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IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
3450210 Apr 2010Greystones RoadNumerous potholes in all parts of the roadReported
992717 Jan 2008GreensideA big hole in the roadReported
3236913 Mar 2010greenhill roadhuge pothole aprox 1ft wide and 6 inches deep. could cause major problem if not resolved. this is on a bus route.Reported
5851316 Jul 201118002959Greenhill RoadLarge pothole on left side of carriageway (westbound). Cars have to swerve to avoid.Reported
108696 Feb 2008Greenhill Lanepotholes, ruts etc along whole section of road. It is almost unusable for cyclists now yet it cuts off a section of the main much busier lane for cyclists.Reported
1122518 Feb 2008Greenhill LaneNumerous Potholes on both side of Greenhill Lane on the sothern end between Bell Lane & Munday Bois Road, The road surface is now almost unridable if a road vechicle approachs i the opposite dirrecti…Reported
153017 Oct 200816225246Greenhill LaneA narrow lane that I reported some months ago as being dangerous to cyclists,(my club use it at times but complain) with road heaves or long ridges to catch tyres in, holes across the carriage-way et…Reported
2918312 Feb 201017302470green street green road dartford kentpotholes over a large stretch of the roadReported
240007 Dec 200916325434Green Street Green RoadRoad breaking upReported
286307 Feb 2010Green Street Green RoadPothole in road carriagewayReported
3002422 Feb 201017203571Green Street Green RoadManhole on mini roundabout sinking and tarmac around it breaking upReported
310131 Mar 2010Green Street Green RoadRoad breaking up after having been repaired for previous potholes, these are making cars swerve to avoid them and the size of them could cause a serious injury to a motorcyclist or a fatality.Reported
310151 Mar 2010Green Street Green RoadExisting road join breaking up causing a long thin pothole/rut this needs to be avoided by motorcycles as it causes loss of control by forcing the wheels along the gulley/rut. this position is used …Reported
319218 Mar 2010green street green roadloads of potholes absolutely disgracefulReported
1024077 Apr 2014Green St Green Rdsmall but effective pothole in the middle of a bend; upset stability of car when hit in mid bendReported
1495610 Sep 200816219579Green laneMultiple potholes and road surface degradedReported
184209 Mar 200916297229green lanelack of grip in the sunken gully, it is especialy dangerous in wet weather, and there has been up to 20 incidents of cars spinning off in to the hedges on both sides of the road in the same area ove…Reported
2203528 Jul 200916297225green lanepot holeReported
1230462 Feb 2016195396green lanelarge pothole in braking area for junctionReported
311262 Mar 2010Green Hill RoadPotholes all over road surface.. Only occured within the last monthReported
1895227 Mar 200916271196Green Hill LaneLane almost completely a mass of potholes, ridges, broken verges, a deathtrap for cyclists who can barely manage to find a safe path through the bad patches. I sent a report re this lane last year. …Reported
11202812 Feb 2015Great FootwayPotholeReported
310892 Mar 201017204068Gravesend RdDeep pothole - heavy impact on front car wheel and I'm a cyclists who looks out for potholes. Surprised there was no evident damage to car wheel.Reported
2930814 Feb 201017302472Gravelly Bottom Roadthree potholesReported
3553723 Apr 201017206110Grange LaneLarge potholes and loose gravel at the bottom of the hill on Grange Lane near Hartley Bottom Road. Grid Reference 618669.Reported
8165310 Mar 2013Grams Road, Walmer, Deal, KentNumerous potholes, crumbling surface from previous repairs and generally in very poor condition and getting worse. Holes are increasing in size and new holes are appearing.Reported
710775 Sep 2012gracious lane , sevenoakspotholes at the X roads junction with Hubbards HillReported
4449824 Jan 201117809775gracious lanelost count at 245 but loads more potholes in a 400 meter long stretch of roadReported
6294213 Jan 201217718418Gracious Lane3 huge potholes on steep descent under trees. Very dangerous for cyclists.Reported
940212 Dec 2007Grace avenueLots of pot holes situated on junction where bus turns in.Reported

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