2,428 hazards found, displaying on 81 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1174881 Jul 2015Pot hole and very poor surfaceReported
1174871 Jul 2015Drain on both side with pot holesReported
11741428 Jun 2015201007137230None on mapsMany sections of the road between Frithsden Gardens and Ashridge College are in such a poor state that riding is unsafe if there are any cars around. Some holes have been marked for repair, but this …Reported
11734424 Jun 2015201007129591Little Tring RoadMassive potholes taking up all the left hand lane (travelling North). There is no road surface left... only a pothole!!!Reported
11734224 Jun 201529599The Bell RoundaboutDangerous roundabout. It's lethal for cyclists. Motorists are driving far too fast. You must do something to slow the traffic before there is a serious accident. You have been advised of this previo…Reported
11731723 Jun 2015201007126242Mornington2-3 potholes close by each other in an area that had previously been repaired.Reported
11723721 Jun 2015201007120395Deep potholeReported
11718219 Jun 2015201007116055Spring Garden Lane,BerkhamstedHole at the junction of shooters way and spring garden laneReported
11718119 Jun 2015201007116035darrs lane, berkhamstedA number of large potholes on the narrower steeper section which are dangerous to cyclistReported
11712816 Jun 2015Berkhamsted RoadPothole close to the kerb, where a cyclist would be positioned.Reported
11711415 Jun 2015201007107003Extremely poor repair work on a steep downhill right turn. There are alternate areas of extremely loose gravel and long tracks with no gravel but very high mounds and undulations, all on a long curve…Reported
1169439 Jun 2015201007091767Orchard Road, TewinWhen the road re-surfaced a while ago the drain cover was not raised This causes quite a noticeable "thump" as you go over it. Cyclists pull out into the road to avoid it thus causing a potential c…Reported
1168657 Jun 2015201007085834Tarmac around water main valve eroding. Reported
1168154 Jun 2015201007082711Ivy House LaneIvy House Lane, Berkhamsted. Where the road dips and rises there is a large amount of gravel and a number of larger stones right across the road causing a hazard to motorists, motor cyclists and cyc…Reported
11665129 May 2015201007066971Boundary WayStrip across the road has sunk.Reported
11665029 May 2015201007064862Maxted RoadRoad surface has disintegrated over the whole junction, making people swerve at dangerous angles to find the best route across the roadReported
11664428 May 2015201004190684Attimore RoadThere are between 5 and 10 potholes along a small stretch of Attimore Road which are gradually increasing in size and depth.Reported
11660827 May 2015201007059904Large dip in middle of the road already poorly repaired. Road has subsided and dangerous for multiple types of road user. Reported
11660627 May 2015Multiple pot holes and road surface breaking upReported
11660426 May 2015201007059702Potholes in more than one place Reported
11648323 May 2015This road is filled with deep potholes. The photo is taken 6 days after rain and it is still flooded, hiding the holes. My daughter has fallen off her bike here and I have very nearly done so on seve…Reported
11617212 May 2015201007025970Hare laneTwo pot holes about 1 meter apart.Reported
11615611 May 2015Albury Road / Gunns RoadVery bad, uneven surface, post holed and rutted from edge to edge for at least 150MReported
1160719 May 2015201007019105Hawkshead laneSO MANY POTHOLES. V dangerous, road is very bendy and you have to concentrate so hard on avoiding the potholes you can't look to see if other cars are coming.Reported
1160457 May 2015201007015030Westmill roadA crater worthy of the nasa moon landings down the west mill road in Hitchin sg52sh.Reported
1158842 May 2015201007002783hazel grovemany potholes and uneven ground makes cars drive around and cause accidents damages cars and bicyclesReported
11585830 Apr 2015201007000019Southgate road3 Deeply sunken manholes/service access covers in roadReported
11585730 Apr 2015201006999761Southgate road. Roundabout over M25Deep potholeReported
11582029 Apr 2015201006995662PotholeReported
11581929 Apr 2015201006995672This keeps on getting bodged... Please repair this section of the road as everyone drives on the other side of the road to avoid these potholes. It's on a corner and you risk hitting oncoming traffic…Reported

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