715 hazards found, displaying on 24 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
6975713 Jul 2012Horseshoe HillLarge deep potholeFixed
115594 Mar 2008First AvenueLarge deep extended pothole/unfilled expansion jointFixed
8735730 May 2013A414large cavity along a construction joint (across the carriageway)Fixed
3073028 Feb 2010High StreetLarge area, but shallow pothole. In a very busy area, with a lot of traffic usage, right in the middle of town. Not a really bad pothole, but for the location.Fixed
414413 Mar 2007Lawn LaneLarge area of top layer of surface missingRejected
1200220 Mar 2008A12Large area of top dressing missingFixed
1062230 Jan 2008Rayleigh RoadLarge and deep pothole.Fixed
724357 Nov 2012Large and deep pothole in cycle lane on northbound carriageway from Essex Hall roundaboutFixed
2072918 May 2009Audley End Roadlarge (relatively flat) hole caused by winter snow and still not repaired. Particularly dangerous because it is at the end of a left-hand bend and is followed by another smaller hole.Fixed
163729 Jan 2009Priests LaneLarge (0.5m x 0.5m) square pothole on LH side of road when travelling west. Looks like collapsed road repair.Fixed
9274020 Dec 2013Kerb stones have been broken away from footpath next to disabled parking bays. Defect has been present for at least 6 months yet not repaired. Council have now flagged footpath defect close to this b…Fixed
4150717 Dec 2010Sawkins AvenueKerb stones coming loose, possibly due to being driven over by lorries serving building work in progressFixed
360055 May 2010High RoadJust before the traffic lights London bound.Fixed
7208923 Oct 2012Dunton RoadJunction of Dunton Road and Kings Road. Potholes originally reported in reference 68825 has been repaired, but the filling has come out again in a few weeks. The broken speed hump is still deterio…Fixed
2204329 Jul 2009The streetIt looks like a repair in the road following work on drainage.Fixed
673329 May 2007Carters MeadIt is a repair that has sunken creating a divot thatFixed
1495110 Sep 2008Rands Rd..Irregularly shaped pothole.Fixed
359995 May 2010Epping High StreetInfill around drain missingFixed
18127 Jan 2007Approach road to Wickford StationHuge pothole, dangerous for cyclists, deep enough to damage car suspension. Pedestrians get soaked when it's rainingFixed
282123 Feb 2010London RoadHuge pot hole, almost a crater!Fixed
6231830 Dec 2011Sandford Roadhuge pot hole right next to an already repaired manhole cover.Fixed
8452211 Apr 2013Huge long deep crevices in centre of road approximate 2 ft wide and 6 ft long, very dangerous for cyclist and motorcyclists ESP at night, has been there for weeks , please repair ASAP!! Fixed
1181414 Mar 2008Station RoadHoles and broken GuttersFixed
153712 Feb 2007Main Road HockleyHole round drain cover could cause two wheeled vehicles to crash and also damage other vehicles wheels or burst tyres if hit at wrong angleFixed
9016521 Sep 20132263707Hole on westbound side of Edinburgh Way on approach to Burnt Mill roundabout. Fixed
8960525 Aug 20132257782b184hole on Thaxted bound side of road already marked with red spray paint.Fixed
280061 Feb 2010London RoadHole next to drain coverFixed
6685724 Apr 2012High Road LoughtonHole in the road.Fixed
1181014 Mar 2008Station RoadHole in roadFixed

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