362 hazards found, displaying on 13 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
4463825 Jan 201144638Nelson Road. Westward Ho!Large Hole to the right side of the road on the Westward Ho! one way system as you enter from Nelson Road and before the cross roads.Fixed
1876619 Mar 20099264871hopworthyLarge pot hole after disused bridge Left side of roadFixed
288729 Feb 2010Greenhill RoadLarge pot hole on bend in narrow road.Fixed
26428 Jan 2007burnt house lanelarge pot-hole covering half the width of the cyclepathFixed
649918 May 2007east 07142794Large PotholeFixed
1048127 Jan 2008Farlacombe xlarge potholeFixed
108135 Feb 2008Old Sticklepath Hilllarge potholeFixed
1439829 Jul 20088221289Metley X towardsLarge PotholeFixed
1611721 Dec 2008EAST08245875Southleigh roadLarge potholeFixed
1996722 Apr 2009access road through County hall (unrestricted for cycles at all times)large potholeFixed
4809517 Feb 2011Clovelly Roadlarge potholeFixed
9941428 Feb 2014Large potholeFixed
1049792 Jun 2014road from Stoke Canon to Ratsloe, via HuxhamLarge potholeFixed
7282123 Nov 2012Hollow Lanelarge potholeUnpublished
7302827 Nov 2012Hollow Lanelarge potholeUnpublished
4450124 Jan 2011Priory RoadLarge pothole - possibly has been fixed in the past, but now spewing gravel over the roadFixed
1056428 Jan 2008large pothole 1.5mtr X 0.75mtr X 12cm deepFixed
136404 Jun 2008SOUT08212179Haytor RoadLarge pothole 18" by 12" and 6" deep. On left hand side of road from Bovey Tracey to Haytor, near junction with Yarner. Reported by David Manuel of Dorchester to the Haytor Centre (DNPA)Fixed
86641 Oct 2007southleigh roadlarge pothole at nearside edge of road aprox 30feet from junction with new Sidmouth rdRejected
9886923 Feb 2014UnknownLarge pothole extending to almost half the width of the road.Fixed
211914 Jun 2009A 3072large pothole in area of subsidenceFixed
191773 Apr 2009DCC Highways Ref No 9267178metcombe hilllarge pothole in middle of section of road that has turned mostly to gravelFixed
1125019 Feb 2008No nameLarge pothole in road plus a small pothole close byFixed
1125119 Feb 2008No nameLarge pothole in roadway and edge of road also starting to break upFixed
503855 Mar 2011Lane to Upton Pyne from ThorvertonLarge pothole in the road.Fixed
5467210 Apr 2011No road nameLarge pothole near to the edge of the road which is a clear danger to any cyclist who should have the misfortune to ride into it.Fixed
1660321 Jan 20099251440Large pothole over 1 metre in diameter and 15cms deep - smaller pothole 60cm diameter is oppositeFixed
1013422 Jan 2008no road names in this locationLarge pothole that has appeared and got larger with the recent bad weatherFixed
181982 Mar 20099261590UnnamedLarge pothole that has appeared due to the bad weather. The size makes it a danger to cyclists especially it it is full of water and you don't realise that it is such a deep hole.Fixed
245495 Jan 201010315805Crossroads at Holsworthy Beacon ( No road names )Large pothole which has developed very quickly since the onset of the recent very cold weather. The surrounding road surface also appears to be starting to break up, but the pothole is particularly b…Fixed

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