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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
2145719 Jun 2009Doesgate LaneExisting surface decay and multiple patch loss of road surface over a 50m length of road, exposing previous surface below - which is now potholed in places. Teporary (?) repairs made to some patches …Reported
2146019 Jun 2009South HillDegredation of surface (loss of gap-filling adhesive tar between agregate stones) making for a deceptively rough and unpredictable ride for cyclists up the lower half of this hill. Combined with slow…Reported
2240620 Aug 2009Dartford Crossing Northern Approach cycle trackRaised kerb difficult to see approaching crossing from North. Potential wheelbender for a loaded cycle at any time but a potential neckbreaker at night.Reported
2431428 Dec 2009447893Dunnings Lane, near Bulphan, EssexPotholeReported
3020124 Feb 2010459861The B186 clay tye road in south ockendon/Upminster Essex is full of pot holes the road is so dangerous its like an obsticle course. Trying to get from one end the the other is taking your life in you…Reported
309821 Mar 2010460965Muckingford RoadRepaired pothole that is opening up again.Reported
309831 Mar 2010Muckingford RoadA series of potholes in a line.Reported
309851 Mar 2010460969Linford RoadA series of potholes just before the mini-roundaboutReported
3666626 May 2010Grifon RoadPart of the road has sunken to the point it looks like it is about to collapse.Reported
3847431 Jul 2010497149Desnnis RdA number of deep cracks on road surfaceReported
418313 Jan 2011534233Muckingford Road, Linford, EssexLarge pothole in line with the the offside tyres of a car, close to the middle of the road. Has been noticeable for about a month now.Reported
4554831 Jan 2011540285Uneven surfacesReported
4708011 Feb 2011542833Dunnings LaneMultiple potholes and degraded raod surface extending for approximately 50 metresReported
4963328 Feb 2011546923Badly restored pot hole but increased in size. Reported
499852 Mar 2011546893Pothole been in this area for quite sometime. The tar as completely gone from the area so it's a hazard Reported
505256 Mar 2011547317Don't like it :-)Reported
5355831 Mar 2011553209Two large holes and a gulleyReported
5544221 Apr 2011558367 Missing manhole coverReported
6238231 Dec 2011604989Childerditch LaneLarge branch broken from a tree and overhanging the roadReported
6577326 Mar 2012Looks like big pothole or bad repair Reported
6582828 Mar 2012Sandy LaneA series of potholes causing traffic to swerve onto oncoming lane.Reported
711307 Sep 2012631405St. Mary's LaneVegetation on the verges in St. Mary's Lane obscuring sightlines when attempting to pull out of Dunnings Lane into St. Mary's Lane.Reported
7625413 Jan 2013643921Ferry road Tilbury EssexBotch repair National cycle route 13 ferry road tilbury essexReported
7997118 Feb 2013stanford road/buckingham hill roadmultiple pot holes and road breaking upReported
7997818 Feb 2013princess margaret roadpot holes and breaking up joinsReported
8048424 Feb 2013648891Pothole from poorly maintained road Reported
8463812 Apr 2013Third AveA very large pothole in Third Ave Stanford-le-Hope, the hole is 20-25yds from the mini roundabout in Southend Road.Reported
8731529 May 2013657797on junction of stanford road a1013 and buckingham hill roadlarge deep holeReported
8731629 May 2013657795e tilbury road/princess margaret roadpot holes, cracks in roadReported
884501 Jul 2013Pothole arising from previously filled potholeReported

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