2,904 hazards found, displaying on 97 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
13700722 Feb 2017large wholeReported
13696422 Feb 2017numerous potholes on inside lane Reported
13690721 Feb 2017Previous repair has given up\nReported
13689020 Feb 2017Deep potholes caused severe jolt on my carReported
13686720 Feb 2017Pothole with fading red paint around it. Two more nearby\nReported
13686120 Feb 2017Huge potholes on entry into Stevenage leisure parkReported
13683220 Feb 2017Big pothole outside my houseReported
13676618 Feb 2017Amberley GreenTwo potholes on the junction of a housing area.Reported
13675918 Feb 2017Pothole Reported
13669617 Feb 2017Pothole about 8cm deep. Another 10 metres up roadReported
13666217 Feb 2017Hilltop RoadNumber of deep potholes on Hilltop Road, Berkhamsted - difficult to avoid them as all in a row where you have to give way so the width of road is smaller than normalReported
13666117 Feb 2017Potholes reforming following past repairReported
13653914 Feb 20173 metres of abrasion/potholes in centre of road\nReported
13653814 Feb 2017Series of potholes with running water\nReported
13653414 Feb 2017Potholes in the road\n\n\nReported
13650013 Feb 2017station road, WheathampsteadDeep hole, filled with waterReported
13648013 Feb 2017London roadStretch of road poorly resurface after construction of retail buildings. Potholes between joints, poorly connected joints between old and new road, top layer has eroded offReported
13647513 Feb 2017Potholes caused by buses. Very dangerous and deepReported
13645112 Feb 2017hogg lanemultiple large potholes in Hogg Lane, WD6 3AL. at junction with Dagger LaneReported
13640211 Feb 2017PotholeReported
13640111 Feb 2017PotholeReported
13629410 Feb 2017london roaddamage round manhole coverReported
1362279 Feb 2017Pothole in the centre of the carriageway of the park street roundabout between the exit from park street and the entrance to the north orbital road towards the tippendell roundabout.Reported
1362169 Feb 2017Icknield WayVery rough on road potholes to avoid best to go onto other side of roadReported
1362149 Feb 2017Two large pothole Reported
1362109 Feb 2017Large potholeReported
1362099 Feb 2017Large potholeReported
1362089 Feb 2017Large pothole Reported
1362069 Feb 2017Digswell Hill5 potholes of varying sizes on Digswell Hill bridge over A1(M). Largest detailed below.Reported
1360887 Feb 2017Pothole \nReported

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