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Hazard Statistics

Total Hazards 2,258
Current Hazards 1,862
Closed Hazards 396
Fixed Hazards 388 (17.24%)

Contact Details

Web site
Hazard reporting web page
Hazard reporting telephone 0800 232323 (0844 822 2888 out o


The Staffordshire Highways team prioritise every defect based on National Guidance to ensure that the most dangerous are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Any "Urgent" defects are normally made safe or repaired within 24 hours.

If the defect is not considered urgent, it will be classified as "Routine Works" and it will be prioritised and included in a programme for repair and we aim to complete the repair in about four weeks, however at certain times of year when there is a high demand it can take longer.

Those defects that are not considered to present a hazard are often entered into our "Community Works" programme. The works that get done from this list are prioritised and agreed with your local Parish/Town Council and your County Councillor.

For highway defects that need to be attended to urgently and are out of the contact centre opening hours, please ring 0844 822 2888. You will be asked to quote a pager area number, as a call sign, to enable the relevant duty superintendent to be contacted.

* For highway defects in Staffordshire Moorlands District please quote Area 1.
* For defects in Stafford District please quote Area 2.
* For defects in South Staffordshire and Cannock Chase Districts please quote Area 3.
* For defects in Lichfield and Tamworth District please quote Area 4.
* For defects in East Staffordshire District, please quote Area 5.
* For defects in Newcastle District please quote Area 6.

Accept email reports: 
This authority does not accept hazard reports by email any more.

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