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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
16010518 Nov 2018DevonPothole Reported
16010418 Nov 2018DevonPothole Reported
16010318 Nov 2018Cheshire EastMill LaneSeveral potholes and road formationsReported
16010218 Nov 2018StaffordshireA51 Between Rugely and Lichfield in StaffordshireDeep potholeReported
16010117 Nov 2018Manchesterdeep pot holeReported
16010017 Nov 2018Manchesterdeep and dangerousReported
16009917 Nov 2018Stockportaround iron worksReported
16009817 Nov 2018SurreyMytchett lake roadOne large pothole by man hole cover, and a few smaller ones nearby. Hard to avoid in car, and might cause some damage.Reported
16009717 Nov 2018West SussexBroken drain cover Reported
16009617 Nov 2018SouthwarkColwell RoadSubstantial pothole (possibly a sinkhole?) has formed in the middle of Colwell Road. Approximately 8 inches deep from rim to bottom, and approximately 14 inches in diameter.Reported
16009517 Nov 2018South GloucestershireNumerous patch repairs to the road surface which are all in various states of breaking up. Most are located where the inside wheel of a vehicle or cyclist would pass. In trying to avoid potholes, cyc…Reported
16009416 Nov 2018Gloucestershireas one-way road splits to join high street, both lanes in terrible conditionReported
16009316 Nov 2018Gloucestershireman hole in bus lane has sunken significantly, hazard to cyclistsReported
16009216 Nov 2018StaffordshireLarge pothole around drain at the side of the road. Been there for over a year and still not been repaired. Reported
16009116 Nov 2018StaffordshireSunken area of the road just after the brow of the hill heading towards the village, been repaired before, but sunken even further. Reported
16009016 Nov 2018FlintshirePothole towards outside edge of road about one foot in diameter going south towards ErryrysReported
16008916 Nov 2018CumbriaPothole next to manhole Reported
16008816 Nov 2018RedbridgeCambridge ParkLarge potholes and breaking up road surface in cycle lane.Reported
16008716 Nov 2018WiltshireNewlands RoadSunken drain by bus stop in Newlands Road Corsham causing possible tyre/suspension damage.Too dangerous to take measurements due to trafficReported
16008616 Nov 2018BristolBishop Manor RdOld repair opened up, it looks like. It's quite deep and on the cycling lineReported
16008516 Nov 2018ShropshirePothole by lights towards Morrison’s. And by roundabout in other direction Reported
16008416 Nov 2018Dumfries and GallowayB794 Haugh RoadPothole on road between Haugh of Urr and DalbeattieReported
16008316 Nov 2018East Ayrshirevery poor road conditionReported
16008216 Nov 2018East AyrshirepotholeReported
16008116 Nov 2018East AyrshirepotholeReported
16008016 Nov 2018CumbriaRut in line with where the inside driving wheel tracks. It’s the result of the builder adding a bump in the road to protect their new development them removing it and then the surface degrading Reported
16007916 Nov 2018Kingston-upon-ThamesLarge pothole due to surface breakdown and failed repair. Has cut through to road sub layers and has produced a large amount of road debrisReported
16007816 Nov 2018DorsetBig hole that took me off my bike and smashed the front wheel\nReported
16007715 Nov 2018East AyrshireA large pothole with a sharp edge on the end. The pothole extends under the tarmac and gravel is visible in the bottom of the pothole.Reported
16007615 Nov 2018HerefordshireA449Small but nasty pothole smack bang on the line cyclists take on this fast descent. It's only a small pothole but it is in absolutely the most dangerous part of the road for cyclists heading down this…Reported
16007515 Nov 2018EssexNewlands Close, Hutton, Brentwood, EssexNewlands Close, Hutton CM132SD has had one hole repaired today. However, there remains at least 14 over the whole road surface of our small close. The complete surface needs to be renewed as it suffe…Reported
16007415 Nov 2018Essexlondon road stanwaymedium poleholeReported
16007315 Nov 2018Essexlondon road stanwaymedium poleholeReported
16007215 Nov 2018Essexwell lane easthorpemedium poleholeReported
16007115 Nov 2018LeicestershireChampionship Wayoutside a test locationReported
16007015 Nov 2018HertfordshirePothole arising from broken drain cover Reported
16006915 Nov 2018Cumbriasunken road around drain so the water doesn't run down it but across the roadReported
16006815 Nov 2018HighlandPothole, at edge of lay-by. The road does not have a (dashed?) white line separating the lay-by from the road, so in the dark, cycling south, with oncoming blinding traffic headlights, it is impos…Reported
16006715 Nov 2018HampshireThere is a gully going down the middle of the road (I think it is caused by the join of the concrete underneath) which is wide enough (but not much more) for a bike wheel to go into. once in the gull…Reported
16006615 Nov 2018Cheshire EastTarmac joint opening up. Causing pothole type rut\n\nDanger to motorbike and cyclistsReported
16006515 Nov 2018PowysThe Stub.Very deep hole on down slope of a sudden steepening of a steep hill so not visible until you're upon it. This is highly dangerous and could cause a serious injury.Reported
16006415 Nov 2018Cheshire EastPothole on eastbound side Newcastle road past gaynor green lane near farm on lhs. \nThere are others that will need attention soon. Best done at same time. Reported
16006315 Nov 2018Cheshire EastDeep indent in tarmac. Danger to motorists, cyclists and motorbike as road bends there tooReported
16006215 Nov 2018Cheshire EastBig sharp edged pothole. Danger to cyclists. Cracked my wheel and punctured tyre. Reported
16006115 Nov 2018SurreyThis left turn into Waterloo road is beyond dangerous. In addition to having to negotiate pedestrians in the middle of the road the surface looks like it has been used as a military testing ground wi…Reported
16006015 Nov 2018SurreyRidiculous patchwork quilt of a road causing cyclists to zigzag around a hugely uneven road surface and cause risk of puncture and accident. Reported
16005915 Nov 2018SurreyThis is a really dangerous corner for bikes as the cycle line just disappears and then to make matters works the road surface just disintegrates causing high risk of accidents and all due to a pathet…Reported
16005815 Nov 2018Transport for LondonPothole from wear and tear\nReported
16005715 Nov 2018Transport for LondonNew cross roadThick Paint substance on pavementReported
16005615 Nov 2018Cumbriablocked drainReported

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