Cheshire West and Chester

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IDAddedsort iconHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
191563 Apr 20092107513Parkgate Road/Chester High RoadThe surface of the road approaching the traffic lights is in a dangerous condition because of the disintigration of the tarmac around the buried traffic light sensors. This is particularly dangerous …Fixed
194178 Apr 2009A483Glass from RTA on cycle pathFixed
2006024 Apr 2009Weston GroveOn crossing Weston Grove (Southern end) today, my 5yr old daughter came off her scooter because of a rut on the west side. Also there are multiple potholes / uneven areas nearby in Weston Grove, ma…Fixed
202701 May 2009New Pale RoadLarge rectangular manhole has a deep, rectangular, slot shaped hole running alongside on the edge towards the centre of the road. Hard to avoid if being overtaken. A bike can easily be traveling at 1…Fixed
2052111 May 2009Deep pothole on a fast stretch of road which may cause a cyclist to swerve to avoid or cause them to lose control if they cannot avoid it.Fixed
2068615 May 20092107512Parkgate Road/Chester High RoadI reported this hazard in April - it was quickly, but temporarily fixed (report 19156). The repair was a piece of tarmac placed in the hole where the cover of the traffic sensor had worn away. This …Fixed
2088222 May 2009Chester High RoadSuken grid - filled with water - thought it was a puddle - nasty jarring shock which punctured front tyre and shool me upFixed
2090623 May 2009Balmoral ParkHole in the middle of the street which is getting bigger and is hard to avoid for cars and bikes.Fixed
212699 Jun 2009Heath Lanelarge area, unmissable on bikeFixed
2150722 Jun 20092101003Tarvin RoadA severe potpole surrounding the grid.Fixed
2157227 Jun 2009Greenbank RoadThere are two potholes in the middle of the roadFixed
2157427 Jun 20092106063Old Wrexham RoadHuge pothole in middle of road and smaller pothole in gatewayRejected
2157527 Jun 20092106060Fairfield RoadRoad surface is terrible. It has been patched so many times it is hard to establish where one pothole ends and another starts.Fixed
2160430 Jun 2009Little Stanney Lane & B5132SELECTION OF POTHOLES AT JUNCTION TO MAIN ROADFixed
2175710 Jul 2009A56 Hoole Road, ChesterSmall but deep pothole on Hoole bridge. Cycling to station this morning I was unable to avoid pothole as lorry was overtaking and I nearly came off bike - particularly dangerous for bikes with small…Fixed
2189920 Jul 2009Townfield LaneTwo small potholes at the edge of the road. The road is narrow and cyclists would need to be very close to this if there were oncoming traffic.Fixed
2206730 Jul 2009City RoadIn the gutter on the approach to City Road leaving Bars Roundabout there has been a concrete ramp created presumably sometime ago that serves no current day purpose. There is now a barrier alongside …Fixed
2206830 Jul 20092101386The Squaresurface breaking up badly leaving pools of water that through winter froze to black iceFixed
221635 Aug 2009DC/SWMarsh LaneCycling on National Cycle Network 4 - a short section of the road is now virtually impassible owing to the condition of the route. The section is adjacent to the chemical works and it appears to have…Rejected
2254831 Aug 20092301756Knutsford RoadVery uneven road surface covering the entire westbound side of the road for a distance of a few metres. Impossible to ride over without severe jarring.Fixed
2296028 Sep 20092302174Ash House LaneDeep holeFixed
2329226 Oct 2009Lache LaneUneven sunken road surface. Really really bad!!Fixed
239947 Dec 20092302968A49 tarporley roadlarge pothole with piece of tarmacadam sticking upwards-is large and deep enough for if a scooter or motorcycle struck it to throw them off their machine- nearside front car or van wheels will have t…Fixed
2425621 Dec 2009Pentland Close / Melrose Park pathwayThere is the remains of a wooden post at the end of the pathway along Melrose Park by the entrance to Pentland close. This is dangerous especially for cyclists at night.Fixed
245515 Jan 2010Chester RoadLots of bumbs and holes over a 15 metre stretch approaching the traffic lightsFixed
2474812 Jan 2010Middlewich RoadMultiple potholes on B5081 between Middlewich and Knutsford, especially near the bridge across the M6.Fixed
2489315 Jan 20102303298A49 Warrington Rd, opposite Acton Lanerut/groove at white line in centre of road. This is very dangerous, particularly for cyclists : a cyclist turning right off the A49 up towards Acton Bridge could have their front wheel catch in this…Fixed
2489415 Jan 20102303299Aston Lane SouthA number of potholes on the hump-backed bridge over the railway line on the road from Preston Brook/Dutton industrial estate down to Aston. These holes mean that a cyclist has to weave between them,…Fixed
2489515 Jan 20102303300Kingsley Rd, FrodshamBig pothole appeared at side of road opposite Lady Heyes craft centre entrance (NB entrance not exit). I was cycling and was forced to swerve out into the road to avoid it, just as a car was attempt…Fixed
2495115 Jan 2010Church Road, Ashton HayesVery deep,large pot hole.Fixed
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