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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
400078 Oct 2010166532Several potholes on both carriageways of the A93. At least two attempts made to fill these holes earlier this year but so pathetically inadequate that they simply eroded again.Fixed
4082511 Nov 2010143310B9126 at junction with A944Series of potholes and poor road surface for about 50 yards from the road junction Largest is beside a drain and is about 18 inches by 12 inches and 6 inches deepFixed
4114823 Nov 2010144830Unnamed, Woodlands of DurrisLareg pothole and water damage, recently repaired and re-opened as of today. Accumualtes water and passing traffic cannot see pothole depthFixed
4114923 Nov 2010144835South Deeside RoadPothole. This is a recurrent pothole location and needs proper repair. Two potholes have opened in the last day or soFixed
4421322 Jan 2011152703Montgarrie BribgePotholes and uneven surface covering the whole width of the road.This has been there since last winter.It was temporary fixed last summer and only lasted about a week.Fixed
4723412 Feb 2011154552The whole width of the road is broken up with potholes and gullies.You have to get off your bike to get round this obstacleFixed
498761 Mar 2011156076The WatersOver a short distance (circa 0.5 mile)dozens of potholes varying in depth from an inch to 4 inches. Surface of road lifting in several places and it is now impossible to traverse several yards of pa…Fixed
5108210 Mar 2011156825Pothole adjacent to blacksmiths. Large enough to cause damage to vehicles. Fixed
5193717 Mar 2011242114B993Large single pothole on NW side of the roadFixed
5488913 Apr 2011159445Junction of the B993 with the unclassified road to CraigearnSeries of potholesFixed
5675119 May 2011161801Unclassified road between Kemnay and BlairdaffSeries of potholes on W side of road for about 100 yards just after entrance to houseFixed
5863620 Jul 2011166653Badentoy RoadA pothole is forming around a drain cover.Fixed
5955222 Aug 2011168964Pothole from frost damage. Approx 1m x 0.5m, 70mm deepFixed
650198 Mar 2012188674B994Large single pothole opened up on crack in the road where work had previously been carried out.Fixed
6512611 Mar 2012ACE/4101532 inch hole about 2 foot from vergeFixed
6525513 Mar 2012ACE/411377Poor surface, looseRejected
6546518 Mar 2012189650Frost damage pothole, 12" x 18, 2" deepFixed
660332 Apr 2012ACE/415292North DeesideDeep gully in roadFixed
6636211 Apr 2012191569Deep pothole which has been there for at least 8 weeksFixed
6768910 May 2012196270My Lord's ThroatSeries of potholes and broken road surface over about 200-300yards. Largest is about 3-4 feet in diameter and 4-5 inches deepFixed
7135219 Sep 2012205424B977A trough in the road about a yard long and varying in depth from 2 to 4 inches. There are also a series small potholes around manholes for a few hundre yards WFixed
716202 Oct 2012205870Pothole in centre of road, is a potential hazard when overtaking trucks waiting to access MathersFixed
7601010 Jan 2013216984B979A potholeFixed
7601110 Jan 2013216978B9792 potholesFixed
7648016 Jan 2013217790A937Large, deep pothole appeared on left hand side of the northbound A937 just after MarykirkFixed
7933113 Feb 2013221824Auchenblae to Stonehaven back roadsoutheastern end of the inside of this bend. Enormous stock and log transports and tractors have obliterated the margin of the road because there is no kerb here and nothing stops them mounting the g…Fixed
8071927 Feb 2013226967This is a section of road which was repaired approximately two years ago but the surface has significantly broken up over this winter such that it is impossible to cycle on it. It has to be avoided a…Fixed
810483 Mar 2013223862Poor road surface with multiple growing potholes. Worse on Echt direction side of road. Fixed
810493 Mar 2013223864Large gully forming on outside of bend heading from Dunecht to Echt.Fixed
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