2,323 hazards found, displaying on 78 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1132313 Mar 2015Deep ruts in road on the hill. Very dangerous for cyclists and this is a popular lane for cycling.Reported
1131433 Mar 2015Large pothole 2feet in diameter approx 1-2 inches deep. \n\nEnough to cause a cyclist to fall off their bike. \nReported
1131152 Mar 2015Deep pothole Reported
1131102 Mar 2015Villiers-sur-MarneDeep pothole and several other potholes. Villiers-sur-marne junction with Sainsburys entrance, If a bicycle/motorcycle front wheel goes into this pothole, the driver will be thrown from the machin…Reported
1130712 Mar 2015Camp RoadA collection of potholes that are progressively getting worse.Reported
1130201 Mar 2015Pot holeReported
1130161 Mar 2015Pothole where previous patch has disintegratedReported
11290327 Feb 2015Wymondley RoadA trench/continuous line of potholes from a previous repair litter the road where a cyclist would normally be riding, thus pushing them out further into the road to avoid.Reported
11284726 Feb 2015Kimpton RoadPot hole filled with water. Rainfall has washed away all the roadside guttering such that the kerbside is now one long pothole down the hill into Kimpton from Cuckoldscross. Suggest replace/repair …Reported
11282826 Feb 2015Wentworth Drive, Bishops StortfordLarge hole in road, right outside my house so my wheel goes into it every time I reverse off my driveReported
11275225 Feb 2015Pothole where previous repair has broken up Reported
11272124 Feb 2015Knightsfield Welwyn garden cityPothole on approach to traffic calming road surface falling apart.Reported
11269524 Feb 2015Great north RoadSeries of deep potholesReported
11269424 Feb 2015Roehyde waySeries of deep potholesReported
11267224 Feb 2015A1000Unevenness, potholes, sunken manhole covers, road only repaired last year!Reported
11266924 Feb 2015Shepherds Way Brookmans ParkDrain hole in the middle of the road sinking rapidly, support bits around the drain hole some have come away already.Reported
11263823 Feb 2015Large build up of stones and other debris at side oft oaf the protrudes across the west bound side of the carriageway. Forces vehicles into the middle of a narrow road risking collision with oncoming…Reported
11263723 Feb 2015Pothole at edge of road opposite entrance to Home Farm (opposite side of the road). Near tree which says \"Model Farm\". A danger to cyclists and other road users. Reported
11263523 Feb 2015shenley laneLength of severe holes and trenches in centre of roadReported
11250721 Feb 2015Pot holeReported
11250421 Feb 2015PotholeReported
11245720 Feb 2015201006812850A414 park street roundaboutDeep hole on a roundaboutReported
11242319 Feb 2015Glenferrie Roaddeep pothole (2 - 3 inches deep) Opposite 37 Glenferrrie Road. AL1 4JUReported
11240219 Feb 2015201006809972Lye lane bricket woodSharp edged deep potholeReported
11238118 Feb 2015201006809221Huge pot hole and now rut, extremely large and dangerousReported
11232618 Feb 2015201006807913St albans roadMassive hole around drainReported
11226817 Feb 2015201006805066Swanland Roadthere are deep and dangerous ruts in the road surface where sections of tarmac are joined. It is very dangerous for cyclists, who pass over the ruts at a shallow angel as they turn the corner. This c…Reported
11226617 Feb 2015201006805063Swanland RoadAfter resurfacing 18 months ago this section of road has been a nightmare to use. The surface is extremely uneven and needs urgent work to make it safe and practical for cyclists in particular. The r…Reported
11210114 Feb 2015201006798433Pothole reappearing in same place as earlier repair near Harpenden rugby club on left going towards RedbournReported
11204312 Feb 2015201006794800All along this stretch of road are a combination of potholes and crevices that make the driver move onto the other side of the road to avoid them. It's very dangerous and needs filling in properly to…Reported

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