2,099 hazards found, displaying on 70 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10287117 Apr 2014201006129346George StreetLarge holes in road.Reported
10284116 Apr 2014Hertford Road, under Welwyn By PassWater on road at all times. Very dangerous for motorbikes.Reported
10282216 Apr 2014junction of Brookdene Avenue and Hampermill Lanedeep rutting across the middle of the Hampermill Lane carriageway.Reported
10277715 Apr 2014Sterling WaySurface of road very damaged across entire width - filling material not standing up to intense traffic.Reported
10277615 Apr 2014Lots of gravel at bottom of descentReported
10277515 Apr 2014several on inside of turn and on straightReported
10277415 Apr 2014Stevenage Rd / Blakemore End Rdpotholes on left turn at junctionReported
10277115 Apr 2014?edges of road deteriorated with drops either side from surface, debris at bottom of hillReported
10277015 Apr 2014The StVarious potholes on downhill and inside left bendReported
10276815 Apr 2014B1039Hole at edge of iron worksReported
10276715 Apr 2014B1368 High St, Cambridge Rd / Royston RdLarge hole on edge of iron works on inside left of junctionReported
10276615 Apr 2014Watton Rd / Hawkins Hall LnSeveral holes on inside of junctionReported
10268714 Apr 2014Potholes arising from bad weather in January. At junction Kings Road and Charles Street, Berkhamsted.Reported
10268514 Apr 2014Broken road surface - dangerous to cyclists Reported
10258611 Apr 2014v large potholes along the entire length of this road - the whole road needs resurfacingReported
10256010 Apr 2014Chestnut Drive junction with Woodland Drive.Multiple potholes on the junction of Woodland Drive and Chestnut Drive which were partially filled a few months ago but not properly, now as bad as ever and getting worse.Reported
1024839 Apr 2014Sandpit LaneVery dangerous, large pothole on mini roundaboutReported
1024628 Apr 2014201006111517A1000Road surface disintegrated forming a long narrow pothole, forcing cyclists into the path of traffic near a pinch point.Reported
1024618 Apr 2014201006070808Station RoadRoad surface has broken up across a wide area where visibility is poor under the railway bridge.Reported
1024348 Apr 2014Extensive ruts and damaged road surface covering a 200m stretch of road. Exposed metalwork and huge potholes. Major hazard to cyclists.Reported
1024327 Apr 2014Cock LaneSevere degradation around a square manhole cover.Reported
1023395 Apr 2014Northfield RoadHuge pothole that is deep enough to reveal the underlying aggregate and topsoil. Very dangerous to cars and, especially to cyclists (this road is often used by Ashwell cycling club). Cars often trave…Reported
1021633 Apr 2014Bad pothole repairs across both sides of road right on bend.Reported
1021513 Apr 2014B1004There are a multiple of pot hole all the way up this lane, to get to Perry Green and Green Tye in Much Hadham. They are that bad, that many cars refuse to drive through them, causing traffic or oppos…Reported
1021433 Apr 2014Moreton End LaneNumerous holes at junction of major road and residential street.Reported
1020862 Apr 2014Roundwood LaneTwo large holes on side of road.Reported
1020632 Apr 2014One of many pot holes on junction of six hills way and colestreetReported
10192331 Mar 2014Nettleden RoadNumerous potholes of varying sizes covering the entire road to the extent that they are unavoidable to cyclists.Reported
10190630 Mar 2014Wide deep pothole.Reported
10173826 Mar 2014201006086998BurydaleDeep pothole beside curb. 3inches deep and 12 inches wide. Cannot be avoided causing damage to vehiclesReported

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