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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1233848 Feb 2016Pot hole - deep, I nearly fell off bike.Reported
1233717 Feb 2016Tottenham Court RoadTwo potholes in close proximityReported
1229571 Feb 2016Kilburn High RdMost London roads, especially kerbs. Ok - Kilburn High Rd - both sides and lots of the crown etc.Reported
12214519 Jan 2016Shocking pothole!!!!Reported
1204752 Dec 2015Pothole in middle of carriage way resulting from poor repair\nReported
11999611 Nov 2015Theobalds RoadManhole has sunk, it was recently patched up (badly) but the tarmac laid over it has disintegrated. It's deep, sharp edged and a real danger to cyclists.Reported
1198605 Nov 2015Calthorpe StRoad surface missing around drain forms a thin rut which is hazardous as it's at the point of the road narrowing. It is a very popular road with commuting cyclists.Reported
1198595 Nov 2015High HolbornSunken circle (size of manhole) in the road around a drain. I rode over it, lost my balance and fell off bike resulting in 8 stitches in my knee.Reported
11973229 Oct 2015Large holes in bus lane and uneven road repairs breaking up Reported
11970628 Oct 2015Gower Street / Torrington Place junctionHuge hole opened up near drain cover VERY DANGEROUS to cyclistsReported
11960119 Oct 2015Calthorpe StThere is a raised drain with a large gap all the way round it. It would be very dangerous to cycle overReported
11959919 Oct 2015Camley Street, Kings Cross, LondonTraffic light with right filter has been knocked down but not replaced.Reported
11908924 Sep 2015Kentish Town RoadPothole, deep and causing splashes to pedestrians on the nearby pavementReported
11887412 Sep 2015Gully around manhole, 5cm wideReported
11887312 Sep 2015Gully around manhole, 5cm wideReported
11887212 Sep 2015Gully around square manhole cover - 5cm wide. Reported
1188149 Sep 2015near to morrison's petrol station on southbound roadsuncken manhole with deep rut next to it.Reported
1188089 Sep 2015Shootup Hillbroken road surface around Iron worksReported
1186692 Sep 2015Camden StreetUneven road surface - not visible when there is rain etcReported
11857328 Aug 2015Arlington RoadWhen I cycle onto the speed bump the road surface is extremely uneven. I am unable to indicate my turn right because the road is so bumpy I need both hands to hold my bike steady.Reported
11836318 Aug 2015holborn southmapton row x bloomsbury wayBoth my innertubes burst on impact of a huge pothole TQ 30517 81532. I was turning right so not in the left lane anymore when my Bike was hit by the car behind me but due to the height my light bike…Reported
11833817 Aug 2015pancras road near to chucrh's parkEntry to southbound cycle lane (segregated) is TOO HIGH (steep) causing bicycles (include my 7 year old's bike) to hit it hard and lose control. Very bad finishing-off with the tarmac. The slope need…Reported
11824712 Aug 2015Camden RoadRoad extremely bumpy on the surface just after/before the junction with Kentish Town High Street. This proves very dangerous for cyclists who are picking up speed here, coming across the junction.Reported
1181456 Aug 2015St Pancras WayLarge sunken manhole cover with adjacent small potholes, immediately past traffic lights at bottom of Agar Grove. Serious hazard to cyclists (this is a busy cycle route) as it makes turning onto St P…Reported
11775816 Jul 2015Calthorpe Streetthere's a sunken drain cover in the road, but then a deeper gap around it below the level of both the drain cover and the rest of the road.Reported
11769214 Jul 2015Set concrete and detritus all down York way from Agar road to kings crossReported
11700312 Jun 2015Uneven manholeReported
1167632 Jun 2015 Infill around manhole cover breaking up.Reported
1167572 Jun 2015High HolbornA pothole large enough to throw a cyclist off their bike.Reported
11671031 May 2015GoodsWaydangerous pothole, around a manhole coverReported

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