100 hazards found, displaying on 4 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
16006515 Nov 2018The Stub.Very deep hole on down slope of a sudden steepening of a steep hill so not visible until you're upon it. This is highly dangerous and could cause a serious injury.Reported
15819317 Jul 2018Cortay Park, Llanyre, PowysThe road at the junction of Cortay Park and the road through Llanyre is crumbling and has several pot holesReported
15696030 May 2018several pot holes Reported
15517128 Apr 2018There are a series of deep portholes, in some parts joining together to form a long rut on the B4558 between Pencelli and Brecon. Specifically, 1 mile outside of Pencelli travelling towards Brecon, …Reported
15482824 Apr 2018B4362Three circular potholes.Reported
1522902 Apr 2018Debris on NCN route 8 along several metres of road. Reported
1522892 Apr 2018Multiple potholes on cycling lineReported
15048717 Mar 2018deep potholeReported
1474888 Feb 2018B4580Very deep pothole on the edge of the carriageway outside a premises known as Bwlch Y Rhiw, Llansilin, Near Oswestry, Shropshire. I understand that several motorists have damaged their vehicles by …Reported
1471244 Feb 2018large pothole Reported
14653130 Jan 2018New road (between Llanfyllin and Pen Y Garnedd) off B4391A number of large potholes and degradation of road surface for many miles from beginning to end of road.Reported
1436613 Oct 2017Continued potholes on junction, with gravel and other debris causes danger to cycling turning into the Llandrinio direction Reported
14115431 May 2017yew tree laneLarge potholeReported
13952210 Apr 2017New road, from Llanfyllin to Nant Fyllon, Pen Y GarneddMnay potholes and road deterioration all along the length of the road from turn off to T junction at the top and then on the road from the T junction when you turn left. Road deteriorates more after …Reported
13884527 Mar 2017A483Breakup of road surface that has previously been patched. .. see photographReported
1357383 Feb 2017B4393The B4393 is a hazard, the entire stretch of road to Llanfechain is badly potholed and poorly surfaced.Reported
13309827 Oct 2016Bryn Street SY 16Large pothole at the top of Bryn Street. This has been left for at least 12 months and the plastic fencing around it constantly falls over and the sandbags are leaking sand. It looks like a repair th…Reported
13305423 Oct 2016No nameManhole/drain with surrounding surface breaking up.Reported
1328509 Oct 2016Pothole, lack of maintenance Reported
1303788 Jun 2016deep pothole extremely poor road surface dangerous to cyclistsReported
12994624 May 2016multiple potholes and ruts from the traffic lights up to number 8 new road. causing tyre damage, as the cannot be avoided due to parked cars Reported
12994524 May 2016several potholes and a sunken drain at entrance to bridge on a4077 to Crickhowell Reported
1274534 Apr 2016Old cattle grid, with very wide bars and highly polished surface. Lethal to cycles in damp wet conditions Reported
12401115 Feb 2016New Road, the lane to Nant FyllonA series of potholes from roughly about half way along a lane that is almost 4 miles long. Some potholes have recently been filled buit a large number were not and are still quite hazardous, and of t…Reported
12372912 Feb 2016unknownA number of large pot holes and a very worn surface in dire need of repair.Reported
1230903 Feb 2016Unclassified (known locally as the Mousehole)A narrow, single lane unclassified road leading from the A470 main road towards the village of Llanspyddid, near Brecon, Powys [Grid ref SO 00967 27101] is becoming pitted with a number of potholes w…Reported
12276229 Jan 2016B4396Large pothole. The complete 1 mile stretch from Pedairffordd to the cemetery crossroads is full of holes and needs completely resurfacing!!Reported
12201117 Jan 2016Llanidloes Sports Centre roadDeep potholes on road leading to Llanidloes Sports centre / Swimming pool. several potholes along a short stretch from the High School Entrance to the Sports centreReported
12178913 Jan 2016New Road, the lane to Nant FyllonA series of large potholes at various intervals getting bigger and deeper the further along the lane you go. The lane is approx 3 and a half miles long and is for the most part one car wide with no k…Reported
12087916 Dec 2015B4396 near pedairfforddLarge pothole(along with many more on this road)Reported

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