2,370 hazards found, displaying on 79 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
11462329 Mar 2015a41/a411 roundaboutentire roundabout covered in deep potholesReported
11459429 Mar 2015The whole road here is dangerousReported
11454027 Mar 2015201006914197Group of 4 potholesReported
11453927 Mar 2015201006914158group of 3 potholesReported
11453827 Mar 2015201006914077pothole in centre of roadReported
11453727 Mar 2015201006914111Group of 7 potholesReported
11452927 Mar 2015Pothole close to ramp. Reported
11452827 Mar 2015Poor road surface, potholes starting to get bigger and deeper. Reported
11452727 Mar 2015Poor road surface, potholes and road surface around mini roundabout coming loose. Reported
11452627 Mar 2015Pothole near 171 windmill road hp2Reported
11452527 Mar 2015PotholeReported
11451726 Mar 2015Broadwater crescentPothole immediately before speed bump across the roadReported
11451626 Mar 2015Broadwater crescentRoad breaking apart and pothole being created immediately before speed bumpReported
11447526 Mar 2015hole that's going to damage a bike or cyclistReported
11440025 Mar 2015Car parked illegally on byway 102 St. Albans\nReported
11424520 Mar 2015Pothole Reported
11409818 Mar 2015201006887924Sarratt RoadSmall deep jagged pothole... almost broke the suspension on my car.Reported
11409718 Mar 2015201006887863Sarratt RoadLong potholes at the edge of the road. Very dangerous for cyclistsReported
11403017 Mar 2015201006883675Stephenson WayEntire road surface is breaking up. Very uncomfortable ride.Reported
11397216 Mar 2015201006880233Whippendell RoadArray of reopened potholesReported
11397116 Mar 2015201006880233Hagden LaneArray of potholesReported
11397016 Mar 2015201006880135Dwight RoadSunken tarmac patchReported
11392315 Mar 2015Just south of zebra crossing\nReported
11391714 Mar 2015Lilly BottomLarge pothole the size of which is obscured when full of water following rain. The position in the road makes it difficult to avoid when being overtaken by trafficReported
11384513 Mar 2015201006873694Pothole Reported
11379412 Mar 2015201006871585elstree roadseveral large potholesReported
11379212 Mar 2015Pot holeReported
11379112 Mar 2015201006871623Pot holeReported
11379012 Mar 2015Pot holeReported
11377012 Mar 2015201006870429Numerous potholes, extremely dangerous to cyclists\nReported

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