631 hazards found, displaying on 22 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
15972629 Oct 2018Small square manhole cover is stuck at an angle within the hole with a corner standing high causing a trip hazard. \nFixed
15895331 Aug 2018Caused accident 30/09/2018 came off bike and damaged front wheelFixed
15823921 Jul 2018Huge pothole Fixed
1556304 May 2018holeFixed
1556294 May 2018holeFixed
1556244 May 2018deep and wide pothole hard to avoid on bicycleFixed
15488525 Apr 2018Really deep pothole close to the edge of the road heading towards Dane End. Could prove fatal for a cyclist. Fixed
15480824 Apr 2018Two huge potholes on right and left of road one is more than nine inches deepFixed
15472823 Apr 2018A10 junction with Market HillPothole is located around the drain at the side of the roadUnpublished
15409616 Apr 2018Woodmere Avenue, Watford, WD24Large and deep pothole at the Colne Way end of Woodmere Avenue watford, it's about 80 cm from the kerb so and is deep enough to cause a serious accident should a cyclist encounter it.Fixed
15358612 Apr 2018Large pothole arising due to winter damage. Fixed
15344411 Apr 2018Pothole due winter damageFixed
1531568 Apr 2018Collapsed pedestrian crossing and the rest of the roads length needs attention Fixed
1521081 Apr 2018PotholeFixed
15077520 Mar 2018Approx 16inch dis deep potholeFixed
14992412 Mar 2018Very deep pothole in middle of carriageway. Very difficult to avoid.Fixed
1496269 Mar 2018Large amount of dangerous potholes at junction Fixed
1492895 Mar 2018Potholes just uphill from bridgeFixed
1492745 Mar 2018Two potholes in roadFixed
14839518 Feb 2018Large pothole across Herns Lane junction with B1000\nFixed
14832618 Feb 2018drain in roadFixed
1470484 Feb 2018Pothole rapidly enlarging because in line if travel on bus route is now about 0.6m by 0.5m fullnof water and gravel and cobbles strewn on road and footway.Fixed
1468352 Feb 2018201103393456Lower High Street Watford HertsLower High Street Watford Herts Pothole in the line of traffic between 2" &4" deep opp the entrance to Mercedes. I have reported this pothole to Herts Highways Ref: 201013393456 the reply was it is …Rejected
1468022 Feb 2018.Fixed
1467951 Feb 2018There is a large and deep hole surrounding a drain cover, just before you get to the junction with the roundabout.Fixed
14561518 Jan 2018Hollycross road, WareFly tippingFixed
14561418 Jan 2018B180Fallen tree in road B180Fixed
1451477 Jan 2018Cold Christmas laneFly tippingFixed
1449544 Jan 2018unnamed road in Wareside. Nearest named road - Scholar's Hilldeep pothole in which someone has put bricks.Fixed
14456619 Dec 2017Bell lane, Widford, HertfordshireDeep holeFixed

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