2,196 hazards found, displaying on 74 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10773929 Sep 2014Courtlands DriveUneven road surface on descentReported
10773829 Sep 2014Bedmond RoadLong, thin hole parallel to direction of road at repair join.Reported
10771128 Sep 2014Pothole in roadReported
10768125 Sep 2014Quite a few potholes in road, aome on the side where people park. Main hole is in middle of road and getting rapidly largerReported
10761522 Sep 2014201006472879Langley RoadNo street-lights meant I could not see the hazard.Reported
10761021 Sep 2014201006471789Lifting on bollards missing Reported
10757820 Sep 2014201006469108shire laneVery large potholes and tarmac ripping up. Covering the majority of the road for abour 20 metresReported
10757319 Sep 2014201006469024A 10' by 6' 4"deep rectangle in the centre of the carriageway heading towards letchworth has appeared and is causing motorists to swerve to avoid itReported
10757019 Sep 2014201006468987Four inch deep ten foot long six foot wide pot hole in the middle of the carriageways surface continuing to break upReported
10754819 Sep 2014Sandy LaneDue to poor drainage a section of the road regularly floods after a heavy downpour forcing cyclists out into a busy road. The drain cannot cope with the excess water. This has been a problem for many…Reported
10735010 Sep 2014201006444368Langley RoadThe surface dressing in a few places stops short of the kerb, and there is a 1-1.5" ridge along the length. It tapers in making it really dangerous to cross unless you aim at an angle, forcing you in…Reported
10734910 Sep 2014201006448029Leyhill Road junction with B4504 Chesham RoadPotholes at the junction which make it dangerous to pull out of the junction. On a bike, you are simultaneously accelerating, turning and watching for speeding cars. What you really don't want to hav…Reported
10734810 Sep 2014201006448049Station RoadPotholes, at the junction of Home Park Mill link road (Kings Langley station end). This is a tricky junction to negotiate on a bike as it is slightly uphill from the junction. It is very dangerous to…Reported
10734710 Sep 2014201006448057London Road A4251 ApsleyThe road surface from the Sainsbury's roundabout to the Doolittle Business Park roundabout is in a terrible state. The road is rutted and potholed, and has drain covers that you really dont want to c…Reported
10734610 Sep 2014201006448033A4251 London Road junction with Cow Lane, TringThere has been a stream of water crossing the main road at the top of Cow Lane for months now. When it turns cold and temperatures drop below freezing the wet surface will become a skid pan. It will …Reported
1073249 Sep 2014201006413944Hawkshead LaneThis location is on a hill. The road is very badly rutted and the sop surface missing. It stretches for some 50+ metres both sides of the lane. It is quite a fast descent and one has to be very ca…Reported
1073158 Sep 2014201006438831Slip EndApproximately 3-4 metres of the edge of the rd has caved in, worn away and is now very dangerous due to the length and depth as well as proximity to a corner.Reported
1072587 Sep 2014201006435172Cycleway between Bushey Mill Lane and A41Very poor surface on cyclewayReported
1072576 Sep 2014201006435145Poor pothole repairs across width of road on approach to traffic circle. Also a secondary section of degrading roadwork repairs closer to traffic circle entry. Already reported but remedial works und…Reported
1072546 Sep 2014201006435074Railway Street, Hertforduneven badly repaired surface with many deep potholesReported
10696724 Aug 2014201006402035Kitts End RoadRepairs required for large hazards at junction.Reported
10692522 Aug 2014201006325550Section of road with surface badly decayed resulting on multiple holesReported
10689721 Aug 2014201006395095PotholeReported
10680316 Aug 2014Bennetts End rdthe zebra crossing at Bennetts End rd shops has long gulleys along it, making it hard to walk if you have a disability or a push chairReported
10680216 Aug 2014Belsize Closepot hole near sign for Belsize Close also the edge of the road is crumbling a metre or so awayReported
10672212 Aug 2014main road south, dagnall, HP4 1rgseveral pot holes in line with both wheels of the car and then further on within 500 yards? a pot hole 1ft away from the kerb heading from Dagnall to Hemel Hempstead. Previously reported but no wor…Reported
1066377 Aug 201468242Potholes Reported
1066156 Aug 2014201006364870Tree root under Tarmac at foot of hill.i know of two cyclists injured coming off here. One had broken neck. There are temporary signs indicating uneven road surface but given the road surface is gene…Reported
1066126 Aug 2014201006363846B1037Cromer high st near cottered Herts. 2 big holes.Reported

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