770 hazards found, displaying on 26 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
193707 Apr 2009Not Known.Large pothole from gutter into road.Fixed
10086315 Mar 2014Large pothole directly in traffic near side wheel trackFixed
460484 Feb 2011A1124Large pothole causing traffic to swerve to avoidFixed
1778419 Feb 2009Godmans Lane Marks TeyLarge pothole caused by recent freeze and thawFixed
4936627 Feb 20111758100Large pothole by manhole in the-middle of truncationFixed
971308 Feb 2014Lexden RoadLarge pothole by curbFixed
6014215 Sep 20111939475Green roadlarge pothole by busy road junctionFixed
193697 Apr 2009High Easter Road.Large pothole at side of roadFixed
6912519 Jun 2012Large pothole around drainFixed
3040325 Feb 201030403Large pothole adjacent to road drain. Very likely to bring a cyclist off at night as no street lighting.Fixed
752010 Jul 2007Finchingfield roadlarge potholeFixed
1870317 Mar 2009Slough Rd..Large potholeFixed
4287614 Jan 2011Priests LaneLarge potholeFixed
4287714 Jan 2011Galleywood RoadLarge potholeFixed
5788226 Jun 2011M25Large potholeFixed
8966128 Aug 20132258501Large potholeFixed
8997112 Sep 20132270208Horkesley RoadLarge potholeFixed
8997212 Sep 20132261834Horkesley RoadLarge potholeFixed
8997312 Sep 20132270170Horkesley RoadLarge potholeFixed
1099209 Jan 2015Langham RoadLarge potholeFixed
830730 Aug 2007Large pot-holeFixed
575819 Apr 2007Alderton HillLarge pot holesFixed
2092124 May 2009Green LaneLarge pot hole with sharp sides - could easily cause an accident and wheel damage.Fixed
2490115 Jan 2010Newbridge Hill, West Bergholtlarge pot hole on left just after bridge when going up hillFixed
6214522 Dec 2011Rickstones RoadLarge pot hole next to drainFixed
238824 Dec 2009london road, great horkesleyLarge pot hole in the road, it has got a lot worse recently.Fixed
3371331 Mar 2010Newbridge HillLarge pot holeFixed
123182 Apr 20081915458London RoadLarge pohole in kerb areaFixed
124784 Apr 2008Lambourne Hall RoadLarge piece of road surface missing leaving large potholeFixed
4850121 Feb 2011Mott StreetLarge number of bad potholes and broken up road surfaceFixed

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