866 hazards found, displaying on 29 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
2052311 May 2009Mildmay RoadMultiple holes, repairs and damage. Too many to list individually. Awkward to negotiate on a bike or in a car. Most are on the corner of a nasty junction.Fixed
1520229 Sep 20081818201Brickhouse RoadMuch of the edge of the Brickhouse Road has crumbled due to the heavy farm traffic. The result is that in place, 2 foot of the edge of an already narrow road (sometimes both sides of the road) is a …Fixed
11441425 Mar 2015More holesFixed
11401817 Mar 2015More cart track. Fixed
11372611 Mar 2015Corner of Rectory Lane and New StreetMissing surface water drain coverFixed
420717 Jan 2011A414Missing covers to several surface water gullies.Fixed
360126 May 2010Subway under A1060 ParkwayMissing / displaced drain channel cover in subwayFixed
3015523 Feb 2010Nayland RoadMASSIVE pothole.Fixed
11294128 Feb 2015massive pothole, couple of hundred metres before junction with boxted straight roadFixed
10709829 Aug 2014Derwent RoadMassive pothole! really deep!Fixed
4912725 Feb 2011Massive pothole that made me crash!Fixed
10146722 Mar 2014Coach RoadMany potholes, some big.Fixed
1058951 Jul 2014Coach RoadMany potholes, ruts, rough sections, basically road worn out.Fixed
279141 Feb 2010LAINDON LINK /GT KNIGHTLEYS JUNCTIONMany large potholesFixed
6664119 Apr 2012Manhole cover subsiding and rattling when passed over by vehiclesFixed
590722 Aug 2011Manhole cover missing,npw covered with paving slab which is now brokenFixed
8968529 Aug 20132258832Braintree roadManhole cover MISSING!Fixed
663323 May 2007Church RoadManhole cover missingFixed
664624 May 2007Manhole cover missingFixed
8021121 Feb 2013Hamilton Road CO3major pothole westbound side of Hamilton Road CO3 at junction with Maldon Road CO3Fixed
888220 Oct 2007Oakley RoadMains water burst pipe is flooding Oakley Road surface which is on a hill. If the water freezes at night it could cause a major accident as a car could skid into vehicles travelling along Grove Road,…Fixed
513830 Mar 2007Arnolds Farm LaneLower end resurfaced, but older stretch has potholes and poor surface, made more hazardous due to gradient.Fixed
3633916 May 20101937929furtherwick roadlots of small pot holesFixed
168313 Feb 2007Lanham Green Road, CressingLots of potholes, got significantly worse recent. One of which knocked me off my bike recently.Fixed
359453 May 2010canvey roadlots of pot holes as you leave waterside roundabout and enter canvety roadFixed
1181514 Mar 2008Station RoadLots of holesFixed
3743815 Jun 2010Slough Road.Long, narrow pothole. Particularly dangerous when meetingoncoming vehicles in this narrow lane.Fixed
648606 Mar 2012Long thin pothole, very deep is making drivers swerve to avoid it which is dangerous as it is approaching a junction where the lanes split for the right hand filter lane. Fixed
1870217 Mar 2009B184Long potholeFixed
458862 Feb 2011Moulsham StreetLong potholeFixed

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