393 hazards found, displaying on 14 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
211914 Jun 2009A 3072large pothole in area of subsidenceFixed
211793 Jun 2009A388 Holsworthy to Bideford ( No road name )A surface water grid is sinking and a deep pothole has developed on one edge of the grid surround.Fixed
2061713 May 2009RoystonA string of 8 potholesFixed
204488 May 2009A303Poor road condition! WatchRejected
204156 May 20099271740Hole where two tarmac surfaces join.Fixed
2023430 Apr 2009potholeFixed
2020830 Apr 20099270924Pynes HillVarious holes and ruts in the road where previous road works have deteriorated due to traffic wear and tear.Fixed
2012027 Apr 2009A303 trunk road (no local name)Very bad section of road surface with several areas of the road's 'top layer' completely missing, causing vehicles including cyclists to swerve into path of other trafficFixed
2003523 Apr 2009Old Rydon Lane, ExeterSettlement in centre of road outside exit from St Bridget Nursery, Old Rydon Lane, ExeterFixed
1996722 Apr 2009access road through County hall (unrestricted for cycles at all times)large potholeFixed
192053 Apr 2009DCC Highways Ref No 9267175No nameHuge pothole which is usually hidden by a puddle and hence very easy to ride into by mistake.Fixed
191773 Apr 2009DCC Highways Ref No 9267178metcombe hilllarge pothole in middle of section of road that has turned mostly to gravelFixed
1903731 Mar 200909266673Knoll knappPotholes all along road, very deepFixed
1894227 Mar 2009DCCSuccession of deep potholes on unclassified road Would cause loss of control especially in poor light or darkness as on a long shallow inclineFixed
1880521 Mar 20099264940No nameFour potholes - one very largeFixed
1878520 Mar 20099264929Stoke HillSeveral potholes close togetherFixed
1877220 Mar 20099264982hopworthyGulleys caused by water running down both sides of roadFixed
1877020 Mar 20099264891hopworthyAnother pothole on left side of road ,heading towards pyworthyFixed
1876919 Mar 2009hopworthyPothole to left side of roadFixed
1876819 Mar 20099264885hopworthyOutside hopworthy moor cottageFixed
1876719 Mar 20099264881hopworthyPothole - left side of road heading towards pyworthy- Just past a farn gateFixed
1876619 Mar 20099264871hopworthyLarge pot hole after disused bridge Left side of roadFixed
1876519 Mar 20099264862HopworthyPothole after farm, on left side of road when heading towards bridgeruleFixed
1876419 Mar 20099264857HopworthyPothole on right side of road after Higher Hopworthy Farm enterenceFixed
1863315 Mar 20099263769New North Road - Queen StClocktower roundabout Exeter has a really bad hole on the Queen St side - I hit it last week and got a puncture.Fixed
1858213 Mar 20099261999?6-8 very deep pot holes about 1.5 feet across and they are 8-12" deepFixed
1858113 Mar 20099263514Rydon LanePothole at edge of road. Especially dangerous when filled with water (and hidden) after rain.Fixed
1851711 Mar 2009Unnamed roadA long gouge has appeared across the roadway which has probably originated from previous (not recent) roadwork repairs and has now badley deteriated due to the recent bad weather.Fixed
1846510 Mar 2009CSM 9262912harford to peter tavyns of road on route to peter tavyFixed
183025 Mar 20099261579Very large deep potholeFixed

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