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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
14106827 May 2017WakefieldJust off road. Collects rain water. \nReported
14106727 May 2017BromleyCudham lane southSeries of deep, sharp edged pot holesReported
14106627 May 2017MoraySingle hole apex 4 inches deep. Could cause cyclist to fallReported
14106527 May 2017DevonPothole Reported
14106427 May 2017DevonPothole Reported
14106327 May 2017DevonPothole Reported
14106227 May 2017DevonPothole Reported
14106127 May 2017DevonPothole Reported
14106027 May 2017DevonPothole Reported
14105927 May 2017WarwickshireRoadwork repair and now a hole right in braking zone for junction. Dangerous for motorbikes \nReported
14105827 May 2017SolihullPothole from wear & tearReported
14105727 May 2017BoltonHarwood MeadowA pothole has opened up along a utilities trench scar. Coarse gravel size aggregate excavated from the hole is being spread across the road. A suburban street on which children play.Reported
14105627 May 2017North YorkshireSmall pothole getting rapidly biggerReported
14105527 May 2017North YorkshireSmall potholes getting rapidly biggerReported
14105427 May 2017North YorkshireSmall potholes getting rapidly biggerReported
14105327 May 2017HertfordshireDrain is filled with the slap and dash resurface and now blocked and broken up around/sinking. When rain fall comes water now collects in parking area where drains are further blocked and spills over…Reported
14105227 May 2017BoltonElgol DriveMultiple small potholes on Elgol Drive, near the junction with Beaumont DriveReported
14105126 May 2017NorthamptonshireLonghold RoadLarge potholes and uneven surfaces over a large and long period of road. This road is in atrocious condition. Especially bad from location marked all the way to cross roads near Clipston. Especial…Reported
14105026 May 2017LeicestershireMinor lane north of Launde AbbeyDeep pothole on tight corner. V dangerous position, making cars move to right hand side of lane on a right hand corner (when descending) and same for bikes,Reported
14104926 May 2017LeicestershireChurch HillDeep pothole on descent on corner and few more towards junctionReported
14104826 May 2017LeicestershireWelham LanePothole opposite exit to farmReported
14104726 May 2017LeicestershireDingley RoadLarge pothole opposite no.11Reported
14104626 May 2017LeicestershireDingley RoadHuge pothole opposite entrance to cemetary, near end of pavement as you leave village.Reported
14104526 May 2017NorthamptonshireMill RoadDreadful series of potholes, so bad some locals have sprayed the worst ones. Very bad on this junction but also many, many bad hole between here and the river bridge 1/2 mile north. This road is in…Reported
14104426 May 2017CardiffThe Paradepothole increasing ub size and depthReported
14104326 May 2017StaffordshireLUZLOW ROADpothole appeared yet again in Luzlow Rd ( Thorney Edge) keeps coming back every year ..needs a proper job on it !Reported
14104226 May 2017SomersetLarge pothole - 2 inch deep layer of top surface has degraded Reported
14104126 May 2017SuffolkTop tarmac broken down to substrate Reported
14104026 May 2017WakefieldPair of potholes Reported
14103926 May 2017LincolnshireFleet roadA large section of broken surface including pot holesReported
14103826 May 2017Cheshire West and ChesterThere are a load of branches fallen off a tree or have been trimmed off a tree that has wandered into the road and causing an obstructionRejected
14103726 May 2017SouthamptonBridge roadPot hole on bridge road under it Itchen bridgeReported
14103626 May 2017Hertfordshiremultiple pot holes and poor repairs cycle hazardReported
14103526 May 2017WarwickshireVery bad road surface, potholes and loose gravelReported
14103426 May 2017SomersetThe recent roadworks for the new pipes is not very smooth and needs sorting properly by the people doing the works\n\nIt is disgraceful and will end up needing more repairs in the future Reported
14103326 May 2017South GloucestershireNear the end of the hill going down a38 from white horse pub there is a bump that nearly broke my wrists \nAbout 50 yards ish before junction \nReported
14103226 May 2017HarrowLarge pothole in centre of side road approx 5metre from junction with main roadReported
14103126 May 2017OxfordshireA417 Faringdon RoadIRONWORK ON GUTTER DRAIN COLLAPSINGReported
14103026 May 2017East LothianPot hole starting to spread Reported
14102926 May 2017East LothianPot hole \nReported
14102826 May 2017East LothianPot hole on bend requires dangerous road position to avoidReported
14102726 May 2017East LothianBroken up surface Reported
14102626 May 2017East LothianBroken up surface Reported
14102526 May 2017East LothianBroken up surfaceReported
14102426 May 2017East LothianPlate sized pot hole middle of road Reported
14102325 May 2017Highways Englandmultiple potholes Fixed
14102225 May 2017SurreyRough make safe to 2 manholes creates same hazard trying to prevent. Uneven surface and even motorists try to avoid the disrupted surfaceReported
14102125 May 2017SurreyPotholeReported
14102025 May 2017SurreySeverely sunk manholeReported
14101925 May 2017SurreyApprox position, 2 severe depressions in road at verge. Significant dip for motorists at speed limitReported

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