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IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
1053428 Jan 2008Austins Lane2 drain covers missing in Austins Lane, Ickenham, MiddlesexFixed
96646 Jan 2008TFL - LTCCpolsih war memorial round about4 pot holes have been filled by workforce but damage has re appeared and very lose gravel coming from the hole, its on round about so very dangours for motorbikesFixed
2326622 Oct 2009Joel StreetA deep crack in the road surface extending from the kerb outwards by about a metre and a half - just where cyclists are ridingFixed
6021 Feb 2007A3044 Stanwell Moor RoadA manhole cover on the cycle path has disintegrated leaving a huge hole. Also, nearby building works are leaving the road and cycle path covered in slippery mud. The road gets cleaned, the path doe…Fixed
514430 Mar 2007West End RoadArea surrounding drain broken up and missingFixed
504745 Mar 2011Bad Fixed
552911 Apr 2007Colham Green RoadBadly damaged road surface surrounding gully/manhole coverFixed
10684118 Aug 2014Bath road A4crab apple tree boughs are way too low for cyclists on the ped/cycle shared space and need cutting back.Fixed
750574 Jan 2013Deep hole on 3 sides of manhole coverFixed
10410913 May 2014Holloway LaneDeep hole on roundabout, right on the line that motorcyclists need to negotiate when turning right from Harmondsworth RoadFixed
2418115 Dec 2009Bath Roaddrain cover slightly sunken and tarmac surround all broken away.Fixed
498801 Mar 2011Drain is 2-4 inches lower than road Fixed
591806 Aug 2011Rickmansworth Road (A404)Failed repair to road surface near a manhole cover, exposing the corner of the metal work frame on Rickmansworth Road (A404) just before the junction of the Avenue, approximately 50mm deep and >500mm…Fixed
6566623 Mar 2012Bath RoadHGV's have again taken all the tarmac from around the drain next to Moor Bridge bus stop (Heading towards Slough). Bus stop no: 72122Fixed
6834524 May 2012Hole in middle of road. At least 3 inches deep Fixed
1851011 Mar 2009Royal LaneHole in road hazardous to cyclistsFixed
1738312 Feb 2009Glebe AvenueHole in road that is dangerous to cyclists.Fixed
859224 Sep 2007Royal Laneirregular shaped potholeFixed
5358131 Mar 2011Large potholeFixed
499842 Mar 2011Large pothole in the middle of the road outside costas coffee Ruislip high street. Fixed
9840019 Feb 2014Harlington roadlarge pothole on the left hand side of the carriageway southboundFixed
675046 May 2012Pembroke Road/Kingsend/West End Road (A4180) - RuislipLarge sunken (botched)repair in the junction of Pembroke Road/Kingsend/West End Road (A4180)- extremely hazardous for cyclist trying to negotiate this junction without being forced in to the line of …Fixed
731661 Dec 2012Left side of road has gone in and unevn surface due to poor surfacing Fixed
783746 Feb 2013Bath RoadLong thin pothole on bridgeFixed
563505 May 2011Rickmansworth Road (A404)Manhole cover with failed surround, >1000mm² in area & >50mm in depth including significant FOD on the Rickmansworth Road (A404) - heading to Rickmansworth just past the newly installed "zebra" cro…Fixed
461805 Feb 2011Multiple potholes in the road on the bend close to the junction of West End Road (A4180) and Beechwood Avenue - these potholes are difficult to negotiate in traffic with parked cars on the LHS and do…Fixed
399456 Oct 2010St John's RoadNew Pothole where a previous one had been covered over. (Appeared in end of September)Fixed
2517018 Jan 2010number of deep potholesFixed
9284123 Dec 2013Number of potholes and ruts about 1foot in length in the bus lane which have subsided into the ground causing a uneven crater & surface for vehicles which are having to to slow down or go around them.Fixed
1549126 Oct 2008SM033953/24Western AvenueOn an in tandem cyclepath and footath: cast iron vehilce barrier pole snapped off approximately 150mm high by 200m dia. on the centre dividing line between the two prescribed lane usesFixed

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