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IDAddedHA Ref.sort iconRoadDescriptionStatus
16390215 Mar 2019Potholes from bad repairs . Road is a mess.\nReported
16390315 Mar 2019Pothole from poor repair\nReported
16392515 Mar 2019Nailhead Road300 foot section of road in poor condition that needs rebuilding. Numerous potholes develop, the latest is now a serious hazard to cyclists and cars as it causes them to swerve towards the middle of …Reported
16396216 Mar 2019Pothole from broken up road surface which is dangerous to cyclists on this cycle route road. The surface is breaking up with loose gravel. Reported
16404218 Mar 2019Broken up road surface with large pothole very dangerous to cyclists turning on roundabout. Reported
16570029 Apr 2019Pothole from poor fix \nReported
16570129 Apr 2019Pothole from poor fix\nReported
16606116 May 2019A315A pothole was previously filled in, but now the whole lane is falling apart from the buses that drive over itReported
16636330 May 2019The area on the leading edge of a speed hump has deteriorated and left a large long holeReported
1670904 Jul 2019Pothole. Reported
16723913 Jul 2019A315 High StreetTarmac in poor condition, crambling thus massive pothole is present. Very dangerous as it is hard to avoid.Reported
16724013 Jul 2019A315 High StreetTarmac in poor condition, crambling thus massive pothole is present. Very dangerous as it is hard to avoid.Reported
16874311 Oct 2019Pedestrian crossing on Parkway doesn’t light up and trigger lights going south (west side)Reported
16904027 Oct 2019Pothole has returned after two poor previous attempts to patch. Please will Hounslow Highways do a proper job this time as it continues to be a danger to cyclists and motorists alike being in a poorl…Reported
16904127 Oct 2019Pothole from previously poorly repaired pothole. Causing danger to cyclists as in centre of roadway .Reported
16904227 Oct 2019Groove and rut in road from broken up road surface. Causing danger to cyclists in road as front wheels can be caught in the groove. Groove runs for 4-5 metres and is in need of repair before some cyc…Reported
16904327 Oct 2019Broken up road surface that is a series of loose tarmac blocks which will become a pothole extremely quickly if not repaired before this winter. It is in the middle of the road thus a danger to cycli…Reported
16904427 Oct 2019Pothole from broken up road surface with loose gravel scattering around and kicking uk against Parked cars chipping Paintwork. Also in middle of roadway used by cyclists, so a huge danger in the dark…Reported
16904527 Oct 2019Pothole forming from previous repair to road rut. Pothole growing in size due to cracks and broken up gravel and heavy use of cars in this pet of the road. I hit this when cycling down the road and i…Reported
16904627 Oct 2019Exposed covered manhole cover under tarmac that has created a pothole in centre of carriageway where cyclists ride. It is dangerous as it is so deep sided and is growing in size due to the metal drai…Reported
16904827 Oct 2019Pothole forming in centre of road from broken road surface. Growing due to loose gravel in the hole and a danger to cyclists as in centre of road way. Reported
16904927 Oct 2019Pothole reported but not repaired for months now enlarged and a danger to cyclist as in middle of roadway. Requires immediate attention to prevent serious injury or legal action from accident that wi…Reported
16905027 Oct 2019Pothole from poorly repaired patch of tarmac in old pothole. Dangerous position as in cycle way and corner of junction with Elmwood and Falcon Close and Sutton Lane South. Is a danger ti cyclists as …Reported
16905127 Oct 2019Pothole reappearing from previous repair being very poor and therefore road surface breaking apart to create new pothole. Position in road is dangerous to cyclists and is in need of full and proper r…Reported
16905327 Oct 2019Raised drain cover above road surface exposing sharp metal edges creating a danger to cyclists turning into any one of the four neighbouring roads on this busy junction. Reported
1692427 Nov 2019Turnham Green TerraceA nasty, dangerously-located hole/trench has opened up where roadworks were evidently backfilled with too-weak material and motor vehicle traffic weight has broken it up. It's right at the entry to a…Reported
17045821 Dec 2019Inwood avenue4 potholesReported
17072227 Dec 2019Nailhead Road, Felthampot hole by gulley drain outside approx number 11 nailhead rd causing cyclists to veer, potential damage to car tyres and rainwater pooling creating splash hazard to pedestrians. This is in a sectio…Reported
17149511 Jan 2020Recent roadworks to make toad 20mph limit has left a gully/pothole across entire width of road where it was presumably dig up to lay a cable and has not been properly repaired. Fed up with having to …Reported
1727272 Feb 2020Two potholes on a pelican crossing. 4 inch blocks off tarmac loose and scattered on road. Reported
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