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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
14388422 Oct 2017LincolnshireB1190 Bardney RoadRoad collapsing with long deep crackReported
14388322 Oct 2017HampshireOld Odiham Road, AltonLarge pot hole in road in front of driveway between Jordan’s and The Stable on Eastern side of Old Odiham Road, Alton. About 100 yards south of Upper Anstey Lane junction.Reported
14388222 Oct 2017Oxfordshireeroded road next to drain cover Reported
14388122 Oct 2017SurreyTarmac has subsided at side of road creating a large dip\nVery dangerous for cyclistsReported
14388022 Oct 2017BromleyPickhurst RoadJust northwest of the junction of Hayes Hill Road with Pickhurst Lane there is a deep rut on the left hand side of the road going northwest. With increasing traffic going northwest on Pickhurst Lane…Reported
14387922 Oct 2017WarwickshireExtremely large hole and dangerous road surface. This road is extremely dangerous. Roadworks were planned a number of months ago but then never happened. Roads on better condition have recently been …Reported
14387821 Oct 2017Highways EnglandNewmarket RoadSunken trench edge creates dangerous tramline effectReported
14387721 Oct 2017West SussexKirdford RoadA series of potholes. which have been poorly filled and are now breaking up again. The surface is now very uneven and difficult to avoid.Reported
14387621 Oct 2017West SussexKirdford RoadRoad dipping. With previous hole filling failing. The hole is forming at the start of a section of road which is sunken.Reported
14387521 Oct 2017Cheshire West and ChesterLarge pot holeReported
14387421 Oct 2017SomersetOne of a number of defects on this road. The surface has broken down badly, and the underlying structure of the road itself seems to be breaking down and sinking into the clay beneath. There are long…Reported
14387320 Oct 2017EssexGoatswood lanepotholeReported
14387220 Oct 2017West LothianAdambrae RoadChannel a ross road where pipe or sevice was placed across the roadReported
14387120 Oct 2017West LothianHollyhock GladeChannel was cut across road during recent Virgin Media works. The replaced ashphalt has sunk down leaving an uneven surface or rut across the road.Reported
14387020 Oct 2017DevonWhitchurch Roadpoor quality road surface full of potholesReported
14386920 Oct 2017Wiltshireruts x 2 across road on Westbury direction of roadReported
14386820 Oct 2017BuryPeel browPotholeReported
14386720 Oct 2017SurreyPotholes rutting crumbling surfacing immediately at give way line. Deep potholeReported
14386620 Oct 2017SurreyPotholes rutting crumbling surfacing immediately at give way lineReported
14386520 Oct 2017SurreyPotholesReported
14386420 Oct 2017SurreyPotholes and rutsReported
14386320 Oct 2017GloucestershireTryes RoadA fairly large pothole has appeared in this poorly surfaced roadReported
14386220 Oct 2017GreenwichNorman RoadPoorly repaired roadworks are causing a 1.5m x 1.5m set of potholesReported
14386120 Oct 2017BristolMakeshift drives blocking the walkways\n\nReported
14386020 Oct 2017SheffieldWoodseats roadLarge hole/crack opening on recently repaired patch.Reported
14385920 Oct 2017CalderdaleMoselden Lane, Rishworthseveral large potholes in the middle of the road, together with several poorly attempted repairs . the whole carriageway is badly deformed and requires resurfacing.Reported
14385820 Oct 2017HertfordshireRoundabout near Potters Bar & Enfield off the M25 London OrbitalThere is a pothole as you enter the roundabout from the M25 London Orbital as indicated on the map below. It is quite deep and caused quite a bit of tyre damage to my mother's car.Reported
14385720 Oct 2017DundeePerth RoadBroken manhole cover has sunk down to create a sharp drop. One of my bike spokes sheared in two after crashing down into this unexpected hole while cycling home in the dark.Reported
14385620 Oct 2017Wiltshirepreviously repaired pothole now broken again. lasted about 4 weeksReported
14385519 Oct 2017DevonSevere flooding that spans the whole road. Happens every time torrential down pours. Floods to 2ft in areas. Is in an unlit area and may cause serious collision if not rectified as cars could easily …Reported
14385419 Oct 2017HampshirePothole outside Football training ground entrance. Very dangerous for cyclists.Reported
14385319 Oct 2017HampshireElvetham Rdseveral potholes making one drive around themReported
14385219 Oct 2017CambridgeshireThe TinsPartial collapse of cycle infrastructure (ridged paving) along cycle pathReported
14385119 Oct 2017Denbighshireunclassified lanemud, lots of mud. mud all over the road. mud mixed with some kind of crop. so much mud it was breaking up. no chance of stopping on this. lost back wheel nearly ended up in the ditch. had to clean ri…Reported
14385019 Oct 2017Northern Ireland Roads ServiceThe MeadowsPothole in the roadReported
14384919 Oct 2017LancashireA6 Garstang Roadcirculer hole on southbound carriagwayReported
14384819 Oct 2017SurreySunken manhole\nNot raised up to level in recent resurfacing Reported
14384719 Oct 2017SurreyNumerous potholes, ruts and disrupted surface defectsReported
14384619 Oct 2017LeedsBatley RoadOn the south side of the road, near the centre, a large square manhole cover in the middle of the road is sinking and is now considerably below the road surface. It has deteriorated significantly in …Reported
14384519 Oct 2017Richmond upon Thamespoor condition with loose and uneven surface, potholes etcReported
14384419 Oct 2017HertfordshireCamp RoadA large, square and deep pothole immediately after a speed bumpReported
14384319 Oct 2017GloucestershireLansdown Road A40Since the new and frankly rubbish road surface was added a maintenance cover has not been brought up to the same height as the road surface creating a deep pothole right where a cyclist would ride, a…Reported
14384218 Oct 2017WarwickshireHow many times do I need to report a hazard? The upkeep of this piece of busy road is disgusting. Weeds and mud are blocking the kerbs drains. Glass and numerous pieces of debris litter the road side…Reported
14384118 Oct 2017WarwickshireLarge holes around manhole cover. Forces cyclists into centre of road. Very dangerous. Reported on 30th September but Still not fixed or marked for repair. Reported
14384018 Oct 2017WarwickshireLarge holes around manhole cover. Forces cyclists into centre of road. Very dangerous. Reported on 30th September but Still not fixed or marked for repair. Reported
14383918 Oct 2017OxfordshireB4477 Kencot to Carterton road2 x potholes approx 30 metres apart. Small but deep and right on the part of the road that your car tyres bang in to.Reported
14383818 Oct 2017OxfordshireB4477 Kencot to Carterton roadA variety of potholes within a 30 metre radius, all on one corner. As described below, there are 2-3 potholes on the way into the bend and at least one big one on the bend itself.Reported
14383718 Oct 2017EssexNevendon RoadStreetlight out.Reported
14383618 Oct 2017GloucestershireNot knownA part of the road that is crumbling and will only get worse as the autumn/winter progresses.Reported
14383518 Oct 2017WiltshireCricklade to Fairford RoadThe corner shown has two hazards. If you are driving towards Cricklade, there is a rut/gully which has formed in the middle of the road. In this gully there is also a previous repair which may crum…Reported

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