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IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
11516511 Apr 2015Warbuton Lanedeep and long pothole severely dangerous - knocked me from my bike ripped my clothing torea hole in my front tyre punctured my rear tyre dmaged my front wheelReported
378331 Jul 2010Warren Bruce Roadgap around perimeter of drain forming a hole.Reported
274627 Feb 2007Warwick Road SouthSeveral potholesReported
1232345 Feb 2016Warwick Road SouthThe whole stretch, from Kings Road to Rye Bank Road, so pitted with ruts, pot holes and badly filled holes. It looks like concrete slabs have been dropped there randomly. The speed bumps are smoother!Reported
421157 Jan 2011Washway roadA series of potholes for 200 yards forcing cyclists out into second lane before and after junction with park road.Very risky and unridable with the busy junction.Reported
6579227 Mar 2012Washway RoadWashway Rd and Park road juntion very badly degraded in junction and for 200m beyond. This causes cyclists to take a very wide primary position for approx. 200mReported
753026 Jan 2013Washway RoadSquare cut holeReported
1114433 Feb 2015Washway RoadDeep potholeReported
17775217 Jun 2020Washway Road3 large pot holes on the A56 Washway roadReported
16145415 Jan 2019Wellington RoadMultitude of potholes and generally poor surface conditionReported
1800824 Feb 200918008WestgateA number of potholes down centreline of road. Because of parked residents' cars, traffic is forced to drive down centr of road and slalom around these potholes as well as oncoming traffic.Reported
1854812 Mar 2009Westinghouse RoadOld, old rut reappearing a couple of years after resurfacing.Reported
1854912 Mar 2009Westinghouse Road2 blocked gullies that flood the road 2m wide after rain.Reported
221374 Aug 2009Westinghouse RoadRoad sinking down the side of an inspection coverReported
238703 Dec 2009Westinghouse RoadFlooding at blocked gullies. These were visited by a gully emptying lorry this week but were still flooded this morning.Reported
844119 Apr 2013Westinghouse RoadA sinking and crumbling area of tarmac is causing shaking in nearby buildings when large HGVs drive though itReported
844129 Apr 2013Westinghouse RoadSinking manhole cover causing shaking in nearby buildings when HGVs drive over itReported
10964830 Dec 2014Westinghouse RoadPotholeReported
1021753 Apr 2014Westinghouse Road / Europa WaySunken Manhole in the middle of the lane, precisely where a bike making a U turn from Europa Way, around the roundabout and heading for the right hand lane on Europa Way would be.Reported
1878220 Mar 2009Wharfside Way2 sunken coversReported
5282624 Mar 2011Wharfside WayVery large pothole causing rider to have too move out into the centre of the nearside lane to avoid itReported
747482 Jan 2013Whitecarr LaneUneven road surface due to shallow potholes and ruts. Located on a bend, in close proximity to another corner so is unavoidable. Even at low speeds, could cause damage to tyres and wheels and is also…Reported
7743129 Jan 2013Whitecarr LaneThe road is covered in small potholes that seem to link up accross half the road.Reported
10403111 May 2014Whitecarr LaneRoad surface is heavily potholed & surface is breaking upReported
11251121 Feb 2015Whitecarr LaneThe road has broken up badly and causes lots of strong vibration when driving over. It's almost impossible to cycle over as the risk of a puncture is very high.Reported
11788124 Jul 2015Whitecarr LaneOn the edge of the bend coming form the Wythenshawe direction, the road surface is extremely broken up into a series of potholes. An extremely hazardous area to passing vehicles which could cause a c…Reported
15485524 Apr 2018Whitecarr LaneMultiple enormous pot holes causing vehicles to serve all over the road or drive blind down the middle of the bendy country lane to avoid them, cyclists are at massive risk.Reported
11404117 Mar 2015Whitecarr Lane, HaleNumerous holes, worn carriageway, raised grids, etc. too many to specify.Reported
1187074 Sep 2015Whitecarr roadMultiple holes and rough surface over several metres covering the carriageway completely on one side.Reported
17728222 May 2020Whitehouse laneTwo deep holes beside one another around a bend in the road, difficult to pass especially if traffic is coming from the opposite direction. Smaller holes surround the two main potholes and the neighb…Reported
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