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IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
12210819 Jan 2016Margaret Street, Widdrington StnThe length of Margaret st Widdrington, It is shocking with more than one pot hole, They resurfaced a corner of the same road but left the worst part .Fixed
13392311 Dec 2016Fisher lane A1068The main route out of Cramlington has a large pothole hazard on this busy section of dual carriageway. Difficult to avoid on a road bike.Fixed
11706 Feb 2007The most pathetic atempt to make good after laying a pipe, lasts the length of the whole village - disgustingFixed
500692 Mar 2011MR021483B6278The nearside of road seems to have sunk in two places. This is at the side of a river bAnk.Fixed
2254631 Aug 2009Allerburn LeaThe photo shows a large hole next to a drain but in addition to this there are multiple serious road defects in the immediate vicinity which will be apparent when inspected.Fixed
8316824 Mar 2013101002128699Green Lane. Cornhill on Tweed.The poor condition of this public road was reported some months ago and, to date, nothing has been done. The road is deeply rutted, unsurfaced,and downright dangerous. That there has not been a serio…Rejected
1276828 Apr 2016A6079The pot hole is just off the roundabout at the entrance to Tyne Green park near the river on the A6079.Fixed
3900124 Aug 2010park road,swarlandThe pothole is 20cm in width and length and is over 3 inches deepFixed
599798 Sep 2011Pinewood DriveThe pothole is just at such a distance from the kerb that it is likely to be a hazard particularly for a cyclist or motor cyclist. Also the surrounding area is breaking up and will very shortly bec…Fixed
18025828 Nov 2020B6305The pothole is on the B6305 as you descend down from Lowgate in to Hexham. It is in a very dangerous position as it is on the line that cyclists take and could easily throw them off their bike causin…Fixed
8539622 Apr 2013Unclassified road leading from A69 to WardenThe potholes are on a sharp corner on a descent on the inside of the road. The hazard is right in the path of cyclists and motorcyclists and forces them to take evasive action by swinging out into th…Rejected
1584253 Aug 2018un named road (Cycle Track 01) passing caravansThe potholes were easily avoided at slow speed but a man on a Bobcat has decided to spread loose material over the full width without tamping teach bit so it's a proper gravel trap. I fell off becaus…Rejected
11403617 Mar 2015B6530The road (b6530) on the hill leading out of Corbridge Northumberland is in a shocking state and it's part of the main Coast to Coast cycle path. It is seriously rutted and broken tarmac for a stretch…Fixed
73612 Jul 2007The road at this corner is deteriorating substantially and there is a large amount of loose surface material on the road. It is a real hazard for road bikers' skinny tires.Fixed
4348018 Jan 2011Alemouth RoadThe road is breaking up where previous road repairs have eroded and cracked leaving large potholes and uneven road surface which causes a danger to cyclists. Cyclists are forced to move out into the …Rejected
17199719 Jan 2020B6528The road is broken with several large potholes as you enter the village of Horsley on the B6528 from the A69.Fixed
10794013 Oct 2014101002770229Travellers Rest to Whitley ChapelThe road is now a worse hazard for cyclists after the potholes have been repaired! The road is now more uneven with raised patches and sunken parts as well as loose debris. This is an accident wait…Rejected
17602826 Mar 2020B6319The road is very badly rutted and broken due to previous repairs to potholes on the road between Allerwash & Haydon Bridge.Fixed
171077 Feb 2009MR002245The road is very uneven, with various ruts and gullies and is prone to flooding. Another hazard is the volume and speed of motorised traffic, including scheduled coaches carrying schoolchildren; thi…Fixed
11662427 May 2015B6531The road surface around a drain cover has broken away and there is a deep hole large enough to throw a cyclist off their bike. The hole is also large enough to break a bike wheel and cause serious in…Fixed
5788926 Jun 2011Limestone laneThe road surface has been very poorly repaired, leaving a very rough 'corrugated' surface which will be extremely damaging and potentially dangerous to any vehicles which have to use it.Fixed
10353030 Apr 2014101002541508B roadThe road surface has deep potholes,ruts and loose debris for its full length approximately one mile plus in length from the A1 slip road at Clifton ,Morpeth ,Northumberland to Glororum,and to the T-j…Fixed
8941714 Aug 2013B6345The road surface is badly potholed, completely uneven and disintegrating over a 3-500 metre stretch.Fixed
914119 Nov 2007Gallows BankThe road surface is breaking up and it is a particularly dangerous descent down into Hexham on a bicycle. You are forced into the middle of the road and even then it is very uneven and rutted.Fixed
12234223 Jan 2016B6531The road surface is breaking up and there is debris all over the road making it incredibly dangerous for cyclists.Fixed
6849229 May 2012B6319The road surface is breaking up with a deep gully in the centre of the road. This hazard covers about 200 meters along the road and forces car drivers to move towards the edge of the road making it v…Fixed
6907018 Jun 2012Hellpool LaneThe road surface is broken up with debris scattered all over the road. Patching has been done to a very poor standard and is breaking up. The road is very dangerous if used on a bike and would cause …Fixed
3663625 May 2010MR016908BarleyhillThe road surface is highly uneven in this area and has been is an unacceptable condition for some time now, there are also a number of potholes as well as the poorly restored surface after roadworks.…Fixed
107633 Feb 2008439044Corchester LaneThe road surface is rutted with several large potholesFixed
7419427 Dec 2012Battle Hill (B6305)The road surface is very broken with several potholes and sunken utility plates in the road. The uneven road causes cyclists to swerve to avoid them putting them in the path of cars. Cars are also fo…Fixed
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