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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
13888828 Mar 2017Booker AvenueLarge pothole at side of road fronting 68 / 70 Booker Avenue. Have reported previously but no action other than spray paint (which has now washed away). Hazard to cyclists and could damage suspension…New
13888728 Mar 2017LeedsParkside (Horsforth Leeds, LS18) at junction with the ring road (A6120)Repair to Parkside (Horsforth Leeds, LS18) stopped short of the junction with the ring road (A6120) ... there are significant hazards for cyclists all around this region.New
13888628 Mar 2017BrentKilburn High RdDeep, steep pothole right in the juction box. This is a potential wheel / neck breaker.New
13888528 Mar 2017BrentKilburn High RdDeep, steep pothole right in the juction box. This is a potential wheel / neck breaker.New
13888428 Mar 2017BrentA5Entire northbound left lane is broken up / uneven. Some potholes, some scoring give it a texture more like a cattlegrid. It's on a fast, slightly downhill section and it's very dangerous for cycling.New
13888328 Mar 2017North YorkshireB1224Areas of cracked tarmac forming a depression and dangerous deep cracks for cyclists and other road usersNew
13888228 Mar 2017RenfrewshireFootpath between Broomfield and BirchgroveStreet lights left on all day and night for over two weeks now, wasting my council tax money which has gone up by over 17%!New
13888128 Mar 2017RenfrewshireA8 Greenock RoadCollapsing road surface around manhole/drain coverNew
13888028 Mar 2017RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadRoad surface breaking up due to Scottish Water water leak. Unable to report to Scottish Water as its not outside a known address with known postcode. Been leaking for some time now the road surface…New
13887928 Mar 2017NorthamptonshireDegraded surface around manhole cover in part of cycle laneNew
13887828 Mar 2017A446More like a sink hole!! On the entry to Dunton Island Junction 9 M42 Travelling on the A446.New
13887728 Mar 2017BirminghamBelgrave MiddlewayVery uneven stretch of road surface. Now dangerous for cyclists.New
13887628 Mar 2017RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadPotholes appearing in edge of road surface. Road edge is breaking up as road is subsiding into the field, not helped by the fact that BT Openzone dug a trench in the verge and weakened the road sup…New
13887528 Mar 2017HerefordshireC road between Dilwyn & A4110area of 100 sq metres where road is broken up and I need to swerve around to avoid holes and prevent wheel damage.New
13887428 Mar 2017BirminghamBelgrave Middleway/Bristol RoadAs you cross the Bristol Road, coming from the Pershore Road, towards Five Ways, in the middle of the carriage wayNew
13887328 Mar 2017RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadRoad surface breaking up, reported before, no action taken except road surface getting worseNew
13887228 Mar 2017RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadRoad surface breaking up and large number of potholes a plentyNew
13887128 Mar 2017BuckinghamshirepotholeNew
13887028 Mar 2017Transport for LondonSeven Sisters roadSurface across the entire junction is broken and uneven, incredibly difficult to cycle across safelyNew
13886928 Mar 2017WestminsterPothole dangerous for cyclists New
13886828 Mar 2017CalderdaleMoselden LaneLarge potholes across the whole of the carriageway, remaining surface breaking up, poor previous reinstatements breaking up. Road requires re-surfacingNew
13886728 Mar 2017CalderdaleWithens End LaneLarge potholes across the whole of the carriageway, remaining surface breaking up, poor previous reinstatements breaking up. Road requires re-surfacing.New
13886628 Mar 2017BuryPot hole in this area dangerous for cycle motorcycles. New
13886528 Mar 2017Beck HillA pot hole in the roadNew
13886428 Mar 2017LancashireA56Multiple potholes a few feet in length and 3 to 4 inches deepNew
13886328 Mar 2017SolihullArea of numerous potholesNew
13886228 Mar 2017WarwickshireArea of collapsing road New
13886128 Mar 2017Milton Keynes3 potholes within a short space.New
13886028 Mar 2017LancashirePothole developed right on a tight bend causing harm and hazard for traffic New
13885928 Mar 2017Tower HamletsEast ferry roadUneven surface with multiple potholes approaching t-junction. Covers ca.80% width of south bound lane.New
13885828 Mar 2017Cheshire West and ChesterA556An array of holes at various depths, mainly in the outside lane.New
13885728 Mar 2017Highways EnglandM56pot holes in the roadNew
13885628 Mar 2017Transport for Londonrecent roadworks, poorly refilled and collapsedNew
13885528 Mar 2017StaffordshireSide of road collapsed resulting in cars coming off the side of the road if a car passes. Extremely dangerous. New
13885428 Mar 2017BristolUneven drain cover New
13885328 Mar 2017HertfordshireA1081Deep pothole in a dangerous positionNew
13885228 Mar 2017HertfordshireB556Deep potholeNew
13885128 Mar 2017Transport for LondonSunken ironwork. This is a hazard to cyclists and motorcyclists.New
13885028 Mar 2017HaringeyRoad surface broken. Potholes starting to form. Hazard to cyclists and motorcyclists.\n\nThe whole stretch needs to be resurfaced.New
13884928 Mar 2017Surrey2-3inch deep pothole just before lights. Extremely dangerous and would catapult a cyclist/motorcyclist who hit it into a busy junction New
13884828 Mar 2017WolverhamptonWobaston RdVery large and deep pothole suddenly appeared on very busy roadNew
13884728 Mar 2017CalderdaleLighting Column has been cut off at approx 600 - 750mm above ground level, creating a dark spot at the junction (blind corner) of Rawson Avenue and St. Ives Road.\n\nI first reported this to Calderda…New
13884628 Mar 2017CalderdaleDeep pothole in near-side wheeltrack of southbound traffic lane, at crossing point /traffic Island.\nNew
13884527 Mar 2017PowysA483Breakup of road surface that has previously been patched. .. see photographNew
13884427 Mar 2017KentEggpie Lanedeep potholeNew
13884327 Mar 2017StaffordshireLarge pot hole 300 x 200 mm approx 300mm from left hand kerb\nNew
13884227 Mar 2017LancashireA6 Preston RdSeveral pothole on the way into chorley where the top surface has disapeared. very busy road and is where a lot of road cyclist would be.New
13884127 Mar 2017LincolnshireLittle Bytham roadvery large pothole from side of the left hand lane which is now running across the middle of the roadNew
13884027 Mar 2017BrentPothole large size when reaching End of the road need to move onto other side to avoid car damage.New
13883927 Mar 2017BrentToo many big and dangerous potholes, the speed bumps have potholes within them too, ended up messing up my car suspension. Terrible condition Road whose of Burnley Road starting from outside Dollis …New

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