About Fill That Hole

What is Fill That Hole?

Fill That Hole was set up by Cycling UK in 2007 to allow the public to easily report potholes and road hazards to councils, at a time when few councils offered online reporting systems.

Since then, over 200,000 hazards have been reported to councils through the platform, helping councils identify dangerous potholes and get them fixed as quickly as possible.

Although any road user can use Fill That Hole, the tool has been particularly helpful in highlighting just how dangerous potholes are when people are cycling.

Why has Cycling UK relaunched Fill That Hole?

The old versions of the Fill That Hole site and app were becoming increasingly out of date, as well as growing incompatible with council reporting systems.

The new version of the service is powered by FixMyStreet Pro, which is developed by SocietyWorks, the wholly owned subsidiary of the charity mySociety, which runs the national FixMyStreet service.

We chose FixMyStreet Pro because as well as being capable of triaging reports to different councils and public bodies on a national level, the service is built as a progressive web app (PWA). This means you have the choice to use this service on whatever device you want (no obligation to download an app), and ensures that you always benefit from the same user experience, including having access to offline reporting functionality. It also means that we can introduce new features and updates more quickly, whilst only having to support one codebase.

Do I have to make a new account?

Our new tool requires a separate login to your old Fill That Hole account and your Cycling UK account. You can report a pothole without creating an account, but making an account will make it easier to track your reports.

Why should I use Fill That Hole?

At Fill That Hole, we monitor how many reports are made by different modes of transport, and whether any damage or injury was suffered due to a pothole.

This helps us highlight that potholes are more than a nuisance, and that they pose serious risks to people cycling, helping Cycling UK campaign to secure safer and better maintained roads.

Whether you’re driving, walking, or cycling when you spot or hit a pothole, using Fill That Hole helps create a better world by bike and a better roads network for everyone.

How can I support Fill That Hole?

Please share the site with anyone who you think might find it useful.

Cycling UK’s campaigning is funded entirely by our members and donations.

If you want to support this vital work, then please consider becoming a member or making a donation.

Are there any other changes I need to know about?

You might notice that the new platform will allow you to report significantly more types of issues to your council – as well as hazards, you can report things which could be an annoyance but might not pose a direct safety risk (e.g. graffiti). You’re more than welcome to use our tool to report these!

For any other changes in using the tool, please see How to use Fill That Hole.

How can I contact you?

If you are having a technical issue with the functionality of the site, which isn’t answered in these FAQs, please contact us here.

If you want to get in touch with Cycling UK about Fill That Hole or our broader work, please contact us on our main website.