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IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
10153524 Mar 20141530450Wells PromenadeSurface of road deteriorating badlyReported
8192314 Mar 2013FLC-1275096Carr LaneSurface on is a total shambles, full of holes and sunken areas. Many drivers going to right hand side of the road to bypass.Reported
677130 May 2007Baldwin LaneSurface poorly restored after roadworks. Uneven surface and potholes. Sunken manholes/drainsReported
14831618 Feb 2018Surrounding water main. Also reported to Yorkshire Water. Reported
841205 Apr 2013FLC-1288883Wakefield RoadTarmac broken around drainReported
1836397 Mar 2021Tarmac layer has come off approx 4cm deep. Located on the left hand side of the westbound side of the A65. This is a hazard for cyclists, forcing them to deviate into the traffic around a corner.Reported
4042427 Oct 2010FLC-861128Otley Road, Charlestown, Baildon, Shipley BD17Tarmac progressively snking around raised manhole.Reported
466408 Feb 2011A6033temporary lights rarely working (head on collision risk since often foggy on this moor rd) and in place for nearly a year without work being done. Surface from previous work on driven carriageway no…Reported
1023305 Apr 2014CR207320-1534162Roundwood Road/Langley lane junctionterrible road surface after installation of (unnecessary) speed ramps, where surface has completely degraded and makes turning on to the side road very difficult and dangerous. The main route and si…Reported
233933 Nov 2009Skipton Road (A65)The junction between Victoria Avenue and the A65 is now even more treacherous to cyclists. The road surface has become very uneven and it's difficult to steer through this busy junction safely. The…Reported
723222 Nov 20121472960Keighley Road - B6265The road is badly rutted and the surface is very bad meaning it can be difficult to maintain control of a bike when riding on it.Reported
17601626 Mar 2020the road is in disrepair and had a partial gradiant which causes car steering to go wrong. also there are a significant amount of potholes and tree related issues. this a high foot fall and Car drive…Reported
17766411 Jun 2020Brown Bank Lane junction with Turner LaneThe road surface has been removed (prior to repair) - this has been in the same state for at least one weekReported
2022030 Apr 2009FLC-631986Keighley Road, Manningham LaneThe road surface is deteriorating rapidly since the outer yellow line was removed loosening the road aggregate. This is exacerbated in areas where the road surface is sunken and cracked - generally u…Reported
1337291 Dec 2016Bolton RoadThe road surface is poor with a series of potholes and breaks in the surface over a stretch of 30m or so on both sides of the road. This is dangerous because it forces a cyclist out into the middle …Reported
723896 Nov 2012FLC-1210909Keighley RoadThe road surface is so badly deteriorated it is extremely difficult to cycle along and can only be ridden slowly This is the same problem on both sides of the carriagewayReported
226769 Sep 2009Bradford Road (Old A650 - now B265?)The surface around the manhole cover has worn away, leaving a big hole just before the manhole cover itselfReported
17601526 Mar 2020the tree is making a pot hole and due to the narrowness of the road when a car is parked outside 135 cars have to drive on the edge of the tree damaging tiresReported
12069310 Dec 20151002932945A6033 Keighley RoadThe wall at the side of the main road is slowly pulling away and will no doubt collapse 10-12 feet down the hillside.Reported
2986820 Feb 2010FLC-753172B6379The whole lane is covered by numerous potholes meaning you have to cross the central line to avoid them.Reported
6299915 Jan 2012Otley RoadThere are a large number of metal plates and pipes together in an area of tarmac. Traffic moves the steel realtive to the tarmac forming large deep potholes all around the metal. The metal pipes of…Reported
212487 Jun 2009FLC-647726The GroveThere are a series of sunken drains and patches of uneven surface on The Grove in Ilkley - this is a particular hazard for cyclists travelling westwards on the road, particularly as this is a narrow …Reported
8302723 Mar 2013FLC-1282187Kenley MountThere are potholes all over Kenley Mount in Bradford, some small and some quite large. We regularly have to swerve to avoid them and they're getting worse!!Reported
397763 Oct 2010FLC-851596There are potholes along the length of Westwood Drive and this totally unacceptable Reported
2195422 Jul 2009FLC-665555Bradford RoadThere are some nasty grooves in the surface just before the pedestrian crossing/T lights. I think this is where the T light "coils" are buried in the road. Need filling in with some tar. My front …Reported
239094 Dec 2009FLC-717938Sutton LaneThere are two drain grids adjacent to each other, one more sunken than the other. They are on a LH bend just where cars usually decide to overtake cycliists. The cyclist can either ride over the gr…Reported
12119330 Dec 20151002946322Otley RoadThere are two groups of man hole covers that get smashed about in the tarmac all the time, the holes around the covers are now opening up and very dangerous. I'll describe the larger one below but t…Reported
9527522 Jan 20141473003Keighley RoadThere is a manhole cover which has been partly repaired, however, on the right-side of the repair, the tarmac has worn away leaving a large hole. This is very dangerous for cyclists who use this roa…Reported
9832719 Feb 20141498472Stafford StreetThere is a sizable pothole immediately prior to a speed bump. It is difficult to avoid due to its position in the road and the impact is worsened due to its proximity with the speed bump.Reported
3732811 Jun 2010FLC-804156Otley road/baildon road junction, near side heading southThere is about 50yards of very dangerous road edge starting on otley road as it is joined by baildon road and continuing on past the entrance to focus on the left, heading south into shipley. Three o…Reported
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