3,050 hazards found, displaying on 102 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
11784121 Jul 2015Hartley Bottom Roadextremely uneven surface on sharp bend with camber; limits ability to see round bend and oncoming traffic. upsets stability and cause concentration to be focused on the surface and not oncoming traf…Reported
3680830 May 201017305417hartlakeroad/ tudeley laneroad junction has all of the above problems sunken manhole pothles and all the debris from potholesReported
2470412 Jan 201017301270hartlake roadtwo large pot holes on poosite sides off the roadReported
285726 Feb 201017202833HARTLAKE ROADTWO POT HOLESReported
2989421 Feb 201017302823hartlake roadthe one pothole previously reported is now six deep potholes nowReported
2989521 Feb 201017302822hartlake roadone pothole previously reported is now 3 very deep dangerous potholesReported
3062127 Feb 2010hartlake road12 number potholes and tarmac missing from around manholeReported
3680630 May 201017305416hartlake road100 meters of road either side of river bridge road is breaking up badly due to the road sliping into ditchReported
4829319 Feb 201117709128hartlake roada number of pothole in the junction off hartlake road and tudley laneReported
6649915 Apr 201217915464hartlake roadsunken manhole just past missing patch of tarmac hard to avoid on a bike with cars passingReported
9222827 Nov 2013Hartfield Road, StickhillWater Leaking from side of road, cutting right across the road in a sheet. Causing road surface to break uo . Also when we get a have frost this will become a black ice staking ring on a steep hill.Reported
3949921 Sep 2010Harrow RoadSeries of potholes and very uneven surface over 15 yards of roadReported
863879 May 2013Harrow RoadThis is a pothole in the middle of the road. It's made more dangerous as it is often hidden by a car that parks near it.Reported
3896522 Aug 201017307325Harrow Rd ,Knockholtlong stretch of potholes/poorly surfaced roadwayReported
1620728 Dec 200816242140Harple Lanepothole on the way up to pilgrims way.Reported
8016920 Feb 2013Harp Farm RoadA number of potholes, varying in size and depth, through the village of BredhurstReported
3308524 Mar 2010Hardres Street x Broad StreetIntersection road surface badly broken up with ruts, gullies and potholesReported
3308324 Mar 2010Hardres StreetRoad surface broken up around manholeReported
3308824 Mar 2010Hardres Streetrepaired cross-section breaking up in sectionsReported
3309024 Mar 2010Hardres StreetBroken water utility cover on pavementReported
123012 Apr 2008Harbourne LaneLength of poorly maintained road surface with tarmac break-up, potholes, ruts, surface-lying water etc.Reported
818118 Aug 2007hampton pier avevery deep hole with loose gravel twisted ankle in potholeReported
818218 Aug 2007hampton pier avevery deep hole with loose gravel twisted ankle in potholeReported
4709711 Feb 2011Hampton CrescentPotholes in roadReported
1251393 Mar 2016Hampstead lanehuge pothole right on the wheel driving line - these holes keep recurringReported
2582221 Jan 201017400621Ham Shades LaneMultiple holes along length of Ham Shades LaneReported
3564125 Apr 201017304586Halstead Lane junction with Main RdpotholeReported
5783124 Jun 201117812603Halls hole rdPotholeReported
202551 May 200916278099Hall HillRaised area of tarmac with defined edges. On a fast, straight, downhill stretch of road. You can feel a definite thud if you hit it in a car, on a bike it is extremely dangerous.Reported

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