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IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
16226 Jan 2007The manhole is surrounded by a badly damaged road surface. This causes Cyclists to swerve into traffic in a dangerous location, where visibilty of cyclists is reduced due to steep incline and bends.Fixed
8472 Feb 2007A sunken manhole cover, it's square and when on a cycle the edge presented to you is at an angleFixed
193716 Feb 2007There is an excessive amount of mud and stone on the lane surface following field operations. Could you ask the farmer responsible to clean it up.Fixed
193816 Feb 2007The surface of an old trench line across the road is breaking up resulting in a number of potholes.Fixed
198116 Feb 2007Half bricks and other large stones, been there for 4days now.Fixed
260525 Feb 2007At the left hand side of the cycle advanced stop area at these lights there is a large muddy puddle every time it rains. This forces cyclists right out into the main vehicle lane if they have to put …Fixed
260725 Feb 2007The large iron manhole (Telecom?) at this junction is very uneven and dangerous for cyclists coming fast down Bridge lane trying to keep up with the heavy traffic. The tarmac round the manhole is bre…Fixed
33445 Mar 2007deep potholesFixed
79231 Aug 2007sinkage round metal coverFixed
848817 Sep 2007Glass scattered for a larger area, approx 2metre area.Fixed
1064530 Jan 2008Badly cracked and broken surface where a patch has broken up.Fixed
109308 Feb 2008Disintegration of the tarmac for long lengths of this lane resulting in litterally dozens of potholes and piles of gravel. Probably not much good patching it. This needs to be relaid.Fixed
125115 Apr 2008Series of ruts and gullies along the stretch of road between SD 45644 62551 the truning off to Salt Ayre recycling facility and opposite the Pye motors garage. The next section is past the Wickes r…Fixed
125507 Apr 2008Several potholes along the edge of an old patch.Fixed
1306629 Apr 2008pothole developing amongst a very uneven road surface, downhill, which means cyclists are doing a reasonable speed and its very difficult to just swerev round the pothole and uneven road surface due…Fixed
1518328 Sep 2008PEM 465204A large amount (Half Cu Metre) of the hedge bank appears to have been pushed out onto the road by a vehicle hitting the bank. It needs clearing or is will get spread all over the roadFixed
1657420 Jan 2009PEM 517905There are lots of potholes about 2 inches deep on the downhill side of Stoney Lane Galgate between the 30 mph sign and the traffic lights.Fixed
1657620 Jan 2009533433There are lots of badly broken edges on this section of road. A particularly bad one at about this grid ref projects about 500 into the vehicle track and is very dangerous for cyclists who are forced…Fixed
1771718 Feb 2009center of road is one big pot holeFixed
184419 Mar 2009Poor quality botched repair is breaking up leaving potholes rutts and loose grit on the inside of this corner. It is dangerous for cyclists, all the more so because it can't be seen until you are alm…Fixed
184429 Mar 2009PEM 547787Pothole at the east end of an old patch. Depth unknown as it was full of water. Much of this road is in a very bad state. There are dozens of bad potholes between Chipping and Higher Hodder Bridge.Fixed
212134 Jun 2009Pem 800430The recent repair adjacent to the drainage gully appears to have broken up again.Fixed
239004 Dec 2009Top layer of road damaged at junction. Covers both lanes of road.Fixed
314054 Mar 2010715006Side of road completely braking up. THIS S VERY DANGROUS!!!!! This causes a lot of sheet ice for the next 20 - 30m of ice in this cold weather, also pushes cyclists into middle of the road on a ver…Fixed
399647 Oct 2010Pothole in road quite deep Fixed
4022316 Oct 2010PEM 807566Entire road surface breaking up resulting in various pot holes difficult to determine depth as it is so bad needs resurfacing not a bucket of Tarmac patted down with a spade!! Fixed
4022416 Oct 2010Pot hole and rutted roadFixed
4022516 Oct 2010Pothole and rutted surface the width of the roadFixed
4029420 Oct 2010PEM 819725Two potholes one deeper than the other both in cycling line forcing cyclists to swerve into middle of road hazardous as the traffic is fast moving and busy especially at commuter times.Fixed
4032222 Oct 2010PEM 812254One of many water filled potholes must have been missed during recent repairs maybe due to mud on road this one is particularly bad as is approx 8 cm deep in line of cycling and often water filledFixed
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