2,699 hazards found, displaying on 90 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1290942 May 2016Nasty pothole next to manhole.Reported
1290762 May 2016Badly deteriorated road has led to several big potholes. Turn right from Gaddesdon Lane to Trowley Bottom and the potholes are on Green Lane. In the AL3 area\nReported
1290581 May 2016on the join of Oatlands rise and lower mardley Hill by the letter voxReported
1290541 May 2016Noisy drain coverReported
1290531 May 2016PotholeReported
1290521 May 2016Road badly maintained Reported
1290501 May 2016Badly maintained road Reported
12899529 Apr 2016Large square potholes 3 noReported
12898329 Apr 2016Dangerous the length of this road potholes and makes area tatty and damaging vehicles Reported
12887927 Apr 2016Heronsgate RoadDeep pot hole in the middle of the road at the junction between stag lane and heronsgate road outside The Stag PubReported
12864622 Apr 2016Lye lanePot holeReported
12864522 Apr 2016Bullocks lane roundaboutPot holeReported
12864422 Apr 2016Lye laneHuge elongated hole at roadsiddReported
12847619 Apr 2016Theobald StreetPOTHOLEReported
12847119 Apr 2016B5378unbelievably bad road. several very deep very wide pot holes, crater like, have been here for a month with Herts Highways ignoring themReported
12846619 Apr 2016multiple potholesReported
12840919 Apr 2016Fulton closeSurface breaking up following previous patching with multiple large potholes forming, hazard to cyclists and potential for damage to vehiclesReported
12837518 Apr 2016Deep pothole around 49 Tiverton Road. Stone is in the pothole, please fixReported
12836718 Apr 2016Red Hall LaneDeep pothole near the kerb by a junction on a busy, narrow lane.Reported
12833518 Apr 2016Deacons Hill A4178A number of alarmingly dangerous potholes that make this section of road a potentially lethal obstacle course for cyclists. If view of how busy this road is, you need to fix before a cyclist falls in…Reported
12833418 Apr 2016Codicote RoadA cluster of LARGE (shallow) potholes hidden under trees and in the shadow. Nearly crashed! Forget your crazy "intervention levels", these holes are really dangerous.Reported
12833318 Apr 2016Essendon HillSmall but very dangerous pothole on a fast downhill. Nearly killed myself!! This whole hill is dangerous for cyclists due to irregular surface due to previous repairs & utility work. Lots of danger…Reported
12818915 Apr 2016Harris Lane, ShenleyDeep sharp edged pot hole, often full of water dangerous!Reported
12798312 Apr 2016Very big potholeReported
12788211 Apr 2016Glass on cycle track under Six Hills WayReported
12783010 Apr 2016Large diameter potholeReported
12777210 Apr 2016Pothole by edge of roadReported
1277399 Apr 2016road surface breaking looseReported
1276868 Apr 2016Potholes from this position to the next roundabout northwards never repaired when the surrounding areas where done , this area was missed , needs resurfacing as heavy vehicles such as buses etc are r…Reported
1276408 Apr 2016Broken up road surface over a large part of the road. Reported

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