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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10625817 Jul 2014201006322658Pothole danger to cycles Reported
10624517 Jul 2014201006321662PotholesReported
10624417 Jul 2014201006321623Sunken drain or manholeReported
10624317 Jul 2014201006321662Just been resurfaced, sunken drain covers , not done well at all Reported
10623817 Jul 2014201006322658Sunken manholeReported
10621816 Jul 2014201006322887Kitts End RoadMany potholes on junction (both sides). Requires resurfacing.Reported
10620015 Jul 2014201006322298park avenue Bushey hertfidhire wd232bnThe road surface is very rough and uneven, the road has previously been patched up and the patching has come away. The section of road is approximately, 4meters long by 2 meters wide. The location is…Reported
10616314 Jul 2014201006312544ardeley roaddeadly combination of pothole and massive amounts of debris on the road surface right at the bottom of a hill.Reported
10612812 Jul 2014201006307650pothile with loose gravelReported
10612712 Jul 2014potholeReported
10612512 Jul 2014potholesReported
10612412 Jul 2014201006307650pothole depth to concrete foundationReported
10609911 Jul 2014201006306972A1000Deep sunken gully around a large manhole coverReported
10608110 Jul 2014201006306143Pothole on cycling line, dangerous. Reported
1059514 Jul 2014201006289810Nettleden RoadDamaged road surface comprising a series of pot holes and uneven ruts on the down hill section of Nettleden Road. It is made doubly hazardous in that the road is in shadow from tall road side trees.Reported
1058631 Jul 2014201006280774Mentley laneNumerous deep holes in surfaceReported
10577826 Jun 2014201006271857Station RoadSmall deep hole where road surface has sunk. Surface not broken, yet.Reported
10571324 Jun 2014Road has just been resurfaced but is already full if potholes. It needs doing properly. Reported
10567622 Jun 2014201006259402Potholes from previously poorly repaired trenchesReported
10566822 Jun 2014201006259114Large and deep hole in road.Reported
10566722 Jun 2014201006258976Pothole opposite church Very deepReported
10558519 Jun 2014201006256370Poor surface and loose. A number of holes.Reported
10532312 Jun 2014201006239741A414Drain grate missing.Reported
10526110 Jun 2014201006236890In the middle of the road is a depression which is enough to jolt car if driven through and either side has previously been repairedReported
10525910 Jun 2014201006236879Both directions between roundabout access to Grange Paddocks and turning to Lindsay Road, road surface is badly rutted after lots of road changes which have not been repaired properlyReported
10521910 Jun 2014201006234239MEAD LANE SG13 7ATThe entire road are uneven, crack on the edges, pot holesReported
10521710 Jun 2014201006234194Hine waydouble pot hole at the entrance to Hine way in Hitchin Hertfordshire.Reported
1051678 Jun 2014201006229375Lots of small potholes. They don't look much but are dangerous for cyclists. Reported
1051668 Jun 2014201006229362 Reported
1051658 Jun 2014201006229350 Reported

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