct 2017WrexhamHalghtonhall LaneMultiple severe pot holes and significant subsidence along a 1/2 mile stretch of single carriage road (Halghtonhall Lane) Reported at least five times over the past 6-12 months to Wrexham County Bor…Reported
1436542 Oct 2017RenfrewshireA8 Greenock Road75th report Large regular flood that blocks Paisley bound side of the A8 carriageway on leaving Bishopton. Flood is up to 250mm deep right across that side of the road. There is either no drainage he…Reported
1436532 Oct 2017HertfordshireNewgate StreetDeep Potholes and generally very poor road conditions.Reported

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