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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
14291219 Aug 2017KentArchers court roadNew Tarmac has sunk creating a small curb in the road, extremely dangerous to cyclesReported
14291118 Aug 2017Devon PlaceLong thin deep pothole at the junction between the main road, Haymarket Terrace and the side street, Devon Place, EdinburghNew
14291018 Aug 2017NorfolkHall RoadThere is a pothole on Hall Road as you travel north after you've gone past the turn to Burdock Lane and just before you get to the righthand bend in the road around.Reported
14290918 Aug 2017NorfolkHall RoadThere is a pothole on Hall Road just before the bend in the road after you've gone past the cricket club.Reported
14290818 Aug 2017NorfolkHall RoadThere is a small pothole on Hall Road as you travel north just after you pass the war memorial at the junction with Market Lane.Reported
14290718 Aug 2017NorfolkHall RoadOn Hall Road as you travel north in-between Hethersett Road and Market Lane if you go into the passing place at the side of the road there is a pothole in the passing place.Reported
14290618 Aug 2017NorfolkMelton RoadAt the side of the road on Melton Road as you travel in the direction of Great Melton there is a pothole at the side of the road where the side of the road is collapsing away.Reported
14290518 Aug 2017NorwichEarlham Road (B1108)There is a pothole on Earlham Road (B1108) as you go down the hill traveling west out of the city in the direction of the hospital. There was a previous pothole here which was repaired but now the r…Reported
14290418 Aug 2017BromleyPothole on corner of junction on the line that cyclists take when crossing to Skid LaneReported
14290318 Aug 2017Manchesterdeep potholeReported
14290218 Aug 2017HampshirePothole inroad\nReported
14290118 Aug 2017ManchesterUpdate to ref 142812 to give closer location. Broken grid surround is adjacent to the entry point to a cycle lane start just after leaving the bridge. Cycle lane currently blocked by a temporary si…Reported
14290018 Aug 2017GloucestershireHucclecote laneSeveral potholes and general poor road surface - previous road dressing failed to addess the issusReported
14289918 Aug 2017GloucestershireBadgeworth roadLarge recurring pothole caused by water leak. Pothole gets roughly filled but water immediately digs it back out againReported
14289818 Aug 2017OxfordshirePothole formed again in a series of potholes that have been bodge filled for the last few years, can West Oxon council take the time to do the job properly for once #bodgersReported
14289717 Aug 2017CardiffSloper Roadbroken and rutted road surface, deteriorating due to traffic wearReported
14289617 Aug 2017NewcastleBrenkley RoadA lot of the road is covered in potholes, but the area highlighted is particularly bad seeing as it's just round a blind corner, meaning there's no time to react to avoid themReported
14289517 Aug 2017HertfordshireLOWESTOFT ROADMultiple pot holes with uneven surfacesReported
14289417 Aug 2017CambridgeshireSlabs at end of new part of Tins path are not bedded in.\nAt other end dangerously.deed.plans\n\nThere is the same problem.Reported
14289317 Aug 2017LincolnshireSwaton Lane (between A52 and B1177)Extensive broken/collapsed road edge making it unsafe for cars & motorbikes to drive over. It is impossible to ride a bicycle over this part of the road. All traffic is forced into the middle of th…Reported
14289217 Aug 2017Bath and North East SomersetB3116Rough section of road/potholes/sunk drain cover at speed limit change zone when coming into keynsham . Northbound chnages to 40 limit near the homesteadReported
14289117 Aug 2017NorfolkVery dangerous rut\nReported
14289017 Aug 2017BristolSink hole in desire line of cyclists. Reported
14288917 Aug 2017Bath and North East SomersetB3116sinking drain cover outside no 2 b3116Reported
14288817 Aug 2017Bath and North East SomersetB3116sunken drain cover on wellsway by house on slight bend coming down wellsway by uplands farm junctionReported
14288717 Aug 2017Bath and North East SomersetB3116Rough road surface near uplands farm northbound carriagewayReported
