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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
15509827 Apr 2018LewishamNasty pothole on the left hand side of the road travelling easterly. Quite round in shape but deep and nastyNew
15509727 Apr 2018East AyrshireWrecked my tyre. Reported
15509627 Apr 2018KentLeigh RoadA series of potholes all over the road for about 100m including some deep ones; flag indicates the middle of the 100m strip of bad road.Reported
15509527 Apr 2018West BerkshirePangbourne hillMultiple deep potholes causing vehicles to swerveReported
15509427 Apr 2018NorthamptonshireBridge StDeep pothole, square in shape.Reported
15509327 Apr 2018LincolnshireLarge pothole which has appeared at the end of a section of previous roadworks. Is located directly outside the entrance to the Church. \nReported
15509227 Apr 2018East LothianLong seam in middle of road breaking upReported
15509127 Apr 2018BristolThis pothole is by the drain and is often difficult to spot (and I worry about hitting it on this busy road rather than concentrating on the traffic when going along here on my bike). It's about 2 in…Reported
15509027 Apr 2018Staffordshiremultiple pot holes Reported
15508926 Apr 2018BuckinghamshirePhoto shows poor condition on google maps April 2017. This has got a lot worse now. Reported
15508826 Apr 2018BuckinghamshireA significant size rectangle of poor road surface that it was impossible to avoid with on coming traffic. The picture shows it in poor condition on google maps in July 2017 and it is worse now. Reported
15508726 Apr 2018Derbyshiremajor series of potholes and damaged old repairsReported
15508626 Apr 2018BuckinghamshirePhoto shows google maps in apr 2017. The road surface is much worse now and a large hole here caused a puncture. This was reported and a repair done but it is still not satisfactory. Reported
15508526 Apr 2018BuckinghamshireLarge hole on the side of the manhole coverReported
15508426 Apr 2018Wokinghammultiple potholes on the A4 Bath Road at Know Hill, Bershire opposite the petrol station on both lanes Reported
15508326 Apr 2018HillingdonA sizeable chunk of the middle of the road has come out. This is at the crest of the bridge so difficult to see in advanceReported
15508226 Apr 2018BromleyLayhams RoadMany large holes of at least a metre or two in length and half a metre wide.Reported
15508126 Apr 2018BromleyJunction of Nash Lane and Layhams RoadDeep large pothole in centre of the roadReported
15508026 Apr 2018SurreyBlackmans LaneMost of this junction is now a large series of potholes without much road surface left.Reported
15507926 Apr 2018SurreyRag HillLarge potholes and gravel on this road at the moment.Reported
15507826 Apr 2018Oldhamreinstatement around manholes broken to reveal ironwork Reported
15507726 Apr 2018DevonPotholes on either side of narrow lane on approach to dangerous crossroads.\nCould easily cause serious accident Reported
15507626 Apr 2018North Tynesidemanhole cover lose and very noisy when cars pass over it. Reported
15507526 Apr 2018North Tynesideprevious repair around manhole cover crumbling away and pothole. Reported
15507426 Apr 2018North Tyneside3 potholes in tarmac strip that spans width of roadReported
15507326 Apr 2018North Tyneside2/3 holes on roundabout. previously halfarsed repaired but back again now. Reported
15507226 Apr 2018Redcar and ClevelandUneven road surface causing hazards Reported
15507126 Apr 2018CumbriaUnder bridge\nReported
15507026 Apr 2018DevonVery large and deep potholes all the way along Upham Lane, Farringdon, Devon. Burst tyre and a toddler who keeps falling over into them. Very dangerous for all road usersReported
15506926 Apr 2018NorfolkTaverham Road, Taverham, NR8 6SG2 large pot holes 10 cm deep in area where cyclists turn into junction of Shakespeare way off Taverham road NR8 6SG. these potentially are quite dangerous especially when full of water. There is …Reported
15506826 Apr 2018LincolnshireRut in centre of road due to poor previous repairs not covering the hole properly Reported
15506726 Apr 2018LincolnshireLarge, deep hole at side of road toward Woodhall SpaReported
15506626 Apr 2018ShropshireWheel breaker! The whole side of the road. 6ft x 5ft x 2 inches!Reported
15506526 Apr 2018ShropshireLong section of broken surface with ruts and holes. Reported
15506426 Apr 2018Windsor and MaidenheadVery long gully of broken tarmac.Reported
15506326 Apr 2018East AyrshireMill Ave, ladeside rd. \ndeep suspension damaging potholes on main road. Reported
15506226 Apr 2018HampshireJunction of Southampton Road and Avenue Road, LymingtonThree holes at traffic lights junction - one round a small metal plate, one round a larger oneReported
15506126 Apr 2018KirkleesPothole Reported
15506026 Apr 2018KirkleesPothole Reported
15505926 Apr 2018KirkleesDeep pothole outside house. Reported
15505826 Apr 2018KirkleesWater filled pothole Reported
15505726 Apr 2018KirkleesWater filled pothole. Reported
15505626 Apr 2018CambridgeshireSomeone has stolen the drain covers on the bridge over A11 near Babraham causing a huge hazard for cyclistsReported
15505526 Apr 2018KirkleesNumber of potholes down Centre of road plus a deeper one by a manhole cover. Reported
15505426 Apr 2018KirkleesLong pothole approx 30 feet long. This is one of several on that road. Reported
15505326 Apr 2018KirkleesButt Lane, HepworthCentre of road has failed where it was joined together when last resurfaced. Hole getting bigger.Reported
15505226 Apr 2018Little SalkeldLittle Salkeld bridge and Langwathby bridge roads been like this at least a month I have hit one of them and damaged my car I am NOT HAPPYNew
15505126 Apr 2018LiverpoolThis junction and the speed bumps around it have a large number of potholes in them. The holes are both leave and deep and a hazard at what can be a very busy junction.Reported
15505026 Apr 2018SouthamptonBassett AvenuePotholeReported
15504926 Apr 2018DerbyshireDeep pothole, down to subsurface with hardcore showingReported

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