125 hazards found, displaying on 5 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
540655 Apr 2011DMBCash tree avenuePothole in the middle of the road at a T junction. quite a large amount of stones and rubble has spread out across the road.Reported
5229920 Mar 2011Tickhill roadPotholeReported
5229620 Mar 2011PotholeReported
5229520 Mar 2011PotholesReported
5229420 Mar 2011PotholesReported
5185916 Mar 2011Saxton AvePothole damage on road near 1a, Saxton Ave,DN4 7AYReported
4892423 Feb 2011Caernarvon DriveSeries of potholes in the road caused by a burst water pipe that was left unfixed by the waterboard for over a week during the icy weather. The road is now in an attrocious state, one pot hole is una…Reported
4877123 Feb 201101463348Oak tree RoadSeveral potholes on the edge of the road which are beginning to form one very large hole. People tend to park opposite it (this is a residential area) so you have no choice but to drive through it.Reported
458752 Feb 2011DMBC HIGHWAYSA series of deep ruts / potholes along a 10 metre section of roadReported
458522 Feb 2011Queens RoadLarge pot holeReported
4341518 Jan 2011DMBCCastle Hills RoadMultiple potholesReported
4316817 Jan 20111440418Genoa StreetThe Pot hole is roughly 40cm wide and 10cm deep. The edges of the pothole are sharp and could cause major damage to alloy wheels and tyres.Reported
421408 Jan 2011Bowland closelarge potholes at the start of bowland close, followed by uneveness all the way along bowland closeReported
418974 Jan 201101429679hatfield rdtwo or three large holesReported
417541 Jan 201101429517A section of concrete that has disapeared on the road on the bridgeReported
398143 Oct 20101383791Maltby LaneRoad surface (aggregate) loose and detached allowing very slippery tar (used to secure said chippings) to be exposed.In progress
379074 Jul 201001330564tudworth RoadPothole deep enough to cause a blow out in rear tyre of bicycle vearing me into road . Luckily no passing car and another statistic avoidedReported
3672527 May 2010church stmany pot holes along the length of the road, some very poorly restored, others just leftReported
3664826 May 2010coulman strutted potholes along a stretch of road for about 30 metersReported
3580828 Apr 2010Edlington LaneThe bottom of Edlington Lane's road surface is very badly maintain and has numerous gullys, pot holes and othsr hazards for road users.Reported
3580728 Apr 2010Park Drive40 metres of pot holes and poorly maintained roadReported
3535620 Apr 2010park drivepot hole and very uneven surfaceReported
318317 Mar 2010Grange LaneLarge potholeReported
2549920 Jan 20101244022Nutwell Lane, Doncaster.A very large, long and deep pothole caused by ice. Extremely dangerous and damaging to car suspension. Unavoidable unless you know it is there.Reported
2533719 Jan 2010Field Road and Silver StreetThe road has many minor potholes in it due to poor maintenance over the years and is very rough to drive over.Reported
2533519 Jan 2010Junction of Briars lane and Thorne RoadThe road has rises and falls in it of considerable nature as to cause vehicles to crash over the the offending hole or raise in the road.Reported
230597 Oct 2009as aboveHole on cycle path approximately 2 and a half feet wide and 3 inches deep. It is on the doncaster green way between york road and Jossey lane directly under the bridge. A vehicle of some sort has bee…Reported
2192521 Jul 20091146233White Ley RoadNew section of tarmac, placed to fill in earlier uneven road surface, has been ripped away on the line of the overbanding resulting in large pothole. Located on an unlit road, pothole is wide enough…Reported
212859 Jun 2009unknownvarious potholes all along the road at the rearof the multi storey car park in mexboroughReported
1858713 Mar 2009High StreetNo provisions made for access in or out of private driveways during road resurfacingReported

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