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IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
6231830 Dec 2011Sandford Roadhuge pot hole right next to an already repaired manhole cover.Fixed
8452211 Apr 2013Huge long deep crevices in centre of road approximate 2 ft wide and 6 ft long, very dangerous for cyclist and motorcyclists ESP at night, has been there for weeks , please repair ASAP!! Fixed
1181414 Mar 2008Station RoadHoles and broken GuttersFixed
153712 Feb 2007Main Road HockleyHole round drain cover could cause two wheeled vehicles to crash and also damage other vehicles wheels or burst tyres if hit at wrong angleFixed
9016521 Sep 20132263707Hole on westbound side of Edinburgh Way on approach to Burnt Mill roundabout. Fixed
8960525 Aug 20132257782b184hole on Thaxted bound side of road already marked with red spray paint.Fixed
280061 Feb 2010London RoadHole next to drain coverFixed
6685724 Apr 2012High Road LoughtonHole in the road.Fixed
1181014 Mar 2008Station RoadHole in roadFixed
8242 Feb 2007chelmer road /springfield park roadholeFixed
35867 Mar 2007church roadholeFixed
34927 Mar 2007runwell roadhazard to bikesFixed
203535 May 2009Mersea RoadHazard is a gully runnning down the side of the repair and the original road surface + the repair is breaking up generallyFixed
7209023 Oct 2012Grange RoadGroup of potholes at junction of Mill Road and Grange Road, Great Burstead, Billericay. Potholes on the single dotted line as you turn from Mill Road into Grange Road. On bike you either need to over…Fixed
9091915 Oct 20132268945Gravel in roundabout and at junction of road Fixed
9092015 Oct 20132268912Gravel in road causing hazard to motorcycle ridersFixed
9115023 Oct 20132270443General wear and tear. From repaired section. Fixed
310451 Mar 2010Watchouse RoadFrom outside approx no 50 Watchouse Road to 36 Watchouse Road, hading towards the junction with Stock Road there are a seies of potholes, ranging from close to the kerb, to the centre line of the ro…Fixed
9901124 Feb 2014EPPING NEW ROADFilling of trench across road missingFixed
825425 Aug 2007willingale roadFallen tree, upper branches 1.5 t0 2 metres into carriageway.Fixed
639014 May 2007Brookside, BillericayExtremely bad road surface full of potholes of various sizes, some holes have been filled in on previous occasions so the road is full of patches but it just breaks up again elsewhere. Very dangerou…Fixed
1983919 Apr 2009Banks LaneExceptionally dangerous road surface. Beyond detailed description. So bad that it might be best to dismount from bicycle to traverse this section of public roadFixed
863629 Sep 2007Cymbeline WayExcavation that has been permanently reinstated has sunk badly.Fixed
239275 Dec 2009Bond StreetEroded tarmac around manholeFixed
2081220 May 2009Fyfield Road, WillingaleElongated pothole on south side of road on bend about 250 m west of Willingale. Hidden from view of west bound cyclists.Fixed
193687 Apr 2009High Easter Road.Elongated potholeFixed
6794915 May 2012Bedwell Roadelongated deep potholeFixed
344859 Apr 2010Dorset AvenueEdge of tarmac breaking up where meets concrete.Fixed
3812915 Jul 2010Dunmow Rd., High RodingEast side of road nearly opposite Pub. Sunken drain coverFixed

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