2,259 hazards found, displaying on 76 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
811764 Mar 2013derwent road /the chase9 large potholes in junctionReported
8381031 Mar 2013derwent road /the chasedozens of dam potholesReported
3033225 Feb 201017203635derwent road / rother road5 number potholes in a lineReported
4538830 Jan 201117609derwent road4 large potholesReported
1903130 Mar 200916271127denstroude laneroad breaking up in many places dangerous to bicycle without careReported
783966 Feb 2013Denstroude laneseveral significantly deep potholes on Denstroude lane, Blean. Postcode location: CT2 9JT, caused by freezing. Water is now getting underneath and causing further rapid erosion...Reported
6321122 Jan 201218003681Dennettsland rdpotholes/road subsidenceReported
9773314 Feb 2014Dene Holm rd, Northfleet, Kent, DA11 8LNThe bitumen surface is separating from concrete substrate, resulting in numerous potholes. The road is becoming increasingly dangerous, particularly to motorcyclist and cyclist, along Dene Holm Rs, …Reported
8369929 Mar 2013Dean Street, CoxheathRutted/crumbled/loose surface on carriageway, with very little grip, particularly in wet/frozen weatherReported
3305823 Mar 2010Dean RoadLargish pothole near the kerbReported
9414210 Jan 2014Dean HillPothole in roadReported
9414310 Jan 2014Dean HillPothole in roadReported
2102628 May 200916283911Deakin LeasA sunken trench caused by poor filling after digging it across the roadReported
2943016 Feb 2010Deakin LeasA number of potholes on this road after the snowReported
3763923 Jun 201017105133Deakin Leasfour potholes close to each otherReported
7369518 Dec 2012Deakin LeasPothole in road yielding lots of debrisReported
7369618 Dec 2012DeaPothole yielding debrisReported
724177 Nov 2012Davington Rowthe pothole is right outside Davington school, priory row Faversham Kent, ME13 7EQ, the pothole hole is quite deep it has been filled in once and seems to have only lasted a week as the hole has reap…Reported
782324 Feb 2013David Street. Meopham. Kent.4 small holes getting larger. Located on bend in road.Reported
9810417 Feb 2014Dartford road ,junction park laneHole just off from kerbReported
6888413 Jun 2012Darnley StreetLarge pothole causing vehicles to swerve to avoid itReported
5255522 Mar 201117311786Darenth Road (South of Princes Road) Dartford KentPot hole left after EDF workingReported
3680230 May 2010darenth avenuelarge pothole in middle of junctionReported
2940116 Feb 201017401331darenth avepothole where old trench repair is breaking upReported
419886 Jan 201117707495Dane Crescent, Ramsgate, KentPothole in centre of road. Outside no 14 Dane Crescent, RamsgateReported
7419027 Dec 2012Dane CrescentTwo potholes in the roadReported
141125 Jul 200816206531Dane Court/St. Peter'sOvergrown hedgerows intruding to dangerous extent onto shared pedestrian/twoway cycle path on west side of A255. Cyclists risk face whipping from head height fronds. vegetation limits width making pa…Reported
7667220 Jan 2013Daltons RoadOvergrown and overhanging bushes and trees alongside road just before junctionReported
1804925 Feb 200916264200Dale RoadholeReported
5971628 Aug 201118003111Dairy laneNumerous potholesReported

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