2,740 hazards found, displaying on 92 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
13085625 Jun 2016WillowsPothole emerging in centre of road where right side tyres of car would be. Previously reported when pothole was smaller. Pothole size and depth increasing.Reported
13085525 Jun 2016WillowsDeep pothole opened up beside kerb on road. Unavoidable. Tyres always enter pothole when travelling both directions as road becomes single lane due to parked cars.Reported
13066118 Jun 2016A414 (old M10) and A414 North orbital RoadTall grass and weeds blocking view on accessing Park Street roundabout from the A414 (old M10) and all along the stretch of road to the Noke roundabout at Chiswell GreenReported
13065017 Jun 2016Bishops RiseThere are a large number of very big potholes along this road both on and around the speed bumps. These are very hazardous and have not been filled for at least a yearReported
13052112 Jun 2016Pot hole\nReported
13045010 Jun 2016Julians Road, StevenageSeveral potholes over an area of road approaching a brow of a railway bridge, where black ice occurs.Reported
1304139 Jun 2016Metal edging to road surface making a 1.5 inch 'ledge'. I hit it at an angle and slid off it. No broken ribs but 2 sleepless nights and much bruising. Longer than your 20\" max- more like 40 feet lon…Reported
1303858 Jun 2016Pot hole in middle of carriageway Reported
1303297 Jun 2016Surface dressing has been put down but sub surface is rutted and poor and will result in breakdown quicker than probably planned!Reported
1303287 Jun 2016Surface dressing has been used all the way into Tring, however sub surface is poor and resurfacing is very poor/dangerous especially for cyclist at the curb sideReported
1303277 Jun 2016Excessive breakdown of hazard warning resulting in very poor and potholed surfaceReported
1303176 Jun 2016Hare Lanepot holeReported
1302424 Jun 2016A1000 Great North Roadgulley alongside ironwork. Extremely dangerous for cyclists if a front wheel drops into it as it impacts on balance and makes the bike uncontrollable. on a 50mph road this is extremely dangerous sho…Reported
13013231 May 2016sunningdale bishops stortfordpotholeReported
13012831 May 2016Deep gully at edge of roadReported
13010930 May 2016The road surface is worn leaving a pile of gravel on the road surface that is very dangerous to cyclistsReported
13010130 May 2016LOWESTOFT ROAD, WATFORDMultiple potholes along the whole stretch of LOWESTOFT ROAD, WATFORD towards the traffic lightsReported
13010030 May 2016A4008 STEPHENSON WAYAlong Stephenson way A4008 from the last count down marker towards the roundabout heading towards the M1, shell grip leading towards the roundabout has broken away leaving numerous pot holes making t…Reported
13004327 May 2016Royston Road in Therfield ParishAt least two very deep and dangerous potholes on the west side of the road from Therfield to RoystonReported
12989423 May 2016A505/Cambridge Rd.Narrow but deep pot hole on exit of left turn lane at Woolgrove road->A505 traffic lights.Reported
12986422 May 2016Wildhill RoadThe set of pothole covers the width of have of the lane. This means that when cycling on the road you have to cross onto the opposite side of the road. This is therefore very dangerousReported
12986122 May 2016Wildhill RoadHalf of the width of the single lane road is covered in potholes. This is made especially dangerous as it occurs on a blind corner. When cycling on the road you have to cross onto the other side of t…Reported
12978120 May 2016More glass on cycle path as off Wednesday 17 May 2016. Same location as reported earlier this year. Reported
12965917 May 2016Lower Luton Road, Wheathampstead, AL4 8HH2 sunken manholes in Lower Luton Road, Wheathampstead, AL4 8HH. 1 outside no 104 and 1 outside no 110. Both clattering as vehicles pass over them. First reported to Herts CC in August 2015 but still …Reported
12952514 May 2016Uneven paving stones in parking areaReported
12943211 May 2016Potholes and gravel/loose road surface on junction. Dangerous to cyclist as it can cause them to slide as they turn into the side road. I know of one cyclist who suffered injuries in a fall at this j…Reported
12943011 May 2016Large pothole adjacent to roundaboutReported
12938510 May 2016bunkers lanePotholes either side making it hard for cars to pass each other without having to go into the potholes.Reported
12937610 May 2016Large deep pothole on near side of road on a 'blind' bend\nReported
1292998 May 201612 inch dia pothole approx 6 inch deepReported

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