505 hazards found, displaying on 17 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
28221 Mar 2007mount view roadlarge potholeReported
28231 Mar 2007mount view roadalrge potholeReported
28241 Mar 2007mount view roadlarge potholeReported
28271 Mar 2007mount view roadlarge potholeReported
886017 Jul 2013Muswel Hill RoadThe whole section is in a terrible state. The speed cushions have all crumbled away at the edges. There are many potholes and tramlines in the road, particularly on the left, where cyclists ride. Th…Reported
3884415 Aug 2010Muswell Hill BroadwayMassively sunken filled trench all the way across carriagewayReported
220971 Aug 2009Muswell Hill RdA series of potholes and badly repaired roadworks across the whole width of the road. Since this is at the bottom of a steep hill and on a complicated junction with a mini roundabout, the danger to c…Reported
311792 Mar 2010Muswell Hill RdEntire road surface on Muswell Hill Rd at the top of Cranley Gardens N10 looks as though it has been bombed.Reported
3636216 May 2010Muswell Hill Rd (B550)Deep jagged hole on nearside, road poorly lit (for London), forcing cyclists into path of cars on a fast downhill stretchReported
1867117 Mar 2009Muswell Hill Roada very large pothole on the left hand side in a place just where cyclists will position themselves to escape fastdriving cars overtaking themReported
2201127 Jul 2009Muswell Hill Roadit appears that a section of recently laid tarmac has come away leaving a very dangerous ridge in the roadReported
2594821 Jan 2010Muswell Hill RoadSeveral large and deep holes near the bus stopReported
2661022 Jan 2010Muswell Hill RoadA series of very deep potholes, these have become a great deal worse as a result of the recent freezing weather. There a number of potholes, some of which are at least 3 inches deep. They are right…Reported
2996622 Feb 2010Muswell Hill RoadRoughly circular, quite deep pothole. Dangerous for cyclists who might not see it as it is so soon after the mini roundabout, and at the bottom of a hill. There have been a series of potholes in th…Reported
3268118 Mar 2010Muswell Hill RoadMade to kill cyclists, 1 foot long, 2 inches wide, 5 inches deep- follows the direction of traffic on a steep hill- perfect death-trap for when you hit your top speed!Reported
3349929 Mar 2010Muswell Hill RoadLarge pothole 200mm plus near kerbside southbound in Muswell Hill Road at junction with Wood lane.Reported
3683431 May 2010muswell hill roadsmall but deep hole on three sides of small (possible water main stopcock) access cover. potentially very dangerous to cyclists.Reported
371407 Jun 2010Muswell Hill RoadLarge broken repairReported
3780730 Jun 2010Muswell Hill Road3 different sections of rutted road and 1 pothole, which are located in the bus lane as you travel up Muswell Hill Road. Very dangerous to maneouvre as it means moving out from the kerb whilst checki…Reported
3805411 Jul 2010Muswell Hill RoadPothole just after mini roundabout heading towards Muswell Hill.Reported
6024621 Sep 2011Muswell Hill Road+ surface poorly restored after roadworks. Trench across across raised pedestrian crossing has sunk, causing a deep trench and very uneven road surface. Hazard at the bottom of a hill on a corn…Reported
781784 Feb 201380184muswell hill roadthree potholes each sufficiently dangerous to warrant urgent attentionReported
8186913 Mar 2013Muswell Hill RoadLarge potholes and broken road surface at the start of Muswell Hill Road, coming from Archway Road. I hit this deep pothole on my bike, and very nearly came off. Please fix this ASAP before someon…Reported
8377730 Mar 2013CONFIRM 81369Muswell hill roadHole in Tarmac massive hole underneath down to gas mainReported
9131628 Oct 2013muswell hill roadThe combination of a series of poorly restored potholes, uneven surface and poorly lit road has the effect of pushing cyclists into the path of any vehicle too impatient to remain behind them. Unabl…Reported
964953 Feb 2014muswell hill roadvery deep hole on muswelll hill road in the midle of the junction with wood laneReported
370534 Jun 2010Muswell Hill Road (By Junction with Cranley Gardens)Approx 25 cm diameter, 5-10cm deep just before give way markings (Northbound) of three way mini roundabout between Muswell Hill Road and Cranleigh Gardens. Of particular note due to the location of a…Reported
2637921 Jan 2010Muswell Hill Road N10Near junction of Cranley Gardens and Muswell Hill Road N10 on the left hand side just after roundabout heading south. This is so big that if any cyclist hits it they will have a severe accidentReported
3666526 May 2010Muswell Hill Road N10Various potholes/ sunken holesReported
2515518 Jan 2010muswell hill road, haringey N10three potholes onReported

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