2,466 hazards found, displaying on 83 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1192522 Oct 2015Pothole from poorly repaired roadReported
11918628 Sep 2015viscous pothole, one of a number on this stretch of road. hidden when wet.Reported
11916927 Sep 20152 Potholes near kerb on road. Please fill them inReported
11900020 Sep 2015Poorly repaired pot hole opening back up quicklyReported
11899419 Sep 2015Wymondley RoadSurface 10 metres prior to roundabout in incredibly rough. Too uneven to safely raise an arm from the handelbars to signal. The recent repair to a deep pothole at the junction has been poorely carri…Reported
11892416 Sep 2015Ambrose LaneThere are several large pot hots, dips and breaks in the road - I've now had two punctures on my bicycle from these - and it is dangerous for any cyclist and car driver who consequently has to try to…Reported
11891314 Sep 2015A5Two pot holes car width apart, deep and wide enough for car tyre to go into. Repaired only 2 months ago has reoccured.Reported
11882910 Sep 2015potholes and continuous broken sections including depressed/sunken sections of the highway litter a 100metre stretch of this road in both directions. Reported
1187948 Sep 2015PotholeReported
1187938 Sep 2015Bad rutReported
1187928 Sep 2015Bad rut across the road \nReported
1187456 Sep 2015201007320682Will burst tyre and break bearing.Reported
11861730 Aug 2015201007302569Park StreetHuge crater!Reported
11859429 Aug 20152010072990658 potholes, max size as described below. The whole area is gradually a fading.Reported
11858128 Aug 2015201007298874little berhamstead lane, near epping green, hertfordthick gravel underneath are potholesReported
11842721 Aug 2015201007280093Vincenzo CloseDue to repairs in the road a sunken gully appeared from not making the road even after being dug upReported
11842621 Aug 2015201007280037Patched area on cycle path has become very uneven and a dip that had formed has been poorly repaired. In general the surface of the cycle path has broken up all the way to the corner near the roundab…Reported
11831415 Aug 2015201007263821Fly tippingReported
11822310 Aug 2015201007251194Fly tipping Hixbury lane\nReported
11821810 Aug 2015201007249250Berry LaneLoose gravelReported
11821110 Aug 2015201007247737Darkes LaneThe surface is very uneaven and in the line most cyclist would take it is beneath a railway bridge and adjacent to a drain. the cause could be continuous water running off the surface to the drain. T…Reported
1180733 Aug 2015201007233853B176 Cheshunt. Hertfordshirespeed hump bricks are disintegrating and there is a manhole collapsing.Reported
11793727 Jul 2015201007215966Digswell Hill (B197)Trees overgrown blocking cycle laneReported
11793627 Jul 2015201007215999Hawkshead LaneRoad is so full of hazardous ruts and potholes I had to get off my bike and walk down this steep hill. It is exceedingly dangerous. I will have to avoid using this lane until it is repaired properl…Reported
11788224 Jul 2015201007208616galley laneThe road around the bend is all cut up with deep potholes everywhere. This is very treacherous for cyclists and motorbikes and needs to be fixed. In winter the holes fill with water and freeze over…Reported
11786323 Jul 2015201007205255White horse laneBig elongated pothole at side of road due to erosion.Reported
11786122 Jul 2015201007205127Pothole from poor resurfacing Reported
11782920 Jul 2015201007195951Chalfont roadRoad surface totally degraded. Series of potholes and broken surfaceReported
11778217 Jul 2015201007189508Sunken ironworks from poor resurfacingReported
11767913 Jul 2015201007177427Pothole resulting from recessed manhole cover caused by poor road repairsReported

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