South Gloucestershire

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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
17663322 Apr 2020As can be seen by the photo, pothole is about twice the length of my size 10, and the width of my foot. \nWithin 1m of the near side, it where a cyclist would be expected to be when travelling toward…Fixed
1761972 Apr 2020Slurry dropped on the road, junction, without any care for other road users. Cyclists and motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable due to the wreckless behaviour. \nAs can be seen from the road sign…Fixed
17608828 Mar 2020Pothole in a single track road, just where the vehicle would put its wheel. \nApprox two foot lengths long and just over one foot length wide. \nLocated directly in front of the front door of The Cro…Fixed
17593223 Mar 2020Single track road, this pothole is in the wheel track of every vehicle going up or down the Lane. \nApprox 40cm x 40cm. Fixed
17036719 Dec 2019School Road, Frampton CotterellNasty deep pothole where rains has washed road surface away outside house with solar panels near Crossbow (see photo)Fixed
1691704 Nov 2019Manhole cover missing in cycling line very dangerousFixed
16842525 Sep 2019Perrinpit Road, Frampton CotterellRain has washed away the road surface leaving a broad pothole where I would usually cycleFixed
16791524 Aug 2019A431 Bath RoadPot Hole in the riding line.Fixed
16680120 Jun 20191206069Perrinpit Road, Frampton CotterellRecent rain has washed away the road surface leaving a large pothole in the roadFixed
1620585 Feb 2019Gloucester Road A38A beast of a pothole on the northbound A38 just after it crosses the M5 by flyover near Hortham Village.Fixed
1611986 Jan 2019Old Gloucester RoadLarge deep pothole at the location specified. Position is such that it's a severe hazard for motorists, cyclists & pedestrians alike. It's distance from the edge of the road & proximity to a nearby…Unpublished
15860412 Aug 2018999717Many potholes on Freezinghill land. Rough surface throughout and many deepset drains that are dangerous for cyclists.\nFixed
15735212 Jun 2018961477A420 Tog HillSeries of holes and deteriorating road surface over few 10's of metres on the descent of Tog Hill just where you really start to pick up speed. Nasty surprise for cyclists and little room to manoeuvr…Fixed
15337910 Apr 2018909872Pothole 24\" x 18\" x 4\" deep in position of danger to cyclists in an area of very poor repairFixed
1526164 Apr 2018Gaunt's Earthcott LanePotholes around a previous pothole repair.Fixed
1524423 Apr 2018dangerous pothole - rider killer Fixed
15150427 Mar 2018Large pothole on entrance bend to duel carriageway from roundaboutFixed
15059119 Mar 2018Large rut appearing in middle of road that is deep enough to cause damage to cycle wheels and dangerous to motorbikes. Becoming unavoidable. \nFixed
14855620 Feb 2018Gaunt's Earthcott LanePothole near to house as you emerge from Gaunt's Earthcott Lane onto the Old Gloucester Road.Fixed
14573221 Jan 2018Hortham LaneOn the motorway bridge heading eastbound.Fixed
14462622 Dec 2017Earthcott RoadExpanding large pothole right where you'd normally cycle.Fixed
1375936 Mar 2017612910large deep pothole situation exactly where cyclists ride very dangerousFixed
13327410 Nov 2016Shellards LaneShellard's Lane heading East just before a bend, a deep pothole which could easily burst a tyre or damage a wheel, and cause a fall. Marked with white paint for many months yet no action to fill it u…Fixed
1332155 Nov 2016Following resurfacing of the A420, the road surface is approximately 1.5cm below the level of the dropped kerb providing access to the cycle path that connects the A420 to Deanery Road. As this path…Fixed
13245914 Sep 2016526564Shellards LaneDeep pothole with attractive herbaceous features.Fixed
1317583 Aug 2016T435Traffic management on this road needs serious review. Turning right onto A420 towards bath is near impossible which cause HUGE tail backs (sometimes more than 2miles) for the majority of motorists tu…Rejected
1317493 Aug 2016Old Gloucester RoadOn narrow section of road, potholeFixed
12983021 May 2016deep wide potholeFixed
1275206 Apr 2016nasty pothole on northbound carriagewayFixed
1249811 Mar 2016Braydon AvenueDeep pothole in the line that cyclists take.Fixed
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