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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
815149 Mar 2013York wayWhat was previously a pothole has now become a mini mountain which is dangerous when cycling. The location is just before lights on a bend so a particularly dangerous patchReported
812085 Mar 2013York Waypot hole on the northbound side of the road.Reported
811374 Mar 2013Fawley RoadTWO VERY deep potholes in Fawley road. Could kill a cyclist or childReported
811074 Mar 2013Asphalt corrosion on down side of hump. Reported
8000119 Feb 2013Southampton RowPothole, sunken surfaceReported
8000018 Feb 2013A4200 (it's either Southampton Row or Kingsway at this point)Pothole, sunken surfaceReported
7962615 Feb 2013KingswayThere was a big pothole there few months ago, which has been filled in. Now more than half of the filling is gone.Reported
7962015 Feb 2013CHester Gatemassive pothole in the middle of one lineReported
7961115 Feb 2013Manhole cover was covered with tarmac now dislodged, creating uneven surface. Hit it on my bike and blew out the tyre... Damaged wheel :-( Reported
786448 Feb 2013Gower StreetPotholle and severely sunken man hole cover.Reported
778511 Feb 2013Camden RoadArea of road surface missingReported
7761730 Jan 2013North End Waythere is a large pothole which is quite deep when heading north along North End Way, it is directly in the area of the road which a cyclist uses to the left of the lane.Reported
7717528 Jan 2013The road around here is awful for cyclists. With skinny tyres, it's bone shakingly bad, and I have to avoid many sections in order to not get caught in poor road surfaces. Reported
7686424 Jan 2013Euston Roadpot holeReported
7680523 Jan 2013Royal College StreetMultiple potholes, major hazard to cyclists.Reported
7650016 Jan 2013A broken, rocking concrete utility cover. Reported
7604910 Jan 2013St pancreas waySeries of potholes at the junction of royal college street with Kentish town rdReported
7604810 Jan 2013Royal college streetThe resurfacing of the bicycle lane on royal college street is uneven leading to a bumpy ride. Thames water has just put in new mains and only resurfaced half of the cycle lane with horizontal bits r…Reported
753216 Jan 2013Pothole on bike pathReported
753186 Jan 2013Most manholes drains along this stream are sunken or unevenReported
752115 Jan 2013Shelton StreetFurther deterioration of cobbled surface - large pothole where a number of cobbles have come away.Reported
7427628 Dec 2012Two deep pot holes Reported
7366117 Dec 2012Broken lamppost and damaged Tarmac surround.Reported
732284 Dec 2012Shelton StreetCobbles missing & loose throughout cobbled area (apart from northernmost strip) make this hazardous for bikesReported
7283124 Nov 2012Gower StreetHuge pothole - has been repaired in past but still growingReported
7254512 Nov 2012Tottenham Court RoadLarge area of rolling ridges and gulleys all running parallel to Tottenham Court Road, creates a bumpy approach to jaywalkers crossing the entrance of Grafton Way.Reported
7212324 Oct 2012Theobalds road intersection Grays Inn roadpothole beside manholeReported
7208823 Oct 2012Regent squareBroken tarmac surface revealing blockwork underneath, with multiple significant gaps in the blockwork. On a part of the road where you can't cycle round the hole very easily because traffic is restri…Reported
717739 Oct 2012Exposed edges of drain cover where Tarmac mend has subsided at bus stop - this is serious hazard for bicycles Reported
717689 Oct 2012High Holbornlarge and growing potholeReported

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