491 hazards found, displaying on 17 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
9092816 Oct 2013Right in front of the speed bump, on the left as you go down the hillReported
9087114 Oct 201320 THEOBALD'S ROADPothole adjacent to manhole/inspection cover next to kerb.Reported
9006818 Sep 2013Pothole arising from poorly filled existing hole debris is scattered around and surrounding road surface is deteriorating rapidly...this is an unacceptable hazard ..NOTE It is near a site of a pre…Reported
9000114 Sep 201388 KINGSWAYpothole next to sunken coverReported
8973231 Aug 2013southampton row"canyon" pot scare in road near to curb (i.e. in cycling area)Reported
8963327 Aug 2013Pothole arising from badly repaired roadwork. In multiple parts. Dangerous to cyclists and difficult to avoid. Directly in front of Barclay's Bank approx. 20m north of the junction.Reported
8944315 Aug 2013Bollard upended and unearthed, could end up on the road and present a major hazard.Reported
8941214 Aug 2013High Holborn WC1Dangerously deep potholeReported
8941114 Aug 2013Theobalds Road WC1Irritating pothole - tarmac keeps coming out!Reported
892226 Aug 2013Pothole in road surface- in a dangerous place for turning cyclists.Reported
8874011 Jul 2013Road dips 2-3"Reported
885113 Jul 2013Theobald's RdA long stretch of uneven and potholed road, on a narrow road lane where there are lots of cyclists and motorists are always on your tail. Has been like this for years! Very dangerous.Reported
875864 Jun 20132" deep rutReported
875854 Jun 2013Uneven manholeReported
875844 Jun 2013Big ruts around manholeReported
874592 Jun 2013Holly HillThere is a large hole in the middle of the road (note: an actual hole, not a pot hole); the tarmac has collapsed to form a dangerous crater. It has been repaired in the last 24 hours but the new ta…Reported
874541 Jun 2013V deep and dangerous on very busy cycle computer route and full/fast traffic road and near a central Island so big chance of getting chucked off and run over-nowhere for cars to swerve. Reported
8663214 May 2013Many deep ruts where to surface of road has come away from base on approach to traffic lightsReported
8650912 May 2013Bad repair work Reported
8585930 Apr 2013A large number of potholes along bus lane on gower street Reported
8585830 Apr 2013Damaged drain leading to cracking in cycle routeReported
8584729 Apr 2013Small deep pothole in middle of road on left side after entering park which causes damage to motorbike tyres and shocks at normal speeds Hard to spot when dark Reported
8580129 Apr 2013Theobalds RoadA pothole has reopened after being repaired multiple times beforeReported
8552524 Apr 2013Highage Road, Chetwynd Road jucntion, NW5Large deep rut in the road, just south of traffic lights going south down Highgate road at junction with Chetwynd Road. I think this stems from an emergency repair that was carried out there a couple…Reported
8535822 Apr 2013Greys Inn RoadPothole alongside a man hole cover baring the sharp edge of the man hole coverReported
8518219 Apr 20132" deep hole middle ish of laneReported
8517218 Apr 2013Adelaide RoadTrench across the roadReported
8511818 Apr 2013Pothole lane 2 deep Reported
8490915 Apr 2013PotholesReported
8452411 Apr 2013Deep dangerous sunken manhole Reported

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