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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16256018 Feb 2019Devon(Unknown)Pothole on the side of a lane, next to field entrance.Reported
16255918 Feb 2019Devon(Unknown)Pothole of the side of a laneReported
16255818 Feb 2019Devon(Unknown)Small pothole on the side of a lane.Reported
16255718 Feb 2019Devon(Unknown)Pothole on the side of the laneReported
16255618 Feb 2019Devon(Unknown)Large pothole/damaged surface of the road.Reported
16255518 Feb 2019LancashireStoney Lane GalgateWhen the new housing estate was being built off Stoney Lane several trenches were dug and filled near the site entrance. several were badly filled and are now sunk. Make the builder do a proper job o…Reported
16255418 Feb 2019Devon(Unknown)Pothole on lane behind Keywise cars, off the A396. See photo.Reported
16255318 Feb 2019Highways EnglandOxford Road, Tatling EndExposed metal strip and pothole on main A40 carriageway.Reported
16255218 Feb 2019LancashireStation Lane ScortonGeneral failing surface with dozens of bad uneven patches and holes. Several lengths of this road need plaining and resurfacing.Reported
16255118 Feb 2019LancashireStation Lane ScortonA deep pothole here was filled some time last year. Unfortunately They didn't do a proper job not cutting out the failing tarmac beside it. This has now broken up leaving another dangerous pothole.Reported
16255018 Feb 2019LancashireHollins Lane EllelAn old trench along Hollins Lane from Whams Lane to beyond Anyon Lane is breaking up with dangerous ruts along the edges. It is particularly dangerous just south of the junction with Whams Lane. The…Reported
16254918 Feb 2019LancashireWhams Lane EllelThe whole length of Whams Lane from Stoney Lane to Hollins Lane has a lot of failing patches and badly filled trenches. There are sunken trenches across the road where the tarmac has come out. There…Reported
16254818 Feb 2019LancashireStoney Lane EllelFailing area of surface several metres long and out almost to the centre of the road. This is so rough that any one cycling across it is bounced all over so most cyclists ride down the centre of the …Reported
16254718 Feb 2019SurreyTwo cyclists taken down due to this over weekend Thankfully both ok, had there been Traffic outcome would have been very different. This road is poorly maintained, is flooded akd has blocked gullies,…Reported
16254618 Feb 2019North SomersetPothole on the eastbound side of the road, not kerbside but exactly where a car’s RH wheel would pass.Reported
16254518 Feb 2019LancashireColdwell LaneBadly Surfaced slumped area sloping down to a house or farm entrance. Cyclist feel it is necessary to ride in the middle of the road round this rough area making it dangerous.Reported
16254418 Feb 2019LancashireColtwell LaneVery Bad Surface with ruts and bumps and potholes for several metres for the whole of the south west side of the road.Reported
16254318 Feb 2019LancashireColdwell LaneDeep and dangerous pothole on the left just after you ride round this corner onto Coldwell Lane. This could cause a cyclist hitting it to lose control and fall or swerve into the path of a car. Note…Reported
16254218 Feb 2019RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadLarge deep DANGEROUS pothole right on leading edge to previous repair. Road has failed where it meets a previous repair, leaving a very dangerous deep pothole This will damage cars and their occupan…Reported
16254118 Feb 2019Cheshire West and ChesterPickmere LaneReported
16254018 Feb 2019HillingdonTarmac Waylarge pothole filled with gravel on a patch of road already in poor repair. Road is unlit, so is a massive hazard for cyclists and likely to do damage to cars too.Reported
16253918 Feb 2019GloucestershireStation road10 meter long trench that is a significant trip hazard especially many old people who use the road frequently, although there is a pavement that is quite narrow so people tend to walk in the road.Reported
16253818 Feb 2019KentWide potholes, not deep but wide causing cyclists to swerve into middle of roadReported
16253718 Feb 2019Transport for LondonTooley StreetA medium-sized hole in the carriageway, lying longitudinally near to the kerb.Reported
16253617 Feb 2019BristolPothole about 30cm in diameter, 10cm deepReported
16253517 Feb 2019ManchesterPothole in left-hand lane, near kerb.Reported
16253417 Feb 2019LeicestershirePothole on road carrying car transporters between M1 and Bruntinthorpe airfield. Forces cyclist towards centre of road and risk of being hit by overtaking motor traffic.Reported
16253317 Feb 2019HounslowPotholes and road surface breaking up.Reported
16253217 Feb 2019EssexThe road is breaking up surrounding a drain causing damage to vehicle wheels Reported
16253117 Feb 2019EssexA12 junction 26 slip road north boundLarge pothole on the slip road - particularly dangerous as cars are going at speed.Reported
16253017 Feb 2019FifeC51Large Pothole on cycle line of walking and cycle friendly road.Reported
16252917 Feb 2019SuffolkTarmac is missing serious hazard to cyclists Reported
16252817 Feb 2019Cumbriabroken repairs road lifting for approx 100mtrs Reported
16252717 Feb 2019KentPothole near white line in middle of road on Canterbury road near to mead road junction. Causing problems for cyclist and motorists alike.Reported
16252617 Feb 2019SomersetPothole\nOften beneAth water so hidden from viewReported
16252517 Feb 2019South GloucestershireThe road from the top of the hill down through village is in need of a total resurface with real smooth quiet tarmac \n\nIt is currently a health and safety issue as dangerous for cyclists etc\n\nReported
16252417 Feb 2019IslingtonAubert park London n5Pothole. Water leak (has been icy)Reported
16252317 Feb 2019KnowsleyPothole next to gridReported
16252217 Feb 2019LiverpoolPothole arising from poor repair Reported
16252117 Feb 2019LiverpoolPoor road repairReported
16252017 Feb 2019LiverpoolPoor section of road \nReported
16251917 Feb 2019LiverpoolPothole due to poor road service Reported
16251817 Feb 2019LiverpoolPothole arising from drop in the road\nReported
16251717 Feb 2019CambridgeshirePothole \nReported
16251617 Feb 2019Transport for LondonYorkshire grey roundaboutLarge pothole in lane 2 of 2 on the roundabout filled with water from a burst pipe which makes it impossible to see as there’s surface water around itReported
16251517 Feb 2019Transport for LondonYorkshire grey roundaboutLarge pothole in lane 2 of 2 on the roundabout filled with water from a burst pipe which makes it impossible to see as there’s surface water around itReported
16251417 Feb 2019BristolNewquay Rddeep Pothole.Reported
16251316 Feb 2019HertfordshirePothole next to the speed restriction island Reported
16251216 Feb 2019WarwickshireA4189Water leakReported
16251116 Feb 2019GlasgowS Woodside Road, GlasgowPotholes in the cobbled road ‘S Woodside Street’ Glasgow when driving towards and entering SPT Kelvinbridge Glasgow carpark.Reported

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