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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
183005 Mar 2009Lathys LaneSeries of pot holes reported by phone 1 week ago, repaired very poorly 18/02/09 & now in a very poor state again. Mud & water ( even long after rain has fallen) on the road as wellFixed
181992 Mar 20099261596Unnamed4 large potholes in close proximity which have developed during the recent bad weather. All 4 holes being of a similar size.Fixed
181982 Mar 20099261590UnnamedLarge pothole that has appeared due to the bad weather. The size makes it a danger to cyclists especially it it is full of water and you don't realise that it is such a deep hole.Fixed
181862 Mar 2009Hazard #18186Thornpark RiseLower Thornpark Rise, in the middle of the road, a large deep pothole which could wreck a wheel and tyre, and would certainly remove a cyclist from his bike, causing serious injury if not worse! Up t…Fixed
181652 Mar 20099260407a 3072Road forming rut and surface breaking up over lon distance, west bound. Rut is now deep enough to cause tilting of vehicle...Fixed
1812328 Feb 20099260402Totnes Road/Wolborough Street, Newton AbbotThe whole of the roadsurface for about 100 metres either side of the bend is in an appalling condition. It is a bone jarring and suspension wrecking mixture of poorly patched potholes, ruts and gener…Fixed
1802024 Feb 20099260415chaddlehanger /mary tavyhalf road is potholeFixed
1766117 Feb 20099258366Between Derril and Dux CrossThis is the largest pot hole I've ever seen. It is unacceptable to leave this on the National Cycle Network as it is highly dangerous!Fixed
1764817 Feb 2009Brickyard Lane3 DEEP potholes on Brickyard lane and getting deeper and widerFixed
1759916 Feb 20099258394between Stoke Hill and KillertonSeveral potholes; uneveness due to ruts and gullies;Fixed
1729611 Feb 2009pothole forming into road (Road surface breaking away), from curb on right hand bend causing traffic problem .Fixed
1729511 Feb 2009a3072road surface breaking up between two manholes and allong side of one manhole. long hazard forming.Fixed
1729111 Feb 2009Old Newton RoadHugh deep pothole more like a mineshaft in the direct line in the road where cyclists would normally travel and in the dark most likely would not see. The area of the hazard forces cyclists into the…Fixed
1727811 Feb 2009Under road culvert has been completely blocked for several weeks, resulting in road being totally impassable for pedestrians due to deep and wide water.Fixed
1727411 Feb 2009Cooks LaneDeep potholes in narrow country road, very difficult to avoid. Road used by children,cyclists, and motor vehicles.Fixed
1721610 Feb 2009PyworthyDeep pot hole infront of houseFixed
1721510 Feb 2009PyworthySunken triangular manhole coverFixed
171709 Feb 2009a388road surface braking up round "BT type" inspection manholeFixed
171528 Feb 2009Debris and potholes. The road between Southleigh and Colyton is the worst that I have seen it in the 31 years that I have been living at Southleigh. The road is breaking up in several locations and …Rejected
171508 Feb 2009several potholes outside No. 3 Hillside Southleigh just up the road from the telephone boxFixed
171448 Feb 2009HopworthyLarge section of road surface completely deteriorated, down to rocks on both sides - Has formed gulleys which are very dangerous when descending the hill. Man hole covers are surrounded by water f…Fixed
171438 Feb 2009Several water-filled potholes of biblical proportions. Directly in line with car/bike wheel when heading towards PyworthyFixed
171388 Feb 2009HopworthyJoined up pot holes forming a jagged gulleyFixed
171378 Feb 2009Hopworthy MoorGiant sharp sided pot holes on either side of the road, edge of road also badly degraded.Fixed
169963 Feb 20099254128Gale to Denbury RoadLarge amount of debris on road surface including large amount of big stones. Caused by recent heavy rain and covering approx 100 metres. Making passage impossible for bikes and hazardous for carsFixed
1688129 Jan 20099254138b3245potholeFixed
1660321 Jan 20099251440Large pothole over 1 metre in diameter and 15cms deep - smaller pothole 60cm diameter is oppositeFixed
1644113 Jan 2009Exeter rdPothole in the road on a fast section of the south brent to Ivybridge cycleway. There are 2 holes on this piece of road about 10 yards apart. This is a fast section of the Cycleway and the holes are…Fixed
1613021 Dec 2008SOUT08245870Not knownPothole in road hazardous to cyclistsFixed

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