2,408 hazards found, displaying on 81 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
11617212 May 2015201007025970Hare laneTwo pot holes about 1 meter apart.Reported
11615611 May 2015Albury Road / Gunns RoadVery bad, uneven surface, post holed and rutted from edge to edge for at least 150MReported
1160719 May 2015201007019105Hawkshead laneSO MANY POTHOLES. V dangerous, road is very bendy and you have to concentrate so hard on avoiding the potholes you can't look to see if other cars are coming.Reported
1160457 May 2015201007015030Westmill roadA crater worthy of the nasa moon landings down the west mill road in Hitchin sg52sh.Reported
1158842 May 2015201007002783hazel grovemany potholes and uneven ground makes cars drive around and cause accidents damages cars and bicyclesReported
11585830 Apr 2015201007000019Southgate road3 Deeply sunken manholes/service access covers in roadReported
11585730 Apr 2015201006999761Southgate road. Roundabout over M25Deep potholeReported
11582029 Apr 2015201006995662PotholeReported
11581929 Apr 2015201006995672This keeps on getting bodged... Please repair this section of the road as everyone drives on the other side of the road to avoid these potholes. It's on a corner and you risk hitting oncoming traffic…Reported
11581829 Apr 2015201006995670This needs repairing please Reported
11581729 Apr 2015201006995667Uneven drain Reported
11563224 Apr 2015201006982039Galley Lane, Barnet en5 4raPotholes, craters, unevenness - an accident waiting to happen - been reported over past 2 years or so, I reported it Jan 15 and still the same, you have to drive approx 10 mph, I will sue if I find m…Reported
11562024 Apr 2015201006980851Pothole 40x40cm 15cm from kerbReported
11558923 Apr 20152010069767242 drain surrounds are too deepReported
11555321 Apr 2015201006973953Travellers LanepotholeReported
11555021 Apr 2015201006973289Deerswood Avenuepothole and uneven surface probably caused by large lorry/refuse lorry turning on fresh tarmac (road newly laid)Reported
11554921 Apr 2015201006973262Hare LanepotholeReported
11554821 Apr 2015201006973003Hare LanepotholeReported
11554721 Apr 2015201006973244hare lanePothgoleReported
11554421 Apr 2015201006973003Hare LanePot-hole large enough to cause damage or injury to pedestrians.Reported
11547419 Apr 201566117Moor lanecircular pothole near to middle of road towards WatfordReported
11544519 Apr 2015201006965172Potholes everywhereReported
11510010 Apr 2015201006943365Little Tring RoadThis section has disintegrated completely and is virtually impossible for cyclists to ride. Two huge potholes almost joined together. It's not a metalled road it's an obstacle course!Reported
11509910 Apr 2015201006943673TRING ROADBADLY SUNKEN DRAINReported
11509710 Apr 2015201006943445Tring RoadMassive potholeReported
1150739 Apr 2015junction of A1000 and Southgate RoadSurface cracked up in cross road over a large area of the junction. Loose gravel on road.Reported
1150229 Apr 2015Your reference number is: 201006938939Ambrose LaneRoad surface in very bad condition, including deep pothole. Hazard is on a blind bend on a disused railway bridge, making it difficult to avoid the problem area on a bike.Reported
1149107 Apr 2015White Horse LaneHazard Type: All of the above!!! VERY DANGEROUS FOR CYCLISTS, caused a crash for two of our group! Fortunately for you no injuries, no broken bikes, no lawyers. Large potholes/ruts/camber and LOOSE m…Reported
1149017 Apr 2015Accident waiting to happen !! These are not potholes, they are crators. We all have to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid these, please repair before a accident happens. Reported
1148796 Apr 2015across full width of road and about 2-3 metres long. Very bumpy at bottom of slope and on bend in road so capable of throwing rider off bike.Reported

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