14288617 Aug 2017Bath and North East SomersetB3116Degrading road surface up burnett hill when heading northbound. The road surface at the curb side of the road is badly degraded and potholed. Starts at junction at bottom of rise and stops at the top…Reported
14288517 Aug 2017Bath and North East SomersetB3116Sunken drain cover. Have seen this particalr hazard cause an accident involving road users. 30 metres north of bus stop near telegraph pole on left hand side when travelling northboundReported
14288417 Aug 2017Bath and North East SomersetB3116Rough/potholed section of road by 40 mph limit into burnett.Reported
14288317 Aug 2017Dumfries and Gallowayriverside road car park entrancebroken drainage channel in car park oppposite the toilet block evry time a car runs over it part of the channel flips up with the chance of damaging a carReported
14288217 Aug 2017Cheshire EastYou have resurfaced this road. Unfortunately not very well. The drains are still covered with tarmac so there were large puddles this morning. Cones have been left out in places. Also because you h…Reported
14288117 Aug 2017Cheshire EastThe road surface has broken up. This need resurfacing soon as it is very difficult to ride on. Why have you resurfaced Moss Road when Leek Road is a mess?Reported
14288017 Aug 2017Cheshire EastAs the lane under the motorway bridge is shut all the traffic are using the narrow lanes which as they try and pass one another mud is building up on the road. Could you please regularly sweep the ro…Reported
14287917 Aug 2017Cheshire EastAs the lane under the motorway bridge is shut all the traffic are using the narrow lanes which as they try and pass one another mud is building up on the road. Could you please regularly sweep the ro…Reported
14287817 Aug 2017CoventryBinley RoadBike symbols have not been repainted in the advanced stop box since the road was resurfaced. Drivers encroach onto the box much more, leaving cyclists trapped alongside traffic rather than being abl…Reported
14287717 Aug 2017SomersetLarge areas of gravel. The road was surfaced dressed 11 days ago. The excess gravel needs sweeping away now as it is piling up and moving onto the main road. It is causing an unnecessary hazard\nReported
14287617 Aug 2017North YorkshireHavkil LaneVery poor surface on road. While a avoiding this a car passed too close for comfort I waved at the driver who stopped I told him he had passed too close. He then verbally abused me and speed off.Reported
14287517 Aug 2017WandsworthPothole in middle of eastbound lane \n\n30cm across 5cm deep\n\nReported
14287417 Aug 2017Transport for LondonDeep pounding of rainwater across full width of bike lane for a day or so after heavy rain.\n\nBlocked or inadequate road drainage - please fix.Reported
14287317 Aug 2017BirminghamPole hole arising from badly repaired road worksReported
14287217 Aug 2017DerbyshireHigh St West GlossopOn cobbled area of footpath forming the ramp up to Nat West bank and Nor folk pub, High St West, Glossop, one of the sets is missing, forming a hole that could be a cause of severe injury to pedestri…Reported
14287117 Aug 2017SurreyParley DriveGlass on roadReported
14287017 Aug 2017SurreyLittlewick Road2 potholesReported
14286917 Aug 2017LancashireSchool lanesurface has broken down and large parts of the edge of the road have collapsed forcing cyclists to ride in the middle of the highway on a blind bendReported
14286817 Aug 2017AngusDangerous potholeReported
14286716 Aug 2017North SomersetOldmixon CrescentVarious uneven road surface throughout, causing premature wear to cars, the whole road needs resurfacing.Reported
14286616 Aug 2017HillingdonTwo Uneven manhole coversReported
14286516 Aug 2017OxfordshireB4437Edge of the road eaten away, probably by large vehicles and traffic relating to the recent Countryfile Live event, where vehicles turned left to gain access. There are several areas of damage all in …Reported
14286416 Aug 2017NorthamptonshireKentstone Close junction with GrasscroftDeep multiple potholes in junction of Grasscroft and Kentstone Close making road dangerous for cyclists.Reported
14286316 Aug 2017CambridgeshireRed lion Lane, Sutton, CambsMultiple potholes in road.Reported

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