2,793 hazards found, displaying on 94 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1338628 Dec 2016A414 (old M10) and A414 North orbital RoadTriangular section of the carriageway and emergency lane is sinkingReported
1337934 Dec 2016Hole jug up and left for over 2 weeks. Hazard in road. No signs. Reported
1337924 Dec 2016Plastic base of a broken bollard sticking out of the middle of the cycle path outside entry to rugby club. It is grey and not easily. When I was there this morning a child on bike hit it and fell but…Reported
13348721 Nov 2016Many potholes on roundabout Reported
13348621 Nov 2016Another large potholeReported
13347921 Nov 2016Pothole Reported
13347821 Nov 2016Whole surface breaking up. There's two potholes there with the rest breaking up fast! Resurface please Reported
13343819 Nov 2016Bedmond RoadPotholeReported
13332113 Nov 2016Deep rut / pothole causing vehicles to swerve to avoid itReported
13330712 Nov 2016Pothole in middle of road\nReported
1332468 Nov 2016Sunken valve chamber. Poor repair done previously has come away. Pretty lethal for a bike with small wheels Reported
1332458 Nov 2016Road surface coming away in the centre of the road at the edge of the bridge Reported
1331954 Nov 2016Pot hole on line with driver side wheelReported
1331681 Nov 2016Numerous defects throughout junction and on approaches Reported
1331671 Nov 2016Two badly sunken gulleys on southern side of Hatfield RoadReported
13315431 Oct 2016this bin is not emptied regularly enough.Reported
13312028 Oct 2016Lowestoft Road WD24 5AXNumerous potholes along Lowestoft Road towards the junction of St Albans Road. Difficult to avoid when driving due to the road being narrow with parked vehicles to the right.Reported
13311528 Oct 2016Large hole 3-5 cm deep 60cm diameter Reported
13310227 Oct 2016Road edge is collapsing as when it was resurfaced it was never bordered or butted up to. \nThe subsidence measures approximately 12\" immediately from the left hand surface edge of the road towards t…Reported
13302421 Oct 2016Harpenden Roadlarge potholeReported
13300419 Oct 2016Several potholes along this road have got worse over the last few weeks. Mainly their depth has increased.Reported
13300319 Oct 2016cow lane, Tring, HertsDeep water-filled potholes. Crashes wheels potentially damaging themReported
13299619 Oct 2016Road around drain is collapsing in and subsiding . Hole is eroding into drainReported
13296917 Oct 2016Hammonds LaneThe bit of remaining tarmac between all the pot holes is disappearing.Reported
13288511 Oct 2016sunken manhole cover with failed repair. big hole in the road.Reported
1328298 Oct 2016Drain cover not fixed in placeReported
1327935 Oct 2016Unnamed roadLarge potholeReported
1327925 Oct 2016Unnamed roadThere are a series of potholes and gullets worn into this stretch of road. All represent dangers to cyclists. One pothole in particular has a diameter of around 4 feet.Reported
13270730 Sep 2016TILEHOUSE LANEVery deep pot hole, which is hard to avoid as it is a single track road. The whole road, from where it joins the A412, up to Denham Grove Hotel, is in a very poor state, with mounds of gravel being …Reported
13255920 Sep 2016Footpath fully over grown. Have to walk down A road to get along here Reported

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