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IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
4304515 Jan 2011Blackwall Tunnel Northern ApproachConvex safety mirror at foot of steps to pedestrian underpass has been smashedFixed
4304815 Jan 2011Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach3 potholes in northbound BTNA: 1 at Old Ford turnoff and 2 not far south of thereFixed
344879 Apr 20101006408549Bloomsbury StreetMassive pothole with an broken-up base in the left hand lane exactly at the place where a bike would want to go. There have been roadworks here on and off for years. Gower street resurfacing has no…Rejected
12608514 Mar 2016Borough High StreetHeading northbound, outside lane, before junction of Borough High Street and Bedale Street there is a wide deep pothole. Due to traffic levels this is very hard to notice and somebody hitting the pot…Fixed
5216119 Mar 2011Bow RoadHazard near central reservationRejected
2433029 Dec 2009Bridge StreetMutiple very poor quality repairs often round manholes makes this section very difficult for cyclists who have to pull out into the traffic lanes to weave their way round all the dips and holesFixed
4852521 Feb 2011Bridge Street (Westbound)Pothole on westbound carriageway of Bridge Street at junction with Westminster Bridge, right at the traffic lights. This pothole has been repaired recently but the join in the tarmac has opened agai…Fixed
14066317 May 2017Brixton HillDeep, dangerous pothole.Fixed
636431 Feb 2012Brixton RoadVery large pot hole nearly threw me off my bike this morning - luckily I only sustained a buckled back wheel - if I had not seen it in time and not lifted my front wheel over the hole I would have b…Fixed
505986 Mar 2011Brixton Road (A23)Pothole in corner of repaired area by drain coverFixed
505996 Mar 2011Brixton Road (A23)Pothole in bus lane on Brixton Road A23Fixed
3881613 Aug 2010Burdett Roadpothole on west side of crossroads between Burdett Road and St Paul's Way, and another bad one nearbyFixed
4458125 Jan 2011Burdett RoadTarmac is breaking up around manhole, which bangs loudly every time a vehicle drives over itFixed
508979 Mar 2011Burdett RoadTrip hazard, missing concrete surrounding access cover which also tips when pedestrians step on itFixed
5099310 Mar 2011Burdett RoadCrack in Burdett Rd by pedestrian crossing & junction with Thomas RoadFixed
12600814 Mar 2016Burdett Road - a metre after Pixley St TurningThere seem's to be a previous pothole that has been filled but has been worn down. The pothole looks like works have been done and the hole filled but the tarmac has been worn down.Fixed
3910430 Aug 2010Byward StDeep pothole in road.Fixed
195716 Feb 2007Catford Rdnumerous areas where road surface is breaking upFixed
2132511 Jun 2009Chelsea EmbankmentAlmost a 2 inche dip on a manhole cover, Very Dangerous!,+Kensington,+London+SW3,+United+Kingdom&sll=53.956086,-4.042969&ssp…Unpublished
4443524 Jan 201144435CHISWICK ROUNDABOUT2/3 big potholes side by side, making it impossible to swerve around. Plus the road has 2 lanes. The potholes are in the right lane.Fixed
2317615 Oct 2009City RoadPothole where manhole is collapsing: very dangerous to cyclists as it is in the middle of the lane.Fixed
4457725 Jan 2011City RoadPotholeFixed
4546231 Jan 2011Commercial RoadSurface breaking up around two adjacent drain coversFixed
3833726 Jul 2010Corner of Victoria Enbankment and Westminster BridgeSeries of holes in the roadFixed
572887 Jun 2011Croydon Rd (A232)Even by the poor standards of dry fill patches, this was a dismal example, on a busy TfL main road (see photo)Fixed
3968630 Sep 2010croydon roadold road repair rectangle, rapidly sinking. Just after pedestrian crossing traffic lights towards croydon on croydon road approaching the junction towards penge. Actually the opposite direction recen…Fixed
1615423 Dec 2008Curtain Roadsunken trench across road width due to settlement after road worksFixed
230466 Oct 200923046Dalmeny RoadVarious small/medium potholes and uneven surface on this section of Dalmeny road makes cycling difficult and uncomfortable - it's on one of the main London cycle routes.Fixed
34536 Mar 2007Downs RoadIt is particularly lethal pothaol as when it rains, it disappears in a puddle creating an additional hazrd for unwary cyclists!Fixed
5877726 Jul 2011East India Dock Road, westbound, bus signalBus priority signal on A13 East India Dock Road westbound at junction with Blackwall Tunnel northern approach ramp has an unacceptably long wait. Up until about 2 months ago the signal responded quit…Fixed
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