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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16056512 Dec 2018BoltonChorley Old Road, Horwich2 potholes opposite Parkfield, Chorley Old Road, Horwich, Bolton BL66AX on the uphill roadwayReported
16056412 Dec 2018LincolnshireB1201 Fen Lane North Thoresbyvery large hole on edge of road. Road surface is badly broken & large parts have detached from the main roadReported
16056312 Dec 2018LincolnshireFen Lane B1201 Thoresby bridge, Fulstow, North Thoresbylareg pothole on the very edge of the road extending into the roadReported
16056212 Dec 2018LincolnshireHigh St, North Thoresby B1201large hole formed around drain coverReported
16056112 Dec 2018SouthamptonDrain with exposed sharp metal edge and drain blocked so needs clearing out otherwise this will keep reoccurring Reported
16056012 Dec 2018Big pot holeNew
16055912 Dec 2018KentVauxhall LanePotholeReported
16055812 Dec 2018DevonFord RoadThis is a large triangular manhole cover that has started to sink on one sideReported
16055712 Dec 2018DevonCoronation RoadAsphalt around a drain has started to disintegrate into large chunks, some of which have now disappeared leaving a hole around the drainReported
16055612 Dec 2018LeicesterKrefield WayThere is a pothole just before the first crossing on Krefield Way heading towards Tesco.Reported
16055512 Dec 2018LeicesterRed Hill CircleThere is a pothole.Reported
16055412 Dec 2018Leicesterredhill circleheading into Leicester from Birstall. - underneath the A563 road-bridge - is a pothole.
16055312 Dec 2018North YorkshireOne of several in this area on the cycling lineReported
16055212 Dec 2018North Yorkshire3” deep pothole right on cycling lineReported
16055112 Dec 2018ShropshireCouple of potholesReported
16055012 Dec 2018Transport for LondonLewisham Hgh StreetHuge wheel eating hole around drain on edge of roadReported
16054912 Dec 2018Large deep pothole, big enough for a wheel to fit in, east bound side of roadNew
16054812 Dec 2018Transport for LondonPothole Reported
16054712 Dec 2018KentApprox 20 potholes of varying size on 100 yard stretch of road. \nEdge of road missing where farmers and bin lorries are too wide for road. \nThe road is covered in mudReported
16054612 Dec 2018Windsor and Maidenheadlarge hole by some ironworkReported
16054512 Dec 2018StaffordshireA449 going towards WolverhamptonDeep pothole with uneven bottomReported
16054411 Dec 2018EssexCircular Road NorthTrees need cutting back - branches blocking pavementReported
16054311 Dec 2018Barnetdeep enough to burst bike tyre Reported
16054211 Dec 2018Unexpected large pothole New
16054111 Dec 2018Potholes New
16054011 Dec 2018KentPot holes in middle of road and to the right hand edge. Reported
16053911 Dec 2018Highways EnglandMassive pot holes all the way around the round about and exit roads. Reported
16053811 Dec 2018LeicestershirePothole in centre of depression at site of previous excavation. Hazard for cyclists hitting hole which could cause loss of control and fall from bike, with possible serious injury. Large depression c…Reported
16053711 Dec 2018New RoadPot hole approx 12" round and 4" deep, right on the outside line for cars, and on a bend. To avoid you either have to cut inside or go wide and risk meeting oncoming traffic.New
16053611 Dec 2018West Sussextrough is developing in a poor road repair on Ham Road.Reported
16053511 Dec 2018West Sussexhole has been developing at the side of a manhole cover (photo taken from Google that doesn't show hole but shows location), it is now causing cyclists and cars to swerve unpredictably.Reported
16053411 Dec 2018West Sussexseries of pot holes in a join between the road and a previous repair. this starts outside the garage on the side of the road towards Brighton. very dangerous to cyclists.Reported
16053311 Dec 2018DevonAt j/w road to Sydenham houseReported
16053211 Dec 2018HertfordshireThe blocks in the centre of the road have sunk causing a step for traffic going eastward which causes quite a jolt if the wheel hits itReported
16053111 Dec 2018SurreyPothole adjacent to previous repairReported
16053011 Dec 2018Cycle path alongside M8 Bargeddie wetwardsIncomplete cycle path. What is the point of this path if you can't get to Baillieston avoiding all the horrible new roads . The path takes you across the M73 to the area with lots of new housing then…New
16052911 Dec 2018SurreyPothole extending the full depth of tarmac, where toad had worn out near speed bumpReported
16052811 Dec 2018HertfordshireMaylands AvenueCollapsing drainReported
16052711 Dec 2018YorkA1237Multiple potholes and cracksReported
16052611 Dec 2018ShropshireStation Road, HadnallTwo potholes (possibly three?) have appeared in the road.Reported
16052511 Dec 2018OxfordshireCorbett RoadThere are a whole series of potholes on this road. In approx September, a large number of potholes were highlighted with white road paint. A contractor has done some of the holes but not all of the…Reported
16052411 Dec 2018GloucestershireLechlade RoadTwo potholes, close to each other, on a very tight bend. As the bend is very tight, they are quite hazardous and could cause a collision.Reported
16052311 Dec 2018GloucestershireUnclassifiedA small pothole but it is in an area where the road opens up every winter. If we catch this one now, it'll save it turning into a bigger one in a few months time.Reported
16052211 Dec 2018HounslowMultiple large potholes need urgent attentionReported
16052111 Dec 2018CardiffDeep hole in road Reported
16052011 Dec 2018West SussexRoad surface deteriorated from rumble strips being destroyedReported
16051911 Dec 2018Highways EnglandA40 / M5 J13Deep holes on inside edge of road as it feeds into roundabout from A40 Westbound. Holes catch wheel significantly when accelerating and cornering to join motorway giving significant jolt to small-whe…Reported
16051810 Dec 2018DevonPothole Reported
16051710 Dec 2018DevonPothole Reported
16051610 Dec 2018GloucestershireThis is a huge pothole that has reappeared, having last been repaired a year or two ago.\nReported

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