2,582 hazards found, displaying on 87 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
12378612 Feb 2016Galley LaneHuge potholes along Galley Lane, Arkley, HertsReported
12371912 Feb 2016Near the middle of the road, right hand side going southboundReported
12371411 Feb 2016Constant flooding on inside of corner at junction with Grove Mill Lane. Needs draining completely reconstructing as it forces traffic onto the wrong side of the road on a blind bend. Dangerous at bes…Reported
12371311 Feb 2016Multiple pot holes need urgent repairReported
12371211 Feb 2016Multiple pot holes need urgent repairReported
12371111 Feb 2016Multiple pot holes need urgent repairReported
12371011 Feb 2016Multiple pot holes need urgent repairReported
12368011 Feb 2016wheathampstead road and Harpenden roadSurface disintegrated in several place along the roadReported
12362911 Feb 2016Cheddington laneLong hole in middle of roadReported
12359010 Feb 2016Rickmansworth RoadIn the middle of a 2 lane merging into 1 section, the road has many potholes on itReported
12354910 Feb 2016Along this stretch of road are numerous potholes some deep and ruts this stretch of road is quite dangerous as it standsReported
12354110 Feb 2016Pothole Reported
1234959 Feb 2016Brookfield Lane WestPot hole on left hand side of Brookfield Lane West between Aldermere Ave and Whitefields Rd. Traffic has to vere over to wrong side of road to pass. That's if you see it in time while following other…Reported
1234869 Feb 2016Pothole - failed repair again!!Reported
1233447 Feb 2016As you turn left into Bury Green Road from Cromwell Road there is a deep pothole / Rut that causes a severe jolt as the vehicle wheel goes down itReported
1233377 Feb 2016Big whole before the lights\nReported
1232355 Feb 2016Loose uneven paving blocks in parking area Reported
1231343 Feb 2016Common LaneTwo extremely deep potholes. Have already damaged at least one car travelling on the road. Difficult to avoid because of positioning.Reported
1231333 Feb 2016Sauncey Wood LaneMultiple deep potholes in the road. Would cause serious damage to car if hit at certain angle. Incredibly bumpy to drive over.Reported
12290631 Jan 2016BurydalePothole of increasing depth. This pothole was previously reported and has since, increased in depth and in unavoidable due to cars parked on the other side of the road. Drivers have not choice apart …Reported
12290531 Jan 2016The WillowPothole of increasing depth and completely unavoidable. The pothole was small before and has now become deeper and is completely unavoidable as there are cars parked on the other side of the road. Th…Reported
12288831 Jan 2016Broken road repair Reported
12288631 Jan 2016Deep pothole Reported
12288531 Jan 2016Pothole Reported
12288431 Jan 2016Pothole Reported
12288331 Jan 2016Pothole on road joinReported
12288231 Jan 2016Road surface totally failed in several areas Reported
12287331 Jan 2016Park Street roundabout at its junction with the North Orbital road from the direction of Chiswell GreenRoad surface deterioration on the carriage way of a maijor roundabout.Reported
12281930 Jan 2016A602 Park WayDeep failed joints on roundabout exit. Rut is quite wide and diffcult to deal with on a bicycle. The surrounding area is very rough.Reported
12281230 Jan 2016A few it holes and ruts outside tesco car park exitReported

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