2,835 hazards found, displaying on 95 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
13493918 Jan 2017Large pothole on narrow part of roadNew
13490318 Jan 2017lower luton road B653huge pothole that cannot be avoided as the road is narrowReported
13489217 Jan 2017Large potholeReported
13488817 Jan 2017Deep Pothole in middle of roadReported
13488717 Jan 20172 pot holes here one very large, the other smaller but dangerous as involves swerving around parked cars or narrow road.Reported
13488617 Jan 20172 potholes along the repair line of previous road repairsReported
13488417 Jan 2017Pothole around manhole Reported
13483517 Jan 2017A414 (old M10) and A414 North orbital Road, Park Street RoundaboutLarge pothole in the middle of the roundabout carriagewayReported
13480016 Jan 2017South RoadA section of road that forms the exit from the roundabout on London Road to South Road has been poorly restored and is now a series of pot holes across the whole of the carriageway and is a hazard to…Reported
13479816 Jan 2017Spellbrook Lane WestThere is a large hole on the side of this road next to the hedge that was been made by heavy lorries accessing the factory on this roadReported
13472916 Jan 2017Harpenden LanePothole attached to drain coverReported
13472816 Jan 2017Holts MeadowSeries of potholes in the first part of Holts Meadow near to number 1.Reported
13471315 Jan 201730 mile an hour \"special\" tarmac has completely broken up with pot holes all across the roadReported
13471115 Jan 2017On the back edge of the speed bump there is rut formed and increasingly getting worse. This is major junction with significant traffic and rut get worse the longer its leftReported
13471015 Jan 2017Following work, the initial repair sunk in 2 places. These have subsequently been filled but in substandard manner that will only cause more potholes.\n\nThe sink has been filled with lump of tarmac …Reported
13470215 Jan 2017See photo Reported
13469915 Jan 2017Lower portion of the slip road surface is dangerous and rutted/potholed on key lines. The area where cars traditionally brake is disgustingly poor. No photo for obvious reasonsReported
13469515 Jan 2017Damage round manhole Reported
13468715 Jan 2017Waatling street park street A5183Large hole around a drainReported
13463413 Jan 2017Big holeReported
13463313 Jan 2017great Cambridge Roadgreat chance of damaging the car axle tyres or even a use accidentsReported
13460613 Jan 2017Coursers road, london colneyLarge deep potholeReported
13454211 Jan 2017There's a line of holes and gauges all along this strip, there was an attempt to repair but they just filled in 3 of them and left the rest. Really difficult cycling along here. Reported
13450110 Jan 2017Barnes LaneContinuous row of pot holesReported
1344769 Jan 2017Cassiobury DriveLarge pothole/ poor surfaceReported
1344648 Jan 2017Lemsford VillagePothole around road drain.Reported
1344638 Jan 2017Lemsford VillageLarge pothole around road drain.Reported
1344377 Jan 2017Hammond StreetThe whole section of road is now full of potholes on both sides of road some of which I can easily fit my shoe in up to top of ankle. Cars are even now noticing them and have to drive towards centre…Reported
1343927 Jan 2017Sandbridgebury LaneSeveral potholes in a row that are all becoming worse by the day and already deep enough to damage a tyre and wheelReported
1343324 Jan 2017A412Hole in Recent trench rh sideReported

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