2,979 hazards found, displaying on 100 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
3308824 Mar 2010Hardres Streetrepaired cross-section breaking up in sectionsReported
3309024 Mar 2010Hardres StreetBroken water utility cover on pavementReported
123012 Apr 2008Harbourne LaneLength of poorly maintained road surface with tarmac break-up, potholes, ruts, surface-lying water etc.Reported
818118 Aug 2007hampton pier avevery deep hole with loose gravel twisted ankle in potholeReported
818218 Aug 2007hampton pier avevery deep hole with loose gravel twisted ankle in potholeReported
4709711 Feb 2011Hampton CrescentPotholes in roadReported
1251393 Mar 2016Hampstead lanehuge pothole right on the wheel driving line - these holes keep recurringReported
2582221 Jan 201017400621Ham Shades LaneMultiple holes along length of Ham Shades LaneReported
3564125 Apr 201017304586Halstead Lane junction with Main RdpotholeReported
5783124 Jun 201117812603Halls hole rdPotholeReported
202551 May 200916278099Hall HillRaised area of tarmac with defined edges. On a fast, straight, downhill stretch of road. You can feel a definite thud if you hit it in a car, on a bike it is extremely dangerous.Reported
2998422 Feb 201017302833haine road ramsgate kentpotholes on the haine road in ramsgate kentReported
3009323 Feb 201017203576HAINE ROADdeep pot hole on a unlit B road, have reported it before but nothing done about it, now we have had snow & frosts its become much worse.Reported
3680730 May 201017305415hadlow road/cannon lanesunken manhole rite on busy road junctionReported
6650215 Apr 201217618951hadlow road eastlarge missing piece of tarmac in the safe haven when turning right off hadlow road into three elm laneReported
2940216 Feb 201017401332hadlow roadsunken manholeReported
8259519 Mar 2013Hadlow RoadSeries of pot holes at dangerous bend on major road. Very dangerous for cycles & motor cycles.Reported
5342729 Mar 201117811727GROVEWOOD DRIVE NORTH (en route to TESCO)Several potholes near to each other, making them hard to avoid.Reported
3261517 Mar 2010GROVEWOOD DRIVE NORTHPothole opposite pedestrian refuge. Cars are driving very close to the pedestrian refuge in an attempt to avoid it.Reported
341796 Apr 2010Grovewood Drive NorthUneven road and pot holes across approx 50% of the useable road surface, drivers are tacking their way around the hazards causing problems to on-coming traffic. (Grovewood Drive North, Grove Green, M…Reported
342357 Apr 2010Grovewood Drive (North)Multiple potholes.Reported
1419110 Jul 200816207675Grove Road NorthfleetLack of kerb between North Kent Shotblasters and W.E. Roberts and place where the kerb should be is very uneven.Reported
778671 Feb 2013Grove Roadhuge pot hole about 1 ft wide by 2 ft long if not bigger, very deep, allreay buckled one wheel on itReported
12400515 Feb 2016Grove RoadA pothole has developed in Grove Road Folkestone opposite no. 49 (post code CT20 1NQ ). It is now approximately 14" X 12" and the aggregate from the sub-base is now being scattered across the road b…Reported
12636718 Mar 2016Grove Hill Roaddeep potholeReported
93346 Dec 2007grove ferry hillVery large pothole in a cyclist's line on the bridge at Grove Ferry It had been filled recently but is now much larger and down to the bridge decking. The road surface on the hill down to the bri…Reported
9792916 Feb 2014grosvenor bridgelarge potholeReported
1576021 Nov 200816235396Groombridge hillHole in the rode.Reported
3450210 Apr 2010Greystones RoadNumerous potholes in all parts of the roadReported
992717 Jan 2008GreensideA big hole in the roadReported

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