38 hazards found, displaying on 2 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
12703130 Mar 2016Seaton LaneArea around manhole has deteriorated resulted in large/deep pot hole. Hazardous due to it's location at the junction Seaton Lane / A689 roundabout.Fixed
12599513 Mar 2016Elwick Roaddeep approx 4 ins and about 1 ft by 2ft at the kerbside on a busy road and near a crossing with a central reservation creating a pinch point where cars cyclists need to keep over to the kerb to avoid…Fixed
12285031 Jan 2016Easington RoadPothole appears from kerb out overFixed
12017218 Nov 2015pothole in area of multiple holes and broken surface. Fixed
11630716 May 2015A179 Easington RoadPothole and is the result of an earlier repair approximate sizes as below.Fixed
815179 Mar 2013Hart Laneseries of potholes next to traffic lightsFixed
755327 Jan 2013Winterbottom AvenueLarge section of road uneven, broken up and potholed due to poor resurfacing and subsequent degrading.Fixed
7404624 Dec 2012Group of deep potholes which I struck in darkness after leaving the A19 and travelling along North Lane into Elwick Village. These potholes present a serious hazard especially to Cyclists and Motorcy…Fixed
7392621 Dec 2012Hartlepool RdRoad has sunken and is getting worse as cars and lorries drive over it.Fixed
7392421 Dec 2012Hartlepool RdA large pothole situated just before lay by on A689 eastboundFixed
705427 Aug 2012Coal laneThis surface has not been repaired in years, its in a terrible state most of the way along. You can not ride on the same side of the road for any great length of time. Constantly have to weave right …Fixed
6400711 Feb 2012A178 TEES ROADA 100m x 400mm excavation which has not been repaired very well, leaving a recess upto about 50mm deep forcing the cyclist to ride towards the centre of the road just beyond the crest of a hill - ver…Rejected
6323422 Jan 2012Hart Lane HartlepoolStretch of road consisting almost entirely of badly filled in holesRejected
617907 Dec 2011A19 southboundThe numerous raised red "slow" areas are worn away all across the road resulting in dips that cause a lot of "bouncing" when travelling over - they are hard to avoid as they affect most of the width …Rejected
6129413 Nov 2011Dalton Back LaneAlong The Dalton Back road especially from A689. Very poor surface quality! uneven repairs! ruts and gully's and pot holes, Only a matter of time before a cyclist gets hurt or worse!Rejected
604543 Oct 2011CHAFFINCH CLOSEThe entrance to the cul-de sac where I live has a speed hump constructed of block paving, some of the blocks have become very loose and before long will be completely free from the main structure.Fixed
538853 Apr 2011Coal LaneAll along Coal Lane From Hurworth Burn - Heading towards A19 Elwick Village junction The road here Has numerous potholes, Worn Road surface to a degree in some areas its only safe to cycle on the opp…Fixed
4318817 Jan 2011Pothole size as below-just snapped my front coil spring!Fixed
4282813 Jan 2011station lanepotholeFixed
4282713 Jan 2011seaton lanepotholeFixed
4282513 Jan 2011elizabeth way junctionspotholesFixed
4260511 Jan 2011westerdale roadpotholeFixed
4042628 Oct 2010catcote roadpotholes along with ruts & gulliesFixed
2474712 Jan 2010york roadpotholeFixed
2474612 Jan 2010owton manor lanepotholeFixed
234438 Nov 2009flakirk rdlots of potholes ,i nearly fell off my bike on one of themFixed
2182114 Jul 2009cairnston rdlots of pot holes here, you repaired one side of the road and left the other, get off your backsides and sort out these pot holes. no one is interested in the tall ships coming to hartlepool just the…Fixed
1477520 Aug 2008n/kseveral ruts and holes in road surface.Fixed
1477420 Aug 2008Dalton Back LanePothole 3 inched deep 1ft dia. south of double bend. Actually there are several wide holes in surface along this stretch of road. Some have had markings indicating iminent repair, but not forthcoming…Fixed
1476119 Aug 2008the cliff3 deep pot holes just before the junction of green terrace in seaton if heading towards church st.Fixed

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