2,750 hazards found, displaying on 92 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
498831 Mar 2011Golford RoadPotholeReported
9913925 Feb 2014Golford RoadPotholeReported
2966118 Feb 201017401391Golf RoadNumerous large potholes and general state of disrepair on this National Cycle Route marked road.Reported
749193 Jan 2013gogwaythere are many small potholes across the road in a 3-5 meter section which are slowly increasing in size.Reported
7735429 Jan 2013Gogwaythere are many potholes covering the road, they have been getting worse and worse over the winter, they are now deep and unavoidable. Other potholes have recently been fixed on the road since i menti…Reported
10545616 Jun 2014gogwaythere is a pothole at the top of the hill which is stratching half way across the road. there is also potholes all the way down the hill and the edge of the road is slowly disappearing. all of this h…Reported
6785313 May 201217722073Gloucester Road, TankertonVarious potholes the length of the roadReported
9129227 Oct 2013Gloucester RoadMultiple potholes, mainly up the centre of the higher end of Gloucester roadReported
4024417 Oct 2010GlenviewThere's one deep pothole near the top of the road and a few other along the mid section of the road, this is causing aggravation to drivers who are required to tactfully divert their car from the dam…Reported
924418 Dec 2013Glebe rd/Hubbards hillOld trench work in poor repairReported
5136613 Mar 201117709695Glebe rd ,Weald Villagenumerous potholesReported
5464510 Apr 201118002486Glebe rd ,Weald Villagenumerous potholesReported
8337126 Mar 2013Gladstone roadBadly broken up road surface multiple holesReported
2656022 Jan 201017400674Gill laneThis road is a complete disgrace and is just like a farm track - I assume it should be maintained?Reported
312653 Mar 2010Gilford Road/Park AvenueLarge pothole. Difficult to assess size as have only been driving when I have seen it.Reported
4929826 Feb 201117910057Gilford Road, DealDrain surround disintegrating round 2 sides of drain, debry in road and pothole where tarmac has come out. In Gilford Road, Deal.Reported
312673 Mar 201017303336Gilford RoadA number of potholes. Difficult to assess size as in the middle of a junction. In the middle of the lane as you turn left off Victoria Road into Gilford Road.Reported
905399 Oct 2013Giggers Green road, Aldington, Ashford Kent TN25 7BUSeveral potholes in the road outside our house which is at the bottom of a hill where cyclists come down fast and then have to swerve into the path of oncoming traffic.Reported
4412621 Jan 2011Gibraltar LaneSeveral large potholes on Gibraltar Lane at the junction with Crete Road West, in Hawkinge, KentReported
171959 Feb 2009Gate Lane, Rhodes minnisDeep Potholes along gate lane, rhodes minnis opeset jublie farm entrance and lord wiskey centre.Reported
171979 Feb 200916257650Gate Lane, Rhodes minnisDeep Potholes along gate lane, rhodes minnis opeset jublie farm entrance and lord wiskey centre.Reported
1294922 Apr 2008228081Furnace LanePothole caused by sunken road surface - subsidence?Reported
395210 Mar 2007Frittenden Road3 Large pieces of tarmac missingReported
3016323 Feb 201017203613Frittenden roadExtremely deep pothole, which is hidden at the bottom of a puddle when wet. Exactly in line with off side wheel when going round the corner. Adjacent to approx 400m of other potholes along the road -…Reported
342938 Apr 2010FRENLEIGH RISEpothole near road juntionReported
3258616 Mar 2010Kent County CouncilFremantle RoadDue to the recent bad weather there are a few potholes in the road, some are quite severe and really do give you a judder as you go over them, they are unavoidable unless you drive on the opposite si…Reported
8207214 Mar 2013Franklyn RoadOld concrete road surface severely cracked along entire lengthReported
9200719 Nov 2013Franklyn Roadpothole and associated debris that has come out of the hole strewn around it!Reported
2581821 Jan 201017400617Foxgrove RoadMultiple holes, gouges and broken/split road surface in Foxgrove Road, repaired before Xmas and fell apart within days of repairsReported
8727828 May 2013Foxgrove RoadMore pot holes then road. The road is dangerous to drive on. Cyclists and motor bike riders beware !!!! Top layer of tarmac coming away to expose the concrete base/old road. Other roads in the are…Reported

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