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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
16158618 Jan 2019Adjacent to Leighton Buzzard RoadThis pot hole is large and with square edges, so would easily cause a cyclist to be thrown over the handlebars if they happen to ride across it.Reported
16149016 Jan 2019Pothole on road directly outside entrance to school. It's on the differently surfaced section of roadReported
16130311 Jan 2019Pothole on speed rampReported
16130211 Jan 2019Pothole running through speed rampReported
1611254 Jan 2019Pothole- this area was only repaired in the summer.Reported
16104731 Dec 2018Very dangerous especially at night as busy road and narrow pavementReported
16103031 Dec 2018New Road, BerkhamstedOn New Road , Berkhamsted, approx 0.6 miles up the hill from the railway bridge, there is a metal covered drain where the surrounding tarmac has sunk leaving a nasty hole. It seems like it has been r…Reported
16102530 Dec 2018Letchmore roadPooryl resurfaced road after roadworks and speed bump installation has resulted in various potholes along the roadReported
16097629 Dec 2018Essex Road, HoddesdonEssex Road in Hoddesdon is in terrible shape with several approx 10ft long and 3ft wide potholes and sunken manhole surrounds. The road is used by hundreds of lorries every day and is not being main…Reported
16081824 Dec 2018Pothole in centre of road where motorcyclists ride Reported
16078523 Dec 20182 large potholes in centre of road\nReported
16077122 Dec 20182 potholes on the bend. been here for ages!Reported
16072020 Dec 2018Travellers LaneSoil and branches on the road surface where the path crosses, possible dumped, approximately 4-5cm deepReported
16067419 Dec 2018No name - Connects Blind lane with B1037Deep car damaging pothole in road - Currently submerged under floodwaterReported
16065017 Dec 2018Pot hole and uneven road just on entrance to roundabout on far left lane. Getting larger.Reported
16061015 Dec 2018Deep pothole in middle of road\nReported
16057212 Dec 2018Bedmond RoadPothole at edge of earlier repair.Reported
16053211 Dec 2018The blocks in the centre of the road have sunk causing a step for traffic going eastward which causes quite a jolt if the wheel hits itReported
16052811 Dec 2018Maylands AvenueCollapsing drainReported
1604216 Dec 2018a deep pothole has reopened which is unavoidable. Reported
16025428 Nov 2018there is a sunken drain/manhole cover on the roundabout which is unavoidable. its severe enough for cars to jolt or skid at low speed which triggers traction controll to activate on modern cars. Reported
16007015 Nov 2018Pothole arising from broken drain cover Reported
16002213 Nov 2018Swanland RoadTree fallen across unlit shared use pathReported
1599198 Nov 2018Theobald StDeep pothole on Theobald st on the road towards Radlett. Narrow road makes it impossible to drive safely around the hole due to oncoming traffic. Lethal for cyclists.Reported
1598745 Nov 2018Very loose cover which is quickly deteriorating due to significant movement every time a car goes over it. Reported
1598584 Nov 2018Park Hill, Harpenden, Herfordshiretwo pot holes close togetherReported
1598122 Nov 2018Orchard Road sg4Three potholes in a rowReported
15965022 Oct 2018Deep pothole danger to cars and cyclistsReported
15961319 Oct 2018Dennys LAneSeveral potholes on Dennys lane descent, just after going under the A41. These are very difficult to see due to the darkness caused by the trees (& sometimes a low blinding sun). They are quite lar…Reported
15959418 Oct 2018A large area along the edge of the northbound carriageway on the Bedmond Road is breaking up, causing a hazard to cyclists. Multiple potholes are present. Cyclists have to steer around the affected …Reported

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