2,239 hazards found, displaying on 75 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10947619 Dec 2014Cracked manhole cover in sandpitane piste entrance to Lancaster road \nThe noise from the loose cover which is not seated properly generates a cracking nose each time a vehicle crosses. Cover it is d…Reported
10937915 Dec 2014201006669407ridge hilllong rutReported
10935413 Dec 2014201006664784Deteriorating road surface Reported
10930711 Dec 2014Potholes in middle of road over a stretch of 50 ft\nReported
1092608 Dec 2014Hawkshead Lanelarge and multiple potholes and damaged road now hazardousReported
1092598 Dec 2014Hawkshead lanemany deep and severe pot holes, causing multiple punctures to cars and ankle injuries to pedestrians. Very dangerousReported
1092187 Dec 2014Big pothole quite deep.Reported
1091885 Dec 2014201006650352Coursers RdholeReported
1091312 Dec 2014New Road, BerkhamstedThe repaired road surface around the drain has sunk and broken up.Reported
1091001 Dec 2014dixons hill roadholeReported
1090991 Dec 2014Coursers RdholeReported
10901427 Nov 2014Hawkshead lanescattered areas of missing tarmac make safe cycling nearly impossibleReported
10900227 Nov 2014201006631835North Orbial road a414Very large potholes scattered around entrance of The shell garage off of a national speed limit road causing vehicles to hit them at high speeds. Previously reported and was told it was repaired but…Reported
10891122 Nov 2014A412 Rickmansworth RoadFresh potholes on flyover plus debris on carriagewayReported
10889320 Nov 2014Drakes DriveMultiple potholes on major road in St Albans City.Reported
10888820 Nov 2014Newgate street villageA number of potholes and poor repairs along the section of road on Darnicle Hill from the railway bridge and brook towards Newgate Street Village. Some are at the side of the road going uphill. One i…Reported
10888720 Nov 2014Darnicle HillRoad is collapsing for a distance of 5-10 metresReported
10888620 Nov 2014Rags LanePothole forcing cars away from edge of road on the bend into oncoming trafficReported
10885119 Nov 2014shenleyVery large length of multiple holes across junctionReported
10877918 Nov 2014201006610034Deep Hole surrounding drainReported
10877818 Nov 2014201006610102Ruts and piles of gravel across half the road at bottom of hill make this dangerous for cyclists \nReported
10877618 Nov 2014201006609768Potholes at bottom of steep hill very dangerous for cyclists as road is narrow and difficult to avoid with oncoming traffic\nReported
10872916 Nov 2014201006604085Kennel LaneDangerous potholes and gullyReported
10872816 Nov 201404106Coursers Road & also A1081Fast and absolutely lethal roundabout for cyclists. This roundabout desperately requires TRAFFIC LIGHTS. Please action within 24 hours.Reported
10872516 Nov 2014201006604009Hornhill RoadSpeed bump poorly maintained. Tarmac at sides of bump has come away, making bump excessive and cars bottoming out. Tarmac needs to be re applied.Reported
10858911 Nov 2014201006594942B158Sunken trench across road at junction with several potholesReported
1085048 Nov 2014201006584872Calder Way, Stevenage, SG1Multiple pot holes, ruts and very poorly designed speed humps with uneven borders - caused me to puncture and then crashReported
1084767 Nov 2014201006582740robins nest hill little berkhamstedbig pothole holeReported
1084636 Nov 2014Deeeeeeep pothole on the bend on left hand side. Narrow lane so if meet another car on the way you can't really avoid it. Reported
1084466 Nov 2014201006580360Side of road is broken up and potholed at point where road narrows Reported

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