2,291 hazards found, displaying on 77 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
11111529 Jan 2015Potholes caused by high road usage and bad weather. New
11109629 Jan 2015Potholes in line with both sets of tyres right on a blind bend. Impossible to avoid and causes damage to wheels and alignment. \n\nWas repaired a few months ago but as road was not resurfaced, the po…Reported
11109529 Jan 2015Massive craters all along the road which are impossible to avoid. Causing lots of damage to cars. Reported
11108228 Jan 2015Ashley RoadLarge rut on road causing large bumps on my car ride and bike ride.Reported
11098128 Jan 2015Previous repairs have failed and road surface disintegrating badly and is becoming very dangerous\n. Reported
11098028 Jan 2015Multiple potholes. Some were filled but only partly.Reported
11093627 Jan 2015opened app to see how it worked. automatically sent my test report from this address. the report should be ignored. Reported
11093527 Jan 2015very deep hole 50 cm x 50 cmReported
11090427 Jan 2015201006753695This street light is on almost permanently because of the over grown conifers which also block most of the light. Can they be cut back?Reported
11090327 Jan 2015test please delete or ignoreReported
11084227 Jan 2015201006751878Numerous potholes previously filled are breaking up AGAIN!! Reported
11075426 Jan 2015Pot hole and rutted road on rounderbout cars keep swerving to miss them. \nReported
11072326 Jan 2015Garden WalkWobbling Man hole cover, That now is sinking into the ground, large hope is appearing very quickly This problem has been reported many times already. But as far as we know nothing is even being lo…Reported
11069426 Jan 2015201006748796This lane now has a lot of large potholes all big enough to damage a car and make the lane unsafe for walkers and horseriders.Reported
11069126 Jan 2015201006750202Barnet roadMany potholes on and approaching roundaboutReported
11064025 Jan 2015201006747908Large holes which remain a major hazard.Reported
11063925 Jan 2015Large holes which remain a major hazard.Reported
11060824 Jan 2015201006746993Broadwater crescentUneven and cracking road section between speed bumps along broadwater. This is a concern for ALL two-wheeled vehicle user who drive along Broadwater. The section between road bump has become uneven d…Reported
11060724 Jan 2015201006747006A602 Broadhall Way (Roundabout beside Wickes)Crack which is deepening and widening around the roundabout which has on several occasions cause my tyre to go into it and has left cut marks in my tyre. The roundabout also forms deep puddles of wat…Reported
11060524 Jan 2015201006747002Broadwater crescentPot hole spanning section along raised zebra crossing. Pot holes also present before and after raised sectionReported
11059424 Jan 2015201006746455Severe depression in road surface which was not present until adjacent road repair in 2014.Reported
11041821 Jan 2015201006738649Street light outReported
11041721 Jan 2015201006738667Streetlight outReported
11041621 Jan 2015201006738630Street light outReported
11034219 Jan 2015201006733206Galley HillPothole in the road.Reported
11034119 Jan 2015201006733194frame is loose in ground, makes a racket when ridden/driven over. will break road surface soonReported
11032918 Jan 2015201006713057park avenue bushey hertfordshire & Bushey mill lane roundaboutThe whole section of the round-about is in very poor condition with several potholes https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.664254,-0.371341,3a,75y,170.09h,56.84t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s7EoXyaaaNZ1_dwMg0ycU…Reported
11032818 Jan 2015201006731668wd232bnThe road surface is very poor and is dangerous to other users, especially cyclist. The 2 meter section has serveral potholes and has loose debris.Reported
11028718 Jan 2015201006731024White Horse LaneSeries of 2 sets of potholes and very uneven road surface. Both series are about 10 metres long.Reported
11021315 Jan 2015The Green, near SarrattPotholes and collapsed surfaceReported

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