Why use FillThatHole?

Why might you want to use FillThatHole rather than a highway authority’s own individual pothole reporting service?

There isn’t a simple rule, but roughly speaking:

Use FillThatHole if:

  • You would like the report to be public, so others can see that the pothole has been reported.
  • You don’t know who the highway authority is (perhaps when touring).
  • You want to report the hazard anonymously.
  • You would like to mark the location on a public map accurately, and perhaps upload photographs for everyone to see.
  • You would like to contribute to the only national, if incomplete, database of potholes.
  • You wish to record any injury or damage sustained, and possibly get help or advice about a compensation claim from the Cycling UK’s solicitors.

Use the highway authority’s site if:

  • You want the hole fixed particularly quickly. FillThatHole may introduce a slight delay before the report gets into the highway authority’s system.
  • You know who the highway authority is.
  • You don’t mind giving your name and email to the council.
  • You aren’t bothered that the report will be a private affair between you and the council only.
  • You don’t want to be able to add photos or comments to the report for others to see.

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