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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
12035626 Nov 2015Potholes at side of road on approach to Model Farm. Edge of road needs extra Tarmac as Lorien pull over here and cause damage to the kerb side \nReported
12026723 Nov 2015Olds Close WD18 9RULarge pothole Olds Close WD18 9RUReported
12020019 Nov 2015Large crack & pothole\nReported
12016318 Nov 2015Old Knebworth laneSunken manhole coverReported
12014017 Nov 2015Bentine Lanelarge hole around the perimieter of drain gulley cover, service road alongside Gade Car Park ,Central WatfordReported
12006714 Nov 2015OLD KNEBWORTH LANEmajor pothole damaged 3 cars in the last hour!Reported
12001011 Nov 2015Deep pot hole causing my new car to go down it with a bang it was dark and wet at the time any damaged that I find to my vehicle you will be hearing from meReported
12000611 Nov 2015Manhole cover on pavement/road boundary is sticking by by a few inches on pavement side, and totally sunk in road side. Trip risk for pedestrians, and would knacker any tire if someone parked there w…Reported
11999411 Nov 2015West End Road, Wormely West EndThere is a burst pipe which has caused a pothole in the road and water is seeping out. There is also seeping water further down the same road. The pothole has grown over the last few days and is dan…Reported
11995610 Nov 2015Potholes on both sides of M25 footbridge. Extremely dangerous for cyclists and walkers.Reported
11994510 Nov 2015Carbone hill near hertfordPotholes on Carbone Hill which look as if deliberately cut out of road as they are square Two potholesReported
1199389 Nov 2015Beechfield Road, Hemel Hempstead.The whole of the road needs resurfacing. It is cracking up. There are several potholes but one is large and apx 4" deep. This is a bus route and used by cyclist, motorists. It is in a residential are…Reported
1199007 Nov 2015201007494954Essex RoadManhole appears to be collapsing, it has been getting noticeably worse day by day over the last week.Reported
1198867 Nov 2015flooded underpassReported
1198857 Nov 2015201007494304flooded underpassReported
1198806 Nov 2015Big hole that used to be a bollard. Been there for at least a year. \nReported
1198736 Nov 2015birds hill cul de sachole at join between cul de sac on birds hill onto birds hill main roadReported
1198716 Nov 2015Ruts on bend LH side going towards Jones Road causing vehicle to excessively vibrate when wheel contacts itReported
1198706 Nov 2015Small deep hole just as you turn into Burygreen Road causes vehicle to judder if wheel hits itReported
1197731 Nov 201576266Drakes driveCentre of road has numerous potholesReported
11976731 Oct 2015201007473758gunnels wood roadA lot of holes and dips in the road surfaceReported
11973429 Oct 2015Bedmond RoadBlocked drains, causing flooding of road surface.Reported
11972128 Oct 2015B489Very deep and dangerous pothole adjacent to a metal manhole coverReported
11970327 Oct 2015201007465373A411/a4008 roundaboutLarge amount of surface missing causing channels in the road Serious danger to two wheeled vehiclesReported
11970027 Oct 2015201007463896Falconers Fieldtree root has broken up the rad surfaceReported
11966324 Oct 2015201007458131Broken road surface in numerous places. Will break up further if left before winter starts. Reported
11961721 Oct 2015201007449463Maiden StreetVarious repairs are already crumbling away along the length of the carriageway between Weston and Halls Green. The manholes or drains are now sunken so cause a hazard when cycling.Reported
11961621 Oct 2015201007449466Junction of 2 cycle lanes. 4 posts are placed at end of lane / junction, only one post has a reflective on it whilst the other three are painted Matt black so they can't be seen in the dark. When cyc…Reported
11961421 Oct 2015201007449474Bragbury LaneExtremely poor road surface for around 50 metres when passing under the railway bridge. Has been in this condition for last 12 months and deteriorating.Reported
1192522 Oct 2015201007399165Pothole from poorly repaired roadReported

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