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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
16156318 Jan 2019BEAUMONT ROADPothole developing in centre line of road, between #3 and #4 Beaumont Road. Surpace breaking up, debris scattered nearby, hole growing.Reported
16137413 Jan 2019Fen RoadPotholeReported
16134812 Jan 2019Sidgwick AvenueUneven patches entering the junction with Grange Road from Sidgwick Avenue: entire area is rough, with a 1m x 0.5m rectangular sunken area (road surface completely erodedReported
16134712 Jan 2019Selwyn GardensLong patch of unevenness -- erosion of road surface in centre of road; general erosion nearbyReported
16134612 Jan 2019Selwyn Gardens/Grange RoadUnevenness at corner of junction touching the kerb: cracks in road surface and erosion of the top layerReported
16134512 Jan 2019Sidgwick AvenueElongated hole (small) but relatively deepReported
16134112 Jan 2019307848Extensive splits in cycle path large enough to trap wheel and throw cyclist off bikeReported
16129410 Jan 201900307743Sidgwick AvenueMultiple potholes and unevenness; eroded road surfaceReported
16127310 Jan 2019Daws LaneSeries of potholes on footpath/cyclepathReported
16127210 Jan 201900307724Hills RoadSeries of potholes in the cycle laneReported
16127110 Jan 201900307726Madingley RoadSeries of potholes just by a major junction.Reported
1611856 Jan 201900307442Several large potholes on the approach to Caxton gibbet roundabout Reported
1611786 Jan 201900307441Tenison RoadBroken slabs in the pavement/footway - my wheelchair-bound friend tells me she's almost been thrown from her chair here. There are also horrible potholes in the road here, with stones beiong thrown …Reported
1611776 Jan 2019Large pot hole has gone through the road surface in the under fill it’s eroding daily and and anger to life Reported
1610701 Jan 201900307186Spurgeons AvenueRecent repairs to multiple pot holes have been carried out very badly and several were missed at the time.Reported
16100030 Dec 201800307120Station RoadSmall but deep hole next to a drain coverReported
16099129 Dec 201800307119Alpha RoadPothole, reported 3 months ago, unfilled and growing in size,Reported
16090928 Dec 201800307027Newmarket RoadRoad surface rutted, potholes and extremely uneven on crossing. Very poor and extremely dangerous considering this is used as a main route to nursery and school for many children on bikes.Reported
16088127 Dec 201800307017Road really has sunken from works that were carried out recently Reported
16083526 Dec 2018Pothole that could result in significant injury for runners cyclists or children on unlit path\nReported
16073421 Dec 2018brand bank roadBranch Bank Road from Littleport to Queen Adelaide is very dangerous. Lot of potholes and sunken sections where road dips dangerously towards the verge.Reported
16061515 Dec 201800306636Two potholes on the left edge of already subsided road surface. Witnessed a 4x4 with trailer last week whose trailer wheel had been torn off just past these potholes. Positive given the location of t…Reported
16059113 Dec 201800306556Folksworth RoadLarge pothole of about 3ft wide . Making cars swerve over other side of the road to avoid it.Reported
1603594 Dec 2018A142 Cycle laneThe cycle path gets full of debris which cause punctures and is never swept. I would just ride on the road, but as there is a cycle lane, this seems to antagonise some drivers who then deliberately d…Reported
1603262 Dec 201800305952spurgeons avenueHorrendous road surface, COVERED in pot holes, with many becoming craters. Its an utter disgrace the state of the road. The holes have already been marked TWICE but yet still have no further action …Reported
16019423 Nov 2018SPURGEONS AVENUEWhole road surface is covered with potholes of varying size. Twice in the last few months the council have visited the site, painted around the damage and promptly left never to be seen again!Reported
1599409 Nov 2018M11Deep pothole in outside lane M11Reported
1598906 Nov 2018Bollard causing trip hazard - in high use area (remembrance parade will be using this soon) - could cause injuries in my opinion \nReported
1598534 Nov 201800304628Large cracks and surface damage including potholes. 100m+ long section \nReported

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