2,419 hazards found, displaying on 81 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
5113111 Mar 2011Eridge RoadA rather deep gush or pothole close to the left side curb, level with the Total garage on Eridge Road, Tunbridge Wells.Reported
272427 Feb 2007Epple roadpotholeReported
164313 Feb 2007Elham Valley RoadBroken Previous RepairReported
7723228 Jan 2013Elham Valley roadPOThole in the middle of the the road aboutReported
624843 Jan 201218003632Eglatine Lanevarious [potholesReported
6774511 May 201218105029Eglatine Lanenumerous potholesReported
6905317 Jun 2012Eglatine Lanesunken old trechworkReported
5184316 Mar 201117610994Eglantine laneseveral potholesReported
598652 Sep 201117714486Eglantine lanelarge area of potholed roadReported
611546 Nov 201117113100Eglantine lanepotholes/rutsReported
7697325 Jan 2013Eggpie lanemultiple large potholes from our house to the North end of the roadReported
10523710 Jun 2014Eggpie laneone large and a few smaller potholes where water has eroded the road surfaceReported
9732610 Feb 2014edge end road broadstairs kent2 pot holes in Edge End Road, BroadstairsReported
500542 Mar 201118002304Eastwood RoadLarge PotholeReported
5144314 Mar 201117408305eastwood rdvery potholed stretch of roadwayReported
7394222 Dec 2012East Street, Tonbridgebroken road surface just before one way systemReported
206217 Feb 2007East StreetSharp edged pothole on tight bend fiving no chance to see it before rounding the bendReported
206317 Feb 2007East Street2 adjacent potholes, both with sharp edgesReported
2233117 Aug 200916300538east streetpot holes,bad repaires and rutsReported
2412912 Dec 200917600067east hill roadpothole 1 meter square with surounding debrisReported
2946216 Feb 201017401341Earlsworth RoadPothole and stones and rocks across the road. 30cm x 30cm approx. Outside 30 Earlsworth Road Other potholes of substantial depth and width also present in the roadReported
318297 Mar 201017303500Earlsworth RoadCars are hitting it and large stones are being thrown all across the road at other parked carsReported
3218811 Mar 2010Eardley roadhuge pot holes 10cm deep, 50cm long and 30 cm wide - many of them . Whole road needs resurfacing it was reported the road needed resurfacing in September 09Reported
3453811 Apr 201017304260Dymchurch road, new RomneySquare hole in centre of the roadReported
1196519 Mar 2008Dymchurch RoadThis road has several large gap's/gulleys where the road is seperating, sunken drain covers and raised patches from previous roadworksReported
4794116 Feb 2011Dymchurch roadA manhole is rapidly becoming a danger to motorists in New Romney (A259). One side of the cover has a deep hole where tarmac etc has worn away, each vehicle that hits this cover causes more chance of…In progress
9414110 Jan 2014Duckpit RoadLoose gravel & flints as well as potholes in the road surfaceReported
624222 Jan 2012dry nill park roadsunken manhole in entrance to junctionReported
6334125 Jan 201217718823dry hill park rdpothole and sunken service cover in junctionReported
239997 Dec 200916323615Downs Avenuenumber of potholes in middle of roadReported

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